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It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown Board Game
It's The Great Pumpkin
Charlie Brown
You don't have to be a fan of The Pirates Of The Caribbean to enjoy a good pirates costume!  Take the idea from the huge blockbuster popularity of pirate themed movies and throw a pirate themed Halloween party this year!  Besides you get to carry a sword, talk funny and wear a hook on your hand if you want!  If you are hosting the Pirate Themed Halloween party, then don't forget to share this website link with those attending so they can more easily embrace their inner pirate on Halloween!
Custom Deluxe Lady's Pirate Halloween Costume - Like none other, a little gypsy, a little steampunk!
Custom Deluxe Lady's Pirate Halloween Costume Idea - Earthtones and a great pair of octopus pirate boots!
- Midnight Pirate Store!
- Pirate Castaway Island
- Walk The Plank
- Pirates vs. East India Trading Co.
- Pirates of the Caribbean
- Pirate Scavenger Hunt
- Buried Pirate Treasure Hunt
- A Pirates Sea Feast
- Tropical Pirate Vacation
Lady's Pirate Halloween Costume
Sexy Lady Pirate Halloween Party Costume For Sale
Lady Pirate In Red Halloween Costume
Offers fuller coverage with a short skirt.  Blousy sleaves and high pirate boots round out this woman's Halloween costume.  Of course who could forget a large and lacey pirate hat!   Pair this pirate costume with one of our great pirate pistol replica, and don't forget your frog and sword!  Just because it doesn't come with weapons, doesn't mean it wouldn't be twice as cool with them!
Realistic Pirate Pistol Replica
Pirate Pistol Replica for Pirate Halloween Costume Accessories
Gentlemans Pocket Flintlock Pistol - Replica of Classic Pirate Gun with Iron Grey Finish
These aren't toys and these aren't real guns.  They are however really great replicas and all the gun lovers will be begging to check out your pistol all night.  Now I'm not just trying to make more sales here, but if you want to be historically accurate most pirates would ideally carry 4, 6 or even 8 pistols on them.  So if you want to stick a few in your belt and a few more in your sash, and maybe tie one off your shoulder you'd be looking Hollywood!  Besides we've got a great selection of pistols and it can be hard to choose, so choose them all!
Pirate Party Decoration Kit
Pirate Halloween Party Decoration Kit For Sale
Pirate Halloween Party Decoration Kit
If you're on a tight budget one of these little kits goes a long way!  Our idea is to set one up around the food table, maybe even using the small pirate treasure chest as a bowl for popcorn, chips or crackers!  No decorating bone in your body, take our easy idea for decorating and buy one of these kits and one fishing net kit.  
Free Standing 6' Tall Pirate Prop
6 Foot Tall Free Standing Pirate Skeleton Halloween Decoration
Skeleton Pirate Halloween Prop Decoration - Stands 6 Feet Tall
This free standing Pirate Skeleton decoration makes an imposing prop as your guests enter.  At 6 feet tall this pirate prop will tower over most of your guests.  Use the idea of a strobe light to help give the effect of motion.  Just place this in a dark area and add a strobe light and maybe a small colored light!  Help sell the effect by spider webbing the pirate skeleton into its surrounding environment.
Pirate Treasure Hunt Party Kit
Halloween Party Activities and Games Pirate Scavenger Hunt
Pirate Treasure Hunt Halloween Game
Nothing to crazy wild here.  Just a straight forward scavenger hunt kit, with a simple pirate theme.  You could build on this many ways, or create the same thing on your own.  We added it here with the idea that some people just don't enjoy detailed artsy-crafty projects like this.  We will say, whatever you go with, having an activity that people can get caught up in and carried away with is key.  Keeping with the theme of the Halloween party is crucial too!
Pirate Skull n Bones Ice Mold
Skull and Crossbone Pirate Ice Tray Maker Mold For Sale
Skull and Crossbones Pirate Ice Maker Mold Halloween Party Idea
There is a tipping point with anything.  Details like this can take a Halloween party from unremarkable fun for an evening to the center of conversation for weeks to follow!  This is one of those details, skull and crossbones ice cube mold.  Just fill and and freeze.  Take our tip of maybe placing the tray on a small tray to keep it from wobbling all over.  If you want to take it a step further, follow the idea of food coloring or freezing any flavored liquid...punch, soda pop, some booze and so on!
Deluxe Pirate Skull Beer Stein Tankard Halloween Mug
Pirate Halloween Party Drinking Cups Ideas  Pirate Skull Beer Stien Tankard For Sale Halloween Cup   Halloween Pirate Costume Accessories for sale
Ossuary Pirate Skull Beer Stein Tankard Skulls
Better get a couple of these, otherwise your Pirate guests will be swashbuckling each other through your house to get the cool cup!  Excellent skull details around fits perfect with the pirate theme and the stainless steel insert makes it non reactive and sturdy to long term use!  After you're done hosting Halloween this year, next year when you show up to a Halloween party with this in hand people will know you are two things; 1. A bad ass and 2. Serious about your drink on Halloween!

