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Even More Graveyard Ideas 
This page has more of everything you could use to take your initial ideas for your Halloween party up a few notches!  Animatronic fully animated half torso zombie corpses, real chalk rubbing kits for your local graveyard, super realistic Hollywood gravestone markers and so much more!  We hope you enjoy and be sure to read the hand written descriptions for each item full of ideas you can use at your next Halloween party.
- Spend the Night in the Graveyard
- Ghost Stories in the Cemetery
- Hide n Seek in the Cemetery
- Sťance In The Cemetery
- Graveyard Scavenger Hunt
- Gravestone Chalk Rubbing
- Pet Cemetery
- Tales From The Crypt
- Night of the Living Dead
8' Tall Airblown Tree & Tombstones!
8 Foot Tall Air Blown Inflatable Halloween Tree and Tombstones Yard Decoration
8ft Airblown Inflatable Halloween Graveyard
Spooky tree raises 8 feet up towering above your Graveyard Halloween Party Guests!  This airblown inflatable Halloween yard decoration includes two huge life sized tombstones.  This Halloween outdoor prop rounds out the spooky atmosphere with skulls along the ground and a spider hanging off the branch!  We currently offer three of these airblown inflatable spooky Halloween yard decorations.  Get all three and round out your graveyard!
Woman In White Halloween Costume
Party Ideas for Halloween Woman In White Halloween Costume
Graveyard Nightgown Womans Halloween Costumes
There is much real-life lore about "women in white" haunting graveyards and backroads all across the world!  What a more fitting Halloween costume for your realistic graveyard!  Our idea would be to do a little local research, or Google search your state and "woman in white" or haunted cemeteries and you will find a real-life haunting folklore somewhere that you could use as your own graveyards storyline and costume connection!
RIP Light Up Gravestone
Illuminated Graveyard Tombestone for Halloween Party Ideas
22" Tombstone Light Up
A great looking tombstone complete with moss and a little bend to it make this grave marker look old and real.  The addition of LEDs light up the red center part behind the christian cross or for your purist's out there the historically accurate zodiac symbol used long before!
Ground Breaker Animated Corpse
Animated Halloween Decoration Props Ground Breaking Corpse
Escape From the Grave Zombie Animated Prop
Gory yes.  Needed no.  But will this ground breaker corpse zombie add some skin crawling, realistic creeps to your backyard graveyard...Hell yes.  This thing is cool.  You get the idea, just place him anywhere in your graveyard.  For those looking to go the extra mile, pick up a bag or two of dirt from your local independent garden store.  Place the dirt in piles around the edge of this ground breaker to make it look like it has really broken through from its burial place.
Graveyard 3D Halloween Stickers
3D Graveyard Halloween Stickers For Sale
Gravestone Dimensional Stickers
A light hearted Halloween decoration.  These 3D graveyard sticker raise up off of the surface to add some quality decorations to bottles of wine, food serving dishes and any where else you can think to add your own ideas!  Drop some in guests gift bags and they or their kids will appreciate the thought!
Creepy Willow Tree 3' Tall
Spooky Halloween Willow Tree Tall 3 Feet
Spooky Halloween Willow Tree
A spooky Halloween willow tree complete with orange lights.  Not life sized...obviously, but not small either.  Coming in a 3 feet tall this would make a great addition inside around the food or booze table, or even out in the graveyard...especially if you can budget a few to spread around your graveyard.

Deluxe Animated Hollywood Effects Crypt Keeper Surprise Tombstone!
Animatronic Light Up Indoor Outdoor Halloween Party Idea Prop   Animatronic Moving Crypt Keeper Tombstone with Light Up Face
Animated Graveyard Tombstone Lifter
Crypt Keeper with light-up face and eyes lifts to reveal his hiding place behind a great looking Halloween tombstone!  This is a must for your graveyard.  It isn't terribly expensive but dollar for dollar it adds way more quality content to your Halloween party than it costs!  Also the idea that this will make your guests jump with fright or just from being startled will get them to jump none-the-less!
Candy Shot Glass!
Halloween Candy Gummy Shot Glasses for sale
Gummy Shot Glasses
Midnight Movie Tales From The Crypt
Tales From The Crypt Double Feature Midnite Movie DVD For Sale
Tales from the Crypt Midnight Movies DVD
If you are anything like I was, then you can remember staying up way to late as a 'youngster' and stumbling upon a late night Tales From The Crypt movie.  The idea is that these fit perfectly with our crypt filled graveyard theme for your next Halloween party.  Put them on in the background and just let them play; maybe even with the volume off or at least very low.
Halloween Tombstone T-Shirt
Party Ideas for Halloween Cheap and Easy Costume Ideas
Gravestone Halloween T-Shirt
Cheap and 'lazy' Halloween costume!  Don't feel like dressing up?  Maybe you want to wear this conversation starting T-Shirt before Halloween night!  Our idea would be to get one in large and give it away as a 'best Halloween costume' prize. 
Cemetery Graveyard Fence
Halloween Cemetery Idea for your yard Graveyard Fence
Halloween-Spooky Wrought Iron Fence Decoration
A pretty cool cemetery fence Halloween decoration.  This is our second favorite graveyard fence, that we carry.  If you don't like our first choice, then take our recommendation for purchasing more than you'll think you need.  Nothing says quitter like only 8 feet of your graveyard fenced off.

