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Even More Alien Theme Ideas for your Next Halloween Party!
Enjoy the third and final page for our Alien Themed Halloween party ideas.  We've got more of course, but have got to force ourselves onto some of the other pages of party ideas for Halloween!  We hope you enjoyed our thoughts and ideas on what to add into your own Alien Themed Halloween Parties.  Don't forget the glow sticks, and seriously check out those glow in the dark real mushrooms!  Crazy right?  We try to add a whole new page each and every year so be sure to book mark us and come see us next year too!

- Secret Government Alien Research Lab
- Alien Home World Planet
- All the Different Types of Aliens Gathering
- Dark Side Of The Moon
- Alien Scavenger Hunt
- Alien Abduction Scene
- Alien Autopsy
- War of the Worlds
- First Contact
- Alien Invasion!
- Star Trek
- Star Wars
- Fire Fly
- Lost In Space

Real Glow-In-The-Dark Mushroom Kit!
Real Glow In The Dark Mushrooms Kit
Glow in the Dark Mushroom Growing Log Kit
Now I'm not a fan of mushrooms, but I may have to pick this up because it is just too cool; even for non-Halloween time!  I can imagine your guests getting the idea that these are what might be growing on some far off planet!  Great center piece in any alien themed Halloween party area.
Super Unique Alien Halloween Costume
Most Unique Alien Costume Ever
Light Up Alien Original Halloween Costume
Light up Halloween costumes are super cool and great for drawing a crowd around you where ever you go!  This alien outline will look absolutely stirring in the dark.  People will be turning the lights off around you all night just to see your super unique Halloween costume.  Take the idea and add a voice changer to your pocket.  Most of them these days have an 'alien' setting!
Crazy Alien Lamp
Futuristic Alien Lamp for Halloween Decorations
Alien Futuristic Lamp
Twisted cool alien lamp.  This is what all the alien teenagers are asking for their bedrooms on the alien planet X.  The idea that this is functional, and would add a great visual component to your alien technology scene.

Bloody Alien Mask
Halloween Party Ideas for Decorating Alien
Alien Skull Prop
Looks like this Alien left a little of  it's last meal of human on its mouth.  A little blood around the mouth makes this Alien mask a bit on the creepy side.
Deluxe Alien Human Hybrid Mask
Gray Alien Human Hybrid Deluxe Halloween Mask with Chest Piece
Deluxe Alien Human Hybrid Halloween Mask
An excellent mask that looks like an alien human hybrid.  One of my own characteristics that a mask has to take it to the next level is the neck or chest piece.  This really helps sell the entire costume and does not leave that exposed human neck line ruining the whole effect.  With this mask you can even leave your shirt open a little to show off the detail!
Flying Saucer 3D Hologram Maker!
Create your own Alien holographic images, interactive decoration ideas!
Alien 3-D Instant Hologram Maker
These are seriously cool and really interactive.  People will try to reach out and touch whatever is being displayed on the top center (the hologram) only to find that their fingers pass right through it!  This item works great as a prop for an alien scene or medical device.  Also works great around the food and drink area as an interactive conversation piece!

Alien Sucker Mold
Alien Head Candy and Sucker Mold
Alien Chocolate Sucker Candy Mold
If you've got some kitchen skills to match your Halloween passions, then these are for you.  The alien sucker mold will let your ideas and creativity come sweetly through for your Halloween party guests!
Alien Royalty Costume
Alien Prop Ideas Gyroscopes For Your Halloween Party
Alien Gyroscope Party Favor Activity
Looking to set the advanced technology scene somewhere in your Alien themed Halloween party?  Well this is one to pick up, and your guests can too.  Literally pick it up and play around!  Who doesn't love a good gyroscopes...people who have never used one before - that's who.
Flying Saucer Parachutes Glow
Alien Parachute Glow In The Dark Halloween Party Games
Glow-in-the-Dark Alien Spaceship Paratroopers
Glow in the dark, and you can throw them into the air and watch them float back to Earth on their little parachute!  These flying saucer toys make fun interactive trinkets for your Halloween party guests.  Better pick up a couple, because you know they'll end up stuck on the roof, in the trees and just lost.

Glowing Thermometer Alien Prop
Glow In The Dark Thermometer Halloween Alien Prop
Glow In The Dark Dial Thermometer
I'm thinking this glow in the dark thermometer would make a great accessory to any alien autopsy scene you are creating.  Try adding this to your own alien Halloween costume for an added detail that no other costumes are sure to have!
Stretching Alien Shooters
Alien Halloween Game Stretching Alien Shooters
Glowing Alien Stretching Shooters
Put on one finger, stretch with the other hand and release like a rubber band!  Our idea, a bit dark, but you could use these as part of your Alien Halloween costume.  Just tell people where you're from this is a smaller alien species your race uses as weapons.  Then shoot them with one.  You could also make a game with this as the host.  Set up a target and give prizes for who ever can get the most in from 20 feet out!
Glow In The Dark Lip Gloss
Glow In The Dark Lip Gloss Halloween Costume Ideas
Mini Glow in the Dark Lipgloss Party Accessory
You can use this glow in the dark lip gloss on your lips to finish that alien look or get creative with painting other things to glow!

