Zombie Party Ideas For Halloween

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More Zombie Ideas
We've got so many zombie related items for sale that you are going to need one of these Zombie Energy Drinks just to get through your new wish list when you're done shopping here!  Enjoy the flesh rotting, brain craving zombie costumes, decorations, game ideas and moving animatronic props on the following four pages!  Everything from Zombie movies, to Zombie food!  Who Knew!
- Zombie Apocalypse Virus Outbreak
- Zombie Apocalypse Government Testing
- Zombie Apocalypse Halloween Majic
- Zombie Apocalypse "Who's Prepared"
- Zombie Murder Mystery
- Zombie Hunters
- Shaun of the Dead
- Night of the Living Dead
- The Walking Dead TV Show
Zombie Bride Costume
Sexy Halloween Costumes for sale Zombie Bride
Zombie Bride Halloween Costume
Will you marry me?  Seriously, she's beautiful...but she's less zombie and more goth bride.  I thought this Zombie Halloween Costume would appeal to the ladies and could easily be zombie-afied with your own ideas and our makeup kits sold here on Party Ideas For Halloween.
Zombie Mint Candy
Party Ideas for Halloween Food Zombie Mints in Tin
Zombie Mints & Tin Halloween Party Treats
Who would need a breath mint more than a re-animated corpse who has been munching on the brain buffet all Halloween night?  Yup no-one.  Complete your costume and have a fun ice breaker at the Halloween Party offering interesting strangers Zombie Mints from a cool Zombie Tin!  These make a great door guest gift (let's face it even adults like trick or treat candy).  Can use these as a inexpensive, but intensely unique 'best Halloween costume' prize!
Deluxe FX Zombie Costume
Best Deluxe Zombie Halloween Costume Idea
Deluxe Zombie Mask Over-The-Head Latex
A great looking Zombie mask and chest piece.  If you've got the skill to put this together with a few other ideas found on these pages or willing to take the time to learn the FX trade a bit, this is a home run costume.  You'll likely want a wig that you can cut up to help hide the mask line that runs down the top of your head.  
Zombie Bite Bloody Bandages
Bloody Bandages Zombie Bites Halloween Costume Idea
Bloody Bandages Set
Don't let the rest of the party goers and zombie apocalypse survivors see your bloody zombie bites!  They'll never let you keep your head.  How much effort are you willing to put in?  Here's my fun idea for this costume piece.  Show up late wearing your normal cloths, but with these two bandages on.  Have a crazy back story about how you got jumped by some crazy psychopath who bit you before you could get away.  Stick to your guns, this really happened.  As the night progresses sneak away to your car, or bathroom to add slowly add some base makeup, maybe some light oil in your hair near the scalp to look like sweat.  Progressively add more over time.  Then by the end of the night, you have fully changed into a full on Zombie!  Ha, I want to hear from someone who tries to pull this off!  Will work better on bigger parties where people won't notice your long bathroom breaks.
Zombie Body Parts Props
Body Parts Halloween Party Prop Decoration Ideas
Zombie Bag Of Limbs Halloween Party Decor
Great for the bathtub, sink, a bucket in the corner of the room or sprinkled around the food table.  A surplus of zombie parts are inevitable in a zombie apocalypse.  Maybe start a collection in the garage with a sign or start a burn barrel in the yard with a few bags of these laid about making it look like you are cleansing the area of the zombie plague.
Anatomical Heart Necklace
Anatomical Human Heart Necklace for Zombie Costume Ideas
Anatomical Heart Necklace
Say I heart you like a zombie!  This anatomical heart necklace goes well with many costumes, or just a nice detail for that goth look.  Small enough to make it an affordable best costume prize, unique enough that people will appreciate it!

