Werewolf Party Ideas For Halloween

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Full moon or not, your Werewolf themed Halloween Party is going to be the best ever!  Take look at the following few pages, focused entirely on werewolf costumes, werewolf's Halloween decorations, werewolves music, and even werewolf themed Halloween candy!  You don't have to be a fan of twilight to be huge on lycanthropy.  Be sure to read the hand written descriptions under each image for our unique party ideas for Halloween that you won't get anywhere else.
- Full Moon Rising
- Werewolf Scavenger Hunt
- Werewolf Lock Up
- Werewolves Vs. Vampires
- Werewolves On The Loose
- The Wolf Pack
Woman's Werewolf Costume Brown
Deluxe Woman's Werewolf Halloween Costume For Sale
Deluxe Women's Werewolf Halloween Costume Brown
Super unique women's werewolf Halloween costume idea.  Lady's if you like this you are welcome...gentlemen - well you're just welcome because we know you like it.  We've got these in a few different fur colors and patterns.  Be sure to check out our all black and our all white.  We've also included nearby those on our pages a full deluxe velvet cape with hood (cloak) to give you some idea of warmth and a way to expose less skin if that is an issue for you!
Moving Mouth Werewolf Mask!
Werewolf Mask with Moving Mouth Animated FX For Sale
Moving Mouth Animated Werewolf Halloween Mask
The mask looks alright, but wow a moving jaw!  Sold.  Any costume that even attempts to incorporate moving animated portions is a winner in my book.  According to the details and reviewers the mask works best with adults due to the mechanisms inside that allow you to move the upper lip.  Now you just have to work on your growl!  We love this mask company, A+ for innovative ideas!  They also make about 6 other masks that we carry on here in the different Halloween Party Theme idea pages including a vampire, zombie and more!
Half-Changed Werewolf Costume Accessory
Werewolf Hunter Halloween Costume Idea
Lycan Werewolf Halloween Costume Long Coat
Want to make your own costume?  This Halloween costume coat might work great for the idea of a half-changed or pre-changed werewolf.  Maybe even a werewolf hunter if you add a sword, whip, a few knives and of course a hat!

Deluxe Gray Werewolf Full Body Costume!
Hollywood FX Werewolf Full Body Halloween Costume
Killer Werewolf Halloween Costume Complete Set
Wow, normally I prefer to piece my Halloween costumes together from different deluxe accessories.  After seeing this...what I can only assume is either a girl werewolf or a non-anatomically correct costume, I have totally changed my mind...about costumes that is; not sure that was clear (not that there's anything wrong with it)?  At any rate, this super deluxe werewolf costume will have everyone at the party and on the street looking at you with envy and desire.  Why go half way when you can go all the way with this!
Instrumental Werewolf Music CD
Party Ideas for Werewolf Themed Halloween Parties Werewolf CD
Curse of the Werewolf Halloween Music CD
This is a different Halloween party soundtrack because it is instrumental and from what I heard while listening to it fairly impressionistic...but in a good way.  It will bring some high brow werewolf atmosphere to your werewolf themed Halloween party.  If you are looking for more CD options, click through above and check out the selection of "wolf howls" and stormy nights that will fit along with any rain CDs you can find!
Werewolf Halloween Candy Treat
Werewolf Halloween Candy For Sale Party Idea Chocolate Rice Crispy Bar
Chocolate Dipped Rice KrispieŽ Treat Werewolf for Halloween
Werewolf themed Halloween Candy is certainly difficult to find.  We hit a home run with this chocolate dipped, rice Krispy treat complete with a wolf face. Not to mention, if you were that sort of person, you could totally pass these off as home made.

