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Witch Themed Halloween Party Game Activity Ideas
Witch Hat Ring Toss
Four Pages of Witch Themed Halloween Unique Supplies and Original Costumes!  This could be a really fun idea for a Halloween party.  Take the party idea that 'witches' usually belong to a 'coven' (sort of like an organization where together they can accomplish more or a social type club), and your imagination is the only limit...well, probably money and time will play a role too, but you know what I mean.  Find below and on the following pages anything related to witches and witchcraft including more obscure warlock Halloween costumes (a male witch), witch hunter Halloween costumes, several deluxe witches brooms including several that move on their own and a few inflatable Halloween coolers and yard displays!  Mix and match different items on the following pages to completely turn your home or Halloween Party location into an all encompassing theme party.
-Casting a Circle
-Witch Hunters vs. The Witches
-Witches Broom Competition
-Raid the Villagers
-Warlocks & Witches Ball
-Spell Swap
6' Tall Moving Witch!
Life Sized Animated Witch Halloween Party Decoration
6' Tall Animated Witch Halloween Decoration
Huge life sized six foot tall animated Halloween witch prop.  There's a reason we include animated props on each of our party ideas for Halloween, because they add so much quality content to any Halloween party, spooky atmosphere to any Halloween yard display and completely creep out the trick or treaters.  This sound activated animated Halloween witches eyes light up, as her head moves and she begins to speak.  You won't get repeat annoyed with the phrases either as there are five different scary phrases that she speaks, one each time!  This is a steal of a price too!  You can easily find these at three times the price.
Inflatable Cauldron Cooler
Inflatable Witches Cauldron Cooler for Halloween Parties
Inflatable Witch's Cauldron Cooler
I like these inflatable coolers, and they make so many that they fit a ton of different themes.  I was able to dig up at least 4 different inflatable witches cauldron coolers that range from plain black witches cauldron looking coolers to that of cauldrons that include an entire inflatable witch attached.  Great to keep that atmosphere of Halloween going all night long for all of your guests.  These inflatable coolers get mixed reviews, and as you are putting bottles and ice that have sharp edges and sharp  bottle caps this is to be expected.  Thankfully the price is not too prohibitive that you can't pick up a couple if you budget right all year long for the biggest night of the year, Halloween!
Unique Goat Warlock/Witch Mask
Goat Witch Mask Halloween Costume For Sale
Goat Witch Halloween Mask
Wow this looks creepy and cool.  Men's or women's witch mask inspired by one spooky goat.  If you've read my other Halloween costume tips you know that I am a big fan of masks that go down past the neck line and have hair alone with full head coverage.  This mask doesn't hit the trifecta but it does include hair and when paired with a high collar shirt one of our several deluxe velvet full length hooded and lined cloaks no-one will think twice that you are not really THE GOAT WITCH!  I don't really know if that's a thing but it totally should be...go make it happen.
Tattered Green n Black Witch

Deluxe Wicked Witch Halloween Costume
I love the tattered look of this witches Halloween costume.  Add to that the great transition of black and classic green colors for any Halloween witch.  Be sure to check out the deluxe velvet full length hooded cloaks we've dug up that also come with a satin lining that come in all colors of the rainbow and for a fraction of the price you're thinking.  Give yourself a completely unique costume with the LED wand and deluxe handmade wood besom brooms!
Witches Brew Scented Candle
Yankee Witches Brew Candle For Sale
Witches Brew Scented Halloween Candle
This is a great candle from a quality company.  Yankee Halloween candles have been popular for years for good reason.  The trouble with scented candles is they don't appeal to everyone the same.  Similar to Patchouli oil scent that has a noticeable Earthy smell to it, but not offensive to most, I frankly like the scent of Patchouli.  This Halloween candle comes complete with a cool witch hologram that turns an ordinary face into a wicked witch when turned!
Witch Leggings All Colors!
Witches Stockings Halloween Costume Accessory
Witches Tights Costume Accessory
These witches tights Halloween costume accessory are your typical 100% nylon tights.  The nice narrow stripe pattern is slimming and slightly different than the traditional store large wide stripe pattern.  A ton of color combinations, just click through the link above to see all your choices!
Wrap Snake Halloween Ring
Witches Ring Double Finger Snake Ring
Witches Snake Bite Ring Accessory
This pewter snake ring is super unique as you can tell from the image above it is almost a two finger ring design.  The snake wraps around one of your wicked witch fingers as the front of the snake lashes out and bites down two fingers over!  This will be a great addition to many Halloween costumes to come.  So original is this two finger snake ring for a Halloween costume accessory that you'll have complete strangers approaching you to get a closer look.