Black Beard Pirate Costume
Black Beard Pirate Costume for Halloween Party
Deluxe Blackbeard Pirate Halloween Costume
Want to be a famous pirate?  Here ya go, well more infamous during his time.  Even if you're not into historical accuracy this is a really cool looking costume.  You can always add to it with our realistic metal Doubloons and coin pouch, pirate pistols, eye patches and deluxe swords!
Pirate Pistol Squirt Gun
Pirate Pistol Squirt Gun Halloween Costume Accessory Idea
Pirate Squirt Gun Halloween Costume Accessory
Any pirate worth their salt carried at least several nautical style pistols.  This should completely be one of the few that you carry this Halloween with your pirate costume.  An interactive feature of a working squirt gun!  Get the attention of that certain someone with some harmless water.  Probably not a food grade construction, but I know some of you will try adding booze.
Woman's Pirate Ghost Costume
Lady's Pirate Ghost Halloween Costume
Ghost Pirate Halloween Costume
I like this pirate costume for women.  A ghostly pirate look complete with prisoner chain, eluding to your death!  Take the idea and put a real chain on the collar BUT make sure you leave a plastic connection to the the neck piece that can and will break when put under pressure.  I don't want anyone getting themselves hurt going for realism on Halloween!
Candy Shot Glass!
Halloween Candy Gummy Shot Glasses for sale
Gummy Shot Glasses
Pirate Party Mood Music!
Halloween Party Music Idea for Pirate Themed Parties
Phantoms of the High Seas Pirate Theme Halloween Music CD
Nox Arcana does some really great, deeply dark mood music for many themes.  For our Pirate themed Halloween party, this Phantoms of the High Seas makes great background music.  Mix this CD up with a few others to keep your guests from getting sick of the same 1 1/2 music.  Take our idea and pick up Pirates Of The Caribbean Dead Man's Chest CD which includes a more light hearted vocal with fun lyrics.  The perfect pairing!
Pirate Halloween Mask - Hinged Jaw
Pirate Mask Halloween Costume with Moving Jaw
Pirate Skull Costume Mask with Hinged Jaw
If you really like Halloween, but don't care for the effort and time that goes into a quality all encompassing original Halloween costume then this is for you.  It is still super cool with a moving jaw, but remains simple enough to just slip on as a mask!  If you want to go one step further, take our idea and buy one of the pirate coats we sell here also!
Real Wood Pirate Treasure Chests!
Deluxe Wood Pirate Treasure Chest Real Halloween Decorating Ideas
Deluxe Dome-Top Wood Treasure Chests
By far the coolest Pirate Treasure Chest around.  My inner child completely and whole heartedly wants one of these...what I would do with it is another question; but I know I want one.  This is an actual trunk that you could responsibly keep your extra linens, towels and off season cloths in.  You could also fill it with loot and bury it.  If you can swing the costs on this as your Pirate Halloween Themed Party then your guests will be blown away, no matter what you do with it.  There are 3 sizes, this one is 18" tall, 19" wide and 12.5" deep!

Pirate Cannon Ring...Really!
The coolest pirate ring ever! Cannon Pirate Ring Costume Accessory Idea
Pirate Cannon Ring Costume Accessory
We carry allot of cool rings.  Many of them are theme specific.  This is one of thee coolest ideas we've had for Halloween costume accessory rings ever!  Seriously...a pirate cannon on your ring!  So it is a little steampunk, a little fancyful; but all in a completely acceptable way to Halloween.  People will likely never forget this piece of your super unique pirate costume.  I think you just won first place.
Deluxe Women's Pirate Boot
Deluxe Women's Red Pirate Boot Costume Accessory
Lady's Deluxe Knee High Pirate Boot
Ladies, looking to make a statement?  This will do it.  This deluxe women's pirate boot, rises high up the calf to drive em wild and will also go with the two women's pirate costumes on this page.  If you disagree, we've got the same boot in four other colors!  Now that I look at it, you may want the brighter red boot to match the other two costumes, or go off color like black.  That's just my idea.
Historically Accurate Pirate Belt
Historically Accurate Pirate Costume Belt Single Ring
Pirate Ring Belt Halloween Costume Accessory
This is a pretty nice pirate belt for adding to your costume.  Pirates desired to have several belts and sashes so that they could tuck several pirate pistols in.  This one will match any pirate costume.  Order two and go Han Solo can pull it off; we have faith.

