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Even More Witch Theme Halloween Party Ideas
If you have fond memories of the Wizard of Oz or Oz the Great and Powerful then why not build the theme of your Halloween party around it!  We've got some great Wizard of Oz Halloween costumes including a deluxe movie replica of the flying monkey creature that terrorized every young child's dream at one point.  Take your Halloween party planning to the unforgettable level with inflatable witches cauldron coolers and witches brooms that dance and move about on their own!  If you want to add even more creativity to your Halloween party be sure to check out our Haunted Graveyard Pages
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Life Size Animated Halloween Witch
Animated Life Size Witch and Cauldron Halloween Prop
Life-Size Animated Witch, Fogging Cauldron
This life size animated Halloween witch is super spooky, and really seriously looks really real when it gets going!  Not only does the witch repeat one of 5 different lines including "Double double, cauldron bubble.  Come in here and you're in trouble!" but her hips move creating the realistic effect that she is actually stirring the faux cast iron cauldron, as her eyes light up!  The cauldron itself has a red light and mister (just add water) that when activated actually looks like something spooky is being cooked in the witches cauldron!  Limited assembly required, and this will be up and running for your next Halloween party!  Our idea with any decoration, especially animated prop is to order far enough ahead of time.  Now, most sales go completely fine, however these animated Halloween props have allot of moving parts, powered by complicated circuitry, computer boards and power sources.  These all make for many variables and pieces that can and do go bad and get damaged.  Leave plenty of time for returns to get a functioning one if you are of the minority that gets a defect!
Inflatable Witches Cauldron Cooler
Black Cauldron Cooler Witches Inflatable Cauldron
Inflatable Cauldron Cooler Halloween Party Accessory
I've used inflatable themed coolers for all of my Halloween parties ever since I first discovered they existed.  I love them, my guests have loved them and always been surprised that such an attention to detail was made.  Your Halloween party guests will appreciate your efforts too!  This particular inflatable witches cauldron Halloween cooler holds approximately 48, 12 ounce cans, though with ice, I might not try to cram that many in.  Also it has been my experience that most parties can use two coolers, and with these inflatable theme coolers I always purchase at least one extra for the inevitable popping/puncturing accident...after all people are not used to getting their beer from a balloon.  Accidents are bound to happen at any party, especially a Halloween party.
Animated Witches Broom
Animated Witches Broom Halloween Costume Accessory Idea
Witch's Animated Halloween Broom
Yet another animated witches broom!  You can have an entire fleet of witches brooms, some that move about the room making a cackling witches laugh and others like this that vibrate and scream as someone passes by and picks this up!  Life sized but a bit on the shorter side of only 31 inches tall.
Witch Finger Cookie Pan
Witch Finger Cookie Pan Halloween Party Food Idea
Witch Cookie Finger Pan Deluxe
This is a great addition to any Halloween party or movie night if you feel comfortable in the kitchen.  The witch cookie pan also features a boney skeleton finger, more average human finger and a heavy claw finger like a werewolf or vampire!  Make sure you press in the colored cookie dough well to get the best results and make sure the pan has cooled down...better yet, best purchase a couple of these or you'll be at it all day!
Animated Hanging Witch Prop
Halloween Party Decoration Hanging Animated Witch
Eye Popper Animatronic Halloween Witch Prop
This is a super spooky witch decoration.  Hang from a door, a corner of the room, in a staircase (at the bottom so people don't get too scared and fall) or in the yard from a tree and watch this witch jump to life!  The witch will spring its eyes open and stick out her tongue when activated.  At nearly 5 feet long this animated Halloween witch display will surly impress.  Don't forget 3 AA batteries.
Tattered Witches Fabric
Creepy Black Tattered Cloth Halloween Decoration Idea
Black Tattered Spooky Fabric
Seriously purchase several packages of these, because this stuff looks great anywhere and if using enough of it for your Halloween party your guests won't even recognize your normally warm and welcoming home on October 31st!  Hang this over the tops of curtains, down in front of the kitchen cabinets, tape a bit under the counter to obscure the cupboards, lay over the end tables and drape over chairs and the bathroom mirror!  Try taking the idea of adding some of this to your big box store witch costume to dress it up a bit.s
Light Up Warlock Pendant!