Light Up Graveyard Cross
Solar Powered LED Light Up Cross Graveyard Marker Decoration
Solar LED Graveyard Memorial Cross
Grave memorial illuminated cross.  Again this is a real life, purchased to put in a real cemetery!  You however are a purest, and perfectionist.  If there is room in your budget, this will go a long way to making your cemetery realistic and really creepy.
Animated Hanging Witch
Animated Animatronics Moving Witch Halloween Decoration
Eye Popper Animatronic Halloween Prop Witch
Need something else to hang in your graveyard?  This animated witch (more like a witch torso), is nicely designed.  I really like the four finger design, makes the idea of this witch being more of a monster!
Rotting Corpse Halloween Mask
Party Ideas for Halloween Zombie Corpse Mask
Rottng Corpse Halloween Mask
Want to go as a resident of your graveyard?  This zombie corpse mask will creep out your guests and give you the opportunity to slur your best "braaaaiiiiinnnnsss...."  Maybe you're making your own props for your Halloween party?  Strap this mask to a small ball and stuff an old shirt with newspaper to make your own 'nearly free' graveyard corpse!
Zombie Bottle
Zombie Head Decanter Bottle for sale!
Zombie Head Bottle

Rising Grim Reaper Party Decoration
Animated Moving Halloween Party Decoration Grim Reaper Rising
Guardian of the Grave Animated Prop
Want to hire actors to help create that perfectly spooky graveyard atmosphere for your Halloween Party but don't have the budget?  No problem, we've got you covered.  Choose any of our animatoric animated moving Halloween decoration and props.  This will take your Halloween party from quaint and comfortable to professionally terrifying and unforgettable!  This grave guardian rises up and down from behind the included tombstone!
Best Wall Cover Woods & Pond!
Best Halloween Party Decoration Idea Spooky Woods Wall Roll
Forest and Lake Reflection Halloween Party Wall Roll
I saw this a few years back in the store.  I haven't seen it since, but was able to track down a supplier just because it is that cool.  You're welcome ;-)  Seriously though the wonderfully spooky woods rolls onto your wall.  Where that roll ends on the floor/wall edge, you roll out the other decoration of the pond reflecting the woods you just put up.  You lay that section on the floor, attaching it how you see fit.  This is dam impressive and will turn any room or fence into a never ending spooky haunted woods where anything could happen!  Take our idea of dimming the lights, maybe put a strobe or colored lights nearby for the perfect effect!  These work great outside if you want to obscure your house or hide your fence!
Giant Motorized Dropping Spider!
Motorized Dropping Spider Halloween Decoration
Motorized Dropping Spider with Sound
I used the first model of these motion activated drop spiders for my Halloween parties and tricks or treaters years ago.  It was and still is a huge hit.  It completely catches most all people off guard and you get that startled scare not to mention a fair amount of the population is afraid of spiders, so there's that too.  This one however is huge.  More than twice the size and plays creepy noises too!  Drops down when motion or sound is sensed, then after dropping winds itself back up awaiting the next prey!

Goodies for your Graveyard
Treat Yourself Before It's Too Late!!

Coffin Death Mints Deluxe Halloween Candy for Sale  Zombie Survival Can Energy Drink For Sale   Pumpkin Gum Halloween Candy Treats Jack O Lantern Tin  Zombie Chocolate Candy Bar Halloween Candy Treat   Ghostbusters Slimer Sours Halloween Candy For Sale  Hello Kitty Devil Cinnamon Hots Halloween Candy

Classic Stretch Spider Web
Realistic Strech Spiderwebs For Halloween Party Decoration Ideas
Graveyard Spider Web Decoration
Spider webs in a bag!  This is a very inexpensive needed Halloween decoration accessory.  Wrap around a tombstone and connect the web to a tree or maybe your cemetery fence.  The good tip for this Halloween decoration is the thinner you stretch it the more realistic it looks!
Light Up Cross Tombstone
Light Up Cross Graveyard Tombestone For Sale
Light Up Cross Tombstone 24in Halloween Prop
A cross cemetery tombstone.  This one has a small skull in the center with LED eyes!  A nice and different touch for your Halloween Party Ideas!
Glowing Eyed Giant Fury Spider
Giant Lawn Spider for your Graveyard Halloween Party
Huge Hairy Halloween Spider
Huge 30" long furry legs let you pose this huge Halloween spider in your yard or inside your house for your next Halloween Party!  The eyes are LEDs that light up to draw in its prey in the dark.  Super creepy!  You can put this in any scene ideas you have to add the heebie-jeebies!

