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The next great idea for your zombie themed Halloween Party or Halloween Costume is inside these following four pages.  We've consolidated only the best of Zombie Costumes, Zombie Foods, Zombie Decorations, Zombie Party Game Ideas, Zombie Board Games, Zombie Decals for your Car and Zombie Signs for your Yard!  Yup, Zombies are HUGE!  Enjoy  seeing just how.  Don't forget, we personally write each description for every item so we can add the unique, "you won't find anywhere else" ideas for your very next Halloween party!
- Zombie Apocalypse Virus Outbreak
- Zombie Apocalypse Government Testing
- Zombie Apocalypse Halloween Majic
- Zombie Apocalypse "Who's Prepared"
- Zombie Murder Mystery
- Zombie Hunters
- Shaun of the Dead
- Night of the Living Dead
- The Walking Dead TV Show
Cut Up Zombie Mask
Deluxe Zombie Mask For Halloween Party Ideas
Zombie Man With Split Head Latex Mask
Dress up as this Zombie at your next Halloween Party and it will already look like you've gone a few rounds with the local Zombie Hunter...who will also probably be attending the same party-don't loose your head!  Simply add your own old cloths, tear, smear some oil, grease, red food coloring and you are set to seek brains all night!
Edible Zombie Jerky
Party Ideas For Halloween Food Zombie Jerky
Edible Zombie Jerky Halloween Party Snack Food
Yup they went there!  Really edible Zombie Jerky (obviously beef jerky...or is it?).  If you are going to a Halloween Party or Hosting your own Halloween Party, you need this as part of your costume.  This would pair perfectly with a Zombie Hunter Halloween Costume.  Get the idea?  Better get 2, this is going to be'll have to beat people away like a mad zombie hoard at an all you can eat brain buffet!
Any State Zombie Hunting Permit
Party Ideas for Halloween Zombie Hunting Permits
Texas Zombie Hunting Permit Halloween Accessory
Super Great Idea.  These Zombie Hunting Permit Stickers are available for every state in the Union!  Find yours and put this with your Zombie Hunter Costume!  If you want to add this to your costume just get one of those cheap ID badge holders that clips onto cloths.  Stick this to it and you are official!
Sexy? Zombie Nurse
Party Ideas For Halloween Sexy Zombie Nurse Costume
Zombie Nurse Halloween Costume
Sexy?  Well, that's awkward.  Can zombies be sexy?  Answer that question for yourself this Halloween if you dare with this naughty nurse Zombie costume.
Zombie Head Cookie Jar
Halloween Ideas for Zombie Parties Zombie Cookie Jar
Zombie Head Cookie Jar
Who doesn't love cookies?  Well maybe zombies...unless they were brain cookies, but who makes brain cookies?  Anyway, this functional cookie jar looks cool enough for the food table at your next Halloween Party, or makes a fun gift for the host.
Zombie Warning Poster
Please Do Not Feed The Zombies Metal Sign
Zombie Warning Poster
Warning Please Do Not Feed The Zombies" poster!  Funny and true, because ya know if you feed a stray zombie they'll just keep coming back for more braaaiiiiinnnnsssssss....

Zombie Energy Drink
Food Ideas for Zombie Halloween Parties Energy Drink
Party Energy Drink Zombie Survival
Zombie Survival Can Energy Drink.  Just in case you forget your Zombie Apocalypse Training this can has some quick tips right on the side.  Functional and educational.  Just so you're clear this can is smaller like the original Red Bull size.  

Fruity Zombie Gum!
Halloween Party Treats Idea Zombie Fruity Gum
Zombies Gum Halloween Candy Treat
We think that only everyone who ever wears a Halloween Costume needs this book so they can get the true idea and breadth of what really goes into making a 'killer' Halloween costume.
Deluxe Hollywood Zombie Makeup
Deluxe Zombie Makeup Halloween Costume Kit For Sale
Deluxe FX Zombie Makeup Kit
A really good starter kit with a few step by step directions and tips.  Pair this kit with the FX Makeup Book to the left and everyone at the Halloween party is going to want to get a close look at your work!  Just be sure to practice your makeup job a few times before the big night so you have a good idea what is needed for fine tuning the perfect Zombie Costume.
Board Game
Zombie Halloween Party Activity Zombie Game
Oh No Zombies
Great Reviews!
Zombie Baby Prop
Party Ideas Zombie Theme Bloody Baby Zombie Prop
Bloody Zombie Baby Prop
To far?  Yeah, maybe but if you are visiting this website then probably not.  Th often overlooked addition to any good zombie costume is the idea of baby zombies.  Yup, take it to the next and possibly unhealthy level with the addition of this Zombie baby backpack.  Try this idea out, I would get a long recording of a baby crying or zombie gnarling.  Place it on loop and shove it inside this zombie baby pack just before I went into the party.    
Zombie Movie Collection
Zombie Films Collection Halloween Party Activities Idea
Zombie Classic Movie Film Collection & Tin
This is always a winner.  You can watch them all year if you are like me.  Of for another idea, put this very nice tin of Zombie Movie Classics and set it out for your Halloween party guests to pop in if conversation doesn't suit them.  This is great to have running in the background with no volume for when the conversation runs quiet too.  Make a party game or drinking game of the films for more interaction!  Your guests will love the idea!
Bloody Shower Curtain Decor
Zombie Halloween Party Decoration Ideas Bloody Shower Curtain
Blood Bath Zombie Shower Curtain Party Decoration
Oh, yes.  Don't forget the Halloween decorations in the bathroom.  Never give your guests a second of freedom from the Zombie Apocalypse atmosphere you've tried so hard to create.  For more ideas check out our bloody bath mat and zombie blood soap products also carried on these 4 zombie idea filled pages!  If your budget allows, be sure to add the moving animatronic zombies hanging behind the bloody shower curtain.  Your guests will eventually detect the motion and just have to pull back the shower curtain to get the full idea of the zombie terror that awaits!  

