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Haunted House
Haunted Houses on Halloween are classic.  Take our ideas for Halloween party themes, Haunted House Halloween party decorations, props, and costumes to make your party a memorable one!  We'll discuss the details for ideas featuring haunted house Halloween party themed food, displays, and setting spooky and creepy scenes from the front lawn to the bathroom and everywhere in between!  .Be sure to read the descriptions on each item we have included as that is where we discuss our own Haunted House Party Ideas for Halloween!  We personally write each one with hopes that our ideas spark more of your own to build off of!
- Gory Haunted House
- Mad Scientist Haunted House
- Gothic Dark Haunted House
- Abandoned Haunted House
- Graveyard Haunted House
- Serial Killer Haunted House
- Torture Chamber Haunted House
- Ghostly Haunted House
- Monster Filled Haunted House
Haunted Spooky Animated Mirror
Animated Magic Mirror Interacts with your Halloween Party Guests
Animated Halloween Haunted Magic Mirror
Looks like a 'normal' mirror, until the motion sensor is activated.  Then a grim reaper that was magically trapped in the mirror by supernatural hunters springs to life.  The reaper shows it's face and begs to be let out!  This can easily be the center piece of any successful haunted house Halloween party.  Take our idea and place the haunted mirror behind the drink station.  The idea with this location is that your guests will be stopped in front of it long enough to activate it, and maybe already be leaning forward t check their costume...then bam a Grim Reaper!
Lighted 4 Tier Drink Bowl
Lighted Drink Fountain Idea for Haunted House Halloween Parties
Vintage Collection Lighted Party Fountain Beverage Set
So super cool.  This is classy enough to use at weddings (according to reviewers), prom and graduation parties.  Oh, yes this is just to perfect to not put in your October brew punch for all to enjoy.  The idea with anything like this is that we 'eat with our eyes' or to say it another way, presentation is the first aspect that people use in forming their opinion about what they are going to experience.  Get this and they will love your Halloween punch and party!!  Oh and it is not as expensive as you think!
Dropping Scary Skull
Dropping Head Skull with Hair Scares Party Guests
Dropping Head Skull with Hair
This hippie looking skull with red LED eyes drops from above to scare the you know what out of your haunted house Halloween guests!  Take our idea to help hide this Halloween dropping skull prank, place it somewhere that you can control the lighting level.  Perhaps go the extra mile with the idea of taking spider webs to create a little chimney that it can drop down when its sensors detect the next victim.  Another idea we've had great success with these dropping Halloween prank decorations is in the bathroom.  Something about closing the door behind you and feeling like you are safe and alone,!  A skull!
Bloody Faux Axe Prop
Bloody Axe Halloween Prop Idea for Parties
Bloody Weapons Halloween Axe
Nothing wrong with a faux bloody axe prop for any Halloween party theme.  This is one Halloween decoration that you can use over and over, year after year no matter what your theme.  However our specific idea with this axe is to display it somewhere nearby the changing picture to the right.  As you see in that changing portrait the man has an axe in his head when viewed from one angle.  I like building back story and character development.  You can tell your party guests that this was your great grandfather or something.  Then casually mention he met his end, murdered by an axe.
Haunted Changing Portrait - Changes As You Move Around It!
Changing Portrait Axe Murderer Haunted House Picture Before  Framed Changing Portrait for Haunted Houses After
Haunted Changing Portrait Haunted House Decoration
I absolutely love these changing portraits.  I still recall when this was cutting edge stuff that only Disney Land could afford to showcase in their own Haunted Houses.  Well no longer!  If you haven't seen these, as you look at the portrait from one angle or vantage point you see the image on the left.  A normal looking gentleman.  As you move to a different perspective, or angle, the portrait fades to the one on the right.  A bloody, and dead eye looking guy with an axe in his head.  I like the idea of putting this Halloween changing portrait with the axe.  A good back story is just good atmosphere!  We've got a ton of these changing Halloween portraits for sale on the website, and at sizes from 5" x 7" to as big as 20" x 20" perfect for every room and scene in your haunted house.  Now you've got the idea.
Mouse Mask Halloween Costume
Mouse Head Halloween Costume for Haunted House Parties
Realistic Mouse Mask Full Face Rubber Latex Costume Mask
A fair amount of people are afraid of rats and mice.  Well with this rat faced Halloween costume mask you are the king of all mutated rats.  Any spooky haunted house will have a few bats in the attic and a few rats in the basement.  Take the idea of pairing this mouse mask costume with a bag of squealing rats hung off your belt and the remote controlled rat zipping around your feet.  People will be very impressed with your thorough mouse idea!
Creepy Remote Controlled Rat
Remote Controled Rat Haunted House Halloween Prank
Haunted House Idea Radio Control Rat
Get a good scare out of your rat fear full Halloween party guests this year with a remote controlled rat!  You could also take the idea of putting this radio controlled rat with any number of Halloween costumes.  As far as Halloween pranks go, this is a great trick, that is also just fun to play with.  Works best on hard smooth flooring.
Bag of Squealing Rats!
Sack of Squeeking Rats Halloween Costume Accessory
Squeaking Bag of Rats Creepy Sound Halloween Decor
  Squeaking bag of rats!  Hang this from your belt to complete many different Halloween costume ideas, or hang around the haunted house to creep out any scene.  Great for dungeons, torture chambers, kitchens or hanging over anywhere that anyone needs to sit!  But we like slightly twisted Halloween party ideas.

