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More Werewolf Ideas
On this werewolf Halloween party ideas page we've got our usual super deluxe Halloween costumes, down to entry level inexpensive masks.  We've also got everything the creative makeup artist could ever want to create from scratch their own version of a werewolf Halloween costume complete with ear tips, claw finger nails, face fur, face tattoos and so much more!

Don't forget to read the descriptions under each image as we are still 'hand typing' those personally to include our own successful ideas of the past and tips for the future!
- Full Moon Rising
- Werewolf Scavenger Hunt
- Werewolf Lock Up
- Werewolves Vs. Vampires
- Werewolves On The Loose
- The Wolf Pack
Werewolf Puppet Prop
Deluxe Halloween Werewolf Puppet Prop Idea
Werewolf Puppet Hollywood Halloween Prop
I'm no puppeteer, but if you are or want to give it a try this is the Halloween prop for your werewolf themed Halloween party.
Woman's Black Werewolf Costume
Women's Black Werewolf Halloween Costume For Sale
Furry Black Werewolf Halloween Costume
This werewolf Halloween costume is a head turner for sure.  The all black fur accents head to toe complete with furry black tail will have everyone asking where you shop!  Pair this stand alone fantastic woman's black werewolf Halloween costume with the deluxe black cloak to the right for a huge reveal.  People will be impressed with your cloak they might think that is enough; that is until you open the cloak or take it off then - WOW they are blown away!
Werewolf Hunter Velvet Cloak
Werewolf Hunter Cloak Idea Deluxe Vevlet Black
Lined Black Velvet Cloak Werewolf Costume Accessory
This deluxe full length velvet cloak is a perfect match to any werewolf or werewolf hunter Halloween costume.  Not only that, but you will be able to use this with your pirate costume, or alien costume, or elf, or witch or seriously, this is going to be such a smart investment how could you not!

Deluxe FX Grey Werewolf Costume
Deluxe Silver Werewolf Halloween Costume For Sale
Werewolf Halloween Adult Costume and Mask - Silver
A very nice werewolf Halloween costume.  Good old grey back furry mask, gloves and tail round out the complete version of this werewolf Halloween costume kit.
Werewolf Hunter Spiked Silver Ring
Werewolf Hunter Punching Silver Studded Ring Accessory IdeaWerewolf Hunter Ring with Pointed Studs For Sale
Pyramid Stud Block Ring Werewolf Hunter Costume Accessory
Are you going as a werewolf hunter this year for Halloween?  Well then, you'll need to put a little more behind your punch!  This 'silver' studded ring has a unique square profile and is spiked with small studs.  This is one of those quite inexpensive additions to your werewolf Halloween costume that will reap way more benefits!  People will be amazed with your attention to detail, and this detail gives that Hollywood film that you only find in the movies...until now!

Werewolf Ring Costume Accessory
Werewolf Head Ring with Knife Claw Finger Ring
Wolf Iron Reaver Claw Finger Ring
Wow, seriously be careful.  I would probably end up cutting my nose off after a few drinks...well; few six packs anyway.  This is one seriously cool werewolf inspired Halloween costume accessory that you can bet nobody else will have at the costume party this year.  A cool werewolf head sits on the top of the finger ring, followed by a jointed metal covering that ends with a sharp 'claw.'
Werewolf Teeth Costume Accessory
Themed Halloween Party Idea Werewolf Teeth
Werewolf Teeth Costume Accessory
Alright, yes the package says vampire teeth but seriously, come on, they are all pointy.  These would make perfect werewolf teeth, trust us!
Skinwalker Werewolf Mask
Skinwalker Werewolf Halloween Mask For Sale
Skinwalker Werewolf Latex Halloween Mask
Wow...this is a great raw, and gory werewolf mask.  The exposed skin and stitches add nice details.  The large eye holes however are going to be super obvious unless you take our suggestion and use some eye makeup to blend a similar color as the mask or counter it with a black.
Candy Shot Glass!
Halloween Candy Gummy Shot Glasses for sale
Gummy Shot Glasses
Furless Werewolf Costume Gloves
Werewolf Latex Gloves Halloween Costume Accessory Idea
Gray Werewolf Hands Costume Accessory
Fur-less werewolf hand are a nice addition to gray, black or white werewolf Halloween costumes.  Just make sure you take our idea and wear long sleeves!
Gray Werewolf Halloween Costume
Gray Werewolf Shirt Halloween Costume Idea
Werewolf Monster Shirt Adult Halloween Costume
A nice gray and furry Halloween werewolf costume.  Get the whole kit for the gloves, fur shirt and werewolf mask!
Clawdeen Girls Werewolf Costume
Werewolf Costume Idea Monster High Clawdeen Wolf Costume
Monster High Clawdeen Wolf Halloween Costume
A different look for a lady's werewolf Halloween costume.  If you watch the show then you'll really like this idea!

