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More Haunted House Themed Halloween Party Ideas 
Take our ideas from the personally hand written descriptions for each item.  Of course there's the classic casket that can be used for all of your sinister ideas but we've gone further with adult Halloween drinking game accessories, animated party props to scare your guests when you're not around and of course the most gruesome goriest eye ball prop we've come across yet.  Take our ideas and make your Halloween Party this year beyond memorable!
- Gory Haunted House
- Mad Scientist Haunted House
- Gothic Dark Haunted House
- Abandoned Haunted House
- Graveyard Haunted House
- Serial Killer Haunted House
- Torture Chamber Haunted House
- Ghostly Haunted House
- Monster Filled Haunted House
Floating Up & Down Ghost!
Animated Up and Down Floating Haunted House Halloween Ghost
Animated Up & Down Ghost w/Blue Lights & Sound Halloween Prop
This animated haunted house ghost floats up and down all by itself!  Great for setting up behind chairs to use the idea that it will rise up and catch at least one guest unprepared!  Has lights too, so it can be used in low light scenes in your Halloween Party
Sofa Cover Torcher Camber
Haunted House Sofa Coutch Cover for Halloween Parties
Halloween Haunted House Sofa Cover
Torture chamber sofa cover.  This skeleton is trying to get out of the spiked torture chamber.  Slips over most sofas and couch's.  Not super thick material, so you might only get one Halloween use out of them.  These have been around for quite a few years now, but hopefully the next generation will be made a bit more sturdy, and will have a few more design options!
Life Sized Coffin Prop
Life Size Casket Coffin for Haunted House Halloween Party Prop Ideas
Haunted House Coffin Casket
Life sized coffin!  Perfect for your haunted house Halloween displays this year and any other theme at any future Halloween party you might throw!  Is it just me, or is it kinda creepy that they used a kid in the picture?  Well spooky and creepy are the season.  I do like this coffin style as it has a split lid.  Take the idea for setting up different Halloween displays and the split lid increases what you can do for sure.  
Face Changing Portrait
Creepy Girl Haunted House Changing Picture for sale
Haunted Portrait Halloween Decoration
Love these face changing portraits and your haunted house Halloween party guests will too!  You can't have to many different ones of these either.  We carry several, in several shapes and sizes.  Take our idea and tip of putting these in any spare frames that you might have tucked away in the closet.  It adds a ton to the realism of the changing portrait!
Lacey Gothic Table Cloth
Round Lacey Black Spooky Table Cloth Decoration
Damask Flocking Table Top Overlays Linen
This is a great item to put under your drink table, or counter area.  Our idea would be to crumple it up a bit and place around the drink or food table for that creepy goth, maybe abandoned haunted house.  Elegant enough to reuse for real, as it is an actual lace table cloth!
Caged Ghost Display
Caged Skeleton Haunted House Decoration Idea
Caged Skeleton Halloween Decoration
I really like the addition of the faux cage on these hanging Halloween displays.  It let's you build these easily into your torture chamber, hang in the attic or basement and tell your guests to watch them all night to make sure they don't get out.  If you really want to mess with them, make sure everyone is told this as they arrive.  Wait a few hours and when your Halloween party guests are busy in other areas, remove the ghost from the inside and hang somewhere else.  We like the idea of the inside of the bathroom door, or somewhere so that it can be seen in a reflection of a mirror to catch people by surprise!  Now that's an idea.
Animated Hanging Mummy
Animated Cocooned Mummy Man Hanging Halloween Decoration
Hanging Cobweb Mummy Haunted House Decoration
These are great, and huge at over 60" long!  These cocooned mummied persons hang upside down and vibrate as if they are trying to struggle free.  This Halloween party prop works great around a giant spider display, or in a torture chamber. The eyes light up and there are different sounds produced to complete the idea of a trapped person!
Realistic Eye Prop
Realistic Human Eye Gory Halloween Decoration Idea
Ripped Out Eyeball Halloween Prop
Very realistic eyeball Halloween prop.  Take our gross idea and put this somewhere around the party food during your next Halloween party.  We love the fact that this prop can be used during other themed Halloween parties and costumes.  Works great as an addition to a Zombie Halloween Costume dangling from your face, or perhaps you like pirates?  Take our idea and tape this to the inside of a patch and you are set to be the star costume all night.
Haunted House Doorbell!
Spooky Haunted House Doorbell Idea for Parties
Haunted House Doorbell
This is a haunted house addition that the kids will much that you might wish you didn't buy it.  Don't worry though, it's not so loud that you couldn't avoid hearing them press it for the 20th time in a row.  It is a neat idea, just put the included sign near your normal doorbell, and attach the included button and speaker (replacement doorbell).  As your Halloween party guests arrive, they'll be treated to different pre-recorded statements and sounds!

