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More Witches Coven Halloween Party Ideas
Witches are to Halloween as fish are to the sea.  Explore our take on using a witch theme for your next Halloween Party.  Some witches were rumored in times past to live in caves, or in the deep of the forest in run down and ramshackle cabins.  We like the idea of a Witch Coven theme for your Halloween party, and try taking it to the next level with your invitations; anoint each guest with their very own witch name...The Dark Witch (for that slightly goth friend that wears much black), the Forest Witch (for that friend that is a bit granol-e and maybe vegetarian), the Glenda The Witch (for that friend who really likes Wizard of Oz) and so on!  Don't forget to take a look at our women's witch hunter Halloween costumes or witch huntress Halloween accessories.  This will help your Halloween party guests embrace their own creativity while giving them the stress free help of a direction to go with their costume theme!
-Wand Making
-Witch Movie Marathon
-Best Witches Shoes Contest
-Witch Huntress vs. Witches
-Broom Making!
Original Witch Sorceress
Deluxe Witches Gown Halloween Costume Idea
Vampiress Witch Of Versailles Ball Gown Costume
This Halloween witch costume is super deluxe and getting great reviews online.  A full structured petticoat along with the choker collar that stands tall and makes a great statement as well as the skull cameo.  Take care of this costume and it will last for many more Halloweens and many different Halloween costume ideas such as the Southern Bell, Vampiress, Ghost Lady (white wig, white powder makeup and a tattered shall), fairy, princess and many more.
Moving Skeleton w/Noise!
Moving Skeleton In Hammock Halloween Decoration
Animated Spooky Skeleton in Hammock
This witches hut Halloween party decoration idea just shoes everyone has a skeleton in their closet.  Take that the step further this Halloween and bring animated life to your skeleton as it lounges in an old net twitching and moving when someone nears to close.
Inflatable Cauldron Prop
Inflatable Witches Cauldron with Witches Legs
Inflatable Witch's Cauldron Halloween Decoration
A fun and light hearted take on a Halloween witch who really gets into their work.  This inflatable Halloween decoration has a life sized witches cauldron complete with witches legs sticking out from the top. 
Extra Long Witches LED Wand
Light Up Crystal Witches Wand Deluxe Halloween Accessory
Multicolor Flashing LED Halloween Witches Wand
This is a great non traditional witches Halloween wand or err nearly a sword  With a total of 12 LED lights this thing will really let folks know you are about to cast some serious spell magic.  With 3 different flashing modes you can fine tune your light display to your mood.  The length on this is 29 inches total and would make a great addition to any wizard or sorceress Halloween costume.
Spiderella Dark Witch Costume
Lady's Sexy Witch Halloween Costume Idea
Spiderella Witch Costume Idea
A fun and flirty take on the witches of Halloween.  I like the gold and black combination, as it adds some class and elegance beyond the traditional black and green.  A slightly more refined witches Halloween costume for women while still remaining flirty.  Take it to the serious level with our deluxe hooded cloaks in all colors and choose from any of our light up wands!
Deluxe Handmade Besom Broom
Real Witches Broom Besom Round Broom Handmade Halloween Idea
Deluxe Handmade Witches Besom Broom
Handcrafted besom witches broom are traditionally made with natural materials and used to sweep away negativity and protection from things that would do harm.  Add this real witch broom to your witch Halloween costume this year and let people know you don't mess around with this most sacred of nights!  Approximately 32 to 34 inches in length.
Black & Gold Witches Hat
Unique Witches Hat Black with Gold Cats, Stars and Pumpkins
Gold & Black Witch Hat Halloween Costume Accessories
This is another unique witches hat option that takes the classic witches hat shape and adds some fun flair.  The black material is dotted with gold colored prints in witch, cat, bat, pumpkin and small star designs.
Huge Inflatable Black Cat
Giant 9 Foot Tall Inflatable Halloween Black Cat
Halloween 9' Animated Outdoor Inflatable - Black Cat
This is a huge inflatable black cat!  Standing 9 feet tall this is a Halloween decoration to be reckoned with by any Halloween fan.  Stakes and fans included, as always with these Halloween inflatables, try to keep them as dry as possible.
