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We're here to help!  Do you like the categories we've put together?  Perhaps you like the ideas we've included but you still would like some additional support?  Maybe you just like the cut of my jib?  Do you want me to stop asking questions?  Then drop us an E-mail!

We can be as involved as you feel comfortable!  We're happy to be hired on in any consultant capacity; as big as traveling to your party location to motivate and coordinate every detail, or small as simply being available for you to bounce ideas off of through E-mail.

Get in touch and see if we can build a mutually beneficial relationship:

A full resume is available...that is, right after someone requests one, I'll create one.  I am internationally recognized with accomplishments in the independent scientific paranormal research and investigation field including having my endeavors cited in more than a dozen industry specific publications, I've also authored several books for several publishing companies.  I will include my long bio at the end for those interested.  Beyond that I do hold a college degree that included multiple courses on Hospitality and Tourism Management, state level certifications in Sanitization and Food big deal ;-)

Long Bio:

Noah Voss may be best known for advancing the use of scientific equipment during investigations into reports of the paranormal.  Through, he was first in the world to exclusively offer paranormal investigating equipment for sale in an online store.  Noah keeps busy running his numerous websites such as online since 1997, and with over 1,000 UFO reports archived!


Beyond publishing over 4,000 paranormal web pages, Noah authored UFO Wisconsin - A Progress Report in 2008 detailing over 100 reports of UFOs in a non-fiction, Wisconsin based book published by Unexplained Research Publishing Company.  In 2011 Noah authored Mysterious Madison – Unsolved Crimes, Strange Creatures & Bizarre Happenstance published by The History Press.  Noah has worked with such companies as the History Channel, the Sci-Fi Channel, The Discovery Channel, The Travel Channel, The National Geographic Channel, The CW Network, Triage Entertainment, and Lions Gate Films on projects ranging from UFO documentaries to ABC’s Scariest Places on Earth.  Noah has appeared in print, on radio, or through televisions in over 40 countries.  Mr. Voss has had the opportunity to turn down offers to appear on William Shatner’s Weird or What on the Discovery Channel, and Ancient Aliens on The National Geographic Channel. 


Traveling through most all states in America, along the way; researching ghostly St. Augustine Florida, investigating the mysterious Winchester Mansion in California, going for the gone at The Bennington Black Hole in Vermont, haunted highways in Hawaii, looking for Bessie in Lake Erie, trying to get lost in The Bridgewater Triangle of Massachusetts, scanning for flying saucers on the summit of Mt. Saint Helens, werewolves in Wisconsin, ghosts of Alcatraz in San Francisco Bay, the Historic Bullock Hotel of wild-west Deadwood, the mystery Paulding Lights of Michigan, looking for what went wrong in Salem Massachusetts, prying for Pepie in Lake Pepin on the Mississippi, flying through the Bermuda Triangle, Voodoo in Jamaica, UFOs in Mexico, and searching for Sasquatch in British Columbia. 

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