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More Graveyard Ideas 
Imagine your Halloween Party Guests showing to your party only to be amazed by the ground hugging fog rolling through your backyard, dotted with tombstones, ghosts floating about the trees complete with cawing crows, faux stone walls topped with a fake iron fence.  There might be some who aren't even brave enough to venture outside without a flashlight!  With your help, you can make your Halloween Party Ideas come true.
- Spend the Night in the Graveyard
- Ghost Stories in the Cemetery
- Hide n Seek in the Cemetery
- Sťance In The Cemetery
- Graveyard Scavenger Hunt
- Gravestone Chalk Rubbing
- Pet Cemetery
- Tales From The Crypt
- Night of the Living Dead
Animatronic Moving Witch
Deluxe Life Sized Animated Graveyard Witch with Culdron
Witch Animated Life-Size Halloween Decoration
Life size witch that moves and scares the, you-know-what our of your guests!  Set her up in your graveyard setting the scene that your guests will be wandering about and interrupt her as she is making the next deadly Halloween spell.  Take the idea of a back story.  Include for example on your Halloween Party invitations a brief  story or insinuation of a witch and graveyard.  When your guests show up, the sharper of the bunch will really appreciate the effort you put in to build a story line, and really create a memorable Halloween Party!
Deluxe Skeleton Mask - Moving Jaw!
Deluxe Skull Mask with Moveable Jaw Halloween Costume
Skeleton Mask with Moving Mouth!
There are two chief failings of any low quality Halloween Mask.  This Halloween Skull mask addresses the dexterity of the movable parts.  A moving jaw!  One that moves (more or less) as your own jaw does!  That goes a long way to making the entire Halloween Costume a win.  The black fabric around the mouth also helps to make wearing the mask easier.  With the fabric, there is no need to add makeup except for a small areas around the eyes.
Deluxe FX Skeleton Gloves
Deluxe Hollywood FX Skeleton Bone Gloves For Sale
Skeleton Glove Halloween Costume Accessory
I love how high up the forearm these gloves go.  The added fabric help to add a depth of realism.  The idea of course is to add these to the mask on the left or any other costume you are creating on your own!
Waldo Tombstone "Found Him!"
Wheres Waldo Tombstone T-Shirt Found Him Funny Halloween Costume
Where's Waldo? T-Shirt "Found Him" Waldo's Gravestone
Hilarious!  The classic "Where's Waldo" book, and everything else...made into a comically dark Halloween T-Shirt. If you are not big on Halloween costumes, this is a good cop-out! People will laugh, and be distracted from the fact that you are not actually dressed up!
Graveyard Halloween Music CD
Party Ideas Music Graveyard Halloween Music CD
Halloween Graveyard Music CD
This is a must for your graveyard themed Halloween party.  Set the mood for your guests with this spooky graveyard focused music CD and at the same time drown out all of those not-mood building sounds like the neighbors TV, the car on the street or the plane overhead.  Take our idea further and pick up a few extra CDs to change throughout the Graveyard Party Night.  We like the idea of wind rustling through trees, phantom footsteps in the distance, even rain and thunderstorm CDs all add to the mood!
'Flying' Bat with Flapping Wings
Animated Flying Bat Halloween Decoration with LED Eyes
Flying Halloween Bat with LED Eyes and Flapping Wings
Yes, attack your guests!  Attack their every sense.  What better atmosphere building Halloween decoration than flying bats!  The eye's light up to make sure this prop circling overhead will not be missed even on the darkest of Halloween nights!  Now this may be a little dangerous, but one idea may be to hang at least one of these bats lower.  Say from a tree, but so it is maybe only 5 feet off of the ground.  It adds to the interaction , and 'danger' aura for your guests and to your graveyard.  This may not be a good idea, your guests, your call!

