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Whatever 'vampire-reality' you prefer, we've got the best party ideas for vampire themed Halloweens right here!  If you're more of the vampire generation that thinks Twilight, or maybe Blade films when someone mentions Vampires then yup, we've got that.  Maybe you were more of a Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Angel TV series...we've got the vampire makeup kits from the actual shows!  Maybe you are looking to Interview With A Vampire?  Are you a Lost Boys fan?  Got those too.  Maybe you're familiar with the first Hollywood motion picture vampire 'Nostferatu'?  Not a fan of TV or Hollywood, we get into Vlad the Impaler and beyond just to give you the best ideas for your vampire Halloween party!  

Hell maybe you were just invited to a Vampire Themed Halloween Party and need a little help rounding out your costume ideas!  Be sure to read the descriptions under each image as we've personally written those for including our own ideas and tips to enhance your blood drinking night!
Custom Designed Vampire Hunter Halloween Costume
Custom Deluxe Vampire Slayer Halloween Costume
- Sunset Feast
- Vampires vs Vampire Slayers
- Vampire Virus Apocalypse
- Vampire vs Werewolves
- Attack At Sunrise
- Victorian Vampire Dinner Party
- Midnight Vampire Meeting
- Vampire Scavenger Hunt
- Head Vampire Power Play
Deluxe Lined Vampire Cape
Deluxe Lined Long Cape Red and Black Halloween Costume Accessory
54" Fully Lined Deluxe Vampire Cape Halloween Costume Accessories
We've got half-capes to capes over 60" long!  Reversible capes, all black capes, leather capes, velvet could buy a different cape for each night of October from us if you were so inclined.  Any cape or cloak for any vampire or vampire hunter Halloween costume you could imagine!
Deluxe FX Vampire Mask
Deluxe Hollywood FX Vampire Nosferatu Mask with Chest Piece
Nosferatu Vampire Halloween Mask
This mask looks excellent and is very reminiscent of Nosferatu.  It fits my rule for good masks because it includes the neck and upper chest piece.  Really helps sell the realism...that is as long as you get a better idea than the guy pictured with his normal hands - fail.  Get yourself a pair of black leather gloves, or vampire costume hands...even a pair of white velvet gloves would be cool.
Vampiress Halloween Costume 
Lady's Halloween Vampire Costume Idea
Midnight Vampire Halloween Costume
Turn all the 'mortals' heads with this vampiress Halloween costume.  The lacy black accents on the dress and sleeves beckons dark vampire thoughts!  Cool high collar is a nice touch and you could still pair this vampire Halloween costume with a cape or cloak for warmth and a finishing look of detail! 
Buffy/Angel TV Vampire Makeup Kit
Vampire Makeup Kit from TVs Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Hollywood Vampire Halloween Mask
With some practice look like you stepped right off the TV set of Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Angel!  Don't you think Buffy went downhill after they switched networks?  I mean once you literally kill off characters - let alone the main and most beautiful character ( me), and then bring them back to life!  No, you're done.  Just stop making the show then...I mean - not that I watched. anyway you'll have to work on your bruiting attitude if you go as Angel though oh, and speaking of killing off characters; were you as pissed as me when they killed off Angel's human looking demon friend - again not that I watched.
Airblown Vampire Riser!
Dracula Air Blown Inflatable Coffin Riser Halloween Yard Display
Vampire Rising from Coffin Inflatable
This is a great addition to any vampire themed Halloween display.  Works in the yard for the whole neighbor hood to enjoy, or inside if you've got the space!  Huge life sized coffin with a vampire rising up to greet your guests!  Take our idea and add a fog machine and the usual strobe light.  You could even place the strobe light inside the coffin to flash towards the vampire's face.  There are some lights built into this Halloween decoration so it will help to stand out in the dark and at night.  As usual we take our ideas all the way and would add some creaking door sound effects, maybe some wind blowing and Dracula talk over a small portable radio to really draw in your party guests and trick or treaters alike!
High Heel Vampire Shoe
Vampiress Red High Heel Shoe For Sale Halloween Accessories
Vampire Pumps Halloween Costume Shoe Accessory Idea
I suspect many women could wear these pumps or high year round.  They would really add to your Halloween vampire costume, especially if you are going with the red one above or another one that would accent well with the black lace on the shoe or the deep red floral pattern on the shoe.

