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Aliens Halloween Theme Ideas
Use the decorations, costumes and props included on this page to help build your own ideas and themes.  Be sure to take your time and read each item description that we personally wrote with the best party ideas for Halloween.  Use the ideas at your next Halloween party, whether you are a guest or the host!  Here are a few more party theme ideas you could try building around the products we have personally collected here.
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- Secret Government Research Lab
- Alien Home World Planet
- All Species of Aliens Gathering
- Dark Side Of The Moon
- Alien Scavenger Hunt
-Alien Abduction Scene
- Alien Autopsy
- War of the Worlds
- First Contact
- Alien Invasion!
- Star Trek
- Star Wars
- Fire Fly
- Lost In Space

Astronaut Halloween Costume
Alien Themed Halloween Costume Adult Astronaut Costume
Astronaut Space Suit Halloween Costume
Adult sizes with helmet and movable visor!  Be honest, most people wanted to be an Astronaut at some point in their lives.  Be one all night this Halloween!  They make great packs, gloves and boots too to round out the uniform!
Moving Alien Animated Mask!
Animated Alien Mask Halloween Costume Idea
Animated Alien Halloween Mask
Well this just went on my own wish list.  That's right the mask actually moves!  Small adjustable pads inside the alien Halloween mask are used to move the mask and open the mouth as you move your own face underneath!  Be sure to check out our full line of these ani-motion masks in Werewolf, Vampire, Zombie and more!  Take our idea and purchase one of our super nice deluxe full length and lined robes.  I'm thinking a gray or maybe black.  Put up the hood over your over-sized alien melon and watch as the other Halloween party guests freak out when you pull the hood back and open your mouth!!
Huge Alien Film Collection
Alien Quadrilogy Film Pack For Alien Theme Halloween Parties
Alien Quadrilogy (Alien / Aliens / Alien 3 / Alien Resurrection)
Great for playing in the background of your next Halloween Party!  If there is a lull in the conversation, this is a great conversation starter.  If the Alien movies aren't your idea of a good time,  this makes a really nice 1st place costume prize.  Use it during the party for background ambiance, then give it to the best dressed!  Surprisingly inexpensive too.

Life Sized Inflatable Alien
Life Sized Alien Balloon for Halloween Party Prop
5' Green Inflatable Martian Alien Prop
The options are endless as your imagination with this huge five foot tall alien balloon.  Place in the driver seat of your car, maybe peering out an upstairs window to greet the observant guest, perhaps the coat closet or cupboard to get a quick scare out of your guests all night.  Fill up the bath tub, place this in, put some large heavy chains over and leave the shower curtain pulled back just enough.  Maybe add some glow sticks if you're really dedicated! 
Realistic Alien Skull
Halloween Party Ideas Alien Invasion
Alien Skull Halloween Party Prop Idea
Plant this half sticking out of the dirt so people can stumble upon it as they walk up to your front door!  Go all out with lights, wood stakes, and caution tape for a real feel excavation of some alien skeleton!  I do actually own this one, and it is even cooler holding in your hands, which one can't always say about items purchased off line.
Alien Head Balloon
Green Alien Head Balloon Halloween Decoration
Alien Head Balloons
Tie these up outside the windows so they move about with the wind.  Put a light or flashlight underneath on the ground and overtime someone at your party looks out a window they get a scare!  When it gets dark, this looks great from the road too!
Candy Shot Glass!
Halloween Candy Gummy Shot Glasses for sale
Gummy Shot Glasses
Alien Blood IV Bag Candy
Alien Blood IV Bag Halloween Candy Idea for your Party
Alien Blood Energy Halloween Candy
That's right, Green Alien Blood Candy in a super take with IV Bag container.  Use our idea and hang this over your Alien prop to finish that detail for the scene.  Further freak out your guests when you walk over and drink a little Alien Blood from your Alien Autopsy!
Space Shuttle Balloon
Space Shuttle Balloon Decoration for Halloween
Inflatable Space Shuttle Rocket Decoration
Get them before they're retired just like the real thing!  Park one of these in the garage if you are going as an astronaut this Halloween.
Animatronic Alien!!
Animatronic Alien Prop Idea for your Halloween Party
Animated Shooting Alien Halloween Prop
Your Halloween party guests will be blown away!  Literally when they walk by; this Alien's arm and gun raise and shoot!

Cyborg Alien Costume
Cyborg Alien Halloween Party Costume
Cyborg Alien Halloween Costume For Sale
Resistance is futile!  Angry part Alien part machine costume.  Goes great with any voice changers to round out the details.
Glow Sticks
Glow Stick for Alien Themed Halloween Parties
Premium Glowsticks Halloween Props
Buy two packs as once you get started, you will find tons of uses for these, especially if you use any of our ideas.  Place under the alien skull to make glow, in a zip lock baggy then into the punch for an eerie affect, drop a couple behind the sofa for that ambient off light, tie a couple to your Alien head balloon outside so when it dances in the wind everyone notices!
Glow-In-The-Dark Alien Stickers
Glow In The Dark Alien Stickers For Halloween Party Guests
Glow In The Dark Alien Stickers
Fun to give out to the younger guests at your party.  Leave laying around as interactive decorations, and send the extra home with the guests that have children waiting at home...they'll appreciate your top shelf move!