The Dead Wants Out Tombstone!
Deluxe Animated Tombstone Grave Marker For SaleDeluxe Moving RIP Grave Marker Push Out Red LED EyesAnimatronic Moving Hollywood Effects RIP Tombstone for Halloween Parties
Animated Lighted Pop-Out Skull Tombstone Halloween Decoration
Moving animated tombstone!  In the dark of Halloween night, as your fog machine chiller pours out smoke that hugs the ground emanating from a far off tombstone, your guests will walk by this unassuming decoration awaking something within as it lights up and tries to push its way free from death's cold grip.  Get the idea?  Your guests will unmistakably get the idea of just how excellent your Halloween parties are and will want next years invitation before they leave this year's party!
Candy Shot Glass!
Halloween Candy Gummy Shot Glasses for sale
Gummy Shot Glasses
Real Cemetery Memorial LED Light
LED Cemetery Grave Memorial Light Halloween Prop
Cemetery Grave Memorial LED Light
This is a real cemetery memorial candle!  The cost is not prohibitive to use as a Halloween prop to take your graveyard idea to the next level.  It's safe too as not an actual open flame but rather LEDs!
Dead End Cemetery Sign
Dead End Cemetery Sign For Halloween Party Ideas
Deadend Cemetery Halloween Sign
A graveyard sign decoration that reads "Dead End Cemetery" and looks like old wood, and hand written words. The idea is that this may fit better with your graveyard themed Halloween party than the often used old stone look.  We thought we'd include it just in case!
Hollywood FX Grim Reaper Costume
Deluxe Scthe and Grim Reaper Halloween Costume For Sale
Deluxe Grim Reaper with Scythe Costume
Deluxe Hollywood FX Grim Reaper Halloween Costume doesn't satisfy just how nice this Halloween Costume is.  The scythe alone looks worth the money.  The only way to get better is to purchase an actual hand held farming scythe tool.  This is the best reaper costume we offer!

Midnight Graveyard Witch Costume
Sexy Midnight Witch Halloween Graveyard Costumes
Flirty Midnight Witch Halloween Costume
A little goth, a little dark, a little skirt.  I do really like the hood and cape that come with this newage witch Halloween costume.  I really like the idea that this Halloween costume can be used for many different themes.  Add a cross and stake and you're a vampire hunter.  Add some dust and a zombie mask and yup you're a zombie.  Add a ghostly white face, chains and monster gloves and're a ghost.  Add a whip, gun and our silver bullet mints and you're a werewolf hunter.
Black Light Reactive Spider Web
Party Ideas for Halloween Blacklight Glow Cobwebs
Halloween Spider Web for Blacklights
I'm not a huge fan of non-realistic Halloween decoration and props.  The effect however of this blacklight reactive spider web might make it an okay idea for your Halloween graveyard party!
RIP Tombstone Treat Bags
Halloween Tombstone Gift Bags For Party Gifts
Gravestone Paper Party Bags
A great little treat bag for your guests.  Throw in a couple of the smaller Halloween gifts that we have listed on this website and you're guests will feel like royalty.  The idea is that all the finest parties (Oscars and such) all give gift bags to those attending.  Toss in some of the tombstone lollipops, maybe a cheap plastic tombstone ring, graveyard 3D stickers and your guests, and their kids will be blown away!  Of course this is Halloween and just because we be to old to Trick or Treat doesn't mean that a big bowl of candy for your guests to munch on through the night won't go a long way.  It will hearken your guests all back to a simpler time in their life.  Grab a handful of left over candy as your guests depart, and toss it in their bag!
Zombie Bottle
Zombie Head Decanter Bottle for sale!
Zombie Head Bottle

Air Blown Inflatable Tombstone and Reaper Riser - Animated!
Airblown Inflatable Tombston Grim Reaper Rises Up from Grave  Yard Halloween Decorations Airblown Inflatable Tombstone For Sale
6 Foot Animated Halloween Inflatable Ghost Tombstone Party Decoration
If you are a fan of these fan filled, air blown inflatable yard decorations then you will need to add this to your list for the Graveyard Themed Halloween Party!  The grim reaper rises from the tombstone to strike terror into your guests.  
Skeleton Head Paper Party Plates
Skeleton Skull Paper Party Dinner Plates For Halloween Parties
Halloween Skeleton Dinner Plates
A slightly goofy or light hearted idea for a Halloween Party plate.  This dinner paper plate is shaped like a skeletons skull and will have your guests appreciating your attention to detail!