Haunted House Signs
Halloween Haunted House Spooky Sign Ideas
Haunted Signs - Halloween Decoration
You want to make sure that your guests can find your Halloween party right?  Pick up a few of these signs and take our idea of spreading them through the neighbor hood like weekend garage sale signs.  This may be a one time use item though.  Let's face it, Halloween night, cool spooky signs just stuck in the ground, and all the towns kid's out and about looking for mischief.  Yeah, these won't all last.  But it will be worth it.  You can take the idea further and tell people to follow the sings in your Halloween party invitations.  Maybe even another step further and include pictures of these signs so they know what to look for?
Realistic Flicker Bulb
Haunted House Flicker Light Bulb For Sale
Halloween Flicker Flame Light Bulb
These are essential for a good and worry free safe haunted house.  Flicker light bulbs come in nearly all shapes and sizes to fit your specific Halloween decoration and scene.  They are a way safer and less expensive alternative to open flame candles.
Ring Toss Haunted House Cooler
Ring Toss Haunted House Halloween Cooler Inflatable
Halloween Haunted House Inflatable Cooler & Ring Toss Game
Not exactly my style, but I love the unique idea of multitasking the use of an inflatable cooler that also doubles as a Halloween activity.  Ring tosses are a fun game and this might be a very nice activity for your guests.  Take our idea of adding a strobe light to increase the difficulty when it is dark, or the idea of a few strategically placed glow sticks for in the dark, night time ring toss!
Candy Shot Glass!
Halloween Candy Gummy Shot Glasses for sale
Gummy Shot Glasses
Face Changing Clown Portrait
Creepy Clown Face Changing Portrait Haunted House
Haunted House Changing Portrait Killer Clown
Clowns really creep out some folks.  J.W. Gacy aside, they don't bother me to much.  However when you get a close up look at these to solemn faced man...and then his sinister evil clown makeup, you might just change your mind!
Haunted House Gothic Sconces
Wall Sconce Holder for Candle Gothic Haunted House
Gothic Candle Sconce
Sconces are underutilized these days and overly fun to say.  Sconces.  Add these to your Halloween party this year and it is a win win.  Sconces...are you trying it - go ahead we won't tell; say it.
Dropping Trick Spider!
Dropping Spider Halloween Prank Idea
Dropping Trick Spider
Any Halloween prop that is motion and sound activated is worth the purchase in my opinion.  This goes even one step further with the idea of dropping from its hiding place when activated.  Scare and frighten your Halloween party guests into remembering your party for ever!  You don't have to be fear spiders to get a scare, the unsuspecting factor alone is good for a jump!

Crawling Hand Haunted Prop
Animated Crawling Hand Haunted House Prop Idea
Crawling Halloween Monster Hand
I have owned and used this with great success!  So much so that left on the counter, it walked across and threw itself into the sink full of water.  It was no more than a cool paper weight after that, but it worked and walked on flat to flat-ish smooth surfaces like a champ!  Highly recommend!
Skull Party Toothpicks
Sull Toothpicks for Halloween Party Food Idea
Halloween Party Idea Skull Toothpicks with Holder
Now, obviously I'm a sucker for details.  However I have only heard great things about the Halloween parties that I've hosted, in large part due to attention to details.  If these reusable skull toothpicks and finger food servers fit in with your theme, you may just want to buy a couple packs.
Haunted Drink Dispenser
Funny Drink Dispenser for Haunted House Halloween Parties
Little Whizzer Novelty Liquor Dispenser
Ha!  Do you see what it's doing?  That's great, I totally want this.  How many haunted house movies and shows have we all seen where the art, busts and statues all do something when the characters aren't looking?  Allot that's how many.  Hopefully you've got your glass handy when this thing gets 'going.'  Take the idea from Hollywood and include this in your haunted house Halloween decorations.  It is functional too so you might just want to put it somewhere around your drink station.  Maybe fill with a nice pumpkin pie spice punch or liquore!  Now that's the idea!
Zombie Bottle
Zombie Head Decanter Bottle for sale!
Zombie Head Bottle

Murder Shower Curtain with Sound!
Halloween Haunted House Shower Curtain Man Knife Plays Sound
Man with Knife Shower Curtain with Sound
It has sound too!  Sold.  Activates when the sensors pick up someone nearby and plays a disturbing recording to match the gruesome scene!  This is a very cool idea and I hope the manufacturer doesn't stop here.
Haunted House Crime Scene Tape
Haunted House Party Crime Scene Tape Do Not Enter
Haunted House Enter At Your Own Risk - Crime Scene Tape
This is great for our  haunted house Halloween party theme.  The police crime scene tape reads "Haunted House Enter At Your Own Risk" and use our idea of putting a big X across your front door.  The idea being that your guests will have to pull it down to enter!  Who doesn't like breaking stuff...oh is that just me?
Halloween Drinking Game
Halloween Party Drinking Game Pick Your Poison Shots
Pick Your Poison Adult Halloween Drinking Game
Halloween party activities can be hard to come by.  Having several games and activities for your Halloween party guests will create a better chance that one of the activities will really take off and people will have a lot of fun with.  Drinking games can certainly take on a life of their own.  Make this "Pick Your Poison" drinking game an adult with with booze or kid friendly with pumpkin punch (although that may be crossing some sort of line)!