Women's Witch Costume
Sexy Women's Witch Halloween Costume Idea
Broomstick Babe Witches Costume
This three piece witch Halloween costume is a wonderful twist on the classic witch costume.  The dress cut high in the front with swooping back hemline has a beautiful and flirty lace overlay.  The traditional witches hat comes complete with colored ribbon to tie the whole unique witches Halloween costume idea together.s
Halloween Party
Game Activity

Spider Ring Toss Game!
Deluxe Scarecrow Costume
The Wizard of Oz Scarecrow Halloween Costume
Wizard of Oz Scarecrow Deluxe Halloween Costume
This is by far the best Scarecrow Halloween costume that we could dig up that was close and quality to the Wizard of Oz version.  This seems like it will hold up just fine for many October 31st to come.  Includes the costume hat, shirt and pants along with all the plaid ties in the picture.  Search for some extra straw if you'd like to have some more stuffing, especially if you live in the northern latitudes!
Animated Life Size Witch Prop
Life Siezed Halloween Witch Decoration Moving Talking Prop
Talking Animated Life Size Witch Halloween Prop
Another great animated witch idea for your Halloween party or Halloween yard decoration (watch the rain and morning dew of course).  Standing 5 feet 6 inches tall this life size animated witch Halloween prop features hand painted hands one of which holds a spooky black cat while the other is held above until she springs to life from her light and motion sensitive sensor.  Then the witches hand begins to move over the top of the black cat as if petting while the cat's eyes light up!  At the same time the animated Halloween witch says one of three preprogrammed lines.  Click through the link above to find out what creepy things she says!
Tattered Deluxe Witches Hat
Tattered Witches Hat Deluxe Halloween Costume Accessory
Deluxe Multicolored Witch Hat Costume Accessory
This tattered witch hat would fit great with any wicked witch Halloween costume or even a good witch with an attitude.  Around 19 inches tall and constructed of two different colored materials to really set it off from the cheap Halloween costume in a bag.
  Red Sequin Witch Hat
Red Sequined Witch Hat Wizard of Oz Costume Idea
Red Sequin Witch Hat Halloween Costume Accessory
Everyone has heard of ruby slippers and the Wizard of Oz but who has had the heart to wear a red ruby witches hat?  You do!  Perfect hat for a witch themed Halloween party.
Funny Joke Witches Legs
Fake Witches Legs Halloween Decoration Idea
Witch Legs Halloween Decoration
Let all the Halloween party guests know exactly what can happen to a witch gone to wicked for their own good.  They'll need to be dealt with for the great good.  These fun and a little creepy fake witches legs can be draped out of anything you might ever want to stuff a mean old witch into!  This Halloween decoration get's a chuckle at first, then gets creepier as the night progresses. 
Witches Snake Earring
Halloween Costume Idea Snake Earrings Accessory
Snake Witch Wrap Snake Earring
Twisted snake earring wrap Halloween costume accessory idea.  Click through the link for a ton of different spooky and creepy earring wraps just like the detailed snake above.  This would make a wonderful addition to your wicked witch Halloween costume and don't forget to pair this with the snake bite ring we featured on the first page!  No longer will you just have a bag Halloween costume from the big box chain but now you have a theme throughout your wicked witch Halloween theme.  Good for men or women!
Animated Moving Witches Broom
Large 47 Inch Plastic Witch Broom Unique Head Design
Haunted Dancing Broom Animated Halloween Prop
These are really cool animated Halloween decorations and will add a ton of great atmosphere to your witch themed Halloween party.  Place the animated witches broom on a smooth flat surface and watch as it moves about the floor on its own!  Life sized animated witch broom at 47 inches tall.  A cackling witch laugh is combined with the animated witch broom as it moves around the room to keep your Halloween party guests entertained or to put a pause in the step of your would-be trick or treaters!
Witches Potion Glass Bottles
Witches Potion Bottles Set with Corks Halloween Party Idea
Corked Vials Witch Potion Bottles
A diverse 9 bottle set of glass potion bottles complete with corks to hold your Halloween creations!  Order up a few of these sets to place around your house for Halloween decorations during your witch themed Halloween party as a simple prop.  Everyone knows that witches always have bottles of eye of newt or cat whiskers.  Try filling with different color glitter or water and food coloring, set a flashlight or glow stick behind for that final spooky effect.  Take it a step further and dig up some potion and spell recipes online, shop for the ingredients and let your guests make their very own potions to take home!  These are on the perfect pocket small size no bigger than 3 inches.