Black Light Reactive Dinner Plates
Black Light Reactive Dinner Plates For Halloween Parties
Blacklight Reactive Plastic Party Plates Party Accessory
There is something very alien about the changing effects that black lights have on certain items.  Set up a black light near your food table and watch as people get amazed with their glowing dinner plates!  Keep the alien atmosphere going.
Glow-In-The-Dark Alien Mask
Glow in the Dark Halloween Alien Mask Idea
Glow-in-the-Dark Alien Halloween Mask
A simple yet layered alien Halloween mask.  Slip over with included hood, but you're not done there.  This mask keeps going as it glows in the dark!  Expose to light, and the glowing continues!
Light Up Frisbee
Halloween Night Time Firsbee Party Idea
Light Up Frisbee Flying Disc UFO
This might be the better option for first time night Frisbee players.  It is on the softer side for those missed catches that end up in the face and it has actual lights on it to make it even easier to catch!  If you or your guests like Frisbee then you have got to try night time Frisbee.  In college this was one of our things and it was enjoyed by all.  Besides, you can't watch for UFOs inside the party, get out there under the stars!
Zombie Bottle
Zombie Head Decanter Bottle for sale!
Zombie Head Bottle

Area 51 Bottle Beer Growler
Area 51 Alien Bottle Beer Growler For Sale
Area 51 Craft Brewery Beer Growler
Making a Halloween punch this year for your party guests?  Store it in here and the Area 51 alien connection will not be lost on true UFO fans!
Glow In The Dark hair spray
Glow In The Dark Halloween Hair Spray Costume Ideas
Halloween Glow-In-The-Dark Spray
Glowing black light reactive hair spray allows you to turn yourself into an alien without any mask or costume.  Just carry around a battery powered black light for our idea of a traveling light show!
Black Light Reactive Utensils
Black Light Reactive Green Forks Knives and Spoons
Neon Green Plastic Alien Cutlery Party Accessory
Again, this blacklight reactive utensils just helps your Halloween party guests feel like they are never leaving that alien reality that you are trying to create!  Just make sure you pick yourself up a few black lights for around the food area.

Coffin Death Mints
Halloween Time Coffin Death Mints and Tin
Coffin Death Mints
Little Alien Halloween Costume
Childs Alien Kids Halloween Costume Ideas
Infant Alien Halloween Costume
Do you have a little alien at home that you wan to dress up?  This is perfect for those colder Halloween areas too!  Get ready for all your guests to go "awwwwwww" at your little one.
Glow In The Dark Alien Figures
Glow In The Dark Alien Figures for Halloween Decoration
Glowing Alien Figures Party Decorations
Another little alien trinket these flexible glow in the dark alien figures are great to toss around the drink or food area.  Take our idea and hide them all over the bathroom so it looks like a miniature alien army is taking over your house one room at a time!
Glowing Alien Dice Party Games
Glow In The Dark Alien Dice for Halloween Party Games
Glow In The Dark Alien Dice
Super cool.  I have to order these for myself to use year round.  These glow in the dark dice also have cool Alien head shapes on a few of the sides.  There are plenty of dice games that you could use these for during your Alien themed Halloween party...especially a few drinking games!

Alien Movies Face Hugger Pillow
Alien Films Face Hugger Plush Pillow Halloween Decoration
Alien Peluche Chestburster Decoration
If you can't get enough of the Alien movie, then this plush silky soft alien face hugger pillow is for you.
Glowing Inflatable Chair
Glow In The Dark Inflatable Chair
Glow in the Dark Inflatable Star Chair
Glow in the dark stars on an inflatable chair.  A very alien theme fitting Halloween party accessory, especially if you need some more seating options.  It has been my experience though, that items like this rarely last long, especially in a party environment!  Thankfully the price isn't so bad, that you would even mind.  
Glow-In-The-Dark Alien Ball
Glowing Alien Ball Toy Party Games
Glow In The Dark Alien Ball
This is a cool addition to any alien scene you are creating.  The textured glow in the dark ball is quite large and works in many Alien scenes as your imagination can create!  Use as an alien head with a body prop, or in an alien autopsy as some weird internal organ!

Phase Changing Moon Light
Phase Changing Moon Wall Light with Remote for sale
Phase Changing Moon Wall Light with Remote
This changing moon light with remote control is a great gift idea for any child with a space curiosity.  Works great for setting the mood in our alien themed Halloween party too.  Hey it doesn't have to be our moon.  There are plenty of other satellites around plenty of other worlds out there!  Use this in an alien scene as part of the aliens navigation system!
Alien Lab Equipment Decorations
Alien Lab Equipment for Halloween Decoration Ideas
Erlenmeyer Flask Set Alien Scientist Lab
Create your own government lab, full of colorful liquids in real scientific containers!  The government wants answers from the alien and they are will to reverse engineer to get them!
Huge Plasma Disc Alien Theme
Plasma Disc Alien Decorations For Halloween Parties
Alien lumen Disk Interactive Party Prop
Plasma discs are super cool.  If you've never, you can touch them and the visual pattern of electricity follows your hand, but you can't feel a thing!  This looks super alien and scientific for your alien scenes!

