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Even More Witch Theme Halloween Party Ideas
Here at party ideas for Halloween we are all about realism when it comes to Halloween costumes, Halloween part decorations and really anything Halloween.  That's why we sought out handmade, real wood authentic witches broom (besom witches Wiccan or Pagan broom), but still included a few of the plastic Halloween costume accessory witches brooms for those with a tighter budget.  Beyond witches brooms we also include deluxe wood witches staffs that are a perfect addition to any witch or warlock Halloween costume and be sure to check out our hickory and cedar walking sticks that feature super unique twists and carvings that will have complete strangers complementing you all night long on your Halloween costume!  Plus an orange witches hat with a feather and spider addition!  You're not going to find that in your local big box store.
-Calling The Four Points
-Salem Reenactment Theme Party
-Stakes n Fire Counseling
-Best Witches Wand Contest
-Good Witches vs. Wicked Witches
-Hocus Pocus Homage Party
Orange Witches Hat Costume
Orange Witches Hat Halloween Costume Accessory
Deluxe Orange Witch Hat Spider and Feather
I had to search high and low to find this orange witches hat for your Halloween costume accessory so I hope that it will remain a very unique item to those who include it in their Halloween witch costume.  This orange witches hat has classic lines with a pointed tall top but the fine extra features  that make it even more unique such as the creepy black spider with red eyes, and sheer black feathers!
Giant Inflatable Black Cat
Crouched Inflatable Black Cat Halloween Display
Airblown Inflatable Animated Giant Black Cat
I absolutely love the look of this giant witches inflatable black cat.  Measuring a huge 6 feet by 4 feet when inflated the whole neighbor hood will know just how serious you are about Halloween and all your Halloween party guests will know which house they are going to have fun in all night long!  Beyond the size the cat actually lights up and black cats head slowly moves from side to side as if measuring you up as its next dinner.  Trick or treaters young and old will give you complements all Halloween long!
Light Up Witches Wand
Deluxe Light Up with Sound Star Wand Glinda Witch Wand
Musical Wand LED Costume Accessory
Another light up wand!  We bring you more choices than less, and this star shaped Halloween costume accessory wand is a great option for those going as a good witch, or Glinda the good witch!  If you like the idea of a light up wand but are more of a traditionalist, or like the Hobbit or Harry Potter film witches, then stay on these pages because we offer several of those styles along with an LED light up tip with the flick of the wrist!
Deluxe Hooded Cape Cloak
The White Witch Good Glinda Deluxe Velvet Cloak Costume
Deluxe Velvet Long Cloak Halloween Costume
This white cloak Halloween costume is perfect for those good witches and Glinda impersonators who love the Wizard of Oz films.  These Halloween costume hooded cloaks are the best I have found in all my years.  You can request different lengths but this comes standard at 62 inches with a full 14.5 inch hood that gently slopes in the back.  This particularly awesome Halloween witches cloak is velvet on the outside with a full length satin lining!  Go on, you deserve the best, and it is about half the price it should be.
Glinda The Good Witch Hat
Deluxe Glinda the Good Crown Halloween Costume
Glinda The Good Witch Hat Deluxe Style Crown
Not a traditional witches hat, however there's nothing traditional about us here at party ideas for Halloween so we went for it.  We like the idea of this for the good witch Halloween costume accessory but might also work well for the ice witch or alike.  Good reviews, but some issues with shipping so make sure as with anything you order for a scheduled event, order with enough time to get an alternative or re-shipment!  Some have said they had trouble getting it to stand, if you're not going to return it and have this issue, as a last resort we would think that maybe the scentless spray starch would help hold the form once dried.
Glinda The Good Witch Costume
Glinda the Good Witch of Wizard of Oz Halloween Costume
Oz The Great and Powerful Deluxe Glinda Halloween Costume
The deluxe Glinda the White Witch Halloween costume.  Going to a Wizard of Oz play or themed party?  Goes as the white witch, just be sure to check out our line of deluxe witch crowns, witches hats, light up wands and of course this Glinda Halloween costume would go great with the deluxe white hooded cloak to the left!
Unique Lady's Witches Costume
Victorian Witch Halloween Costume For Sale
Women's Magical Witch Costume
This is a magical witches Halloween costume.  We like the color combination as the deep blue and black are original and unique in the women's witch costume line.  Some velvet materials used really add to the realism of this woman's witch costume and will help set the right mood for the witch themed Halloween party!  Includes the dress and hat so yup, be sure to check out our hand picked selection of real wood witches brooms, flirty fun witches shoes and tall witch boots along with witch wands that light up!