Zombie Bottle
Zombie Head Decanter Bottle for sale!
Zombie Head Bottle
Deluxe Inflatable Witch Cooler!
Deluxe Inflatable Witches Cooler Cauldron and Witch
4' Witch Cauldron Cooler Best Halloween Cooler
This is a really great inflatable witches cauldron cooler because it adds to the Halloween witch theme by adding an inflatable witch!  Standing four feet tall this inflatable witch can guard your chilled beverages all night long.  Add the right lighting like maybe a colored light bulb in a nearby lamp and perhaps a strobe light to make this really come alive during your Halloween party.  Take our free tip and buy at least one extra of any inflatable cooler as they do have a tendency to pop after awhile.  Yes you may get years out of it, but just in case things get rowdy, you are prepared with a backup!
Deluxe Witches Shoes
Women's Deluxe Red Witches Shoes Halloween Costume Accessory
Women's Witch Costume Shoes
These are some sexy looking witch shoes that sport a 3 1/2 inch heel.  Your choice red witch shoes or black with a classic buckle across the toes.  These witch shoes play well with whatever witch costume you wear this Halloween regardless if it's flirty, sexy or wicked.  Money saver, these will work at work the following week if you do business dress!
Animated Moving Magic Book
Animated Halloween Witches Haunted Spell Book Moves
Animated Witches Book Halloween Prop
This animated dark magic witches book is a great Halloween party decoration.  This particular Halloween party prop opens when it hears a noise or senses motion!  As if with invisible hands the book slowly opens, red LED lights inside the book flicker on and off as a creepy witches voice casts one of three spells aloud.  My favorite is "Round about the cauldron go, in the poisoned entrails throw!"  Click through the link to learn the other two creepy lines!  Set this animated spell book up on a table covered with one of our creepy lace table cloths, and line up a few of the potion bottles that we offer on Party Ideas for Halloween.
Costume Makeup Kits from Halloween Express Dog Witch Halloween Costume

Pet Witch Halloween Costume
Well yes for many people, their pets are their family.  Even if your dog or cat isn't, if they are social, they may add some entertaining atmosphere to your Halloween party.  Click through the link above for several different dog Halloween witch costumes.
Wizard/Warlock Costume Idea
Men's Witch Halloween Costume with Mask for sale
Old Warlock Witch Halloween Costume
I found this witch or wizard Halloween costume late in the research for these witch themed pages, and I'm really glad I did!  As many of my regular readers know, I'm a huge fine of full head masks (those that cover the back of your head too) along with having hair on the mask itself.  This hits both of those criteria and the witch costume goes further with latex gloves to complete the entire look!  A very nice attention to detail is the eye covering of the witch mask.  This means you won't have the reveal that you're wearing a costume or have to deal with difficult face paint and spirit gum to blend your eyes into the mask.  This is a great and complete costume in my book, just add a witch or wizard staff (as below) and a wand with maybe some tough boots that we also carry here at party ideas for Halloween!
Halloween Witch Makeup Kit
Deluxe Witches Makeup Kit With Nose and Chin
Witch Special Effects Kit
These are not for everyone.  If you enjoy creating your own look from scratch then these might be a fun way to experiment.  Just make sure you save your patience and practice enough before the big night so you know you can nail this on Halloween.
Renaissance Natural Witch Costume
Deluxe Renaissance Witch Halloween Costume For Sale
Lady in Waiting Witches Renaissance Costume
This witches Halloween costume idea is getting great reviews online and has no low star reviews yet!  The full length dress is a traditional renaissance styled theme that has long sleeves; a real rarity among most women's Halloween costumes.  The pictured crown is included and helps tie the entire natural witch Halloween costume together from the bodices green and gold inlet that is embellished with a square neckline and waistline.  Pull this costume off as your witch idea and you will look like the most natural, well together witch at the party.  I really do like this witch costume, and just needs one of the light up replica Harry Potter wands and maybe a handmade wood broom or witches staff to pull everything together.
