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We've taken the time, and years of Halloween Party Hosting experience to collect and compile all in one place only the best ideas, well rounded collections of Graveyard related costumes, decorations and animatronic props!  We could barely fit everything we wanted you to see in 4 pages!  Everything you need to create an inexpensive graveyard themed party or the most refined animatronics and Deluxe Hollywood FX Costumes to make your party one your guests will be talking about for weeks!
- Spend the Night in the Graveyard
- Ghost Stories in the Cemetery
- Hide n Seek in the Cemetery
- Sťance In The Cemetery
- Graveyard Scavenger Hunt
- Gravestone Chalk Rubbing
- Pet Cemetery
- Tales From The Crypt
- Night of the Living Dead
Tombstone Fog Machine Cover
Tombstone Grave Marker Fog Machine Attachment
Tombstone Fog Machine Cover
If you don't have a fog machine yet, and you want to make one of the biggest differences in the entire mood of the party, then a fog machine is your answer!  This really cool attachment works with most fog machines, and is absolutely perfect for our idea of a Graveyard Themed Halloween Party.  Place this in the back of your home made graveyard or off in the corner somewhere .  Let the fog cover the rest of the graveyard from a nearly undetectable source...just like a mystically filled fog rolling in with dread and danger.  Especially if you kick it up another notch and get yourself our fog chiller and ground fog juice.  That will keep most of the fog only a few inches off of the ground, just like the movies!
Moving Corpse Rises Up - Animated!
Animated Pop Out Of The Ground Zombie Corpse Halloween Prop
Rising From the Grave Zombie Animated Prop
Animatronics are where it is at!  Yup, it is like having another person help play host and keep your guests entertained.  While you are somewhere else, or enjoying your guests reaction, this zombie graveyard corpse rises up from the ground like the start of any 1970s B list slasher film.  Your guests will be blown away!  It's like having hired actors for your Halloween party.  The idea is; as your guests move about the party through out the night, they keep having new and different experiences.  Just when they think they know everything about your party, they venture to a new part of the cemetery and discover this unsettling corpse rising up to greet them!
Glowing Dog Skeleton Costume
Glow In The Dark Dog Costume for Canines Skeleton
Glow-in-the-Dark Skeleton Halloween Dog Costume
Alright, so I'm not a dog person per-say.  If you are, more power to you because this is a pretty cool idea. Imagine having your dog trotting about your graveyard.  Your guests will simply see a glowing ghost dog skeleton!  Very cool idea, and one that if you have the appropriate pet, a small price to pay for a big effect!
"Fresh Graves Keep Out"
Fresh Grave Keep Out Crime Scene Tape Halloween Decoration
Spooky Tape Fresh Graves Keep Out Crime Scene Tape
This goes well anywhere in your Halloween Graveyard.  I think the idea alone that it draws up in the minds eye of your visitors just thinking about an open or fresh grave is creepy.  Are you ready to take this idea ten steps further?  I hope so, check out the Halloween party idea outlined to the right under the casket Halloween prop.  I dare you to put it together.  You will get so many complements...and probably a few sideway looks!  Round up some wooden stakes or metal fence posts to string this around anything you don't want someone getting to close to or areas you don't want your guests wandering!
Deluxe Animatronic Moving Corpse
Fresh Grave Animatronic Moving Half Corpse Animated Halloween Prop
Zombie Half Corpse Animated Prop
WOW.  Put this anywhere and you've got a winner.  Works well in the bath tub (make sure the water's off this thing is not free!).  Maybe in the coat room, on the bed under the sheets, or moving about in people's coat so they have to get them at the end of the night.  When your guests arrive just tell them to throw their coats or purses on the bed!  Tell them you've got someone watching them all night.  If your budget allows, you've got to try the Halloween party idea described underneath the Halloween Coffin Decoration to the right!
Life Size Coffin Caskets
Life Sized Coffin Decoration for Halloween Yard Displays
Halloween Party Coffin Prop
Sooo many ideas for this one!  My idea is to lay down some black plastic garbage bags to protect your new coffin, setting it on top.  Pile some dirt around the edge for that 'fresh grave' look.  Place an old bed sheet inside, along with the animated moving torso corpse to the left on this page.  Turn that on, leave the lid open just enough, toss in a strobe light or a few glow sticks.  Line perimeter with the "Fresh Graves Keep Out" crime scene tape to the far left on this page.  Bam, you have one hell of a centerpiece for your graveyard themed Halloween party.  Your party goers and Trick or Treaters will be scream with delight!  There are  several coffin sizes available at the time.