Coffin Death Mints
Halloween Time Coffin Death Mints and Tin
Coffin Death Mints
Friday The 13th Jason Tombstone
Jason Voorhees Tombstone Halloween Party Theme Ideas
Jason Voorhees Tombstone
Bring a Horror movie classic into your graveyard scene!  Friday The 13th featuring everyone's favorite slasher Jason, crashing through this tombstone.
Ghostly Bride Halloween Costume
Graveyard Skeleton Bride Halloween Costume For Sale
Skeleton Bride Halloween Costume
A gothic Halloween Bride Corpse Costume!  Very nice and formal, yet you can still pull it off in a graveyard.  A timeless look!
Tombstone Lollipop Molds
Party Ideas for Halloween Graveyard Tombstone Lollipop Candy Mold
Tombstone Pop Assortment Candy Mold
Are you really into the arts and crafts?  If you don't mind spending some time in the kitchen you can bring your edible ideas to life with these lollipop sucker molds shaped like tombstones!  You get three different grave markers in this one candy mold!

Graveyard Vampiress Costume
Graveyard Vampiress Halloween Costume For Sale
Graveyard Vampiress Costume
I like this subtle vampiress Halloween Costume. Ladies get full coverage, in a long elegant dress which is great for cold northern Halloween nights!  Pick up a set of fangs or any of our makeup kits to round out this Halloween Costume Idea!
Thick RIP Cross Tombstone
Extra Thick Graveyard Tombstone Yard Decoration for Halloween
Cross Tombstone Halloween Display
This realistic and thick tombstone looks good from all angles and all sides.  I've got one in my collection (yes I really do have way to many faux tombstones).  It has held up well over the years for being just a hardened Styrofoam.  It is generic enough that you could get multiple ones and place in different areas of your Halloween graveyard!
Angry Skeleton Halloween Costume
Party Ideas for Halloween Graveyard Reaper Skeleton Costume
Grim Reapers Punk Rot Costume
Tough and angry grim reaper skeleton punk Halloween Costume.  We've got something for everything!
Spooktacular Personalized Banners

Weathered Tombstone Prop
Outdoor Party Ideas for Halloween Graveyard Theme Tombstone Decorations
Halloween Weathered RIP Tombstone
A weathered and old tombstone that simply reads R.I.P. for "Rest In Peace"
Crypt Keeper Halloween Costume
Graveyard Crypt Keeper Halloween Costume for sale
Crypt Keeper Halloween Costume
Tales From The Crypt Halloween Costume!  Go as the Crypt Keeper from the very popular TV show!  If fits well with our theme of graveyards and Halloween Party.
Deluxe Hollywood Tombstone!
Deluxe Hollywood FX Realistic Graveyard Tombstone
Deluxe Halloween Mausoleum Gravestone Prop 3D
This is the largest and most realistic tombstone we carry. This has several dimensions, depth, and realistic materials! This will help hold your graveyard Halloween party together.  Like an anchor of quality.  I hope when I die, that I can afford a headstone this nice

Bottle Opener Ring
Bottle Opener Ring perfect for Halloween bottles!
Bottle Opener Ring
Huge Air Blown Spooky Tree
Huge 8 Foot Tall Air Blown Inflatable Halloween Tree with Ghosts and Pumpkins
Halloween Decorations 8' Tall Airblown Halloween Inflatable Dead Tree
Add some height to your graveyard Halloween party with this huge air blown inflatable decoration.  Towering up around 8 feet is the top of one of two ghosts wrapped around a mean creepy tree.  The bottom is lined with classic jack-o-lanterns!
Coffin Food Containers
Coffine Tombstone Halloween Party Dishes Food Trays
Coffin Gift Basket Container Halloween Party Ideas
Don't let the atmosphere of your party end while people are grazing over the food and snacks!  Use these simple plastic coffin or casket shaped serving dishes for everything from the Halloween candy to the chips and dip!
RIP Tombstone Halloween Costume!
Gravestone RIP Tombstone Halloween Costume For Sale
Gravestone 3D Foam Halloween Costume
Ha!  I think this costume is hilarious while at the same time the mask has a sinister expression about it.  I want this just so I can try my own idea of squatting down on the ground in my makeshift graveyard (maybe the neighbor hood cemetery...though that may be dangerous).  As the night falls and the fog machine obscures the truth, I would see how many people I could get to jump.  

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