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It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown Board Game
It's The Great Pumpkin
Charlie Brown
Halloween Games and Activities

It's just not enough for your to throw a Halloween party and hope for the best. If you want the best odds that your Halloween night will go as smoothly and be remembered as fondly as possible, you had better have a plan beyond a theme.  Let's be clear about planning Halloween games and activities, it is ideal to plan them, but horrible to force them!  In other words, have some activities thought out and supplies to complete said activities but don't force people to participate like it's third grade...unless their third graders.  This can be accomplished for example with a few Halloween themed board games (which we sell some under each theme) and having them set out but not setting a strict schedule for when game play will start and stop.  If people feel like playing they'll bring it up and ask around on their own for someone to play with. 

Now here we go far beyond board games, including pumpkin bowling with light up pins for a midnight pick-up-game in the driveway or hall.  Of course you can stay inside and pin the fangs on Dracula, bob for apples if you want to go old school and share the groups cold with everyone (seriously though these days you almost have to have separate containers to bob in for each player...which I've seen done successfully before).
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