Lady's Werewolf Halloween Costume
Lady's Silver Werewolf Halloween Costume Idea
Furry Werewolf Lady's Halloween Costume
Because one of the great benefits of living in today's age is options.  We've got a few of these lady's werewolf Halloween costumes and here is yet another.  Check all our werewolves page for the different styles, fur colors and patterns to find one that moves you the most!
The Munster's Werewolf
Eddie Munster Wolfboy Halloween Costume Idea
Eddie Munster Halloween Wolf Costume Mask
If you were a fan of the show or just want to spin the werewolf genre a little different, then this is another good ides to explore!
Scary Werewolf Mask
Angry Fang Werewolf Halloween Costume Mask Idea
Fang Adult Werewolf Halloween Mask
While this may not win any awards for realism, the werewolf mask does strike a certain fear emotion with its attack facial posture.  Easy to use on and off, and inexpensive!
Zombie Bottle
Zombie Head Decanter Bottle for sale!
Zombie Head Bottle

Werewolf FIgure Halloween Decoration
Wolfman Halloween Figure Werewolf Decoration 17" Tall
Wolfman Halloween Decoration - 17" tall
Decorating for your werewolf party may not be as easy as some of the other themes.  This makes a nice prop standing around the food, or drink area of your werewolf party.
Twilight Werewolf Bracelet Idea
Twilight Breaking Dawn Bellas Wolf Heart Bracelet Costume Accessory Idea
Twilight Breaking Dawn "Bella's Wolf & Heart" Bracelet
I'm guessing this was in the movie?  If so, you'll probably love to have an excuse to purchase it right.  Add it to your werewolf enthusiast Halloween costume this year!  Heck, you could go as Bella!
Instant Furry Face Werewolf Kit
Instant Werewolf Fur Face Kit Halloween Mask Idea
Instant Werewolf Facial Hair
If you are into spirit gum, and love working with makeup then this is for you.  Easy to apply, but it still takes skill to make it look realistic.  This is more reminiscent of the older wolfman look as apposed to modern werewolf.

Coffin Death Mints
Halloween Time Coffin Death Mints and Tin
Coffin Death Mints
Hand Fur Werewolf Costume Accessory
Instant Werewolf Furry Hands Costume Accessory Idea
Werewolf Hand Patch Adult
Again if you have the time and interest to practice working with raw costume parts like this can be very rewarding.  You can create a unique werewolf look that no one else will have at the Halloween party!
Instant Werewolf Nails
Instant Werewolf Finger Nails Claws Halloween Costume Accessory Idea
Deluxe Werewolf Nails Claw Accessory
Add these werewolf nails to any werewolf Halloween costume that doesn't have gloves or leaves your fingers exposed.  These work great for the idea of half turned werewolves or half human werewolves.
FX Werewolf Nose Accessory
Instant Werewolf Nose Halloween Costume Accessory Idea
Werewolf Nose Custom Costume Accessory
Another great addition to the creative person's werewolf Halloween costume.  A prosthetic werewolf nose.  Just make sure you practice long before the Halloween party night to get it down just right!

Werewolf Wig Costume Accessory
Instant Werewolf Wig Custome Makeup Halloween Costume Kit
Werewolf Monster Halloween Costume Wig
Mix this wig with many different werewolf looks!  Make your own werewolf Halloween costume this year!
Werewolf Ear Tips Accessory
Instant Werewolf Ear Tips Halloween Costume Accessory Idea
Werewolf Ear Tips Halloween Costume Accessory
A nice final touch for your own do-it-yourself werewolf makeup artist out there.  Unique you will be and able to take all the complements super personally!
Werewolf Party Wall Decoration
Werewolf Halloween Party Wall Decoration Werewolf Cutout
Jointed Werewolf Party Wall Decoration
Want to keep that werewolf feel throughout your house during the Halloween party?  Try these wall werewolf cutouts placed behind doors, on refrigerators, or maybe try the idea of sliding glass doors.
Ice Straw Mold
Functional Straws Made of Ice!
Ice Straw Mold