Space Shuttle Glider
Space Shuttle glider toy for Halloween Party Ideas
Space Shuttle Foam Gliders Planes
Gliders never lasted very long when I was a kid, but they were always worth the short time before their imminent destruction.
Alien Eye Glasses
Alien Sun Glasses Halloween Costume Green
Close Encounter Alien Glasses Costume Accessory
Too cool for a costume this Halloween?  Not sure if other people are going to be wearing a costume, well here ya go!  Easy on easy off!  Maybe just one person shows up with out a costume to your party!?!?  Well you've got them covered so they 'fit right in' with the other Aliens!
Glowing Alien Figures
Glow in the Dark Alien toy figure for Halloween Parties
20 Tiny Glow in the Dark Alien Figures
Great for dropping around the food and beverage table to keep the atmosphere and mood going!  Fill a left over jar with these and some water.  Drop in a glow stick or two and have a super easy super cool Halloween decoration!  These alien toys glow in the dark after being exposed to light, so they make fun little door giveaways, just send them home with your guests!

Hovering Alien Disc
Alien Flying Disc Balloon for Halloween Theme Parties
Alien Hover Disc Inflatable UFO
These are really cool.  I used one at my own Halloween Alien Themed Party a few years back and everyone wanted to try to glide it across the room.  Big too, a few feet across!
Sticky Alien Swings
Halloween Party Gift Alien Slap Sticky Slap Hands
Sticky Alien Party Favor Idea
Great for kids, and adults after a few Halloween Potion Drinks!  Leave them around the food and drinks and people will eventually find them.  Give them to your guests as they leave so they feel like the left with more than what they came with.  If they have kids, they'll enjoy them too!
Plasma Ball Necklace!
Alien Plasma Ball Necklace Pendant Costume
Portable Battery Powered Plasma Ball Costume Accessory
I'm thinking of picking this up, just to have in the future when I will inevitably want it to perfectly finish my Halloween Costume.  Now this is powered by a traditional car power adapter.  Being a videographer, I happen to have a battery belt with that power connector.  If you don't, you'll need the same set up to wear this around!  Might be worth it if you've got the cash!  People will be drawn in and just have to touch it...and it reacts back!  Perfect for the Alien costume, Wizard costume, Witch costume and so many more!

Coffin Death Mints
Halloween Time Coffin Death Mints and Tin
Coffin Death Mints
Grey Alien Mask
Gray Alien Mask Grey Halloween Costume
Roswell Alien Mask Adult Costume Accessory
Creepy.  No offense if you are an Alien reading, and look like this; I'd still shake your hand or whatever, but this mask looks really - real.  The trick to making any average mask look like you just stepped off a Hollywood movie set is to back fill the parts that don't stand on their own with some old T-shirt or crumpled newspaper and tape.  Don't forget the voice changer and if you can cram them in...those wonderful glow sticks inside every other mask is a winner!
Unique Alien Halloween Costume Idea
Big Brain Alien Halloween Costume with Eyes
Alien Martian Brain Halloween Costume
I really like this alien costume.  The exposed brain, paired with the black face covering that makes the eyes look like they are almost floating.  That effect works best in lower light situations, which on Halloween and with that big collar isn't going to be a problem.
Alien Royalty Costume
Adult Alien Halloween Costume For Party Ideas
Alien Deluxe Halloween Fancy Dress Costume & Mask
Are you royalty or just a royal pain?  Well with this Alien Royalty Halloween Costume the ideas are endless.  The high collar and gold trim speak of your high status on some far off Exoplanet.  Tape a few glow sticks up your sleeves to the elbow region, and watch that fine eerie glow emanating draw in admirers like moths to a flame!

Alien Themed SciFi Music CD
Alien Themed Halloween Music Ideas for Parties CD
The Science Fiction Alien Mood Music Album on CD
The perfect mood enhancer for your Alien Themed Halloween Party!  Now in complete honesty I am a huge fan of when I say that I really want this and it is super cool you know where it is coming from.  However, if you are going the distance and making the super excellent choice of an Alien themed Halloween Party, then this is just going to make people go " thought of everything"  Take all the credit, you deserve it!
Glowing Alien Dice for Party Games
Glowing Alien Dice for Halloween Party Games
Glow In The Dark Alien Polyhedral Dice Games
So these don't just have 6 sides so if you want to use them, you might want to study up a bit.  Seriously unique and trippy decoration that will take your guests appreciation of your efforts up a few notches.  They glow in the dark and will add a cool look to any area.  Even drop these in an old glass jar, add water, maybe a drop of food coloring and another glow stick (told you you'll use allot of them)!
Alien Blacklight Barware
Halloween Party Ideas for Alien Theme Glowing Barware Glasses
Neon Blacklight Reactive Party Drink Glasses
Well don't forget the drinks!  With or without booze in them, these black light reactive bar ware glasses will be just another detail that your guests will be amazed that you didn't over look!  When setting these out for your guests be sure to have a black light nearby so they can see the full effect as they are filling them up!

