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More Alien Theme Ideas for your Next Halloween Party
More alien ideas for your next Halloween party.  I had to stop myself at only 3 pages, but could have easily kept going.  Check out our "Hire A Party Planner" if your chest gets tight just thinking about having to host a party...we can help.  

Aliens and Space make a very fitting theme for a night full of the normal ghosts and goblins.  Of course, I'm a little biased, being an actual UFO published author.  Be sure to take a look at the descriptions under each image as we've hand written (well typed...but you knew that) each description to add our own ideas and tips!

- Top Secret Government Alien Lab
- Alien Home World Planet
- All the Different Types of Aliens Gathering
- Dark Side Of The Moon
- Alien Scavenger Hunt
- Alien Abduction Scene
- Alien Autopsy
- War of the Worlds
- First Contact
- Alien Invasion!
- Star Trek
- Star Wars
- Fire Fly
- Lost In Space

Best Alien Costume With Gloves
Best Alien Halloween Costume with Gloves
Deluxe Alien Mask With Hands
Yup if this looks even half as good in real life as the picture then you are going to wow everyone at the Halloween Party this year!  To fill out the idea of this alien costume, be sure to add the voice changer and the plasma ball necklace.
Inflatable Alien Hugger
Inflatable Alien Baby Hugger
Inflatable Alien Hugger Costume Accessory
Not big on costumes?  No worries, order up this little inflatable alien hugger and you are good to go as an Alien Surrogate Mom or Dad!  Besides you'll feel really popular when everyone comes over to you and wants to try it on!
We Are Not Alone Mug
We are not alone. Aliens! X-Files
We Are Not Alone UFO Mug
"We Are Not Alone" truly!  Even if you weren't an X-Files fan (really...who didn't like the X-Files?) you can appreciate the grandiose nature of the cosmos with every sip.  Let your mind wander to the idea of perfect Utopia that other civilizations on far off planets have created!  We can hope anyway!

Table Top Alien Plasma Ball
Party Ideas for Halloween Alien Plasma Ball with Stand
Alien Plasma Nebula Ball Decoration
A big 8" of mesmerizing fun.  Watch as the electricity safely follows your fingers with every touch.  People will be drawn to this no matter where your idea of including it in the Halloween decorations lands!
50' Alien UFO Prop!
Huge 50 Foot UFO Alien Science Experiment
Giant 50' Solar Bag Black UFO Prop
WOW.  Seriously, wow.  Unless you want it floating away on you, or into something you really didn't want to crash into - make sure you tie it down.  The plastic is reportedly really thin, however...whatever your idea for including this prop into your Alien Theme Halloween Party, people will simply be amazed at its sheer size!  The sky's the limit; that and your ideas.
Alien Tentacle Eyeballs
Alien Tentacle Eye Ball Head Band Halloween Costume Idea
Halloween Costume Accessory Alien Eye Tentacles
A cop-out costume all by itself or a unique addition to creating you own alien Halloween costume!  Maybe wear with a hoodie for an idea of looking relatively human...until you reveal your extra tentacle eyes!

Alien Blood Gel
Alien Prop Gel Ideas for Halloween Party Themes
Alien Blood Gel Halloween Prop
A fun little toy for the supervised kids, or simply placed in and around your Alien Autopsy table.  Help set the eerie and gory scene with Alien Blood Gel.
Alien Royalty Costume
Party Ideas For Halloween Alien Theme Costume
Alien Mask With Cape Halloween Costume
Of course you're have a scepter and a cape!  Be sure to double check before you check out as some come with the scepter and some don't.
Alien Films Chest Buster
Alien Films Chestbuster Plush Figure for Halloween
Plush Alien Chestburster
If you're familiar with the Alien movies then you are familiar with this 'infant' alien form.  Especially in that one scene...yeah, you know which one I'm talking about!  I would use the idea that most Halloween people would know the Alien chest burster, so I would place this on the food table...because it is Halloween and that is how you're supposed to roll!