LED Light Up Crystal Necklaces Halloween Costume Accessory Idea
LED Multicolor Pendant Witches Necklace Halloween Costume Accessory
I absolutely love these as a super unique and completely original addition to any Halloween costume.  This necklace has multicolored LED lights inside that create an amazing light show.  Battery powered and only 2 inches in diameter you can wear this LED necklace around your neck and turn on when you're ready to do some serious magic like its your power source.  Small enough to attach nto your witches staff and turn on when you're ready to do battle.
Flirty Goth Witch Costume
Women's Sexy Goth Witch Halloween Costume idea
Women's Hipster Witch Costume
If you are an edgy sort of punk/goth/young hipster then this might be the Halloween witches costume idea for you.  Includes a velvet black corset top that sports hot pink satin ribbon.  Attached garters again have the outfit tied together with hot pink satin bows at the ends and fully adjustable straps.  The slip on hot pink skirt really screams flirty with its vinyl material (black underskirt with black velvet band).  The pink vinyl witches hat, matching stripped stockings and glovelets will have you looking like one fearless witch at the Halloween party.  Add your own boots, or take a look at the great selection of bad ass boots we've got on these four pages...and maybe a coat too, there's not a lot of material there to keep you warm; we've got great hooded cloaks in all colors that would go perfectly with this!
Deluxe Good Witch Costume
Renaisance Purple Gown Witch Costume Idea
Renaissance Lady's Witch Costume
This purple witches Halloween costume has a super strong 33 reviews at 5 stars on Amazon alone!  The renaissance lady inspired witch costume above is made of quality materials, features golden lacing on the bodice and embroidered ribbon trim.  Add to this some witchy shoes, any of our deluxe witches hats, handmade besom witch broom and maybe even a deluxe and that lights up!
Animated Spell Casting Witch!
Life Sized Animated Witch Reads Spells Halloween Prop
Spell Speaking Witch Animated Prop
Wow, just wow.  We're so glad we found this animated spell speaking witch in our digging up the best items for your next Halloween party.  This witch stands 5 feet 8 inches tall and features several activation methods including infrared sensors that activate when someone approaches from almost 7 feet away!  When activated this animated Halloween witch decoration begins to read from her book casting a wicked spell.  Seriously there's more because  the small green light in the book illuminates the witches face showing that her mouth actually moves!  This animated witch reads spells aloud with a moving jaw!  This animated witch is super deluxe and full featured.  When activated the witches eyes light up as she recites one of three different spooky spells!  You can also use the attached foot peddle button to activate the witch or leave it on constantly!
Elegant Dark Witch Costume
Evil Black Witch Halloween Costume Idea
Snow White and The Huntsman Deluxe Queen Witch Costume
This dark witch Halloween costume idea is super unique.  The black dress and shiny bodice are set off perfectly with the original feather collar that stands Hollywood movie tall.  The idea for this Halloween costume is based off of the film Snow White and the Huntsman.  As with all of our costumes that we recommend we aim for ones that actually have sizing options so you get a better fit than even your local big box store can offer.
Witches Voice Changer
Voice Changer Witch Voice Deluxe Halloween Costume Idea
Deluxe 5 Voice Disguiser with Head Set
These voice changers or voice sanitizers are great.  Typically I only recommend them to people who are wearing a Halloween mask as part of their costume as then they can hide the mouth piece underneath and the speaker under a coat.  I like the idea of modifying the microphone so you can hide i on the inside of your costume collar.  Then with cool cast iron cauldron in hand (hiding the speaker) you can droop your head down, widen your arms outstretched and summon the witcheist voice into your collar only to have your spell being recited out of your cast iron cauldron.  Snap your head back up and in your own voice give everyone the bad news that the spirits have now arrived to haunt the Halloween party guests!
Pentagram Cast Iron Cauldron
Pentagram Cast Iron Witches Cauldron Halloween Theme Idea
Pentagram Cast Iron Witches Cauldron
A very cool real cast iron cauldron for your deluxe witch Halloween costume accessory.  This one comes complete with the finished legs, lid and handle but goes even further than most.  The cast iron loops on the side of the small cauldron and lid are of unique addition.  Going even further with this cast iron witches cauldron is the raised pentagram cast right into the side of your new witches cauldron.  The pentagram has long before Hollywooed had protective powers and lore associated with it.  Enjoy your Halloween night in style.