Handmade Real Witches Broom
Wooden Witches Broom Handmade Besom Halloween
Handmade Old Style Real Witches Besom Broom
Life size, real witch broom at 42 inches in length this is one of the longest available.  This handmade witch broom has the classic rounded head making it technically a besom and the best witch Halloween costume accessory you can add.  You can feel good about your purchase and what kind of business your money is supporting, the witches broom handle is Acacia wood that is organically grown and sustainably harvested!
Original Witches Costume
Green and Black Witches Halloween Costume For Sale
Disguise In The Shadows Bygone Witch Costume
This witch Halloween costume made the cut because it is different.  The slim fitting design and the dark green and black colors make it a unique witches costume that will really help you stand out at the Halloween party.  What you do with that new found notoriety is up to you.  Comes complete with the witches hat, but be sure to add some witchy shoes, real wood witches broom, and light up wand to complete the outfit...all of which we carry on here!
Candy Shot Glass!
Halloween Candy Gummy Shot Glasses for sale
Gummy Shot Glasses
Halloween Witch Decoration
Halloween Witches Window Silhouette Decoration Idea
Lace Witch Drop Panel Halloween Decor
Add to your witches coven and your Halloween party guests experience even before they walk through the front door.  These silhouette witch cut outs simply are placed in your window and with a light source behind make it look to everyone outside that there is a witch toiling away with potions over a steaming cauldron.
McGonagall Witches Hat
Professor McGonagall's Witch Hat Harry Potter
Harry Potter Professor McGonagall Deluxe Witches Hat
Professor McGonagall deluxe witch hat Halloween costume accessory is getting rave reviews.  Quality thick material construction will help you look like you've just stepped off the set of Harry Potter!  Nice large feather included on this dark velvet hat complete with a wire in the brim to mold to your mood matching look!
Smoking Witches Cauldron & LED
Smoking bubbling witches cauldron Halloween decoration
Witches Cauldron Mister with Lights
Huge 10 inch wide black cauldron has a fogger sitting inside that creates the cool bubbling smoking look!  This bubbling witches cauldron goes beyond that and adds LED lighting to really sell the spooky Halloween effect.  Get two of these, one for your Halloween yard display and put your witches around and of course put one in the center of your food or drink table for the best center piece ever!
Hocus Pocus Halloween DVD
Halloween Movie Classic Hocus Pocus DVD For Sale
Hocus Pocus Halloween DVD
Alright, I'm man enough to admit it...I think.  I'm not sure when I first saw this film, but it has been a Halloween staple every year for some time now.  It features Beth Midler, and some stars that later got their really big break on Sex in the City and other prime time TV shows.  More importantly it is set in a quaint town as the leaves are turning and the wind grows crisper.  Halloween spookiness ensues that is sure to become a Halloween favorite for your whole family.
Inflatable Witches Cauldron Cooler
Halloween Party Decoration Ideas Inflatable Witches Cauldron
Halloween Witch's Black Inflatable Cauldron Beverage Cooler
I've said it before, I love these inflatable coolers for Halloween parties.  The idea is that they've made so many different styles that not only is there the perfect inflatable Halloween cooler for your next party theme but there will probably be two or three.  This witches cauldron inflatable cooler is approximately 21 inches.  I've been using these inflatable coolers now for a few years and the only advice I can give is get yourself at least one extra one.  After all it is basically a balloon, and you are putting sharp ice and bottle tops in it.
Zombie Bottle
Zombie Head Decanter Bottle for sale!
Zombie Head Bottle
Elegant Red Witch Costume
Cloaked Witch Halloween Costume with Hood Idea
Hooded Robe Witch Costume Idea
This is a complete hooded robe, red and black witches Halloween costume.  One piece simplicity with lace up front to add some depth.  Be sure to check out our selection of deluxe witches shoes, real wood witch brooms, wide selection of witches hats and wands!
Twisted Hickory Witch Staff
Twisted Wood Witches Walking Staff Halloween Accessory Idea
Twisted Hickory Witches Staff Halloween Walking Stick
This is another great witches walking staff or wizard staff or whatever idea you end up going with this costume accessory is sure to impress. Made of hard hickory wood, with beautifully carved twists really help to set this off as a functional Halloween costume accessory that you are sure to use Halloween after Halloween!
Mini Black Witches Hat
Sexy small witch hat Halloween costume idea
Mini Velour Witch Hat Costume Idea
Mini witches Halloween hat costume accessory.  This is something small and flirty enough that you could wear it on Halloween, and to the play Wicked the next time it rolls through town.  Wear it off to the side a bit for a fun cute look to your witches Halloween costume this year.
Coffin Death Mints
Halloween Time Coffin Death Mints and Tin
Coffin Death Mints
Deluxe Witches Halloween Mask
Classic Green Witch Mask Halloween Costume Mask
Ultimate Witch Full Action Costume Mask
Deluxe witches Halloween mask.  This is one of the best witches Halloween masks that we could find, and surprisingly there are not that many...well not that many worth any money.  Click through above for more info if you're feeling a bit of a green witches complexion but don't want to don the makeup.