Animated Rocking Crazy Granny!
Creepy Rocking Granny Animated Haunted House Halloween Prop
Creepy Rocking Granny Animated Halloween Prop
This thing is creepy all on its own.  One idea would be to place this on the front porch or anywhere near the front door to greet trick or treaters and your Halloween party guests.  Plug granny into a wall and she rocks!  They took the idea further and include a CD that can be played nearby to add to the creepiness.  We would have like to see a little animatronics built in though for this price.  Maybe on the next model; check back next Halloween!
Gothic Votive Candelabra
Haunted House Halloween Candelabra Votive Candle Holder
Votive Halloween Candelabra
This is nice enough to use year round!  A little dark and a little gothic, this candelabra is also a little off traditional.  Instead of using tall slender candles, this is set up to take your votive size candles.  Great idea for a new take on an old spooky idea!

Huge Ream of Spooky Fabric
Creepy Old Cloth for Haunted House Decorating
Super Size Deluxe Creepy Halloween Cloth
This is the largest spool or ream of spooky haunted house Halloween fabric we could find.  The bonus is that the price is not at all what you'd expect or what you would pay at your local big box store.  You will need allot of this creepy worn out Halloween fabric too.  Works great year after year in dozens of different Halloween costumes, set the scene around the food table, or take the idea of laying this under your drink area.  Spooky up any doorway as you can see in the photo, they've got the idea.  Perfect for trees and graveyards too!  Use the idea to age up any room by draping a bunch of this off the ceiling and over the furniture.  A great tip we've found is using this at the edge of any wall rolls to hide the edge.  The idea is it looks way more realistic

Airblown and Inflatables at Halloween Express
Life Sized Airblown Doorway Prop
Halloween Yard Decoration Airblown Inflatable Spooky Entrance
8.5 Foot Halloween Inflatable Haunted House Arch Party Decoration
Huge 8 foot tall air blown inflatable Halloween yard decoration.  If the front of your house works with this (like no small front porches, or low roofs), take our idea of setting this up right in front of your door.  People will have to step through this doorway and into your haunted house themed Halloween party!  Works just as well on side doors, back doors and even garages!  If you open your garage door, and set this up, close off the rest of the garage entry with our faux stone wall Halloween roll that we sell on the bottom of this page.  That idea is one your guests will really appreciate!
Wall & Door Spooky Stairway
Haunted House Halloween Door Cover For Sale
Stone Entrance Door Cover Party Accessory
We love the 3D effect that this door cover has.  Works really well with the ideas outlined to the left.  Use this in conjunction with whatever door you put the large air blown inflatable archway in front of.  If you do, it will go a long way to the realism.  If you want to take the idea one step further, we also sell several creepy curtains that can hang over doorways.  Use that between the air blown inflatable and this 3D stairway door cover to help distract your visitors eye.  Dim the lights and add a strobe to really throw them off!  Purchase a roll or two of the creepy cloth ream we also sell and strewn it about the air blown inflatable for a winning affect!
Spooky Stairs & Archway with Torches!
Haunted House Wall Decorations Tortches and Windows
Stairway, Window & Torch Props Party Accessory
This is great to keep that haunted house dungeon effect going throughout the party area.  If you don't want to use this idea in your normal living space, or you are going with another theme in that area, create a dungeon out of the basement or garage!  Pick up a couple of these and highlight the edges with more of that creepy fabric rolls that we carry for sale.  These ideas, while taking some time to tweak to perfection before the party, will be really worth it when you get the reaction from your Halloween haunted house party guests!  They'll be talking about your party next year still!

Hauntedly Hair Raising Halloween Candy For Sale
Blood Candy IV Bag Halloween Treat For Sale  Holy Bible Tin and Cross Shaped Mint Candies For Sale  Haunted Ghost DOTS  Halloween Candy  Pac Man Ghosts Sours Halloween Candy  Halloween Ouij Board Mints and Collectors Tin For Sale
These candies will haunt your home this Halloween until their gone.  Then it gets really scary!

