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It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown Board Game
It's The Great Pumpkin
Charlie Brown
Graveyard, Graveyard, Graveyard, Graveyard Ideas
Yup, still can't stop ourselves.  There are just so many great ideas that you could build around original Halloween products these days.  Your graveyard themed Halloween party will have so many decorations and props that your guests will want to lock in their invitation for next year's Halloween Party, even before this year's ends!  Again, remember to check our the descriptions on each product below, as we personally write them so they are full of hopefully inventive ideas for your next Halloween party!
- Spend the Night in the Graveyard
- Graveyard Scavenger Hunt
- Ghost Stories in the Cemetery
- Sťance In The Cemetery
- Hide n Seek in the Cemetery
- Gravestone Chalk Rubbing
- Pet Cemetery
- Tales From The Crypt
- Night of the Living Dead
6' Tall Winged Skeleton Demon
Graveyard Winged Demon Halloween Life Sized Decoration
Standing 6' White Gauze Winged Demon Halloween Prop
I'm confused...should I be scared of this or  is this almost angelic...though that may also bring me discomfort.  I love the different take of white and off white colors used on this winged skeleton demon.  As your Halloween Party Guests draw nearer they'll notice the skeleton figure, cool white hair and demon wings towering over them at 6'...ya know unless they're taller than six feet.
Graveyard Goddess Halloween Costume
Ladies Wicked Witch Goth Wiccan Halloween Costume
Graveyard Goddess Costume
Graveyard Goddess Halloween Costume will fit in perfectly between the rows of tombstones and Grim Reaper costumes at your Halloween Party.  I like the idea of subtle Halloween Costumes.  This is certainly one idea along those understated Halloween Party costumes.
Remote Control Animated Reaper
Remote Controled Animated Grim Reaper Halloween Costume
5' Animated Grim Reaper with Remote
What's better than a life sized animated Grim Reaper Halloween Party Prop?  A life sized Grim Reaper Halloween Party Prop that is remote controlled!  Your Halloween party guests will never have the idea that this thing is going to move about on your command.  Let the jumps of fright begin!  This is one Party Idea for your Halloween Party that will get lots of mileage!
Life Size Skeleton
Full Sized Skeleton Halloween Party Idea Prop
Full Sized Plastic Skeleton 6' Tall
Classic.  A full skeleton, hangable and life size is about as needed as tombstones for your Graveyard Halloween Party.  Take this decoration and put it anywhere the idea strikes!  Place the skeleton in a coffin, lay the skeleton out in the graveyard in humorous poses, maybe leaning against a tombstone with a beer, maybe hanging in the tree with a faux noose around the skeletons neck.  Another slightly more effort filled idea would be to tie up the hanger to a tree branch with some heavy duty fishing line.  Then tie off each arm out streched in front of the skeleton to two different tree branches.  With any luck you'll have a light wind that when blowing will animate your skeleton!  For more movement take the idea of tieing off the fishing line far to the tips of the tree branches for more movement.  Careful with the prop though, it was not meant to go dancing in strong winds or be thrashed about or it could break!
Huge Hanging Winged Skeleton Demon!
Indoor Outdoor Hanging Halloween Winged Skeleton Demon Decoration
40 Inch Hanging Skeletal Demon
Yeah, this is super cool.  Really terrifyingly bad ass I might almost say.  I love the amalgamation of different creatures crammed into this one Hellish looking Halloween Prop.  Sort of a human-owl-demon hybrid.  Hang this somewhere near your graveyard or maybe just above the door that leads from your house to the graveyard and your guests will get a startle when they notice!
Cemetery Fence Wall Roll
Zombie Ground Breaker Fog Machine Cover Breaths Smoke

Wretched Reaper Fog Halloween Prop
So you've got a fog machine.  Eh, who doesn't these days.  What we are going to need to do now, with the idea that you've got to step up to the next level for your guests to really be impressed, blown away and not soon forget your Halloween party.  Well a fog machine and a ground fog machine chiller.  So with your two separate fog machines, you can take a look at our tombstone fog machine cover for one.  Then, I would recommend this fog machine cover zombie ground breaker for your ground fog machine chiller set up.  It will look like the corpse zombie monster is spewing out a ground hugging fog right from its mouth!!  Now you are talking!