Super Creepy Alien Mask
Creepy Scary Alien Halloween Costume
Spooky Alien Halloween Mask Costume
This Alien looks like it has a serious cold, and one I don't want to catch.  Other party goers will feel the same way, so this might not be the best costume for the single folks out there looking to mingle!  
Glow In The Dark Bouncy Balls
Alien Bouncy Balls Glow In The Dark For Sale
Glow-in-the-Dark Alien Hi-Bounce Balls
A great hit with kids, and those adults willing to cut loose on Halloween night.  Make a game or contest out of it, who can bounce one highest (just make sure there are no cars around or anything else for them to land on and break or dent!). Plus they glow in the dark, and you can get outside to watch for UFOs!
Very Real Alien Body
Party Prop for Alien Theme Halloween Party Alien Body
Life Size Alien Deluxe Prop Decoration
Alright big spenders.  Do you want your guests to question, even for a second that there might actually be an alien attending the party?  This is the ticket.  A professional Hollywood grade prop that will send your party guests running in fear...if they are afraid of aliens of course.
Ice Straw Mold
Functional Straws Made of Ice!
Ice Straw Mold

MIB Glasses
Men In Black New Sun Glasses Halloween Costumes
Men In Black 3 Sunglasses
Have you watched the movie?  Enjoying the films and being visited first hand by a supposed Men In Black can be quite different...seriously I write about my personal encounter as an Investigating UFOlogist in my Mysterious Madison book.  Though mine didn't wear sunglasses, you can take a page from the movie and work on your best impression of your favorite character!
Angry Space Alien Costume
Space Alien Halloween Costume Ideas
Space Alien Halloween Costume
Looks seriously pissed, and you can scare people all Halloween night long with as many ideas as you can come up with!  Gloves included to round out this mad Alien costume.  Don't forget the voice changer!
Scientific Mad Lab
Mad Scientist Alien Lab Experiment Halloween Decorations
Government Genetic Alien Research Lab Boiler
Whether your idea is to create a mad scientist laboratory filled with baby aliens in test tubes or your vision of the perfect alien Halloween theme is the Alien autopsy these 'hand boilers' are a great addition.  One per order, and don't forget...yup you guessed it, drop a few glow sticks around them.

Wild Glowing Eyelashes
Glowing Eyelash Halloween Costume Idea
Alien Eyelashes Glow In The Dark
Do you have the perfect idea for your own Alien Halloween Costume this year?  These glow in the dark eyelashes might round out a super unique addition!  Maybe your idea is just the future, where we will of course have made first contact, is also trendy big glowing eyelashes!
Alien Costume
12 Foot Huge Alien Halloween Party Decoration Idea
12' Alien Prop Halloween Party Decoration
Yup, you need this.  If you are throwing an Alien Themed Halloween party, this is going to make a huge impression on your guests.  Twelve feet of alien to terrorize your Halloween party guests as they approach the house if you go with the idea of hanging this in the tree or on the front of your house.  Heck you could even open the 2nd story window, and hang this huge alien prop from there (just don't fall).
Levitating Alien Invasion Map
Alien Invasion Map Levitating Earth Map Party Decoration
Levitating Alien Earth Map Navigation System
They are coming, get their advanced technology, levitating invasion map of the Earth so you can hold out the longest!  Place this out with your Alien themed Halloween decorations and people will go crazy as it does actually levitate!

Working Astronaut Helmet!
Astronaut Halloween Costume Working Helmet
Astronaut Helmet with Sounds & Moving Visor
I might have to get this just to wear around the house on the weekends.  It is seriously cool, and I really did want to be an astronaut.  Pretend this Halloween that made the cut and are an astronaut too!  They also make really cool gloves, boots, packs and uniforms to go along with the whole astronaut costume idea.
The Go Party Plate
Party Dinner Plate and Drink Holder in One!
The Go Plate Perfect Party Host
If you've ever been to a party that had both food and drinks (so like any party after college really) then you know just how f-n cool and practical this idea is.  This is certainly going on my list for the very next party I throw.  Also, I would think it would help keep the spills down, and the conversation about just how unique and top-shelf your party was all week long at the water cooler.
Light Up Glasses & Cups
Light Up Halloween Party Idea Drinking Cup
50 Glow Stick Party Cups
This little ingenious invention should have been on my list.  Simply wrap the included glow bracelet thing around the rim of the glass and bam...glowing drink.  They come in a ton of different colors too, so match your idea of the perfect look with your Alien theme Halloween Party!

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