Inflatable Pirate Parrot Prop
Inflatable Parrot for Pirate Halloween Costume Ideas
Inflatable Parrot Pirate Halloween Costume Accessory
When I think of Pirates I usually think of a tropical island, full of tropical creatures like Parrots.  As they cut through the jungle to bury their treasure they might grab a parrot souvenir.  Set the mood at your Pirate Halloween party or on your shoulder to add to your Pirate costume.
Lady's Pirate Halloween Costume
Woman's Halloween Pirate Costume For Sale
Womens Classic Pirate Halloween Costume
A Classic pirate costume with the colors and cutlass.  Fit right in with your fellow buccaneers with this Pirate Halloween Costume.  Maybe add our idea of a coin purse and ladies arm yourself with a few pistols and make all the boys jealous all night long!
Inflatable Pirate Sword!
Inflatable Pirate Sword Costume Accessory and Party Prop Idea
Inflatable Pirate Swords
A safer alternative to our plastic and wood pirate swords.  If you're not concerned about realism these work great, and no worries when a sword fight breaks out (maybe still worry a little). Take our idea of getting a pack of these, we sell them one at a time or by the dozen. These make fun party favors for decoration!
Zombie Bottle
Zombie Head Decanter Bottle for sale!
Zombie Head Bottle

Jolly Roger Big Pirate Flag
Skull and Crossbones Flag for Pirate Themed Halloween Parties
Pirate Flag Jolly Roger with Eye Patch
It seems to be a little known fact but each pirate flag was indeed different.  Check out our wide selection by clicking the link above.  This particular flag with the eye patch was used by the infamous Jolly Roger's.  If you have the interest and resources take our idea and create  your own Pirate flag for yourself however you want to strike fear into your Halloween party guests!
Women's Deluxe Tall Pirate Boot
Woman's Pirate Boot Halloween Costume Deluxe Accessory
Women's Deluxe Halloween Pirate Boot
A nice heeled deluxe pirate book for the lady's.  The one problem for some people who expect Movie level costumes from the kits sold everywhere is that they are sold for so little because they are made with so little material and often perfectionists are disappointed.  If this is you, then piece your own costume together from the higher end deluxe items we carry and please take our idea and read the reviews!
Hollywood FX Pirate Skeleton
Realistic Life Sized Skeleton Halloween Prop
Deluxe Pirate Skeleton Halloween Party Prop
A skeleton decoration works in pretty much every Halloween party theme.  I like the idea of adding old iron handcuffs and shackle the skeleton as a pirate prisoner who didn't make it. If you've got the resources take our idea of adding a bandanna, or sash maybe a belt with a sword to complete the skeleton pirate look.

Coffin Death Mints
Halloween Time Coffin Death Mints and Tin
Coffin Death Mints
Real Wood Pirate Cutlass Sword!
Life Size Real Wood Pirate Sword Halloween Costume Accessory
Wood Pirate Cutlass Sword Costume Accessory
Okay, so in martial arts often times when you advance enough if your training you will begin with foam and then wooden weapons.  They have more similar weight and balance...also they can do damage to anyone who gets in the way of them.  If you're cool with that, these cutlass pirate swords are supper cool and have a great feel in the hand.  For the handy person, they could probably even modify and paint and such to make it look even more realistic!
Real Pirate Sword Frog Belt Hanger
Pirate Frog Hilt Belt Attachment For Pirate Halloween Costumes
Leather Sword Demon Frog Belt Hanger
Yup, they call these "frogs" but are basically a belt holder for swords.  They work with different swords, but not all so do your research when you are pairing this with a sword!  These do add a ton of detail and customization to your Pirate Halloween costume.  These are also, real.  Like really made for real swords, not costumes.  That doesn't mean our idea of using it for Halloween that it won't work.  It just means it will be the coolest costume accessory at the party!
Realistic Plastic Pirate Sword
Realistic Plastic Pirate Sword Halloween Costume Extra Ideas
Pirates of the Caribbean Pirate Sword Accessory
Plastic but from afar you'll never be able to tell!  These are great additions to any pirate costume that comes with those cheap and clearly fake toy swords.  If you have a few extra bucks to throw at your Pirate Halloween costume, this sword is a great idea.  We sell them in two different styles so you can get one for each hand!