Rotting Skeleton Torso Life Sized!
Skeleton Torso Haunted House Halloween Prop
Decayed Lifesize Latex Skeleton Torso Halloween Prop
Latex rubberized skeleton torso haunted house decoration.  These are great as they typically last longer than the cheaper plastic models that always end up getting something broke on them all too soon.  Take our idea to make them look perfect and stuff the sagging parts with crumpled newspaper.  We would take the ideas further and create multiple different scenes with the old style shackle and hand cuffs to the right.  Shackle up your skeleton to the wall or floor to complete the torture chamber haunted house room.  Maybe set the skeleton keys just out of reach of the poor skeleton.  Maybe take the idea and put the keys in the skeleton's hand; warning your Halloween party guests that the skeleton could get loose at any moment and crawl its way to you while you sleep tonight!
Wall Shackle and Cuffs Prop
Haunted House Prop Fake Iron Shackles For Sale
Spooky Fake Shackles And Chain Halloween Prop
Cool old world shackle and cuffs.  Use as a prop for locking up any monstrous beast that you might have decorating your Halloween party.  Use them another year for your own costume.  Use the shackle and cuffs another year to make your own Halloween torture chamber!  Read the description to the left under the skeleton torso for more party ideas for Halloween using these faux shackle and chained cuffs!
Metal Skeleton Keys Prop
Skeleton Key Halloween Costume Accessory
Heavy Cast Iron Jailors Skeleton Key Set
These are just cool.  You can use these year after year with different Halloween party themes and different Halloween costumes.  I like the idea of putting them in your torture chamber, or jail scene.  These also would work with a butler Halloween costume or butler prop...two of which we sell on these two pages of haunted house Halloween party ideas.  Any wild west Halloween costume ideas, jail bird or cop costume will work excellent with real metal skeleton keys!
Zombie Bottle
Zombie Head Decanter Bottle for sale!
Zombie Head Bottle

9 Foot Inflated Airblown Cat!!
Huge 20 Foot Animated Cat Halloween Yard Decoration
9' Tall Halloween Animated Inflatable Black Cat with Rotating Head
Seriously 9 feet!  This thing is huge.  Talk about making a statement with your Halloween ideas this year.  This is for the folks that have budgeted for the year in order to make their own Halloween party and yard display one that not just their guests will appreciate but one where the local news might show up because of the neighbor hood buzz you created!  Kids for miles around will want to walk by your place.  Your Halloween party guests will not miss your home.  I like the idea of setting this up and then funneling your Halloween haunted house party guests under and or around the feet in order to enter.  There is also a 20' version and a cool 'waiting to pounce' version!
2 Pack Of Spooky Window Clings
Haunted House Window Cling Decorations Mummy and Monster
Translucent Window Cling Halloween Decorations
Depending on your windows, this can work really well to add street curb side spooky appeal to your haunted home this Halloween.  Ideal if you can set this up in an attic window or upper bedroom window that you won't be using for the party because to get these to work best and really pop, you need to take our idea and make sure you've got a strong light behind them.  You can go further with our idea, try adding a strobe light or try the different looks that a colored light might do.
How To Haunt Your Home for Halloween!
How To Make A Haunted House For Halloween Book
How to Build Hair-Raising Haunted Houses
Short on ideas?  Try this or one of the dozens of "How-To" set up Haunted Houses.  After a few of these you will not be short on ideas, maybe just short on the pocket book to make all of your new ideas happen the first year.  Little by little seems to be a good idea when setting up haunted houses for Halloween.  Each year you get a few new things and work a new theme.  The idea is the crossover from themes happens often, and you can build bigger each Halloween!

Wicked Witch Halloween Costume
Wicked Sexy Witch Halloween Haunted House Costume
Evil Witch Haunted House Costume
A picture may be worth a thousand words.  This one may be worth a few more.  If you want to go as a 'sultry' or a 'sexy' witch this Halloween season this might be the costume for you!
Creepy Haunted Chair Cover
Creepy Spooky Chair Cover for Halloween Parties
Spooky Scenes Skeleton Chair Cover
Here at Party Ideas for Halloween we absolutely love these different furniture covers.  Now they are not the sturdiest, well built item ever; but if you go in expecting that, and for the price one really can't complain.  If you'd rather go a different more usable route, take our idea for a haunted house Halloween party and use a bunch of old bed sheets to cover everything.  Hit up your local Good Will Store, or garage sales.  Just take our tip and start early, because you are not the only Halloween shopper out there!
Animated Page Turning Haunted Book!
Haunted House Moving Book Animated Page Turning Halloween Prop
Animated Motion Activated Book Of Dark Magic Prop
Yeah, this is all the way cool.  Just imagine the different ideas you could come up with setting different scenes with this haunted Halloween book.  This haunted house book automatically turns pages by itself!  Super spooky and works with a bunch of different Halloween party theme ideas.