Deluxe Witches Shoes
Deluxe Classic Women's Witch Shoes Halloween Costume
Women's Witch Shoe Boots
What can I say about these deluxe witches boots Halloween shoes costume accessory that just looking at them doesn't already show.  These are a modern and comfortable spin on the classic witch shoe that will have all your witch friends super jealous that they shopped at the local big box store.  Not to mention these shoes are wide and comfortable.  Beyond that these deluxe witches shoes come with interchangeable le laces so you can change your witch look depending on your mood.
Witches Pen Party Gift Idea
Fun Halloween Party Idea Witches Broom Pens For Sale
Witches Broom Pens Party Favor
Are you planning a Halloween scavenger hunt, maybe a witch trivia game or having folks write down anything during your witch themed Halloween party?  If so these miniature witches brooms are actually witches pens! 
Sounds of the Witch House CD
Sounds of the Witch House Halloween Party Music CD
Sounds Of The Witch House CD
Click through the link above to listen to samples of each of the 13 tracks!  As important as a theme is to a Halloween party, I feel that the idea of having music, ambient spooky and theme fitting background sounds are too!  Halloween music and Halloween sound effects help draw your Halloween party guest into the mood, and helps cover up any awkward silences between conversations should things slow.  Track number one on this Halloween CD - The Witch House!
Deluxe Witches Drink Glass!
Witches Halloween Drink Glass Party Accessory
Witches Deluxe Halloween Drink Cup
This is a super cool and really sharp looking drinking glass that with all metal design and crisp metals is sure to be a hit a your Halloween party or as an addition to your witches costume.  This is small enough to comfortably carry or take our idea and attach a small ribbon or sash around the stem and your belt so you've got a glass at the ready for any witches potions offered.  A great glass for Glinda!
Light Up Harry Potter Wand
Harry Poters Light Up Wand Halloween Idea
Harry Potter Illuminating LED Light Up Wizard/Warlock Wand
As far as wands go, if you don't know a real-life wand making wizard like I do, then these are your next best bet.  I super like the illuminating tip that lights up the LED for Hollywood realism that everyone at the Halloween party will envy!  A full 14 inches in length and modeled after Harry Potter's wand in the Harry Potter films.
Ice Straw Mold
Functional Straws Made of Ice!
Ice Straw Mold
The Dark Witch Queen Costume
Snow White and the Huntsman Witch Halloween Costume
Snow White and The Huntsman Ravenna Skull Dress Witches Costume
This is another great dark witch Halloween costume.  This full length black dress is elaborately decorated with molded skull trim and comes complete with the pictured crown.  The inspiration for this witches costume is from the hit film Snow White and the Huntsman.
Red Velvet Witches Mini Hat
Mini Red Women's Witch Hat Halloween Costume Accessory
Cocktail Witch Hat Mini Red Witches Hat
A great looking red witches hat Halloween costume addition.  This is a mini witches hat at only 7 inches tall and can be held on head with hair pins or the included chin strap.  Beautiful medallion and dark spider web inlay.  Cute and flirty mini witch hat.
Lacy Bat Halloween Table Cloth
Black Bats and Spider Web Halloween Table Cloth
Lace Black Bats & Spider Web Tablecloth
Full rectangular black lace Halloween table cloth is a must for any Halloween party where you will be laying out a spread of snacks and drinks.  Even if you aren't going to use your kitchen or dinning room table for anything specific during your Halloween party, give it its own Halloween costume and cover it with this beautifully spooky Halloween table cloth.
Bottle Opener Ring
Bottle Opener Ring perfect for Halloween bottles!
Bottle Opener Ring
Salem Witch Halloween Costume
Bloody Salem Witch Halloween Costume For Sale
Salem Witch Halloween Costume
This is a dark if not funny witches Halloween costume.  I suspect its been long enough now since the 1600s crazy witch craze that swept countless innocent people to their deaths after being accused of being a witch.  That all being said this is a great spin on the traditional witch theme!
Wicked Witch Halloween Mask
Hooded Witch Mask Halloween Costume For Sale
Hooded Witch Halloween Mask
One of the other better witches Halloween mask that will help you avoid makeup and revealing your true identity until you are ready to cast your spell.
Black and Silver Witch Hat
Black and Silver Deluxe Witches Halloween Hat Idea
Deluxe Unique Witch Hat - Silver and Black
This is another great witches hat for your Halloween costume.  Polyester with foam inserts to help it stand naturally tall and proud.  The classic black color and traditional shape has a fun unique twist on the underside of the brim that shows a silver backing with various black Halloween inspired designs.

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