Vampire Bite Bandage
Halloween Party Ideas Vampire Themed Neck Bite Bandage
Vampire Bite Choker for Halloween Costumes Accessories
The vampire bite bandage works great on the neck.  Shows to classic blood fang stain seeping through.  Take our idea and begin with this as you arrive at the Halloween party.  Wear your normal cloths, but then add some white makeup as the night progresses.  Complain about feeling really weird.  Slowly throughout the evening step away from the party to change more and more into a full fledged vampire!  By the end of the evening you can be fully fanged out in your own Gothic Victorian Halloween costume and then you are sure to take 1st prize in all around best Costume concept!
Realistic Vampire Bat
Vampire Party Decoration Ideas Vampire Bat
Hairy Flying Vampire Bat Halloween Decorations
Creepy vampire bat Halloween party decoration.  You need a giant bat to hang about your food or drink table during the party to keep the mood of vampires ever present on your guests mind.  This is a furry, realistic looking bat that is sure to give your guests the shivers.
Horned Vampire Mask with Hair
Horned Vampire Demon Mask with Hair for Halloween
Horned Vampire Mask with Hair
This is one mean looking horned vampire.  The vampire mask with attached hair really help to add to the realism of the Halloween costume.  With this vampire Halloween mask you will look like an older stately vampire.  Maybe the head of some vampire clan, or king vampire...if that's the case you're going to need a scepter - and maybe a cape, or a cloak.  We do sell some really quality capes and cloaks.  I like the idea of wearing a cloak with something like this.  The cloak itself is nice enough for most people to think wow, great costume.  Then you take off the hood to reveal your real vampire mask costume.  Winner!
Candy Shot Glass!
Halloween Candy Gummy Shot Glasses for sale
Gummy Shot Glasses
Red Vampire Halloween Costume
Deluxe Victorian Vampire Halloween Costume For Sale
Halloween Vampire Costume Outfit
Looking for a vampire Halloween costume kit that takes care of your overall look and is done enough.  Look no further.  This vampire Halloween costume idea has a great red and black theme with attached vest with decorative chains and ruffle chest.  Take it a step further and purchase any of our vampire fangs, vampire rings, or a little face makeup to finish the last details.
Deluxe Vampire Casket Necklace
Vampire Coffin Necklace Halloween Costume Accessory
Gothic Vampire Coffin Necklace
If you're into the dark goth scene wear this year round!  If not this is still completely worth the purchase to finish that vampire or vampiress Halloween costume.  The gothic victorian design of this coffin or casket necklace will draw in close other Halloween party guests...or victims.
Vampire Glasses Costume Accessory
Casket Shaped Sunglasses Halloween Costume Accessory
Gothic Vampire Sunglasses Costume Accessory
A nice and unique Halloween costume accessory, these red tinted gothic styled glasses will show off your attention to detail, and change your over all look on Halloween.  As usual, don't trust anything with blocking harmful sunlight unless it is expressly listed as doing so.  Besides, you're a vampire, you won't be out in the sun anyway!

Deluxe Vampire Dual Ring
Gothic Vampire Ring Dual Ring with Chain Costume Accessory
Gothic Skulls Spike & Chain Pewter Ring
I love the idea of adding rings to your Halloween costume.  It is that type of attention to detail that moves your Halloween costume into the realm of an actual outfit worthy of the big screen.  This is a cool ring for vampires and vampire hunters alike.  Boy or girl, this double ring will garner compliments and create more air of believability with your costume!
Winged Vampire Halloween Costume
Women's Winged Vampire Halloween Costume Party Idea
Winged Vampire Halloween Costume
Like purchasing Halloween costumes as a complete kit?  Well lady's this winged vampiress costume is for you.  If you're looking to add more customization be sure to check out our deluxe vampiress boots and shoes including unique jewelry necklaces, earrings and bracelets!
Vampire Slayer Axe
Vampire Slayer Axe Halloween Costume Accessory Vampire Hunter
Vampire Slayers Axe Costume Accessory Idea
Vampire slayers take note and one swing with this battle axe to remove any evil vampire.  Vampire hunters will appreciate its ergonomic design that will keep those long nights of swinging from catching up with you the next day!  Over 2 feet long this faux axe is the most realistic looking one we could find.  We are very happy with this find, and after you tuck it into your belt, you will be too.
Zombie Bottle
Zombie Head Decanter Bottle for sale!
Zombie Head Bottle

Dracula Vampire Wig
Dracula Wig Halloween Costume For Sale
Classic Dracula Vampire Wig
If you are going for that classic movie Dracula look then you've found the perfect wig! Build your own vampire Halloween costume with the help of this wig and any of the other deluxe Halloween costume accessories that we carry here. Don't forget to check out our seriously nice full length capes, velvet cloaks, vampire jewelry and moving fangs!
Moving Vampire FX Fangs
Deluxe Moving Vampire Teeth Move Up and Down
Retractable Vampire Fangs FX Deluxe
Yeah, Hollywood movable vampire fangs! They are moldable to your mouth and secure to your teeth with included kit. I will state that the reviews are not great across the board on this product though. From what I can tell, they work best with large mouths. I personally have not tried these, though completely plan too as soon as I have an excuse. I have hopes that they will function well enough with my mouth, being 6' 4" and a low body fat % should work as good as they are going to with anyone.  If you click through to the product page, there is a very short video of very attractive woman showing them in motion!  Very cool idea, and you can raise and lower them with a flick of your tongue.
Vampire Pointy Ears
Vampire Ears Halloween Costume Accessory
Vampire Ears Costume Accessory Idea
Like working on your own Halloween costume ideas.  Pick up some pointy ear costume accessories and build yourself a unique vampire look that no one else at the Halloween party will have!