Deluxe Purple Witches Hat
Women's Deluxe Purple Witches Hat with Veil and Feathers
Deluxe Purple Witch Hat and Veil
This deluxe witch hat comes in purple or black.  Many witches Halloween costume hats in the big box stores are just plain and if you're luck you can find one with a ribbon or buckle.  Not this one, as they've added unique feathers and elegant lace which really gives this hat an elaborate and beautiful look!
Spooky Lace Doorway Streamers
Halloween Party Decoration Idea Black Lace Doorway Streamer
Lace Creepy Crawly Door Streamer Panel
These are great for creating individual space for your Halloween party.  Even if you don't want to set different themes in each room of your Halloween party locations, these help create the same atmosphere and feel as having dark shadows around that things can lurk in.  On Halloween night they will help create the slightly edgy feel to your house!  A wide 36 inches wide and 76 inches in length made of fine gauge lace.
3 Witches
Witchly Group of Three Witches Halloween Display Idea
Halloween Decoration
Warlock Baldcap Wig & Beard
Men's Witch Bald Wig, Beard and Eyebrows Halloween Costume
Witch/Wizard Bald Cap Wig and Beard
This is a great wig and beard Halloween costume accessory.  The wig comes complete with the bald scalp attached for that statesman warlock look on the guys and that slightly creepy and maybe funny style on the women.  Add to this the beard and you are a long way to setting up one killer Halloween witch costume!
Crooked Witches Broom
Crooked Twisted Witches Broom Costume Idea
Crooked Witches Broom Stick
An inexpensive faux witches broom for your Halloween costume on a budget!  Shorter than our real bosom witches brooms and this one made of plastic, where as for another $20 you can get a full length handmade wood broom.  We understand budgets and hopefully you're better at sticking to yours than we are.  This is a great addition to any witches Halloween costume that was without a broom to begin with.
Deluxe Halloween Witches Boots
Women's Lace See Through Deluxe Witches Halloween Boots
Women's Witch Lace Boot
Lace up witches boot with side zipper for lady's that feature a sexy see through construction and a wicked looking topper around the shin and calf.  The reviews are very good on this, though many recommend adding your own foot bed liner that you can pick up anywhere around town.  These deluxe witches boots can be the perfect addition to the wicked witch Halloween costume or depending on what your wear as leggings a great way to toughen up your good witch costume (think white, pink or maybe blue leggings that show through the lace in the boot).  5 inch heel with a 1/2 inch hidden platform.
Tree Witch Halloween Mask
The Warlock Tree Witch Deluxe Halloween Mask
Unique Tree Witch Mask Idea
A tree witch mask, with neck coverage and a full head wrap!  Wow this is hitting allot of the best points that make up the nicest Halloween masks. Beyond that the tree witch Halloween costume mask makes a great start to the most unique and original witches Halloween costume.  Add one of our deluxe hooded cloaks and perhaps the witch hunter costume under that to create one tough tree witch costume idea this Halloween!
Warlock Witch Costume
Men's Male Witch Halloween Costume Robe Idea
Men's Dark Witch Halloween Costume
A high rated Halloween costume for the male witch, warlock or traditional female witch look.  Mix and match with other Halloween accessories to create your own look.  Included is the medallion style necklace in the picture to help you on your way to detail.
Green Witch with Cape!
Green Witch Women's Halloween Costume Idea
Bewitched Endora Costume Idea
If you are a fan of the original Bewitched T.V. series then this needs no introduction.  I like it because it is different.  A green witch Halloween costume with a full length dress and included white lined, green trimmed cape!  This elegant green witches Halloween costume doesn't need any accessories, but would go a long way to add one of our handmade round bosom witch brooms, and light up wands.  Maybe even, skip the traditional witches hat this Halloween and spend your money on one of our deluxe velvet cloaks with satin lining with hoods!  You won't even need a broom with that Halloween costume set up idea, as the other Halloween party guests will just assume you can fly with out one!
Spooky Woods

Spooky Lake
Wall Decal
Halloween Decoration

Hanging Witch Halloween Prop
Hanging Light Up Witch Halloween Decoration
Lighted Wicked Witch Hanging Halloween Prop
Need some extra members for your witches coven this Halloween?  Look no further than this hanging witch Halloween decoration.  You can set this up as many places and scenes as your imagination allows.  Just to get you started, don't forget lighting.  Placing a black light, colored light or a strobe light will add depth, motion and spookiness all enhancing the realism of the witch.