Grim Reaper & Lantern Costume
Ghostly Ghoul Graveyard Walker Halloween Costume Idea
Reaper Graveyard Ghoul Scary Halloween Costume
A pretty cool Halloween Costume Idea for a graveyard themed party!  The added accessory of chain with creepy skull lantern will have people appreciating your costume as you creep into the graveyard!  Take this Halloween Costume Idea even further by visiting your local hardware store.  Purchase a few feet of real chain to clank away Halloween Night!
Halloween Tombstone Lollipops!
Graveston Candy Lollipops for Halloween Party Treats
Gravestone Lollipops Halloween Candy
Candy on Halloween!  Of course, and why not stick to your Graveyard Halloween Party Theme.  These tombstone lollipops are a perfect treat to offer to your guests through out the night or in their gift bag to go!
Huge Pumpkin Head Standing Prop
Pumpking Head Free Standing Graveyard Halloween Decoration
Halloween Standing Scary Pumpkin Head Costume Prop
Pumpkin everything in October, including this free standing life sized creepy pumpkin head Halloween prop.  Ideas for this one would be lighting.  If you've got a strobe light, place it behind or in front for that almost motion effect.
Candy Shot Glass!
Halloween Candy Gummy Shot Glasses for sale
Gummy Shot Glasses
Deluxe Gargoyle Huge Tombstone
Deluxe Gargoyle Tombstone Halloween Graveyard Prop
Gargoyle Halloween Tombstone Prop
Halloween prop tombstones have come a really long way for the general consumer in the last few years alone. This thing is huge and the gargoyle tombstone addition to your graveyard and all you have to do is sit back and watch your Halloween Party guests discovering all the different ideas you came up with.
Pink Skeleton Hoodie Halloween Costume
Womens Skeleton Hoodie Pink Bones Costume   Girls Pink Skeleton Hoodie Easy Halloween Costume

Pink Skeleton Hoodie Sweatshirt
Not big on Halloween costumes?  Multi-task with this pink skeleton Halloween hoodie idea!  Be cute, comfortable, and warm this Halloween as a pink skeleton.  After Halloween you can keep wearing this as a nice slightly off mainstream outfit option.  If you're a skater, boarder, or into goth you'll want to wear this year round!  Don't be shy, we've got a ton of resources, we want you to have the best Halloween ever, check out their ideas:

Halloween Express

Stone Wall Decoration Roll
Graveyard Stone Wall Wall Decoration Roll For Sale
Stone Wall Backdrop Halloween Accessory
Have a fence that doesn't match your graveyard look?  Maybe you don't like the idea of having the side of your house visible to detract the atmosphere of the cemetery for your guests?  Pick up a couple of these wall Halloween stone wall rolls and cover up the normal.  Help your Halloween Party Guests suspend disbelief for a night this October 31st!
Deluxe Grim Reaper
Deluxe Grim Reaper Death Halloween Costume For Sale
Graveyard Grim Reaper Halloween Costume
This  is a very nice deluxe FX Grim Reaper Halloween costume idea.  For those of you with a larger budget or with discerning Halloween costume taste - this is the idea for you!
Animated Hands Tombstone
Animated Scratching Hand Tombstone Prop
Animated Tombstone Scratching Hand Tombstone
Scratching, clawing hands press against a semi-clear part of this tombstone.  When fully activated the skulls eyes light up too! Animated tombstones are a great idea to mix and match throughout your graveyard scene.  As your guests move through your Halloween party all night long they will keep discovering new and interactive aspects of your graveyard ideas!
Zombie Bottle
Zombie Head Decanter Bottle for sale!
Zombie Head Bottle