Fun Green Witches Costume
Green Witches Costume Idea For Halloween
Women's Emerald Witch Costume Idea
This green and black witches Halloween costume idea is getting really consistent good reviews online.  Includes green bubble dress, overdress with broach, witches hat, and green and black striped tights!  Check out our selection of handmade wood brooms, and light up witches wands for the complete witch look this Halloween.
Zombie Bottle
Zombie Head Decanter Bottle for sale!
Zombie Head Bottle
The Wizard of Oz Tinman Costume
Men's Wizard of Oz Tin Man Halloween Costume For Sale
Men's Tin Man Costume Idea Wizard of Oz
Who didn't like the tin man from the original Wizard of Oz, after all he is the original witch hunter!  This is the nicest Tin Man Halloween costume that we could find and includes shirt, pants, boot covers, hood with attached hat.  The only other items you may want to add is an axe and an oil can.  I would probably get a new oil can like the one in the movie, fill it with whisky or jagermeister.  That way you could walk up to that cute you're checking out at the Halloween party, ask them to hold onto the oil can and do your best rusted Tin Man impression through pursed lips "oil can...OIL CAN" then open your mouth.  Party Ideas for Halloween...bringing people together through costumed alcohol consumption since 2004.  I think we'll keep our original tag line for now.
Witches House Door Cover
Witches Brew Door Cover Halloween Decoration Idea
Witch's Brew Door Cover
These crisp witch Halloween door decorations make it look like one of your shut up rooms is actually occupied with a busy witch cooking up her next spell.  Add some cobwebs around the corners and the black tattered cloth previous on this page to the top and maybe a strobe light near by for the full effect!
Wood Shepard Hook Witch Staff
Deluxe Wiccan Witch Hooked Wood Handmade Staff
Red Oak Handmade Crooked Witches Staff
This is a different take on the witches staff Halloween accessory.  Handmade of wood and lovingly given a natural bend to create a Sheppard's hook.  This goes great with the little old helpless witch or warlock going for a different look other than a broom.  Try tying on a few of the tattered black cloth listed previously on the page for a different look.  There are many natural oils and finishes that you can pick up at your local hardware store to change the color and look of this natural wood witches staff!
Coffin Death Mints
Halloween Time Coffin Death Mints and Tin
Coffin Death Mints
Witch's Warts Halloween Candy
Witches Warts Halloween Candy Party Food Idea
Witchy Warts Candies
Any time you can get a food product that fits your theme this on the nose, then it is a no-brainer.  Witches wart candy will be a huge hit...just leave the bag out with the serving dish as otherwise, it's really just oval shaped candy; let's be honest.  This would make a great souvenir idea for your Halloween party guests so they remember your super cool witches themed party for a few more days after Halloween.
Colorful Witches Costume
Women's Sexy Spider Witch Halloween Costume For Sale
Women's Spider Witch Costume Set
What can we really say, it's not a traditional Halloween witch costume, but if your not a traditional lady then this witches Halloween costume might be for you!  A multicolored tutu and unique witches hat helps set this witch costume apart from the rest!
Halloween Cauldron Candy Dish
Black Witches Cauldron with Lid Food Dispenser Idea
Witchs Brew Black Cauldron Halloween Locking Hinged Lid
This is a great top shelf way to serve up some of your witch themed Halloween party food and snacks this October 31st.  The ceramic witches cauldron, has a lock hinge top complete with bubbling trouble painted and sculpted right on the top.  Makes a fun candy dish all Autumn long!
Animated Black Cat Decoration
Witches Black Cat Screeches and Lights Up For Sale
Witches Black Cat Animated Halloween Decoration
If you ask me this cat holds some serious creepiness.  Sound activated black Halloween cat hisses as its eyes light up!  Take the idea of setting this on your front porch area so the trick or treaters get a scare come Halloween.  Great for Halloween parties too, just slip it under a table or place it in a darken corner of the room.  When an unsuspecting victim walks by they get a frightful hissing cat with glowing eyes to keep them on edge!