Cast Iron Witches Cauldron
Cast Iron Three Legged Witches Cauldron Halloween Prop
Ribbed Cast Iron Witches Cauldron
Cast iron in small decorative creations like this are really not that much more than your fake plastic witches cauldron that are all over the big box stores around Halloween.  Check out the wide selection by clicking the link above.  This one features not only an included lid but beautiful long legs perfect to really get your potions boiling after a hard night of toiling the townsfolk into a frenzy!
Beautiful White Witches Hat
Good White Witch Hat Halloween Costume Accessory
Deluxe Witches White Good Witch Hat Costume Accessory
I love this white witch Halloween hat.  Super unique and has been getting great reviews by users who've purchased.  Take your white witch Halloween costume to the wow level at this year's Halloween party with this beautiful white witches hat.  Take it to the OMG (I can't actually believe I just wrote that), by including the white hooded cloak listed on witches page 3.  Seriously combining these two has 1st place in the costume contest written all over it.
Hand Crafted
Witchy Choker
Witch choker Halloween Costume Accessory Idea
Witch Necklace
Black Bat Lace Table Cloth
Lace Bat Table Cover Halloween Witch Theme Party Idea
Black Lace Bat Tablecloth
I absolutely love these for nearly any Halloween party theme.  If you can use it for more than one Halloween, than it is half price in my mind and takes up half the space of two decorations.  This black lace with spooky bat pattern works wonderfully under your drink station to really set off your eye of newt drink, and witches potion punch.  If you don't have a fire hazard hot lamp these can work well as a creepy way to cover up your normal decor too!
Spooky Halloween Bottle Labels
Witch Themed Halloween Labels for sale
Witch Assorted Beverage Labels
Take your normal drinks, in their original wine bottle, soda-pop bottles, beer bottles and whatever else you plan to serve and spook-a-fy them with these fun and creepy witch inspired Halloween sticker labels.  Just peel and place these over the dry label originally on your drink.  Your Halloween party guests won't be able to help but appreciate your attention to detail this October 31st
Deluxe Witches Goblet Drink Cup
Ceremonial Green Man witches Halloween drink goblet idea
Celtic Green Man Witches Goblet
This is one of those ideas for paying attention to details, as much as budgets allow of course.  If you can pick one of these up for you to use at your Halloween party or even take with you as a part of your witches Halloween costume in a sort of ceremonial witches ossuary.  If you can swing it, try getting a bunch of different versions of witch looking drink cups for your Halloween party guests to use, and they will not soon forget your Halloween party throwing skills.
Witches Sorting Hat Idea
The Sorting Hat Witches Hat from Harry Potter
The Sorting Hat Replica Witches and Wizards Costume Hat
The highest rated sorting hat available!  Even if you haven't seen Harry Potter and aren't familiar with the sorting hat, this is still one really cool witches hat.  To boot, it comes complete with a small pocket inside so if you wanted, you could put the voice changer speaker we sell on page 4 and make the hat talk for real!  If you have a friend that could be in another room, you could put in a walkie talkie and not even have to be involved to have you and your Halloween costume be the hit of the party...just make sure you trust your friend.
Deluxe Witch Hunter Costume
Men's Witch Hunter Halloween Costume Idea
Witch Hunter Deluxe Halloween Costume
This is the best witch hunter men's Halloween costume we could dig up, and it was worth our effort.  This includes the jacket, shirt, vest and pants.  You'll need boots but hey, just look to the right on this page.  Check out some of our other Halloween weapons to complete your witch hunter costume on a whole new level.  Remember when you're going to do battle with the evil wicked witches of the world, and on Halloween night, you can never have to many weapons.
Men's Witch Hunting Deluxe Boots
Men's Deluxe Witch Hunting Boots Halloween Costume
Men's Tall Witch Hunting Deluxe Boots
These are some serious witch stomping boots...the bad witches of course.  These leather upper boots are quality enough to wear on your motorcycle, or out when you're hitting the back roads or the annual pumpkin patch.  Come Halloween these make on hell of a witch hunting costume accessory.  The attention you pay to detail with your Halloween costume, will pay back in the attention people give your effort during the big night.
Head Raising
Life Size Head Raising Animated Witch Halloween Decoration
Moving Witch Prop
  Witch Hunting Pistol Gun
Steampunk Pistol Halloween Witch Hunter Gun Idea
Witch Hunting Pistol Gun Accessory
This is a great Halloween costume accessory.  You will be able to use this Halloween after Halloween for so many different Halloween costumes.  This witch hunting pistol comes complete with functioning holster and three coats of hand paint to give that original steampunk look.  Not only does this Halloween gun look great, but it has a light up chamber and sight, but also makes noises when the trigger is pulled!