Realistic Furry Rats
Fury Life Like Rats for your Graveyard Infestation!
Halloween Realistic Furry Rats
  Realistic rats for your Halloween graveyard!  Many people are either outright afraid of rats or find them creepy and off putting. Capitalize on this fear  and add to the scary Halloween experience for your guests!  The idea would be to put one of these in the corner of a dimly lit room like the bathroom, maybe one in a cupboard that someone will open during the evening, and of course out and about through your graveyard!
Real Cemetery Memorial Vase
Halloween Graveyard Decoration Accessory Flower Holder
Real Cemetery Vases Haloween Party Idea
Going all out?  Good!  You need a real cemetery plant vase.  These look just like what you would see at an actual graveyard, because they are one and the same!  Stick in any flowers or dried, dead weeds for the finished and forgotten look.  If you'd rather use some real cemetery faux flower bouquets then look no further but one item to the right!  We like the idea of using 'real' items for decoration whenever possible.  It really adds allot and your guests will appreciate it!
Memorial Cemetery Flowers
Cemetery Burial Memorial Flowers For Halloween Tombstone
20" Lavender Cemetery Floral Display
Use them for your own Halloween Party decoration, then take them to Great Aunt Edna in the real cemetery!  Too much?  Well if your Edna is anything like my Edna, she would get a kick out of the idea.  These come in many color and flower combinations so you can match your Halloween Parties look.

Coffin Death Mints
Halloween Time Coffin Death Mints and Tin
Coffin Death Mints
Advanced Rotting Flesh Makeup Kit
Zombie Corpse Advanced Makeup Kit for Halloween
Zombie Foam Advanced Makeup Kit
So you say you're handy with makeup and special effects?  This is for you!  Original because you use the kit and included prosthetics to create your own roting corpse Halloween mask.  Take this as far as your ideas can go!
Jack Sparrow Tombstone
Jack Sparrow Tombstone from Pirates of the Caribean
Jack Sparrow Pirates Tombstone
Like Pirates of the Caribbean movie?  Maybe dressing as a pirate ghost?  This Jack Sparrow Gravemarking Tombstone is the perfect addition to your graveyard theme.
Graveyard Fairy Costume
Graveyard Fairy Adl Halloween Costume
Graveyard Fairy Halloween Costume
Looking for something a little flirty and not so gory or scary?  The idea of this graveyard goth fairy complete with wings and kick ass boots is perfect to get that certain someones attention.

Elizabeth Vonstatt Tombstone
Elizabeth Vonstatt Tombstone Halloween Graveyard Decoration
Vonstatt Tombstone for Graveyard
A realistic looking tombstone rounded out with vines along the edges.  Helps create that real graveyard feel for your Halloween Party.
Circle Of Ghosts Yard Decoration
Ghostly Circle Dance Around A Tombstone Yard Halloween Prop
Ghostly Group Lawn Decoration
This just looks creepy to me.  I'm sure some could see this as cute...not me.  Kids are weird, I remember I was one.  Whether these look like 'real live' kids just messing around, or kid ghosts - it creeps me out a bit.  That's the idea on Halloween though.  Push the comfort of your Halloween Party guests with this spiritual ring-around-the-rosy or some metaphysical seance bent on bringing the world's corpses back to animation.  I don't know maybe I've just read Lord of the Fly's to many times?
Grave Memorial Light LED
Graveyard LED Lantern Light Decoration Idea
Cemetery Grave Memorial Light Solar Powered
Here's the idea; what makes the best, most realistic Halloween Party Decoration?  Using real-life spooky items.  Take this graveyard memorial light.  It is sold not as a Halloween decoration or prop, but is the real thing.  People buy these to help immortalize their beloved.  We buy them to realism to our Halloween Party.  No offense to the past, but this just makes sense.  Besides, it isn't that expensive, it is LED and solar charged!  Plus you can always use it one last time in your life...or should I say at the end of your life.
Ice Straw Mold
Functional Straws Made of Ice!
Ice Straw Mold
Halloween Graveyard Candy Treats!
You won't find these in your local store

Coffin Death Mints Deluxe Halloween Candy for Sale  Zombie Survival Can Energy Drink For Sale   Pumpkin Gum Halloween Candy Treats Jack O Lantern Tin  Zombie Chocolate Candy Bar Halloween Candy Treat  Ghostbusters Slimer Sours Halloween Candy For Sale  Hello Kitty Devil Cinnamon Hots Halloween Candy