Women's Deluxe Pirate Costume
Women's Pirate Halloween Costume Deluxe Set
Women's Deluxe 5pc Pirate Queen Costume
Like the Pirates of the Caribbean films?  Yeah, me too.  This is a great pirate costume for the lady's that looks like they stepped right off the movie set!  The only thing this doesn't come with is the sword (which we sell way better ones anyway) and the boots...but it does come with the boot topper-folder-over thingy part.  So if you have boots you can just add that too it, or check out any of our gold or white models that would work great with this lady's pirate Halloween costume.
Deluxe Animated Pirate Mask
Animated Pirate Mask Ani-Motion Halloween closed mouth  Scary Pirate Halloween Mask Ani-Motion Animated Mask mouth open
Animated Scary Scallywag Moving Pirate Mask
Well I think the above is indeed worth about 2,000 words.  Just in case it is not completely clear, this is the coolest pirate mask ever.  Small pads inside the mask are manipulated by the wearer.  Exaggerated movements result in the mouth opening and closing!  Win, this is totally on my list.
Pirate Frosted Lolly's!
Halloween Party Food Treat Ideas Frosted Pirate Suckers
Frosted Pirate Suckers Themed Halloween Candy
Pirate themed Halloween Candy is a no-brainer for the shopping list.  There isn't too much to choose from out there right now, but we've compiled the best here for you.  These frosted pirate skeleton suckers or lolly's make a great treat for your guests.
Ice Straw Mold
Functional Straws Made of Ice!
Ice Straw Mold

Pirate Coin & Leather Bag
Pirate Halloween Costume Accessory Idea Pirate Coin and Pouch
Denix Pieces of Eight & Leather Bag
This makes a great pirate Halloween costume accessory.  If you're wearing a Pirate-E belt or sash then just tie this on and let is swing about with the coins inside adding to the costumes realism.
Women's Halloween Pirate Costume
Lady's Pirate Costume for Halloween Parties
Woman In White Pirate Halloween Costume and Deluxe Hat
A flirty Lady Pirate Halloween Costume in white.  If you want to toughen this up a bit pick up a replica pirate pistole or 4, a sash belt with our frog sword holder and one of our two realistic swords.  Then you'll be able to keep the guys at bay!
Glow In The Dark Skull Scents!
Glow In The Dark Skull and Crossbones Scentportable Ideas
Skull Pirate Scentportable Cinnamon Pumpkin Halloween Glow in the dark Skull
I've got to say that I was not familiar with these until now.  However, and this is a big however as I think this could be one of thee Halloween Costume accessories this year.  The brain scent connection is a strong one.  If you wear this with your Pirate Halloween Costume it will fit right in with the skull and crossbones design but the glowing cinnamon scent will take your costume to first place in any contest!  Just get close enough to the judges.

Pirate Skeleton Window Cling
Window Clinge Pirate Skeleton Halloween Decoration
Pirate Translucent Decorations Window Cling
Have this pirate skeleton waiting in the front window to great your fellow pirates this Halloween.  Makes a great decoration and mood setter when you set this up in a room that you are not going to use.  The idea is you can use a strobe light behind to show the pirate skeleton as the light flashes.  You can also add a colored light behind with or without the strobe!
Inflatable Pirate Treasure Chest
Inflatable Pirate Chest Cooler Party Ideas for Halloween
Inflatable Pirate Treasure Chest Party Cooler
A 18" tall Inflatable Pirate Chest cooler makes the perfect addition to any pirate themed Halloween party!  This one has a skull and crossbones on top and is one of the more realistic looking ones of the three we offer for sale.  The basin is about 13" deep and 25" wide!  Take our tip and idea of inflating your cooler as soon as it arrives to make sure there are no leaks.  Better yet at these prices we would order one or two of each different style we offer on our site.
Deluxe Pirate Captain Hat
Captain Jack Sparrow Pirate Hat for Sale
Jack Sparrow Deluxe Pirate Hat Halloween Accessory
Deluxe pirate hat, just like Captain Jack Sparrow wore in The Pirates of the Caribbean films.  The hats that come with most kits are just not as fine as they could be.  The pirate costume kits, or any costume kit for that matter are ideal for those with limited expectations, money and time.  You will almost always get a better costume if you purchase the high end items separately and put them together yourself.  Often times using real items! 

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  Captain Skullduggery Pirate
Captain Skullduggery Pirate Costume
Get everything you see here will make you one swashbuckling fun pirate this Halloween.  A deluxe pirate Halloween costume of which your big box store can not compete with!  Just click the picture for more info and to purchase!  Multiple sizes available.