Out Of This World Halloween Candy!
We don't even try to compete with your local big box store - as a result, we've got the most unique and imaginative Halloween Candy!
Alien Ice Cream Halloween Party Treat  Giant Alien Gummy Worms for sale!  Astronaut Ice Cream Sandwiches Halloween Party Treat  Cthulhu Mints Alien Creature Tin For Sale  Alien Autopsy Life Size Gummy Human Brain For Sale  
Now Shipping Through Out The Milky Way Galaxy - inquire for details!
Deluxe Halloween Candy For Sale

Lizard Alien Costume
Lizard Alien Halloween Costume Idea
Lizard Species Alien Halloween Costume
Yes, lizard alien.  There have been many different types of aliens or 'species' of aliens reported to UFOlogists and documented throughout history.  Be a unique alien at the Halloween party and stand out!  As always watch for adult or children sizes on all of our costumes!
Black Light Reactive Cups
Black Light Cup Ideas For Halloween Parties
Neon Blacklight Reactive Halloween Party Cups
Using a blacklight fits perfectly with your Alien Themed Halloween party.  I know because of all the off world alien adventures that I have been on, they area always using blacklights...that's a joke of course (can't always tell tone in writing).  However, these along with a blacklight around your drink table and people will be drawn to it like a moth to a flame...a delicious drinkable beverage flame (my lawyer says I should not drink flames).
Alien Head Lollipop Candy
Alien Lollipop Halloween Candy Ideas
Green Alien Lollipop Suckers
Alien lollipop suckers. Take a bite out of the impending alien invasion now while you still can.  These make a great treat through the night for your Halloween guests, and also a good gift for them to take home for later, for their kids, or these are almost good enough to put on your book shelf as a memento.

Glowing Area 51 Security Pass
Area 51 Alien Security Badge Halloween Costume Idea
Glow in the Dark Area 51 Id Security Pass Badge
Area 51...long rumored to have housed advanced technology from crashed UFOs and even maybe alien beings!  Go check it out with this excellent Halloween Costume Accessory that shows your Above Top Secret Clearance Level...don't really go check it out though - seriously; they'll shoot you.
Alien Communicator Party Game
Ouija Board Alien Communicator Party Game
Ouija Board Glow-in-the-Dark Alien
A Ouija board that glows in the dark is cool all by itself.  There have been many real world examples of people who believe that they can communicate with aliens near the Earth via various mystical communication devices.  Take our idea and push the bravery limits of your Alien Themed Halloween Party Guests.  See who will step up with you to try to reach out to anyone else 'out there.'
Light Up Wire Decoration
Halloween Party Decoration Ideas Light Up Wire
Neon Glowing Strobing Electroluminescent Wire
This light up LED flexible wire can be used anywhere you've got an idea for it.  String it along the food table, wrap around your favorite bottle of wine, stuff inside your alien autopsy for some sort of glowing internal organ or use your ideas to modify your alien Halloween costume!  The ideas as usual, are endless!
Zombie Bottle
Zombie Head Decanter Bottle for sale!
Zombie Head Bottle

Glowing Alien Costume Gloves
Alien Hands Halloween Party Costume Accessory Idea
Glow in the Dark Alien Hands Costume Gloves
These are really cool.  Glow-In-The-Dark alien hand Halloween costume accessory will perfectly finish any alien themed costume.  Our idea would be to put a small but powerful flashlight in your pocket for when you want to recharge!
Inflatable Astronaut
Inflatable Astronaut Balloon Alien Party Decoration Idea
27" Inflatable Astronaut Prop
Who doesn't want to be an astronaut?  Well I suppose there are a few, but at least they can respect astronauts.  This adds a nice realism touch to your Alien theme Halloween Party.  Big too at 27" tall.
Alien Theme Costume
Party Ideas for Halloween Alien Costume
Complete Alien Halloween CostumeGrey Aliens in blue uniforms.  The classic big black almond shaped eyes is sure to send at least one Halloween party guest into shock from their own suppressed alien abduction experience.  We apologize in advance.  This gives me an idea for group Halloween costumes with the alien theme.  You and your friends can go as the same species!