Cemetery Enter At Your Own Risk
Cemetery Sign with Grim Reaper For Sale
Cemetery Grim Reaper Sign - Party Decorations & Hanging Decorations
Not exactly my style.  I go for more realism in my Halloween Parties, however you can take these ideas and "Cemetery Enter At Your Own Risk" and come up with some great Halloween Party Themes.
Goth Graveyard Cemetery Choker
Cemetery Choker For Sale Goth Halloween Accessory
Cemetery Choker Goth Horror Zombie Graveyard Tombstone
Super cool goth choker.  The outline or silhouette of a cemetery is clearly seen by those with such Autumnal interests.  I like the idea that this cemetery choker is a great detail for many of the costumes here or just out on the town next Friday night if you dress a bit on the dark side.
Ghostly Ghoul Halloween Costume
Ghostly Ghoul in Chains Haunting Your Graveyard This Halloween
Ghoul Ghost Halloween Costume
I really like this simple yet effective mask idea of a sort of melting eye and mouth coverings.  For our idea take a little makeup around the visible skin (either white, red or black makeup) to help complete the effect.  I don't mind the white plastic chain but I would take the idea of visiting your local hardware store.  They will sell all sorts of chains cut to your specified length off of big rolls for a few bucks.  The clanking of real chains on Halloween is ingrained as spooky.  That's a win!

Bottle Opener Ring
Bottle Opener Ring perfect for Halloween bottles!
Bottle Opener Ring
Take Real Tombstone Chalk Rubbings
The Old Stone Rubbing Kit for Gravestones and Tombstones
The Old Stone Rubbing Kit: Preserving Epitaphs and Artwork Historical Gravestones
Are you a leader or a follower?  Throwing a Halloween Party this year?  Going with a graveyard theme?  Alright, then you've got to plan a field trip of sorts. During day light if you  must; or at the stroke of midnight preferably - find your way to the local cemetery.  Using this Chalk Tombstone Rubbing Kit, you make what ends up being basically a print copy of whatever grave marker you chose.  Makes a great gift/souvenir for your party guests!  A rubbing of an actual tombstone, taken on Halloween, in an real graveyard, at midnight!  (my lawyer says obey local laws)
Life Sized Animated Skeleton
Deluxe Moving Animatronic Screaming Skeleton Life Sized
Wailing Skeleton Animated Halloween Prop
Animation in your Halloween props and decorations is huge!  Especially when it wails!  They are far enough along technologically speaking to offer some really entertaining options, but still not so common as to lose that "Wow!" factor that your guests will have.  This fits nicely hanging from a tree in your graveyard.  For another idea, try hanging just inside the doorway of anyplace that your guests might have to open a door to access.  Even the toughest of them will be at least startled with this life sized skeleton hanging there to great them!
Life Sized Cemetery Archway
Huge Deluxe Cemetery Gate for Halloween Party Displays
Spooky Halloween Styrofoam Cemetery Gate
This is huge!  Both literally and figuratively.  An archway for your 'home made' graveyard idea.  This Halloween when people walk through this, they will not believe you had it in you to bring together such ideas to throw a Halloween Party!  Don't miss, the graveyard fence that we carry that would match this best, it includes faux stone work on the bottom with faux wrought iron on top.  Short of getting a 'real' fence, it is the best we carry!  The only detraction I've come across with this cemetery entry archway is that it is a bit low.  Take the idea of solving that with the addition of a few yard stones under each column.

Six Foot Tall Spooky Tree
Tree With Open Mouth
This is one of the largest spooky tree Halloween yard displays that is currently made for retail purchase.  Jump on this before their out.  The inflatable trees are great, but if you're going for realism, you need this.  Watch for all our spooky Halloween trees and make your own Haunted Forest this Halloween around your house for trick or treaters and your Halloween Party Guests!  Just click the picture for more details or to purchase.

Creepy Light Up Halloween Tree!
Black Tree
This is a great addition to any Haunted Halloween Forest yard display.  The eyes light up with the addition of a few batteries!  Click the image above for more info and to buy.

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