Candy Shot Glass!
Halloween Candy Gummy Shot Glasses for sale
Gummy Shot Glasses
Silver Bullet Necklace Costume Accessory
Silver Bullet Necklace Werewolf Themed Halloween Costume Accessory
Silver Bullet .223 Caliber 5.56 Necklace
If you are shying away from a werewolf costume this year, and want to mix it up as a werewolf hunter, then this accessory silver bullet necklace is perfect for you.  Made with a real bullet jacket (yes it is safe and no longer packed with powder) but tipped with a cool looking 'silver' bullet!  I suppose this would also work with the sadomasochist werewolf too.
Black Werewolf Hoodie
Wolf Hoodie Werewolves Halloween Party Costume
Black Werewolf Hood Hoodie Hat Faux Fur With Paw Mitten Gloves
Want to show your support for the werewolf theme, but not big on costumes?  I can respect that, and highly recommend this!  A wolf hoodie complete with paw mittens.  It's like you're wearing a big hat, that you can easily pull off and on as you are feeling the costume party or not!  Also, you don't have to travel to the party  or back home in costume.  Slip it on as you walk to the front door!
Deluxe FX Werewolf Makeup Kit
Werewolf Wolfman Makeup Kit For Sale
Hollywood FX Werewolf Advanced Makeup Kit
Want an original looking Wolfman werewolf costume mask?  Look no further.  If you are as comfortable with spirit gum and makeup as you are with drinking water then this kit is for you.  If you go with this deluxe Hollywood FX makeup kit you'll still need other werewolf accessories.  Check out our selection of claws, feet and gloves with real faux fur!  The other werewolves in your pack won't recognize you when you're done.

Werewolf Hunter Costume Kit
Werewolf Hunter Halloween Costume Accessories Idea
Shadow Werewolf Hunter Costume
So this does not include everything that you see here.  This will however get you a long way towards finishing your Werewolf hunter Halloween costume.  The cape, vest and belt-thing are all included.  All you need to do is take our idea and pair that with your darkest pants (everyone knows werewolf hunters wear dark pants...duh) and toughest boot.  You're done.  But if you can go further, get yourself a fun hat, and check out our retractable blade trick knife to the right.
Werewolf Hunter's Revolver!
Werewolf Hunter Gun Costume Accessory Pistol
Werewolf Hunter Pistol with Light and Sound
Yeah, adding a 'gun' to your Halloween costume is always a fun idea (just don't point it at strangers).  These steam punk re-designs are super perfect for that supernatural werewolf hunter look.  You are going to need a Van Hellsing style weapon and some silver bullets to put down these monsters!  We've got a wide selection of these pistols and long rifles for whatever your taste in weapons is.  We also carry a holster or two that fit these larger ideas of werewolf hunting pistol Halloween costume accessories!
Werewolf Hunter Trick Knife Prop!
Werewolf Hunter Knife with Disappearing Blade Prop Idea
Trick Costume Knife with Disappearing Blade
A great costume accessory for many Halloween costumes, with many different themes makes this an economic purchase.  Look at you being responsible.  Also, a great pairing to the werewolf Halloween costume.  Amaze your friends with the cool trick blade...just make sure no one switched your knife out, right -ahh that'd be horrible.

Werewolf Hunter Ring Accessory
Werewolf Hunter Ring Idea See Who's A Werewolf!
Alchemy Gothic Werewolf Hunter Pewter Ring
How do you tell if the person standing in front of you could change into a werewolf at any moment?  This ring, that's how.  This eyeball ring with moving 'eye lid' sees the inner werewolf when you cannot.  Of course this is really just a really cool ring, but that's the story I would tell everyone as they are lining up at the Halloween party to get a closer look.
Werewolf Hunter Big-Gun
Werewolf Hunter Rifle Halloween Costume Accessory Idea
Werewolf Hunter Gun Costume Accessory
An excellent customized nearly one of kind werewolf hunting rifle Halloween costume accessory idea.  This is for only the most serious werewolf hunters out there this Halloween.  Take down a werewolf before it gets into slashing distance.  A very steampunk version of some pirate shotgun makes a great prop to carry with you on Halloween.  Don't forget to holster a pistol for those confined area gun fights with werewolves!
American Werewolf Hunter Costume
Werewolf Hunter Halloween Costume Idea For Sale
1800s Werewolf Hunter Halloween Costume
Yeah, okay so clearly not what the manufacturers of this costume had planned.  However take our idea, and this cool coat alone can be made to pull together the entire werewolf hunting costume.  Add a few knives, one of the guns on this page and maybe one of the cool rings on these two pages.  This clearly cowboy Halloween costume gives you that Van Helsing look.