Glowing Alien Eggs Putty
Glowing Alien Baby Eggs with Putty Party Favors
Glow-in-the-Dark Putty Alien Baby Eggs
I like the novelty type items that can be used at one time for display decorations, then at another time opened up and used in a different way.  In this case a glowing alien putty.  Take the idea of filling up a large jar with these and placing them somewhere dark like in a corner, a bathroom or on the drink table and drop a couple of glow sticks inside.  Makes a really unique alien theme Halloween decoration.
Cyclops Alien Mask
Cyclops Alien Mask For Sale
Third Eye Halloween Costume Full Mask
Almost comical, but still more creepy than funny.  I like the idea of wearing this mask with normal human cloths.  Pair the mask with a hat or scarf and when people question your alien status, then remove the hat revealing your third and working eye.
Invisible Alien Gray Costume
Invisible Grey Alien Costume Ideas for Halloween Parties
Invisible Alien Gray
the classic grey alien taken to a whole new level.  I'm not a spandex, onesy kind of guy, but if you are secure with what you've got this unique Halloween costume is for you!  I'd maybe take the idea and match this with a hooded robe that we also carry for sale on the haunted house page 3.

Green Lizard Alien Mask
Green Lizard Alien Halloween Mask For Sale
Green Alien Invader Martian Halloween Costume Full Mask
Green alien with classic oval black eyes.  This is an easy costume addition, a simple pull over alien mask.  Not the best for drinking through, just in case that is important!  Honestly this mask looks a bit like some sort of human alien hybrid.  Maybe the aliens version of star children.
Glow In The Dark Alien Goo
Alien Autopsy Blood Costume Accessory Idea
Glow in the Dark Alien Goo Party Accessory
Glow in the dark alien goo.  This can be used perfectly in the alien autopsy scene, or in conjunction with any alien mask for a oozing glowing effect!  If you are doing guest gift bags, super awesome adult trick or treat bags, or small gifts for best costumes this is a great addition!  The alien head container also doubles as an Alien Halloween Decoration
Lab Coat Costume
Dr. Lab Coat Costume Military Doctor Lab Coat
Lab Coat Alien Scientist
What kind of mad scientist can you be if you don't have a lab coat...really.  The only question is, what sort of scientist or doctor are you going to be?  Are you going to run painful tests on the alien or free it to avoid an intergalactic incident?

Bottle Opener Ring
Bottle Opener Ring perfect for Halloween bottles!
Bottle Opener Ring
Evil Alien Mask
Skeleton Alien Mask Costume Idea
Down to Earth Alien Halloween Mask
Not your normal alien mask.  They take the idea of an evil looking alien and mix that with a skeleton.  Perfect for Halloween.  These would be from a war focused alien planet, one that is probably not big on vegetarianism.  Just my first impression.
Alien Films Face Hugger Mask!
Alien Coffee Mug and Flying Saucer Decoration
Alien Cup and Saucer Mug
A huge green alien head on top of a gray flying saucer mug.  You can leave this out as an Alien theme Halloween decoration, and one that your party guests can use for those warm drinks on a cool Halloween night of stargazing and UFO watching!  I use mine year round, but that's just me.
Gray Alien Mask
Classic Gray Alien Costume for Sale
UFO Grey Halloween Mask
A classic grey alien Halloween mask.  Can't go wrong with this.  Take the simple idea and wear it as your costume, and then in the following years use it stuffed with newspaper to make Halloween props to scare the trick or treaters!

Test Tube Alien Babies n Putty 
Alien Test Tube Babies Putty
Alien Test Tube and Slime
Not edible but reportedly very fun to play with.  Similar to silly putty, but in cool colors and a crazy alien inside.  Fun and interactive for the kids of guests, or the inner child of the party goers!
Glow-In-Dark Alien Beads
,njGlow In The Dark Alien Necklace Beads
An inexpensive addition to an alien Halloween costume this glow in the dark beaded necklace also works great as decoration around the food and drink tables of your party!  Include it in gift bags if you are doing those for your guests, and they'll appreciate the idea!
Purple Eye Alien Mask
Purple Eye Alien Halloween Costume Mask
Big bulbous eyes and brain wrinkled forehead make this alien a little off putting.  If you need any tips or ideas, with these lower cost Halloween masks find something like crumpled up newspaper to fill in any sagging or denting inside the mask.  Packing foam from previous shipped orders also works when cut into smaller chunks and is way softer!  I do like the attached collar that comes with this, really does add to the realism.

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