Witch Hunters Deluxe Hat
Men's or Women's Deluxe Witch Hunting Hat Halloween Costume
Uni-Sex Witch Hunter's Hat Idea
A super cool hat if you have the desire to pull this into your outfit line anytime of the year.  Use the excuse of Halloween costume to purchase it now, and get yourself a vested leather hat with bold grommets, stitching details that show through and the front lace up corset and side pocket.  This thing screams original, and will let the witches know that they are in for real trouble when you let them see you this Halloween!   Adjustable size sweatband.  Crown is 5 1/2 inches with a 2 - 2 1/2 inch shapeable brim!  This will be your new Halloween favorite.
Witch Hunting Cutlass Sword
Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunter Sword Halloween Costume
Deluxe Witch Hunting Sword
This latex Halloween weapon is a great witch hunting cutlass that reaches an overall length of 37 inches!  Idea for witch hunting this Halloween costume accessory sword really shows the difference between a cheap store bought one and the craftsmanship of the steampunk inspired designing that helps you really sell your witch hunter Halloween costume!  The 25 inch toothed blade lets your cut through all the red tape of the day so you can really get into the Halloween spirit as soon as you don your costume!  Wicked witches be warned.
3 Witches Animated Inflatable
Inflatable Three Witches and Cauldron Halloween Decoration
Animated Airblown Three Witches and Cauldron Halloween Yard Decoration
This is actually a really nice Halloween inflatable decoration.  The center witch stands six feet tall while the other two inflatable witches on each side have a rotating head!  All three witches and the cauldron have a light inside so even at night the three inflatable witches standing around the spooky witches inflatable cauldron are visible.  A huge hit this Halloween!
Nimbus 2000 Witches Broom
The Nimbus 3000 Broom Harry Potter Replica
Nimbus 2000 Witches Broom Limited Edition - Harry Potter
This is the real deal...well you might not be able to actually fly on this, but other than that as real as it gets!  A movie quality replica at a 1:1 scale ratio.  Real wood handle made of Beech wood with a wonderful varnish finish to protect the wood for generations to come.  The laton or foot rest is removable, but keep it on and you have two different positions to choose from.  The foot rest locks into either a rest or flight position.  Add this gem to your witches Halloween costume this year and hang it on the wall when you're done.  Comes complete with a numbered plaque with certificate of authenticity from its limited edition manufacturing run.  A total 71 inches in length, just like the smash hit films Harry Potter.
Sorceress Witch Costume
Halloween Witch Sorceress Halloween Costume Idea
Witch Sorceress Halloween Costume
A different take on a Halloween witch with this sorceresses Halloween costume.  If you're looking for a different idea on the classic Halloween witch give this costume a consideration.  If you want to strike more middle ground try adding our deluxe wood witches broom and light up wand! Deluxe Long Hooded Cape
Deluxe Black Velvet Witches Cloak Silver Satin Lined Cape
Deluxe Velvet Long Cloak Black and Silver Lined
Wow, just wow on these cloaks.  You will not find any better, I know I have looked and despite their continual 5 star reviews about half the price that most would pay.   Poly velvet in deep black witches cloak lined with a silver satin.  Including a tie closure (not the crappy Velcro closures the Halloween stores in town offer), add to that this witches cloak has a full sized hood, is extra long at 62 inches in length but also shaped shoulders!  Seriously people will think you stepped off a Hollywood movie set and only for a fraction of the price.  Shorter cloaks can be substituted AND these come in every color of the rainbow.
Funny Inflatable Witch Costume
Funny Witch Halloween Costume Idea For Men or Women
Inflatable Witch Halloween Costume
This is not something you'll find very easily at your big box store, an inflatable witches Halloween costume.  This works as a funny Halloween costume for men, or a completely different take on a women's witches Halloween costume.  I've seen these inflatable Halloween costumes a few different times in person, and they are always wildly popular with folks.  A small battery powered fan literally blows outside air into the costume the entire time you're wearing it.  A really unique effect.
Crooked Twisted Witch Hat
Crooked Twisty Witches Hat Halloween Costume Accessory
Tall and Twisty Witch Hat Halloween Costume Accessory
This is a super unique witch's hat Halloween costume accessory that fits many different moods from wicked witch to fun and flirty witch!  Add  this deluxe tall and twisty hat to your witch Halloween costume
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