Zombie Cupcake Recipe Book
A Zombie Ate My Cupcake! Halloween Party Food Ideas Book
A Zombie Ate My Cupcake Book
If your creative ideas don't end with Halloween then you'll want to get this Zombie cupcake idea book.  Full of 25 Halloween time recipes for your party!
Radioactive Tests Sign
Radioactive Tests Zombie Sign For Halloween Decoration Zombie Themes
Radioactive Tests Zombie Warning Huge Halloween Decoration Sign
This metal sign reads "Radioactive Tests Within A 3 KM Radius"  It's in metric so I don't know how far that is, find a Canadian and ask.  But what I do know is this would be great outside as guests are making their way to your front door on Halloween night!  Set the mood early and often!
Deluxe Hollywood Zombie Mask
Deluxe Hollywood Zombie Mask For the Best Halloween Costume
Zombie Mask w/ A Sheer Black Lining Over The Right Eye
A creepy zombie mask that looks like it hits all my normal requirements.  Full head coverage for realism, and a low neck line to keep you from having to merge the mask edge in with tons of time and makeup.  Scare tricks or treaters at your door, or everyone at the Halloween party with this winning mask!
Candy Shot Glass!
Halloween Candy Gummy Shot Glasses for sale
Gummy Shot Glasses
IV Bag Blood Soap
IV Bag Of Blood Soap for Halloween Parties
Blood IV Bag Soap
Just because you're a re-animated corps doesn't mean you don't have to worry about germs.  30 seconds in hot running water...ha, seriously though keep the mood and aura running everywhere you can for your guests.  These ideas and details will make your party the talk of the water cooler all next week at work!
Zombie Wall Decorations
Zombie Wall Break Through Wall Art Halloween Decoration
Zombie Halloween Party Wall Decorations
Very cool.  The toughest part of using this great idea for a Zombie Halloween Decoration is how to make it seem like a natural and real part of your wall.  I recommend following the idea of using these zombie wall rolls somewhere unfinished like your basement or garage.  Take some 45 minute dry wall seem coverage and rough spackle the edges to the wall.  Get creative and place some the zombie wall breakers for that 3D effect.  The last idea, and this is important, using the right lighting.  Strobe lights or low level colored lights will help to add motion to the stationary zombie print.  Send in pictures of your project!
Zombie Dirt Makeup
Zombie Dirt Makeup Halloween Costume Extra
Zombie Dirt Makeup Kit
Of course your zombie Halloween costume needs dirt...you crawled through 6 feet of it to get out and dine on some brains!  Take the idea of ordering the Hollywood Makeup FX book that we sell here also.  This isn't something you can just wing an hour before party time and expect great results with.  Sorry, wish it were.

Halloween Party Invitation
Party Invitation Ideas for Zombie Theme Halloween Parties
Zombie Poster Zombie Survival Guide Party Invitation Idea
A fun and educational Zombie Survival Poster could make a great idea as an unconventional Halloween Party Poster for a Zombie Theme.  Roll up and place in mailable tubes.  People will be talking about your party invitation alone for weeks until the party.
Zombie Lady Costume
Women's Zombie Halloween Costume Warm Full Cover
Lady Zombie Halloween Costume
Old School Zombie Costume.  Lady Zombies from over 100 years ago, proving that flesh eating zombies are timeless.
Barbed Wire Zombie Costume
Barbed Wire Zombie Halloween Costume For Sale
Barbed Wire Pierced Zombie Living Dead Halloween Costume & Mask
Barbed wired and bad ass zombie costume.  Who knew you could toughen up a typical zombie costume even more?  Well they accepted the challenge and won.
Zombie Bottle
Zombie Head Decanter Bottle for sale!
Zombie Head Bottle

Zombie Wig
Zombie Wig Idea for Halloween Parties
Zombie Wild Wig Costume Accessory
Girls this works with any of the ideas that you migh of had for a Zombie Costume this Halloween.  Dudes, you can still pull this off too.  Many of the masks and zombie costume ideas that we've listed here work best with a personally modified wig.  In other words cut it up, patchy of bloody grose hair help hide mask lines and really add to the realism. Works best when you have a trusted friend to cut as you model.  Just watch those ears and eyes...this is better done before drinks.
Bowling Zombies Party Game
Zombie Halloween Party Game Ideas Zombie Bowling Indoor or Outdoor
Bowling Zombies Wooden Game
Halloween Party Game Ideas are not always easy to come by.  This one might seem a little 'young' but after a few drinks this is a very fun, funny and interactive game that keeps with the Zombie theme at your party!
Glowing Eyes Standing Zombie
 Life Sized Zombie Party Decoration idea
Standing Zombie Halloween Party Prop
Free standing Zombie prop.  The eyes light up with LEDs to give that really spooky affect even when placed in a low light location.  Ideas for putting this guy behind the bloody shower curtain or behind any random door that gets opened and closed throughout the party will give your guests a jump.

