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Even More Haunted House Ideas
Let me get right to the recommendations and ideas!  You've got to check out the super cool, and very unique fog machine accessories we've put together for you.  Not just giving you the idea for the best fog machine available, but scents that you can add to your fog machine to take your Halloween party ideas to the entire next level.  Attach the fog machine chillers that we've lined up for you and you will have one Halloween party that no one will soon forget!
- Gory Haunted House
- Mad Scientist Haunted House
- Gothic Dark Haunted House
- Abandoned Haunted House
- Graveyard Haunted House
- Serial Killer Haunted House
- Torture Chamber Haunted House
- Ghostly Haunted House
- Monster Filled Haunted House
Deluxe Gargoyle Halloween Mask
Deluxe Gargoyle Hollywood FX Mask Kit
Deluxe FX Hollywood Gargoyle Kit
I love these Hollywood FX deluxe Halloween mask costume accessories...however, they are advanced.  I have faith that you too can make them work very well, just do not wait until Halloween to try it out for the first time.  As they say "practice, practice, practice"  This gargoyle costume would look really cool if you took the idea of pairing it with the black cloak and hood we offer for sale too.
Life Size Hanging Skeleton
Hanging Skeleton Halloween Haunted House Prop
Decayed Lifesize Latex Rotting Skeleton Halloween Prop
Here's a Halloween prop that you can not only use every year at Halloween time but they are so fitting in so many themes that you could probably use two or three!  This hanging skeleton is life sized and ready for the torture chamber, coffin, kitchen chair, hanging from the tree in the yard, basement grave or anywhere else your ideas can take you!
Beer Bottle Halloween Labels
Beer Bottle Halloween Lable Stickers For Sale
12 Halloween Bottle Labels
These are great, especially if you are going to have your drinks in the fridge so the labels don't get all wet in the ice from the cooler.  Different sticker labels including a Poison skull and crossbones, a Black Crow after Poe's Raven, Witches theme and more.  Just sticker right onto any soda pop or beer sized bottle.  Even if you are needing to use a cooler for your Halloween party beverages I still like the idea of getting at least one or two of these spooky label stickers for setting out around your drink area as decoration...drinkable decoration!
Ideal Fog Machine for Fog Chillers!
Fog Machine for Graveyard Special Effects Ideas
Chauvet Hurricane 1100 Fog Machine
There are bigger fog machines, and ones that output more power and can cover more space.  However, and this is a big however, if you want to use a fog chiller with those larger wattage fog machines, then you need to prepare yourself to spend around $400-$900 for a fog chiller big enough to handle their output.  Yeah, really cool and great if you can afford it.  This fog machine size will work well with the entry level fog chillers on the market.  Take your fog chilling ideas, and run with them.  Send us the pictures from your display, we'd love to see what you came up with!
Fog Chiller for Ground Fog
Spooky Ground Fog Chiller For Sale
Vortex Chillers Home Series Cold Fusion -Black Fog Chiller
If you're not familiar with fog chillers, this is basically a modified bucket or cooler.  The modification allows the end user (us) to connect our fog machine to one end, the fog goes in, gets chilled (hence the name) and then comes out the other end as a thicker, fog that when done correctly only rises up a few inches off of the ground.  Without the fog chiller the fog machine fog simply rises up like natural fog or clouds.
Best Fog Ground Juice
The Best Ground Fog Juice for Fog Chillers For Sale
The Best Low Lying Outdoor Fog Juice!
Not all fog juices are created equal or work equally well in all situations.  So this is the continually highest rated fog chiller fog juice currently on the market.  Froggy's Fog Freezin Fog Juice Outdoor Ground Fog will last you awhile at 1 gallon and get you great results for your low lying fog surrounding your haunted house themed Halloween party.
Campfire Fog Juice Scent!
Spooky Halloween Campfire Scent for Fog Juice
Froggy's Campfire Scent Fog Additive
Yes, yes, yes!  I'll be honest, I did not know that they made this until I was setting up this page.  So on my wish list it went!  They have a ton of scents and flavors...swamp, forest, mildew, haunted house, mint, strawberry and so many more!  Scent options for your fog machine!  Brilliant!  The idea being that you can use what ever 'flavor' or scent that helps further enhance the scenes or Halloween party themes you are setting up!  They come in really odd ones too like Volcano or Sulfur!  So you may want to use this outside of your house maybe in the front year display for Trick or Treaters and of course the idea of getting your Haunted House Halloween Party Guests in the mood!  Take a tip from us; you might want to call the local fire department and just let them know what you are going to be up too.  If it looks like smoke, and smells like smoke your neighbors or a passerby might just call them.  If they hear from you first, it will make things go waaaayyyy smoother if they show up!
Vanilla Fog Juice Scent!
Vanilla Scent Fog Machine Juice Additive
Fog Scent Vanilla Scent For Water Based Fog Juice
I really am liking the idea of adding a scent to my smoke machine.  Take our idea of building a background story for your guests to pick up on as the Halloween party progresses!  For example tell your guests "the former owners told us that once in awhile they would see some low lying fog roll in.  The oddest thing is that with it always came this overwhelming scent of vanilla.  Even weirder, the previous owner's grandmother always wore vanilla perfume and loved it so much was even buried with a new bottle!" Yeah, you see where I'm going with this.  As the night progresses, get everyone outside for whatever excuse and fire up the ground fog chiller set up with vanilla scent and see who picks up on it!  Your party is going to be legendary!  Maybe even take the idea further and get one of your friends to dress up as a spooky old lady ghost to complete the affect!
Battery Powered Flicker LED Lantern!
Antique Lantern LEDs with Sounds for Haunted House
Halloween Lantern Battery Power with Sound
This look s great, the LED light bulb is battery powered, and flickers like a real flame!  They even went a step further and included spooky recordings that play!  All this for a way too low price tag.  This lantern is a great idea to add to so many different costumes or for the low cost, I'd pick up a couple and illuminate the front walk way area up to your front door.  Go further with the idea, and fire up the ground chiller fog machine and let the fog slowly wrap around the flickering lanterns and creep its way towards your guests ankles as the now nervously approach your haunted house Halloween party!  I love this item, and recommend purchasing several!