Green Alien Cupcake Topper
Green Alien Head Cupcake Topper Ideas
Cupcake Alien Head Halloween Topper
Are you handy in there kitchen?  I have been known to whip up a batch of cupcakes from time to time...well at least I'm capable of.  But who has the time with all these website descriptions to write...right?  Well take your store bought cupcakes and add your own alien theme!  Green alien cupcake picks!
Alien Levitation Technology
Alien Levitation Toy Halloween Party Decorations
Alien Levitron Revolution Platform Halloween Decoration Idea
This magnetic office display really does levitate.  It makes a great Alien Halloween party decoration, with advanced looking technology you could add this to any alien display you are creating for your party.  I like the idea of some sort of alien flying saucer control device or maybe a medical tool nearby your alien prop!
Green Antenna Alien Mask
Cool Antenna Green Alien Mask For Sale
Green Alien Antenna Monster Mask
This alien Halloween mask strikes the perfect balance between sinister and cartoon.  Really cool antenna and the eye slots are above the actual eyes on the mask, with a really tall head.  Great to mess with people's heads all night long!

Scary Alien Costume
Alien Invasion Costume Ideas
Alien Invasion Halloween Costume
Seriously scowled skull faced alien.  Classic large almond-ish shaped eyes, and excellent intergalactic alien space uniform, but the face...very creepy.
Scooby-Doo Alien Invaders DVD
Scooby Doo Alien Invaders DVD Party Idea
Scooby-Doo! And the Alien Invaders DVD
Don't just have your TV be sitting there all dark.  Throw in some background entertainment for those not digging your decorations or planned Halloween activities.  This is great for the kids, and makes an appreciated trick or treat gift to the best Alien or those with kids waiting at home.
Glow-In-The-Dark Shirt
Halloween Ideas Glow In The Dark T-Shirt Costume
Glow in the Dark T-Shirt
Looking for an easy, non-costume Halloween costume?  This might just be it.  If you are a die hard Halloween person like me then this would make a really nice addition to your alien costume ideas.

Blacklight Reactive Bowls
Black Light Reactive Party Bowls for Halloween
Neon Plastic Bowls Assorted Party Accessory
Make sure you have a big black light around the food table.  Paring that with these bowls and other black light reactive party dish ware, drink cups, and plates!  Even if you got these to use as serving bowls for your chips, dips, cookies and so on.  Check out our selection of blacklights, some 6 feet long for a full table worth of glowing alien weirdness!
Creepy Alien Hand Glove Costume
Creepy Alien Hand Party Costume
Deluxe Alien Gloves Costume Accessory
Super creep factor for anyone you reach for wearing these alien gloves.  A little gross, a little rotting and all the way perfect for an Alien Themed Halloween party!
Wearable Plasma Disc Accessory
Wearable Plasma Disk Alien Costume Accessory
Pocket Plasma Battery Powered Wearable
This will add so very much to your alien Halloween costume that the idea is difficult to put into words.  If you're familiar with how popular these plasma disc's are to touch (they react to touch with wild movement) and will blow people away that you thought enough to incorporate this into your Halloween costume.  I see 1st prize for best costume in someones future!
Giant Robot Battle Fists