Women's Zombie Costume
Girl Zombie Halloween Costume For Sale
Women's Zombie Halloween Costume Multiple Sizes
A black little number that goes well with any Zombie evening outing on your lady's to-do list.  Look great, trendy and fashionable this Halloween as you Zombie your way from Halloween party to Halloween party in search of that boy with brains!
Zombie Hand Cupcake Pick
Party Ideas for Halloween Zombie Hand Cupcake Picks
Zombie Hand Cupcake Picks
Does your skill include several in the kitchen?  Take the fun idea pictured above for your own home made zombie ground breaker hand topper.  If you're short on time or practice making cupcake treats, then just add this idea to the top of your store bought ones on the way to the party.
Crime Scene Tape Decoration
Halloween Party Decoration Idea Yellow Crime Scene Tape
Crime Scene Tape Halloween Party Decoration
The ideas are endless with what you can do with "CRIME SCENE DO NOT ENTER" and that's just the legal ones.  Works well decorating your yard's gruesome zombie crime scene or tape a big X over the door and make your guests break it down to enter.  Hey they've all watched the TV actors do it, and they'll enjoy  getting to act it out themselves!
Zombie Bottle
Zombie Head Decanter Bottle for sale!
Zombie Head Bottle

Metal Sign Prop
Zombie Halloween Party Ideas Warning Zombies Inside Tin Sign
Warning Zombies Inside Halloween Party Prop
The obvious idea for this would be right on the front door of where ever you are holding your Zombie Themed Halloween Party!  It is made of a light metal like tin or aluminum so it would hold up for awhile even outside.  Attach to a wood stake and place a few different zombie warning signs up the walk.  Then your guests will get the zombie idea and mood even before they walk inside!
Men's Prom Zombie Costume
Party Ideas For A Zombie Halloween Mens Zombie Prom Halloween Costume
Zombie Prom King Halloween Costume
Alright tweenies (is that what teenagers are being called today, not sure on that tweeny...tweenie...tweene).  At any rate, whatever you call yourself is more important.  This is a great couples costume idea for Halloween parties.  Hey, if you wear this to your actual prom, hell I'll put the picture up here! 
Lady's Prom Zombie Costume
Party Ideas for Halloween Girls Prom Dress Zombie Costume
Zombie Prom Queen Halloween Costume
High Schoolers rejoice.  This is a great idea for a couples costume for the next Halloween party or even the real prom!  Come on, less than $100 and you are set for prom.  Save your money on a dress so you can buy more stuff from me anyway.  Check out the teenage mens prom zombie wear to the left for that special guy in your life!  If anyone does seriously wear this to the prom, Email me!  I'll put the pics up

Animated Props at Halloween Express
Cheap Clear Zombie Mask
Cheap Zombie Mask for Halloween Party Ideas
Transparent Male Zombie Mask
Low on cash?  Hey we don't judge, probably because we can relate.  A few bucks gets you this semi-clear zombie mask.  Easy on easy off too, just in case you're the only one showing up to the party in a costume (but really, would you want to go to such a lame non-costume Halloween party anyway?) you wouldn't.  I mean, we don't know you, but no, you wouldn't.
Moving Zombie Decoration!
Deluxe Moving Animatronic Halloween Zombie Party Prop
Zombie Animatronic Halloween Party Prop
This moving animatronic Zombie Halloween Decoration Prop is seriously cool.  Hang on a wall somewhere, maybe even the front door to make your guests struggle with a zombie right from the get go!  They'll be thankful you did give them practice when the real zombie apocalypse hits.  For another idea, (or hey just buy's not our money) rig one behind the bloody shower curtain to give your guests an unexpected fright!
Human Heart Halloween Decor
Halloween Party Ideas Human Zombie Heart Decoration Prop
Human Zombie Heart Halloween Party Prop
A bloody human heart Halloween prop.  You can use this to decorate the food table or set a gruesome scene of bloody terror for your guests.  Maybe give it to that special guests who you heart...ya know love...I can't write a classic heart shape so you just have to want to get this joke...rather an attempt at a joke.  Any way, see if they get the drift.  Maybe I'll give you my heart, don't break it.  Look at me - bringing people together.