Coffin Death Mints
Halloween Time Coffin Death Mints and Tin
Coffin Death Mints
Skeleton Hand Party Glasses
Skeleton Hand Wine Glass For Halloween Parties
Skeleton Hand Halloween Glasses
Buy these by the dozen so your haunted house Halloween party guests don't have to fight over who gets one!  I've seen these constructed both out of plastic and out of glass so make sure you check the description before you hit that buy button in the check out!  I do have several of the glass topped ones and they are truly a hit at the parties, especially the girls.  The females seem to be drawn to this style.
Dark Gothic Table Cover
Creepy Haunted House Halloween Table Cloth Cover For Sale
Damask Tablecloth with Satin Sheen, Eggplant, Silver and Black
Is your table just not spooky enough?  Maybe you have too nice of a table and want to protect it...must be nice.  ;-)  Whatever the reason, I really like this table cover.  It isn't that generic, all to often used, depth-less black.  The pattern is neutral enough, and the dark tassels at each corner scream gothic classy.  Not to mention the purple totally matches the Halloween drink dispenser on the bottom of page two of haunted house ideas!
Animated Haunted House Ghost
Floating Animated Ghost Haunted House Halloween Decoration
Floating Ghost 3ft Animated Prop
Animated ghostly prop!  The head area lights up and would make a great window decoration for your guests to see as they draw nearer your haunted house!  Take our idea and put this inside at a window in a room not used for the party.  You can keep it dark in the room, or maybe go with the idea of a strobe light underneath to draw people's eye to it!

Huge 18" Feathered Raven!
Large Raven Black Crow Haunted House Decoration Idea
18" Artificial Feathered Black Halloween Crow
Large Raven or Black Crow Halloween Prop.  A huge 18" bird will strike fear...into....uhmm...those with fear of large feathered faux birds?  No, no those who have seen Alfred Hitchcocks "Birds" yeah, that was a good film.  These birds are great to help set an eery scene outside in your trees or maybe take the idea of a dozen or so of these swarming your front porch.  That might actually be a bit unnerving.
Spook Bottle Label Stickers
Large Bottle Stickers Wine Bottle Labels For Halloween Parties
Halloween Wine Bottle Stickers
Spooky Halloween labels!  Stickers right onto any less than creepy wine or large soda bottle to keep the Halloween atmosphere going even as you rehydrate!  Besides imagine how fun it will be to ask your Halloween party guests would you like some "Zombie Virus" or more "Spider Venom"
Bloody Barbed Wire Garland
Bloody Barbed Wire Halloween Graland Ideas
36Ft Bloody Barbed Wire Garland Halloween Haunted House Decoration
If you have the country home, and are throwing a haunted house Halloween party theme, then this is going to fit in perfect.  Bloody barbed wire Halloween garland is great if you really make it work in your yard with fence posts and maybe a skeleton stuck in with torn bloody cloths!  Works great for ideas on Halloween costumes too!
Ice Straw Mold
Functional Straws Made of Ice!
Ice Straw Mold
Bottle Opener Ring
Bottle Opener Ring perfect for Halloween bottles!
Bottle Opener Ring
Suit Of Armor Wall Decal
Suit Of Armor Wall Cutout for Haunted House Halloween Ideas
Suit Of Armor Cutout Wall Decoration
Maybe I've just seen to many Scooby Doo episodes, but the bad guy is always hiding in the suit of armor!  This suite of armor decal is a bit less expensive than the real thing, and way easier to store in the off season.  I really like the idea of adding this to the stone archways and airblown inflatable entryways area for a completed decoration scene!  Be sure to check out the stone wall decoration roll to the right as these two Halloween decorations were made for each other!
Stone Wall Decoration Roll
Stone Wall Haunted House Party Decor Ideas
Stone Wall Backdrop Halloween Party Accessory
Finish the look perfectly in your torture chamber or dungeon.  Add this to the walls surrounding the air blown inflatables to complete the realistic look.  I like the idea of using the air blown inflatable entry ways that we sell here; one in front of the open garage door, with this stone wall rolled out on the sides to completely close off the opening...except if you go through the archway!
Headless Butler Costume
Headless Butler Halloween Costume For Halloween Parties
Headless Butler Halloween Costume
I love this costume.  What better way to greet your haunted house party guests at the door than as a ghostly headless butler!  Ha, it's perfect.  It also works in pretty much any Halloween theme or Halloween party and that saves you money in the long run.  You can change just a few small things on this costume and use it for the zombie apocalypse, vampire themes, graveyards, mascaraed balls (hey your face is concealed) and anything else!

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