Cedar Witches Staff Accessory
Wiccan Cedar Walking Stick Witch Staff Halloween Costume
Twisted Aromatic Cedar Witches Staff Walking Stick
This is one of the better and functional walking staffs that I've found online.  Made from beautifully centered Cedar, this witches staff will set your witch Halloween costume apart from all the rest.  This handmade witch staff has several size options available by clicking through the link above make sure you match your height with the correct size of witches staff you desire!  Going as a warlock for Halloween, this is even better suited, just think wizards and Lord of the Rings!  Better still in our opinion is the idea of a witch hunter or witch huntress!  This is functional as you meander from town to town ridding the villages along the way of their witch infestation.  If a witch gets too close, you've got your cedar staff to take care of them!  Sizes range from 41 inches to 58 inches.
Witch Huntress Costume Idea
Women's Witch Hunter Steampunk Design Halloween Costume
Women's Canvas Witch Hunter Corset
This is a huge find for Halloween fans.  Women can get year after year use for this and if you like the flirty tough look and enjoy sprinkling speampunk throughout your wardrobe occasionally then this is for you.  A seriously tough corset with 'jacket' top and attached choker.  These parts are removable if you like to go a bit more showy.  If you only wear this once a year as part of your Halloween costume you will be the finest dressed at the Halloween party.  Looking like you just walked off a movie set with this witch hunter costume corset.  Wearing a shirt underneath like a halter top with wavy extra material at the top and maybe sleevelets will really set this piece off.  We can't say enough good things about this!
Deluxe Witch Huntress Boots
Women's Witch Hunting Boots Deluxe Halloween Costume
Women's Knee High Witch Hunter Boots
These are super deluxe women's witch hunter boots.  Rising towards knee high, showing off the lace up fronts with flamed buckles.  Embrace your inner witch huntress with the functional flared heel that rises you up another 2 1/2 inches to stare down even the toughest witch on Halloween night.
Women's Witch Hunter Costume
Hansel and Gretel Witch Huntress Women's Costume
Gretel Witch Hunter Deluxe Costume
A great and nearly complete Halloween costume in our minds.  This includes jacket, blouse and pants for some wicked witch hunting this Halloween.  This women's Halloween costume was inspired by the film Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters and was successfully done.  Be sure to pair this costume with a bad as pair of witch hunting boots and don't forget to consider tossing in the coolest corset along with this costume for that super serious Halloween look.  The corset is just up and to the right of this Halloween costume.
Witch Huntress Costume
Deluxe Halloween Costume Witch Huntress Idea
Witch Huntress Halloween Costume
One of two really great witch huntress Halloween costumes we dug up.  This costume offers everything to get you started towards creating a hugely impressive Halloween witch hunting costume.  This women's witch hunting costume includes flirty hooded cape, tunic dress, bad ass gauntlets and matching belt.  You'll need to dig up your own weapons, but I do really like the bow (you can search recurve bow or just hit your local 'pawn' type store and you'll find a few).  To match some truly tough witch huntress boots look no further than to the left of this Halloween costume on this page!
Halloween Costumes by ShindigZ

Bottle Opener Ring
Bottle Opener Ring perfect for Halloween bottles!
Bottle Opener Ring
Pink Witches Hat Idea
Lady's Pink Halloween Witches Hat Costume Idea
Unique Pink Witches Hat Costume Addition
Not allot of pink witches hat out there for Halloween, but we felt this one paired the black with the pink just right to make it feminine but also tough or wicked.   This will be one of the most original looking witches hat at your Halloween party!  About 22 inches tall.
Halloween Bottle Label Stickers
Beer and Soda Bottle Spooky Halloween Lables Idea
Halloween Bottle Labels Assortment
Halloween bottle stickers are a great and easy way to carry the witches Halloween party theme into the kitchen and remind your guests every time they go to take a drink that they can pretend and imagine themselves having fun like a kid again.  This pack has a some specific witch themed potions and drink labels.  Pick yourself up a few packages because even with a few people drinking you'll go through the spooky labels quickly!
Light Up Witches Costume
Deluxe Light Up Witches Halloween Costume Idea
Women's Light Up Witches Costume
I absolutely love these light up costumes for people who like to get most everything they need for their Halloween costume out of one simple bag.  This goes way above and beyond with a 3 piece stretch velvet dress that has an adjustable satin ribbon lace up detail, an uneven hem skirt, mini witch hat and of course a wand...oh yeah, and they light up!  The purple fiber optic lights are hidden in the skirt.  The wand lights up too, for a costume that works with the lights on and even better in the dark!  How many Halloween party guests can say that?
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