Twilight Werewolf Necklace
Twilight New Moon Wolf Tail Cross Necklace Werewolf Costume Accessory
Werewolf Twilight Tail Vintage Tone Detail Spear Pleather Cross Pendant Necklace
Alright Twilight movie fans, this one is for you.  Honestly I do think regardless of your love or hate relationship with the Twilight books/films that this necklace on faux leather (good for vegans!) would make a great addition to any werewolf or werewolf hunter Halloween costume.
Werewolf Huntress Costume
Werewolf Huntress Halloween Costume Idea for Women
Womens Werewolf Hunter Halloween Costume
Dressed like this for Halloween you'll be able to slay a few werewolfs and all the boy's hearts.  Werewolves be warned!
Footed Pajamas Werewolf Costume
Footed Werewolf Costume Gray for sale
Grey Werewolf Halloween Costume Footed Pajamas
Funny and functional for those who have a cold weather Halloween every year.  Besides, if you get home late from the party, you're all ready dressed for bed!
Zombie Bottle
Zombie Head Decanter Bottle for sale!
Zombie Head Bottle
Protect Yourself From Werewolves This Halloween...not like the massacre last Halloween was!
Werewolf Protection Silver Bullet Mints
Silver Bullet Werewolf Protection Mints for Sale  Pac Man Halloween Candy and Tin Dispenser  Mana Energy Potion Halloween Drink for Sale  Pumpkin Gum Halloween Candy for Sale  Killer Bees Honey Halloween Candy and Tin For Sale 
Halloween candy so good wrap it as a gift!
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Classic Werewolf Halloween Costume
Brown Werewolf Halloween Costume For Sale
Brown Werewolf Halloween Costume
A classic werewolf Halloween costume.  The kit version comes complete with gloves, mask and furry chest piece.  The mask is also sold by itself so make sure you know which you want!  Our idea is to pair this with some jeans and a shirt that you can tear up and make a little bloody for a scary Halloween effect.  Put on a pair of boots and you're ready for the party!  Don't forget, whenever the mask's have large eye holes, be sure to get some eye makeup and carefully go around the eyes to hide you human skin underneath for a real Hollywood affect!
Full Moon Wall Light with Remote
Werewolves Full Moon Wall Light with Remote
Full Moon Wall Light Werewolf Halloween
I've carried this cool wall light with remote control for a few years on several of my websites and it is very popular and seems to be well received by my visitors.  The phases of the moon do actually change and the included remote control and battery power means super easy installation!  Our idea, if you haven't already, is to make the switch to rechargeable batteries.  They are way better than they used to be, and you will not only save yourself money, but cause far less pollution.  Win-win!
Werewolf Window Cling Idea
Werewolf Themed Halloween Party Decoration Idea Windo Cling
Werewolf Translucent Window Halloween Decorations
I love these window clings for adding great atmosphere to any Halloween party.  Our ideas is usually to put these up on a window, in a room that isn't going to get used but can be seen by your visitors as they arrive for the Halloween party.  Take the idea further by at least turning on the room light, or switching out the light with a colored light bulb.  Go even further with the idea and place a strobe light or black light in the room to give attention grabbing effects to the werewolf window cling Halloween decoration.  Want to go further still?  Open the window just a bit, and place a speaker nearby.  Play wolf noises that you can buy on CD or download off the Internet.  This way you've got your guests walking up to a werewolf inside howling and growling away!

Coffin Death Mints
Halloween Time Coffin Death Mints and Tin
Coffin Death Mints
Wolf Granny Halloween Costume
Little Red Riding Hood Granny Wolf Costume For Sale
Wolf Granny Little Red Riding Hood Costume
Like fairy tales?  Maybe you just like to be creative; like when someone invites you to a werewolf themed Halloween party, and you are the only one who thinks way outside the box to "Little Red Ridding Hood" nice work.  We applaud you.
Little Red Riding Hood Costume
Little Red Riding Hood Halloween Costume For Sale
Women's Red Riding Hood Costume
This is one of the cooler Little Red Riding Hood Halloween costumes I've seen.  The only thing it is missing is the picnic basket.  I haven't seen it yet, but there was the Little Red Riding Hood related movie, and I think I remember seeing her carrying a sword in the previews...so that could be one idea to add to this costume also!
Werewolf Mask with Fur
Brown Werewolf Wolfman Halloween Costume For Sale
Werewolf w/Hair Halloween Mask
This is a nice classic werewolf...almost 1950s wolfman Halloween mask.  Less dog or wolf like of the werewolf movies from the last two decades and more human like similar to the earlier werewolf films.  Take your pick of adding gloves, furry shirt and or our brown werewolf feet to this costume to go as complicated or as simple as you please!