Bag Of Bones
Bag of Bones Skeleton Halloween Decoration Ideas
Deluxe Halloween Skeleton Bones
Uhm yea, a graveyard.  Of course there are going to be bones strewn about!  Especially an older, unkempt graveyard.  Take the idea of maybe a freshly dug up grave with a few bones rising to the surface of the ground.  Partially bury a few of the bones so they are sticking out of the fresh dirt!
Graveyard Ghoul Halloween Costume
Ghouls In The Graveyard Halloween Costume for sale
Graveyard Ghoul Halloween Costume
A ghoulish, ghastly Halloween costume that will require some face makeup.  Are you up for painting on your own idea of a graveyard monster this Halloween?
Light Up RIP Tombstone
Graveyard Light Up Tombstone For Sale
Light Up Skull Tombstone 24in Halloween Prop
Diversity may be the key to life.  I think it is also a huge key to making your graveyard look as real as possible, but also help to overload the minds of your Halloween party guests.  Discovering new things fires off neuron connections in the human mind.  This is a good thing, and this light up RIP tombstone helps to accomplish that!

Coffin Death Mints
Halloween Time Coffin Death Mints and Tin
Coffin Death Mints
Deluxe Life Size Animated Zombie!
Deluxe Animatronic Moving Animated Zombie Girl For Sale
Creepy Cathy Animated Zombie Prop
Just how bad ass do you want your graveyard to be?  Well if you said all the way, then this is for you.  The creep factor is high with this prop.  Let's see; it is animated, life sized-child, and zombie.  Yup one creepy combination.  This will be one huge factor for your guests talking about your party all week at work!  The only problem with going this big, is that next year you are going to have to turn away all of the new people that want to attend your Halloween Party!
Creepy Grey Halloween Cloth
Spooky Cemetery Grey Cloth For Halloween Party Decoration Ideas
Graveyard Creepy Cloth Decoration
This spooky, aged light fabric tooling is super handy.  You get a fair amount with one order, but take our recommendation as once you get started with this, you will find so many extra places you want to use it that you'll wish you got several.  The ideas for this are endless.  It makes a great runner on food and drink tables, hanging from the corners of rooms, maybe across doorways and over counters and even furniture.  Of course when you get outside this effectively makes anything older and spookier looking.  Around tombstones, around props, used on costumes and oh my everywhere!
Cemetery Gates on DVD
Cemetery Gates DVD Movie For Halloween Party Activities
Cemetery Gates DVD Movie
Themed movies are great for themed Halloween party.  Cemetery Gates on DVD is a perfect idea to have running on loop for any lulls in the night's festivities,  After all you are throwing a cemetery themed party, how cool is it to have a cemetery themed Halloween Horror movie!