Animated Spooky & Funny Casket Monster
 Animated Coffin Halloween Decoration For Sale   Chained Casket Halloween Party Table Top Decoration
Animated Cursed Coffin Scary Halloween Prop
Not exactly my style, but fun for kids, and appreciated by those enjoying comedy mixed into their Halloween night!
Candy Shot Glass!
Halloween Candy Gummy Shot Glasses for sale
Gummy Shot Glasses
Cemetery Sign Halloween Decor
Graveyard Cemetery Sign Halloween Party Ideas
Cemetery Sign Halloween Prop
With our graveyard theme for this Halloween party, you'll want a sign.  If you are not wanting to name your graveyard, then this simple cemetery sign that can be hung or attached to a post is perfect to help direct people to your graveyard haunting grounds!
Day Of The Dead Bride Costume
Day Of The Dead Halloween Dead Bride Costume
Deluxe Skeleton Bride Costume
I really like this Halloween costume.  It is not your typical full skin showing ladies costume option...not that I'm apposed to ladies mind you; just it seems sometimes that they don't have non-skin-showing options; wait am I on a soap box?  At any rate, this Day of the Dead styled skeleton bride costume is super cool; and still sexy.  I can say that right, that's not offensive?
Best Fog Ground Juice
Deluxe FX Ground Fog Juice for Halloween Displays
Freezin Fog Outdoor Low Lying Ground Fog Juice Machine Fluid
Not all fog juices are created equal or work equally well in all situations.  Soo, this is the continually highest rated fog chiller fog juice currently on the market.  Froggy's Fog Freezin Fog Juice Outdoor Ground Fog will last you awhile at 1 gallon and get you great results for your low lying fog surrounding your haunted house themed Halloween party.  Check out our full line of recommendations on Fog Machines, Fog Chillers, and Fog Scents!

Ground Breaker Wolf Man
Wolfman Graveyard Ground Breaker Decoration
Wolfman Graveyard Ground Breaker
Wolfman!  Not the new Twighlight or Underworld werewolf, but the original Hollywood styled wolfman.  Any classic film junky will appreciate this ground breaker
Unique Tombstone Prop!
Tombstone Scale Graveyard Holloween Decoration Ideas
Tombstone Scales Halloween Decoration Idea
This is a very unique styled tombstone.  One that you need for your graveyard to really cut through the expected and show diversity.  This will help make your Halloween party guests feel more like they are in a real graveyard...if that's what you're going for.
Huge Inflatable Yard Display
Airblown Inflatable Halloween Yard Decoration Spooky Tree, Pumpkins and Ghost
8 Foot Halloween Inflatable Ghost Tree + Owl + Pumpkins 2012 Yard Decoration
Speaking of realism, this is not it.  What it is however is really cool, and really tall at around 8 feet!  I'm big on themes and if you go this air blown inflatable Halloween yard displays then make sure you check out our others.  We do carry two more of these giant spooky tree scenes inflatables.  
Zombie Bottle
Zombie Head Decanter Bottle for sale!
Zombie Head Bottle

Day Of The Dead Undertaker Costume
Day of the Dead Top Hat Halloween Costume For Sale
Day Of The Dead Groom Costume
A great undertaker costume for any graveyard themed Halloween party.  This undertaker Halloween costume is styled after the Mexican tradition of Day of the Dead and will certainly set you apart from the other grim reapers.  Check out our Day of the Dead bride for a couples costume idea!
Gravestone & Tomb Cover With Hands!
Grave Marker with Tomb Cover and Hands Halloween Decoration
Cemetary Scene Escaping Skeleton Tomb
This is on the top three of my coolest gravestone, tomb markers that I've seen.  The tombstone itself is average but when paired with the two layer slab and skeleton hands reaching out you have a super creepy winning display.  Add some fresh dirt (a bag of potting soil), and go all out with the weed trimmer or lawn mower before to really make it realistic!
Tombstone RIP Candles
Party Ideas for Halloween Tombstone Candles For Sale
Haloween Tombstone Party Candles
Fun tombstone candles that would work on any October birthday cakes (do any of your guests have a birthday within a week of Halloween, if so maybe a small cake with these would be a top shelf move).  These tombstone RIP candles work just as well as Halloween decorations used around the food and drink area too!