Deluxe Furry Werewolf Feet Accessory
Deluxe Brown Werewolf Halloween Costume Accessory
Brown Fur Deluxe Werewolf Feet Halloween Costume Accessory
A very nice addition to any costume.  These werewolf monster Halloween costume feet come in two colors gray and brown.  The attached fur is a really great idea to add detail and realism to any werewolf Halloween costume.  Come both in gray/grey or brown...only one way to say brown - thankfully.
Silver Bullet Werewolf DVD
Silver Bullet DVD by Stephen King Halloween Party Activity Idea
Silver Bullet DVD Werewolf Halloween Movie
This is one of those Horror movies they used to replay at midnight during the Halloween season.  The Silver Bullet title, the werewolf theme and of course Stephen King behind the film make this a perfect idea to play in the background at your werewolf themed Halloween party!
Werewolf Hunter Costume
Werewolf Hunter Halloween Costume Idea
Werewolf Hunter Halloween Costume
Going for a darker look as a werewolf hunter this Halloween?  Check out this black trench coat Halloween costume accessory and build your outfit that will send the werewolves running in fear!  Don't forget to add a few weapons from earlier on this page to round out your werewolf fighting arsenal!
Ice Straw Mold
Functional Straws Made of Ice!
Ice Straw Mold

Creepy Werewolf Monster Mask
Evil Stitch Scary Werewolf Halloween Mask
Wolfman Mask Evil Werewolf Halloween Costumes Adult
If you are not a fan of the classic furry werewolf then this Halloween mask is for you!  Almost ape, human, werewolf and vampire rolled into one creepy mask.  If you go with this mask, take our idea and be sure to use some black eye makeup under the mask to get that Hollywood movie monster look!
Lady's White Werewolf Costume
Lady's Werewolf Halloween Costume White Wolf For Sale
Fur White Snow Werewolf Halloween Costume
Lady's white werewolf Halloween costume.  I'd say this would be a nice warm Halloween costume, but I just don't think there's enough of it.  Keep all the other werewolves distracted while you work your way to leading the pack!  Keep warm, and add a super nice layer to your Halloween costume with the white deluxe cloak to the right.  You can reuse that cloak over every year with so many costumes!  Shewolf!
Deluxe Werewolf Cloak Costume
Deluxe Off White Velvet Cloak Werewolf Halloween Costume Accessory
Ivory White Werewolf Costume Velvet Cloak Lined
 Go the extra mile and check out our super nice deluxe cloaks.  My idea with these cloaks, and they are on my wish list, is to wear a cloak over my Halloween costume.  The ones we carry are super full length and the hood covers up plenty.  Pulling the cloak closed hides your costume; looking down hides your face.  Go to the door all spooky, looking at the ground and cloak closed.  If they let you into the party like that, then you can do your big reveal opening your cloak and showing off your kick-ass costume after they have already been wowed by your kick-ass cloak!

Bottle Opener Ring
Bottle Opener Ring perfect for Halloween bottles!
Bottle Opener Ring
Silver Bullet Werewolf Mints
Silver Bullet Werewolf Protection Mints Halloween Candy
Silver Bullet Werewolf Mints Halloween Candy
Whether you are going as a werewolf hunter or just a werewolf that needs to try to look tough eating werewolf silver bullet mints to show the rest of the pack that you're not afraid of anything; these are super cool.  This is a great conversation starter with that other wolf at the party whom you are wanting to start your own pack with.  Makes a really nice best Halloween costume prize as well!
Wolf Like Werewolf Mask
Wolf Halloween Mask with Real Fur For Sale
Wolf Like Werewolf Mask
A nice and furry werewolf mask.  With the longer snarling snout, it is decidedly more K-9 than other werewolf Halloween masks.  Look different from all the other werewolves at the party and add you own deluxe accessories that we carry for sale here!
Shewolf Halloween Costume
Shewolf Halloween Costume For Werewolves Themed Ideas
She Wolf Girls Halloween Costume
A completely different take on the werewolf for the lady who just doesn't want to cover up with a big furry costume.  This she wolf Halloween costume will help you stand out at the party, but still clearly embracing a costume and the werewolf theme!


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