Coffin Death Mints
Halloween Time Coffin Death Mints and Tin
Coffin Death Mints
Brain Gelatin Mold
Braaaaiiinnnnsss...Zombie Gelatin Mold
Zombie Brain Gelatin Mold
Mold anything moldable!  Take some of my ideas, or send in yours.  Make a party sized jello-shot, maybe mold a thick taco dip for the food table edible center piece.  Whatever you come up with your fellow zombies will appreciate you keeping brains on the menu.  Unless you have some of those annoying vegetarian zombies show up.
Housewife Zombie Costume
Deluxe Woman's Zombie Costume for Halloween Party Ideas
Woman's Zombie Halloween Costume
This model nailed the look.  I'm just waiting for her to leap forward for my brains.  You too can pull of pearls, matching clutch and brain eating pounces in this Betty crocker Housewife Zombie Halloween Costume!
Fat Head Severed Head Prop
Fat Head Zombie Halloween Party Ideal Decoration
Zombie Head Prop Halloween Party Decoration
Well you just can't have enough severed heads for a zombie Halloween party.  These would be great for your 'burn barrel' pile of zombie parts from winning zombie hunts.  My idea would be to use as a nice center piece around the Halloween food table.  Halloween is all about pushing the boundaries of comfort for me.

Hanging Zombie Torso Prop
Zombie Torso On A Hook Party Decoration Idea for Halloween
Torso Zombie On Hook Halloween Prop
Hanging zombie torso Halloween Prop.  The whole bloody shower curtain idea would match perfectly with this.  The hanging zombie torso is also small enough to maybe put on the back of the front door, so when you greet people and walk them in, the last one in gets a fright when they politely shut the door.
Zombie Party Game Poetry
Zombie Poetry For Halloween Party Game Ideas
Zombie Magnetic Poetry Kit
A fun Halloween Party Idea for a game.  The zombie magnetic poetry kit gets only funnier as the night and intoxication progresses.
Glow In Dark Zombie Figures
Zombie Glow In The Dark Toy Figures For Halloween Decorations
Glow In The Dark Flesh Eating Zombies Play Set
These Glow In The Dark "Flesh Eating Zombies" make great miniature additions to the drink table or anywhere around the house that could use a 'little' more atmosphere.
Ice Straw Mold
Functional Straws Made of Ice!
Ice Straw Mold

12 Foot Tall Zombie Decoration!
12' Tall Zombie Hanging Halloween Party Prop
12' Hanging Zombie Skeleton Halloween Decoration
Huge, this is going to make a statement about your commitment to a zombie theme, and taking things to 100%.  Win.  Yeah, that's what a 12 foot tall zombie monster Halloween prop says.  Now, how could you do any less.  Are you a quitter?  My idea for this would be ideally in a backyard, or near a window; maybe even a 2nd story window!  Place a strobe light or a few glow sticks underneath so people can see this lurching in the cold wet wind of dispare and dismemberment.
Bloody Finger Hair Pin
Bloody Finger Zombie Hair Clip For Sale
Zombie Finger Hair Bows Costume Accessory
What are you pointing at?  Ohh...I see.  This costume extra is for those who like paying attention to details.  Fellas, maybe get this for that special lady on your gift giving list?  Make her feel pretty.
Zombie Priest Costume
Party Ideas for Halloween The Zombie Priest Costume
Zombie High Priest Costume
To easy.  Besides, if you can't say anything nice...

Bottle Opener Ring
Bottle Opener Ring perfect for Halloween bottles!
Bottle Opener Ring
T-Virus Antidote Energy Drink
T-Virus Antidote Resident Evil Zombie Energy Drink
Energy Drink Resident Evil T-Virus Zombie Antidote
Resident Evil Fans Rejoice!  There is hope for all of us non Umbrella Corporation employees.  Stock up on this T-Virus Zombie Antidote before the plague reaches your town and it becomes too late.  Ideas with this one, well, if you are throwing a Zombie themed Halloween Party, then this must be in the fridge or beverage counter.  Can use it as mixers if that's what the crazy kids are still doing, or drink straight to make sure you stay alert on those zombie perimeter patrols.
Deluxe 3D Zombie Costume
Deluxe 3D Hollywood Zombie Costume For Sale
Complete Zombie Costume 3D
I love the idea behind this 3D very complete, zombie Halloween costume.  If you are committed to the finer points of Halloween Costume creation then this is a great place to start and build your own detailed ideas off of.
Zombies!!! 3 Board Game
Zombies!!! 3 Mall Walkers Board Game Party Ideas
Zombies!!! 3 Mall Walkers 2nd ed
  Admittedly I'm not a huge board game player but I have got to start purchasing one or two of these a year.  There are sooo many Zombie board games to choose from.  This "Zombies!!!" has got at least 5 in their series.  I hear "Oh No Zombies" is another one that can be played many times and gets good reviews.  You can build your own party ideas for your Halloween party around this game.  The easiest and most often is likely a drinking game of sort.

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