Moving Zombie Gravestone!
Animatronic Moving Zombie and Tombstone Combo
Halloween Animated Zombie Tombstone Prop
Any moving animatronic Halloween decorations or props are 100% cool in my book, even if they only work 50% of the time...still worth it.  Ideas for this zombie grave hugger would be ideal set up outside to greet guests party guests as they approach.  Also if you have an unfinished basement, yup, play up the whole forgotten tombstone family burial plot OR house built on forgotten burial ground.  Maybe start the rummor a few weeks before your party!
Zombie Party Cups
Party Ideas For Zombie Halloween Parties Drinking Cups
Zombies Halloween Cups
Just because you've stopped eating brains for a moment to sip some refreshments doesn't mean you have to stop showing your support for Zombies.  Zombie silhouettes surround this paper style drinking party cup.
Girls Tank Top Kill Zombies!
Girls Shirt For Sale Keep Calm and Kill Zombies
Keep Calm And Kill Zombies
Ha, this could be the tag line from every Zombie movie I've ever seen (and I've seen them all).  Show your Zombie Apocalypse Survival Pride on your chest.  Girls, wear this and the boys will know you are not too girly girl...unless you want to be a girly girl, cause there is nothing wrong with that too; I've often thought diversity is the key to...well anyway, cool shirt.
Ice Straw Mold
Functional Straws Made of Ice!
Ice Straw Mold

The Walking Dead Board Game
The Walking Dead Board Game Halloween Party Activity Ideas
The Walking Dead Zombie Board Game
You've seen the TV show on AMC "The Walking Dead" now play the board game!  For when the Halloween is winding down, or make an entire Halloween Party Activity surrounding it.  Send costume suggestions to your guests with their invitations.  Choose different characters from the show/game and extra zombies of course!  Then there's always a drinking game to be made out of anything, and here is one that fits the Zombie Theme Idea.
Deluxe Zombie Mask with Hair!
Deluxe Hollywood Zombie Mask with Hair for sale
Deluxe Zombie Mask with Hair
A nice zombie mask with hair.  It is very important for a good mask to go down the neckline to help avoid that dreaded line of reality cutting across your neck screaming "I'm wearing a mask" I mean, most people will recognize that there are no such things as zombies...yet; and assume that you are wearing a costume and all, but...but, why make it easy on them.  Put a top on that covers the neck end mask line and the included hair covers anything up top.  An easy and quality mask set up for sure!  
Zombie Hunter Apocalypse Axe
Halloween Costume Party Zombie Hunter Accessory Idea Axe
Zombie Hunter Axe Costume Accessory
"The hardest part about a zombie apocalypse was be pretending I wasn't excited."  You can use that line all night at the Halloween zombie themed costume party.  With your zombie hunting costume, this axe complete with bite marks and your hand carved "Kill Count" on the handle, people will know you mean business!
Must Get Brains Banner
Bottle Opener Ring
Bottle Opener Ring perfect for Halloween bottles!
Bottle Opener Ring
Moving Zombie Animated Mask!
Ani-Motion Zombie Mask Moving Animated Halloween Costume Mask
Zombie Ani-Motion Mask Halloween Costume
Yes, yes...yes!  Seriously, make more of these right?  We've found a company that we fell in love with, they make animated Halloween masks.  If you look through our many pages of different Halloween Party Theme ideas, you will find just over half a dozen!  Small adjustable pads inside the mask allow you the soon-to-be-user, to move your mouth/face and have the mask move too!
Knife Through Head Prop
Zombie Knife Cleaver Through Head Costume Prop Idea
Cleaver In Head Prop
Ahh the classics.  A knife through the head super fits with the zombie theme.  It makes it look like some Zombie Hunter almost got the best of you, but you bested him (or her) and have the souvenir to prove it.  A big butchers cleaver.  Another idea would be to go as a couple costume.  One a cleavered zombie and the other either a butcher or a zombie hunter with a couple extra cleavers!
Zombie Punk Costume
Party Ideas For Kids Zombie Halloween Costume Zombie Punnk
Punk Zombie Halloween Costume Idea
What's worse than young punks...young ZOMBIE punks and they've got the mohawk to prove it.  A seriously cool costume for kids or adults if that zombie chest shirt is included!  Adult and children sizes available!

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