Working Alien Blaster!
Alien Blaster Halloween Costume Accessory Idea
Alien Blaster Gun Costume Accessory
Are you dressing up as an alien this Halloween?  Then you need this to defend yourself against us angry-waring Earthlings!  Maybe you're going as a heroic astronaut set to defend Earth from the evil invading aliens?  Either way, you need some serious fire power.  This is it, holds 9 soft balls that shoot out fast and far with a push of the back lever (air powered).
Alien Solar System Machine
Alien Solar System Perpetual Motion Machine
Alien Cosmos Halloween Prop
This futurist weighted magnetic motion device has graced office desk tops for some time.  Futuristic enough and foreign to most, it would make a fun idea for a Halloween party alien center piece, or added to any alien scene you are putting together.  Try adding a strobe light for extra mind bending movement!
Real Petri Dishes
Alien Lab Petri Dishes For Halloween Party Decorations
Alien Lab Props Real Petri Dishes
Are taking the idea of alien lab or governmental reverse engineering for your alien Halloween party?  These real petri dishes go a long way to helping set the mood.  Can be used on the food table for your guests to get toothpicks or small food items from. 

Alien Smoke Ring Gun
Alien Smoke Ring Gun Halloween Game Activity
Alien Blaster Gun Shoots Smoke Rings! Are you dressing as an Alien this Halloween?  Maybe you are going as an MIB?  Either way you need a futuristic looking weapon.  This makes a great addition that will have everyone clambering to get close to you so they can see the show.  This gun shoots smoke rings!  Of course as an alien you can explain that these are memory erasing rings of toxin...ya know or whatever your idea is.
Alien Skull Necklace
Costume Ideas Alien Skull Necklace
Alien Skull Pendant Halloween Costume Accessory
Add this alien skull necklace to your alien costume to show just how bad ass an alien you are!  The attention to details is always appreciated by someone.  I like the idea of going as an alien hunter!  You could mix and match anything you want.  Maybe a Van Helsing-ish future looking get up, or maybe a more recent Cowboys vs Aliens look.
Light Up LED Rings
Light Up LED Rings for Halloween Party Guests
Flashing Led Bumpy Alien Ring
I see two great uses for these LED light up rings.  First you could use these light up rings for your own alien themed Halloween costume.  Second, since they come several to a package you could get them as decoration around the food table or drink table and tell your guests to put them on and enjoy if they want.  Send them home in their Halloween gift bags for a top shelf move!

  Star Trek Everything!

This makes a great alien and UFO themed party.  Whether you're interested in the original Star Trek TV series that featured many aliens or are more like myself and maybe dig Star Trek The Next Generation we've got your covered.  Be sure to click through and check out all the new Star Trek aliens featured in the new hit Star Trek films!
Alien Films Face Hugger Mask!
Alien Films Face Hugger Alien Mask Costume
Alien Face Hugger Halloween Mask
Alien movie, face hugger Halloween Mask.  If you don't get it, watch the films.  This is a great and original Halloween costume idea.  Our idea would be to watch the film and see if you couldn't put together the same outfit any of the unfortunate astronauts are wearing at the time!  A trip to your local vintage store should do the trick, and inexpensively!
Purple Eye Alien Costume
Alien Halloween Costume Mask Ideas
Grey Brainy Alien Adult Mask
One smart alien.  At least this alien Halloween mask has a huge head with a big brain and purple eyes!  This would work well if you are into making your own Halloween party props.  Just take the decoration idea of stuffing this with some newspaper, and maybe a glow stick or two and've got yourself a severed alien head centerpiece for your food table!

  Deluxe Alien Blaster
Halloween Party Costume Accessory Idea Laser Blaster
Deluxe Galactic Light Blaster
This has got over a dozen seriously passionate reviews on Amazon and will certainly get the idea across to all those aliens you encounter on Halloween night that you mean business.  Laser blasting, galaxy saving astronaut business!  Now get out there and save the galaxy!
Doctor Who
Doctor Who

The longest running TV series for a reason.  The fans are indeed fanatical and the show is full of aliens.  Make this your Halloween party and if you have a few friends who are friends this will be a huge hit!
Star Wars Costumes & Accessories!
Star Wars Costumes

Who can forget the bar scene in Star Wars where all the aliens are hanging out listening to some local band full of aliens.  Han Solo's in the corner working a deal, the alien jerk at the bar is getting his hand cut off...good times and a great party theme; Star Wars!

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