Skeleton Hand Deluxe Ossuary Party Drinking Glass
Deluxe Halloween Party Drink Cup For Sale   Deluxe Halloween Goblet Drink Glass Skeleton Hand   Metal Halloween Drink Goblet Party Glass
Ossuary Style Skeletal Hand Wine Goblet Bones
Super cool, tough and manly looking gothic ossuary drinking glass with skeleton hand stem.  I love the metal drinking cup portion that will keep flavors from seeping into the all to often cheap plastic Halloween drink cups.  Please understand reality; first this is hand error is to human.  Second if you want a perfectly hand painted anything, be willing to spend about 4 or 5 times this amount.  That being said, for what it is, it is something you will use for many Halloween's to come!  I like it so much that I included three images of it.  Well you get the idea. Candy Store! Haunted House Music CD
Haunted House Music Party Idea for your Halloween Party
Haunted House Halloween Music CD
Well these day's most newer houses are pretty well quiet.  No creaking, or wind blowing through the attic making spooky noises.  Sooo you need this.  It will keep the mood going at your Haunted House Themed Halloween Party.  Our idea would be to pick up a couple additional CDs of various spooky noises, maybe a thunderstorm or rain.  Just keep the mood going until the last person leaves!
Sofa Couch Cover casket
Caskit Coffin Sofa Cover for Haunted House Halloween Parties
Spooky Scenes Coffin Couch Cover
Cool casket coffin couch cover...say that 4 times fast.  Alright so it's not that hard.  But these furniture covers are really a great idea.  They are a bit weak on the construction so make sure you are okay with only getting one use out of them.
Scooby Doo Costume Set!
Scooby Doo Haunted House Halloween Costume Set the whole gang
Scooby Doo Halloween Costume Set
I love group Halloween costumes and who doesn't love Scooby Doo!  This makes a great costume idea for you and a few of your friends who are going to be at your haunted house party.  After all, those "darn kids and that dog" never learn!  You could even take the theme idea for your haunted house Halloween party, and shape it as much or as little around a Scooby Doo episode, costumed characters and all.