Coffin Death Mints
Halloween Time Coffin Death Mints and Tin
Coffin Death Mints
Bloody Meat Cleaver Prop
Bloody Butcher Knife Meat Cleaver Haunted House Prop
Haunted House Prop Bloody Cleaver
This realistic meat cleaver is bloodied up and ready to be used year after year in your Halloween parties.
Bloody Chef Knife Prop
Bloody Weapon Chef Knife Halloween Prop Kitchen Decoration
Bloody Knife for Halloween
A bloodied French knife can be used for display in your kitchen or with many different Halloween costumes, year after year.  It's a good idea to save you money. 
Bloody Sickle Prop
Haunted House Kitchen Halloween Decoration Bloody Sickle
Halloween Costume Accessory Bloody Sickle
A bloody sickle Halloween prop can be used ideally in a torture chamber scene or with many different Halloween costumes!

Spooky Cloth Curtain
Creepy Haunted House Halloween Curtain Decoration
Creepy Haunted House Ideas Cloth Curtain
Any successful Halloween party creates those environments and opportunities for their guests to have those "what was that" or "what's in the shadow over there" or "what is going to jump out from behind that" type of feelings.  Purchase a few of these spooky cloth Halloween curtains and hang across as many doorways as possible and you only add to the enjoyment of the true Halloween fan.
Scooby-Doo Haunted Everything!
Scooby Doo For Sale DVD First and Second Season
Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!: The Complete First and Second Seasons
Ahhh Scooby Doo.  How many times must they trespass into an old haunted house before they learn.  I do actually own this DVD set of Season 1 and Season 2.  Don't worry this is the 'good' Scooby Doo that you are looking for.  Unless of course you grew up with the Globe Trotters and Scrappy...that went seriously too far.  This Hanna Barbara set is perfect for having on in the background for people to turn their attention to as the night slows, or conversation fades!  Plus you could be like me and watch it year around.
Haunted House Spooky Tree Halloween Costume
Haunted Tree Halloween Costume
This is a great, unique Halloween costume.  I want someone to try the idea of hiding in their front lawn with this and see if they can scare their Halloween Party guests as they arrive (though this could be dangerous depending on how they respond to being scared).  With the right lighting this spooky tree Halloween costume might just hide you well enough to get the drop on someone!
Ice Straw Mold
Functional Straws Made of Ice!
Ice Straw Mold

Huge Airblown Haunted Archway
Air Blown Inflatable Life Sized Huge Doorway for Halloween Yard Displays
Halloween Inflatable Castle Haunted House Party Decoration
Too cool and huge!  Over 8 feet tall the archway is comfortable enough for me to use even at 6'4".  If you use the other air blown inflatable archway we sell at your front door, then this would be perfect for the back door during your Halloween party.
Animated Life Sized Butler!!
Animatronic Realistic Life Sized Halloween Butler Shakes
Halloween Haunted House Animated Butler Prop
If you can' be bothered to answer the door this year for your Halloween party guests, then you need this!  The life sized animated butler shakes as if you have with held his last 4 pay checks.  The tray in his hands is a nice touch that you can use any idea to utilize from a bowl of Trick or Treat candy to a sign telling your guests to "Enter...if you dare!!"
Do Not Enter Door Cover
Do Not Enter Halloween Door Cover For Sale
Haunted Halloween Door Cover Party Accessory
Door covers don't cost much, but go a really long way to adding some quality Halloween atmosphere.  I like the idea of using this "Do Not Enter" locked jail looking door on the basement or door to the garage where you can set up your own torture chamber or dungeon scene...wait, do I need to preface that as "faux" torture chamber?

Bottle Opener Ring
Bottle Opener Ring perfect for Halloween bottles!
Bottle Opener Ring
Black Spider Candle
Spider Web Design Halloween Pillar Candle For Sale
Silver Spider Web Black Pillar Candle
Candles your thing?  Did you get yourself that cool wall sconce...sconce...sconce; yup still fun to say.  This might work for your haunted house Halloween theme.  The gothic black candle with a silver spider web wrap adds to the eerie glow!
Troll Butler with Candy Tray!
Butler Troll Haunted House Halloween Statue Decoration
Troll Butler Treat Greeter Halloween Decoration
This large troll butler holds his tray high for your party guests to grab a bit of candy from or maybe use the idea of putting a sign on to greet your Halloween party guests as they reach your front door.
Dark Gothic D  Huge 8'rink Dispenser
Fancy Gothic Halloween Party Drink Dispenser For Sale
Etched Glass Drink Dispenser
Super gothic purple drink dispenser.  The etched glass and elegant design will have you using this for all sorts of parties and events year round.  Just click through for different color and size options from the manufacturer if purple isn't your color.

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