Lacy Red Witches Costume
Women's Red Witch Halloween Costume Idea
The Red Witch Halloween Costume
A great idea for a Halloween witch costume in red accented with the black frill and lace.  This red witch Halloween costume includes dress with attached cameo, glovelettes and red witches hat!  Take your Halloween idea even further with our real wood witches brooms, light up wands and of course our steal of deal on the velvet hooded cloaks in all colors (check out the black velvet cloak with red satin lining to match this costume!).
LED Hermione Wand Accessory
Hermione Granger Witches Wand Lights Up
Hermione Granger Illuminating Witches Wand
You don't have to be a fan of Harry Potter films or the popular character Hermione Granger to appreciate just how cool this wand is. Not only is this a quality replica but this wan lights up with a flick of the wrist!  That's right an LED lights up in the tip of the witches wand wand it senses motion, and then again when swooshed through the air it turns off!  A full length wand at 14 inches in length!
Ice Straw Mold
Functional Straws Made of Ice!
Ice Straw Mold
Witches Fingernail Rings!
Witches Finger Nail Claw Rings Halloween Costume Accessory
Witches Fingernail Claws Costume
This is the best set of finger nail claw rings that I could find, and I searched for awhile!  In this set you get 10 pieces or 10 ring claws (many of the other manufacturers only sell one at a time and they still don't offer a size option).  Here you get 10, and in that set of witch finger nail claw rings you get three different sizes, as let's face it, your thumb finger tip is larger than your pinky finger tip!  Click through the link above to see the different color and count options on the order.  These will make a hugely cool impression on everyone at the Halloween party and really set your witch costume apart from the rest of the guests!
Colored Witches Potion Bottles
Witches Halloween Theme Party Idea Potion Bottles
10 Glass Witches Potion Bottles
Deluxe witches potion bottles will help really sell that witch house look during your Halloween party.  This is a set of 10 random bottles ranging around 2 inches tall.  Fill with food coloring and water, or maybe colorful cookie sugar toppers for an edible look.  Go a step further and plan out a witches potion making Halloween party activity.
Spiral Witches Halloween Hat
Elegant Velvet Witches Hat Halloween Costume Idea
Elegant Velvet Curled Tip Witch Hat
Another super stunning witches hat.  This Halloween costume accessory is made covered in a velvet material and has the added accent of a rose and finished with feather detail. 
Halloween Costumes by ShindigZ
Bottle Opener Ring
Bottle Opener Ring perfect for Halloween bottles!
Bottle Opener Ring
Women's Witch Costume
Short Skirt Womens Witch Halloween Costume
Wicked Witch Of The West Halloween Party Costume
This is a great full witches Halloween costume with specific women's measurements available at the above link.  A five piece witches Halloween costume includes everything you see EXCEPT the boots, and broom but we've got way better brooms on these pages that we dug up for you.  Includes dress with attached petticoat, witches hat, naughty glovelettes, flirty studded choker and striped thigh high stockings.  Just add your own broom and boots!
Tall Witches Hat & Balaclava
Tallest witch hat Halloween costume accessory with balaclava scarf wrap
Tall Wicked Witch Deluxe Hat
This is one tall pointy hat at 23 inches high and about 14 inches wide it only gets better.  The brim is mostly pliable and stays pretty well in whatever form you put it into.  What's more the balaclava scarf wrap pictured around the neck is attached to the hat and obviously included according to reviewers and well worth the reasonable price.   I would imagine that this added piece if worn would help keep this wicked witches hat on your head through the night of Halloween.
Candy Corn Witch Costume
Lady's Sexy Candy Corn Halloween Witch Costume Idea
Witches Candy Corn Cutie Costume
The candy corn witch Halloween costume makes a unique idea for a women's witch Halloween costume.  Package includes dress, stockings and hat so make sure you check out our original witches shoes, witches boots, handmade witches brooms, and wands that light up!  Those Halloween costume extra accessories is what will take your costume from cute, to unforgettable.
  Scary Flying Monkey Deluxe Costume
Scary Flying Monkey Costume
The flying monkey's from The Wizard of Oz scared a nation of children for generations.  Embrace that and share the scare this Halloween with this terrifically terrifying Halloween costume.  Just click on the image for more details including sizing options and purchasing.
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