Skull and Bones Ice Maker Tray
Skull and Bones Ice Maker Halloween Ice Cube Tray
Halloween Skull Ice Cube Tray
If details are key, this is one you should not over look.  For a few bucks and a little bit of your time, you can have a freezer full of spooky Halloween skull and bones shaped ice for your party!  Take the idea of adding a little food coloring to them as they are filled for a ice cube that pops.  You can also go further with the idea and flavor the ice or use any liquid drinks in place of water for the ice!  All for a couple of bucks, this is a great idea!
Skull Footed Candy Treat Dish
Skull Footed Halloween Candy Tray For Sale
Bone Collector Footed Candy Dish
This skull footed fancy candy treat dish will look great on your food table.  Pair this with any of the other haunted house decoration ideas on these pages and your guests will be super impressed with your mad skills.
Skull Shaped Party Plates
Skull Shaped Silver Party Plates for Halloween Parties
Skull Plate Silver Appetizer Halloween Gothic
Ahhh, more details.  These are honestly some of the coolest looking Halloween party plates I've come across.  I unfortunately have yet to hold one in my hands, but if they are even half as cool as they look in the picture you are going to wish you had purchased several.  Because of all your ideas, your guests will never know what hit them when they are blown away with how much thought you put into your party!
Zombie Bottle
Zombie Head Decanter Bottle for sale!
Zombie Head Bottle

Skull Cookie Jar
Skeleton Skull Cookie Jar Halloween Decoration
Halloween Skull Cookie Jar
A great addition to any Halloween party food table or simply your kitchen counter during October!  These are hand painted, and again for the cost please don't expect perfection!  Besides it is a Halloween time decoration and a skull, a little rough around the edges only adds to the spooky atmosphere to me!
Gothic Haunted House Candelabra
Haunted House Candelabra Halloween Decoration
14" Metal Halloween Candelabra
This is a fantastic candelabra, at a fantastic price!  Nothing says spooky old haunted house to me more than a candelabra!  this one set with dangling 'crystals' and black construction will work perfectly to set the mood around your Halloween party!
Skull Party Serving Tray
Halloween Treat Serving Tray with Skulls Black
Skull and Crossbones Appetizer Serving Plate, Black & Silver, 10 inch x 10 inch
Are you planning on having some snacks or food at your haunted house Halloween party?  Then this might be a great addition to your food table.  The center skull on a support adds height to your table while the black design and cross bones on the plate keep with your spooky haunted house theme!

Coffin Death Mints
Halloween Time Coffin Death Mints and Tin
Coffin Death Mints
Monster House DVD
Monster House DVD For Sale
Monster House DVD
Monster House Halloween time movie on DVD.  I enjoyed this one, and have been meaning to add it to my own personal collection for a while now.  Have this for the kids that might come to your Halloween party with your adult guests or put it on the background on mute just in case the conversation lulls then there is something to awkwardly stare at and make nervous conversation about!
Haunted House Halloween Robe
Haunted House Robe Halloween Costume For Sale
Black Hooded Cape 68 Inches Costume Accessory
Cape and hood Halloween Cloak costume!  This is a great, easy and quick haunted house costume.  As the host you may be running a bit, and if you are not used to throwing parties, then a simple cover up costume like this might just be the best idea.  Besides, it would be one less thing to worry about if you are a worrier!  This works great for any theme so you will get your money out of the use year after year.  Dress up your Halloween props or work this into many different Halloween costume ideas!
Mad Scientist Kit
Mad Scientist Haunted House Monster Theme
Deluxe Mad Scientist Lab Kit
I love the mad scientist look around the food and drink table.  It makes a great filler decoration to keep the mood as people graze about the table or counter.  If you want to go all out and create a mad scientist lab scene for your haunted house then pick up a couple of these kits and take a look at our Aliens page here on Party Ideas for Halloween where we have listed several actual scientific tools and equipment to make a super kick-ass science lab scene!

Haunted Halloween Candy For could be haunted - how are we to know?
Blood Candy IV Bag Halloween Treat For Sale  Holy Bible Tin and Cross Shaped Mint Candies For Sale  Haunted Ghost DOTS  Halloween Candy  Pac Man Ghosts Sours Halloween Candy  Halloween Ouij Board Mints and Collectors Tin For Sale
These candies will haunt your home this Halloween until their gone.  Then it gets really scary!
Don't worry we're open 365 days a year!