Fancy Undertaker Costume
Undertaker Halloween Costume For Sale
Graveyard Undertaker Costume
Ahh yes the undertaker costume.  This is a great idea for a graveyard themed Halloween party idea.  The undertaker can be like this, all fancy and with a top hat, or if you are lite on cash you can simply go with the classic old man undertaker Halloween costume.  The idea being you could throw together any old cloths around the house, dirty them up a bit, maybe get a white hair wig, hunch yourself over and do your best 'grumpy old man' impression.
Haunted Valley Cemetery Yard Sign
Haunted Valley Outdoor Cemetery Sign Decoration
Haunted Valley Cemetery Lawn Signs - Halloween Decoration
A free standing cemetery sign for your graveyard themed Halloween party. It reads "Haunted Valley Cemetery" so you might want to keep with that theme if you like the idea of this sign.  The idea being every cemetery or graveyard needs a name, yours too.  Figure it out before you send out the Halloween party invitations so you can include it there!
Coffin Witch Hat Costume
Deluxe FX Coffin Witch Hat Halloween Costume Idea
Deluxe Halloween Witch Hat
This is by far the best witches hat I have seen ever, let alone as a Halloween Costume.  Take this hat and use any witch ideas you have in your own head to build the costume around this accessory!  If you are going to set up Halloween prop witches in your yard but are dressing as something else this year or in future years, this can make a great high end addition to any prop around your home or graveyard!
Ice Straw Mold
Functional Straws Made of Ice!
Ice Straw Mold

RIP Old Tombstone Decoration
Large 3 Foot Halloween Gravestone Party Decoratin Idea
3' Large Dome Halloween Gravestone Prop
Yet another graveyard tombstone!  Remember the idea that many different types of grave markers will add to the realism of your graveyard and to the ideal uncomfortable of your guests as they wonder through.
Skeleton Gloves with Forearms
Skeleton Gloves with Bone Arms Halloween Costume
Skeleton Glove And Wrist Bone Gloves
Not the most realistic skeleton gloves but the do allow you two things that many don't.  First dexterity, the idea that many Halloween costume gloves are functional would be an outright lie.  Second, these gloves have forearm bones!  So many don't and this goes a long way to make this a worthy purchase!
Deluxe Huge Graveyard Entryway!
Gargoyles and Skulls Halloween Graveyard Archway
Gargoyles & Skulls Halloween Archway Prop
Cemetery entrance archway!  Are you taking the time to make your cemetery convincing?  Are you adding a fence around the entire perimeter?  If so and if you can budget this, it will go a really long way to making your graveyard unforgettable to all those to pass by!  This is a life sized cemetery archway.

Bottle Opener Ring
Bottle Opener Ring perfect for Halloween bottles!
Bottle Opener Ring
Halloween Tricks Or Treats Bag
Canvas Cemetery Scene Tote Bag for Trick Or Treating
Cemetery Scene Canvas Trick or Treat Bag
Gift bags, or trick or treat bags.  Are you sending anything home with your guests?  Even if you are dropping some left over Trick or Treat candy in each bag for them to take, they can re-use this at the grocery store for years to come.  Plus it fits with your graveyard Halloween Party Theme Idea as right on the side there is a cemetery scene.  A nice canvas bag that also works great for your guests to use during any graveyard scavenger hunt activity ideas you come up with!
Halloween Themed Rings
Gravestone Rings Skeleton Rings for Halloween Party Gift Ideas
Skull Spider Gravestone Ring Idea
Not just cupcake toppers.  These are Halloween themed rings!  A tombstone, a skull and cross bones and a spider!  Great little trinket for the graveyard scavenger hunt, use as decorations that when the night is wrapping up (hopefully at sunrise) you can send them home with your guests!
Deluxe Grim Reaper With Wings!
Party Ideas for Halloween Dark Messenger Halloween Costume
Dark Messenger Reaper Cotume
This is one bad ass looking grim reaper Halloween costume.  Dark and with the wings, will add a little strut to anyone's step!

3 Foot Tall Creepy Halloween Tree
Haunted Dead Tree With Skulls
This makes a great undergrowth addition to your Haunted forest.  Pair a few of these with a few of our 6 foot tall spooky trees listed on the bottom of the first page for our Graveyard Theme.  The combination will cast eerie shadows and create all sorts of places for little monsters to hide on Halloween night!  You get to pose the branches on this as you see spookily fit too!  Click the image for more details and to purchase!
15" Tall Spooky Tree Stump Halloween Prop
This is one of the final touches that your Haunted Halloween Woods needs surrounding your spooky graveyard or home for trick or treaters!  Click the image for more info and to purchase!

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