Coffin Death Mints
Halloween Time Coffin Death Mints and Tin
Coffin Death Mints
Animatronic Pop Up Reaper!
Animatronic Pop Up Rising Grim Reaper Moving Halloween Decoration Graveyard Prop
Rising from the Grave Grim Reaper Animated
Yup, need this.  It's on my own wish list! Any Halloween decoration that can rise up out of a graveyard or coffin (not included, but sold here) is a super winner with me and will be a huge hit with your Halloween party guests as they walk about your graveyard trying to trip this over and over again!
Goth Gravestone Locket
Halloween Party Costume Ideas Goth Locket Pendant Necklace
Gravestone Locket Gothic Pendant Necklace
If you are into goth look this might just be for you year round!  If you are dressing up for Halloween -duh of course you are, then this works with many costumes!  You can even create a back story to go with whatever picture you decide to put inside!
Death Scream Tombstone DVDs
Death Scream Halloween Horror Movie Pack Tombstone Tin
Death Scream 5 DVD Custom Gravestone Tin
These DVDs are worth the price of the cool Death Scream tombstone tin.  There are 5 random B list horror movies included on DVD.  If you are a fan of B list horror then this is totally for you.  I am and I love them!

Graveyard Cemetery Fence
Graveyard Cemetery Fence Halloween Decoration
Halloween Spooky 10 Pack Of Cemetery Border Fence
Huge pack of faux fence perfect for surrounding your graveyard scene.  The only idea or tip we have with these is, buy enough to finish the entire way around your graveyard or don't even start.
Spooky Halloween Tree 3' Tall!
Spooky 3 Foot Tall Halloween Prop Tree
32" Big and Scary Black Haunted Gothic Halloween Twig Tree
This works great inside or outside for your Halloween decorations.  I like the spooky Oak looking tree in the graveyard when complimented with spider webs and a strobe light.  If you have a fence or a side of a garage, try aiming the strobe light to flash the shadow onto those to heighten the levels of spookiness!
Shadow Grim Reaper Costume
Black Out Grim Reaper Halloween Costume Idea
Black Out Grim Reaper Costume
I like the blacked out grim reaper design.  I am a fan of Hitchcock where you don't always get a good or full look at the monster.  Besides with this costume you can move about the shadows of the Halloween parties undetected.  Use your power for good.
Ice Straw Mold
Functional Straws Made of Ice!
Ice Straw Mold

Old Nun Halloween Mask
Old Nun Mask for Halloween Graveyard Party Ideas
Nun Old Lady Adult Halloween Mask
Graveyard, nun; yeah it fits.  
Light Up Skeleton Ground Breaker
Light Up Skeleton Ground Breaker Halloween Decoration
Ground Breaker Light Skeleton
Now I'm a fan of ground breakers, and even more when they have more things breaking through the ground.  This skeleton ground breaker is going to look great in your graveyard this Halloween!
RIP Tombstone Napkins!
Tombstone RIP Halloween Party Napkins For Sale
R.I.P. Skull & Crossbones Gravestone Party Napkins
These are by far some of the coolest Halloween party napkins I've come across.  Your guests will think twice before even using them to wipe their face they're that cool.  Keep the graveyard theme going even inside during snacks!
Bottle Opener Ring
Bottle Opener Ring perfect for Halloween bottles!
Bottle Opener Ring
Animated Moving Cocoon Mummy!
Hanging Moving Wailing Cocoon Mummy Corpse Halloween Decoration
Shaking Mummy Cocoon Man
These cocoon hanging mummies are super cool.  Their eyes light up with the LEDs, they shake and make super creepy struggling sounds.  Your graveyard Halloween guests are going to have to touch it just to make sure it isn't a real person you trapped!
Deluxe Halloween Graveyard Fence
Iron Cemetery Fake Fence Kit
We've been watching these faux cemetery and graveyard fence kits for years.  They've never been worth our money or time mentioning, until now.  With the right light, dirt (bag of potting soil idea) and bag spider cobwebs this fence is down right believable!
Floating Ghost Moves!
Animated Floating Graveyard Ghost for Halloween Party Ideas
Animated Hovering Ghost with LED Eyes
Oh, you have to get this for your graveyard scene.  A ghost that floats side to side and whose eyes light up!  Yeah, this is going to look so spooky off in the corner behind a tombstone or take another idea and try putting it behind a smaller tree trunk!  Your guests are going to freak.

Halloween Decorations from Halloween Express

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