Priest Halloween Costume
Priest Halloween Costume Father Religious
Haunted House Priest Costume
"The power of Christ compels you!  The power of Christ compels you!"  If you don't know that one then you need to watch the Exorcist because you'll want to take our idea and use that line all night to get whatever you want!  Need another beer; "The power of..." hmm to far?  At any rate, you will be set to exorcise all of the possessive spirits and ghost in the haunted house with this priest Halloween costume.
Haunted House Spider Web
Haunted House Spider Web For Sale
Haunted House Halloween Spider Web
Halloween decoration stretching spider web!  Take our tips and ideas with this, you'll want more than you think you'll need and for realistic results stretch it far!  Another fun idea is to add a strobe light below or above a wide spance of spider web so as it gets dark, your Halloween party guests can still see and appreciate your work.  A little does go a long way but, there is a whole lot of house to cover, and you might want to start over a few times.  Practice makes perfect!
Halloween Display Kettle
Haunted House Halloween Party Food Bowl
10" Footed Halloween Black Dutch Kettle
I've got some of these in my collection and they get used every single year since I purchased them.  One idea I had I left one at the front porch one year with orange lights, a clear glass bowl full of Trick or Treat candy on top; that looked pretty cool.  Works great while hosting parties too.  Fill up with chips, popcorn or a ton of candy for your guests to munch on all night.
Ice Straw Mold
Functional Straws Made of Ice!
Ice Straw Mold

Haunted House Plaque Sign
Spooky Abandoned Haunted House Sign Halloween Party
Haunted House Wall Plaque
I really like this "Haunted House" Halloween sign decoration if you are going to go for a more abandoned haunted house theme and less fancy dark gothic look.  This is a great idea to add to the more hill-billie torture backwoods haunted house.  Take the ideas to the right with those decorations and pair this sign to that scene for a great fit!
Wood Wall Roll
Wood Wall Roll Halloween Decorations For Haunted House Parties
Halloween Decor Wood Room Roll
I sincerely love, love love the idea of these Halloween wall roll decorations for room transformations.  They go such a long way from changing the look and feel of the home many of your Halloween party guests are not only expecting but likely comfortable with.  For a Halloween party, you want to change the atmosphere, or aura if you will and this does that in spades!  Pair this with the peeling plaster wall Halloween roll decoration to the right and you are much closer to done than you think!
Peeling Plaster Wall Roll
Pealing Plaster Dry Wall Roll Halloween Haunted House Decoration
50' Peeling Plaster Room Roll
So I've made no secret about my appreciate for this little Halloween invention.  The idea with this is to place the wood paneling offered for sale to the left on the bottom of your wall so it buts up against the floor.  Then you take this peeling plaster wall roll decoration and attach that to your wall just above the wood wall roll.  Bam!  You have just changed the entire mood of the entire room.  If you want a quick and easy Halloween decorating tip, just take some old white sheets and toss over all of the furniture, lamps...everything in the room.  You can be done!  Go a step further with some flicker bulbs, and a spooky CD playing and you could charge admission!

Spooktacular Personalized Banners
Bleeding Eyes Candle Holder
Bleeding Eye Child Skull Candle Holder for Halloween
Bleeding Human Skull Candle Holder
On the smaller side, this skull to me says child's skull which let's face it is far more creepy anyway.  Place a red candle in the top holder and as the wax melts, it runs down and bleeds out of the empty eye sockets.  Makes a great center piece!
Animated Hanging Ghost Prop
Hanging Ghost with Moving Jaw Halloween Prop
Halloween Decorations ghost 24" moving head red eyes sound
Animated hanging monster...ghost, 'thing' with skeleton hands...ya know I think they just built this with their spare parts in the warehouse.  The head moves though!  Sometimes if you can't categorize it is is more terrifying.  Great to hang anywhere inside and outside weather permitting!
Glow In The Dark Haunted House Sign
Glow In The Dark Haunted House Sign Halloween Party
Glow in the Dark Haunted House Sign
Glow in the dark anything has a soft spot with me.  This glowing "Haunted House" yard sign comes complete with a stake.  Great for non-handy people who just want to open, and stick out in yard.  Done and easy!  As with these type of glow in the dark items, they do need to be charged with a light source.  In other words, they work well right after sun set.  Much past that they will need a flashlight or something (maybe car headlights if you are on a busy road) to 'recharge' the paint.

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