Werewolf Huntress Costume
Werewolf Huntress Halloween Costume Idea
Womens Werewolf Hunter Halloween Costume
Werewolf hunters can be women too.  Take charge and the heads off of evil werewolves with this powerhouse werewolf huntress Halloween costume. If you have the resources, don't forget to add a few of our deluxe items to this costume.  Try the deluxe boots, werewolf hunter ring costume accessories or bad ass steampunk pistols!
Severed Werewolf Head Prop
Hanging Severed Werewolf Head Halloween Party Decoration idea
Severed Werewolf Head Halloween Prop
This is a really cool werewolf Halloween party prop.  A severed werewolf head would be a great addition to tuck into your belt if you are going as a werewolf hunter or huntress this Halloween.  Hang around the party and pay your respects to the fellow werewolf if you are going as one of its pack!  Either way, with the life like fur, people will move in for a closer look!
Werewolf Fur Halloween Candy
Werewolf Fur Halloween Candy Crackling Cotton Candy
Werewolf Fur Halloween Crackling Cotton Candy
Not a lot of Werewolf foods out there.  Even less werewolf Halloween candy.  So with that thought in mind, I would highly recommend this Werewolf Fur Halloween Candy for your werewolf themed party.  From the description it sounds like a fun combination of cotton candy and pop rocks.  Should be a great addition that people will really appreciate!

An American Werewolf In London DVD
American Werewolf In London DVD Halloween Party Idea
An American Werewolf in London DVD
A great movie to watch anytime in October...or anytime before your trip to London!  This is a must for an activity or background for your werewolf themed Halloween party idea.  If the conversation slows, people can stare at this until they can think of something else to talk about!  Keeps the werewolf mood alive and bitting!
Deluxe Werewolf Trap Costume
Werewolf Trap Halloween Costume Idea
Deluxe Werewolf Trap Original Costume
Uhm...I want to like this, I really do.  I just don't get what the designer was trying to put forward?  Do werewolves trap a lot of people in metal traps and then carry them around?  Maybe they are trying for an impressionistic interpretation of the 'human' trapped inside the 'werewolf' but that might be a stretch.  Perhaps it is best not to over think it.  If this costume speaks to you, pull the trigger because it is original for sure!
Werewolf Mask Idea
Inexpensive Werewolf Halloween Mask
Halloween Wolf Mask
Quick, easy and inexpensive wolf or werewolf mask for your Halloween costume.  If you are not big on elaborate Halloween costumes, or on a tight budget this year, then here ya go!

Bottle Opener Ring
Bottle Opener Ring perfect for Halloween bottles!
Bottle Opener Ring
Deluxe Hollywood Werewolf Costume
Deluxe Hollywood FX Werewolf Halloween Costume Huge
Deluxe Gnarly Werewolf Halloween Costume
This is one big werewolf Halloween costume idea.  The mask fits on an adult, but the front where the werewolf face is remains large with an extra wide open monstrous mouth.  The arms have extensions as the hands go out beyond the actual 'human' hands inside.  This is a big costume that will make a big impression with all the other party guests!  Add our deluxe furry werewolf feet, that come in gray, to complete the entire look!
Facial Werewolf Tattoo!
Werewolf Face Tattoo Halloween Facial Tattoo Costume Idea
Werewolf Facial Tattoo Accessory
I have not personally used this type of product before, however I have seen them on kids at random fairs and such...they looked really cool.  I would imagine there is certain technique to wearing these around facial hair, eyebrows and beards. I would think this to be a very unique look if you choose to wear this to your Halloween party.  One idea that comes to mind, is to purchase a couple of these as practice makes perfect.  Get the skill down before the party night.  Apply this to your face as directed, then put over it a human face mask.  Ehhh, see where I'm going with this.  You could take your mask off and do a transformation right at the party in the living room or slowly over the night, add furry feet, finger nail claws and keep 'changing' into a werewolf!  We sell a werewolf wig costume accessory that would be perfect for this too!
Werewolf Head Claw Ring
Halloween Party Werewolf Costume Accessory Idea Werewolf Finger Ring with Claw
Werewolf Head Halloween Costume Accessory Ring
Yet another style and pattern of this women's werewolf furry Halloween costume idea.  Try adding our werewolf claws (press on finger nails that look like werewolf claws) for that detail finished look. 

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