Coffin Death Mints
Halloween Time Coffin Death Mints and Tin
Coffin Death Mints
Buffy Vampire Stake TV Replica
Buffy The Vampire Slayer TV Show Vampire Stake Replica
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Replica Slayer's Stake
Are you dressing up this Halloween as a Vampire Slayer or Vampire Hunter?  Maybe you are just a fan of the hit TV show "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"?  Perhaps both!  Whether you want to tuck this vampire stake into your belt for Halloween or just display it on your desk you will discover all the other people in your life who watched Buffy.
Lady's Vampiress Costume Top
Vampire Slayer Halloween Costume Deluxe Top
Gothic Victorian Vampy Corset Top Blouse
This is a great top for the ladies to wear out on the town Saturday night.  For our purposes this could work for a deluxe Halloween costume accessory for a vampire or vampire hunter!
Deluxe Vampire Boot Shoe
Vampire Slayer Boots Halloween Costume Accessory
Vampire Platform Pump Gothic Accessory
Tough goth styled vampire or vampire hunting shoe.  Black with red accent stitching and silver clasps and rivets help to make this one tough looking shoe for any night out or October 31st only!  Great for shorter ladies looking to alter their appearance even more on Halloween with the addition of a few extra inches of height!

Just in case you run out of blood for your fellow vampires this Halloween
~Halloween Candy For Sale~

Cherry Flavored Blood Filled Eyeball Gum Halloween Candy  Blood Candy IV Bag Halloween Treat for Sale  Garlic Vampire Repelling Mints for Sale   Red Health Energy Potion Halloween Drink Holy Bible Tin and Cross Shaped Mints for sale  Tru Blood Vampire Drink HBOs True Blood Synthetic Blood Drink

Deluxe Vampire Hunter Dual Ring
Vampire Slayer Ring Battle Axe Chain Dual Ring
Spike & Chain Skulls Crystal Axe Pewter Ring
Battle axe dual finger ring is like the popular finger cuff styled rings but with open space connected with a chain.  The battle axe is a perfect and discrete warning to the vampire you are about to slay!  Our idea would be to of course purchase a battle axe to take as your vampire slaying weapon of choice to keep the theme going!
Dracula Vampire Mask
Inexpensive Dracula Halloween Mask For Sale
Inexpensive Vampire Mask
An inexpensive and simple alternative to makeup, and heavily involved, layered Halloween costumes.  This is a great option for people who like to put their costume on walking up to the door of the party and focus on other aspects of the evening.
Vampire Victim Severed Head Prop
Vampire Victim Severed Head Halloween Prop Idea
Vampire Bite Severed Head Halloween Prop
A gory Halloween party prop idea.  This person didn't make it.  The blood dripping fang punctures on her neck reveal that she may have turned vampire before she was decapitated.  If not, this was just a cruel last step from the vampire that drained her, to sever her head.  Either way your Halloween party guests will get the idea that they are at a vampire themed Halloween party!
Ice Straw Mold
Functional Straws Made of Ice!
Ice Straw Mold

Spiked Vampire Hunter Boot
Spiked Vampire Hunter Boots Halloween Accessory For Sale
Spiked Vampire Platform Black Knee Boot
These may be one of the tougher full length boots that we carry.  Black with buckles and of course the large tough rubber spikes protruding throughout the boot upper and lower go a really long way to selling that evil vampire look or super serious tough vampire slayer aura.  Either way, this is a win, and they've got good reviews too!
Vampire Slayer Costume
Women's Vampire Slayer Halloween Costume Idea
Vampire Hunter Womens Halloween Costume
Looking for a relatively complete vampire slayer look out of the bag?  Look no further!  Don't forget to check out our deluxe Halloween costume accessories like replica Buffy the Vampire Slayer stake, finger cuffs, necklaces and more!
Studded Cross Vampire Slayer Ring
Vampire Hunter Stud Covered Cross Dual Finger Ring Accessory
Vampire Hunter Womens Halloween Costume
Planning on having to punch a vampire?  Well this is your ticket (okay really not for punching, 1. punching bad 2. this isn't that strong).  However for our purposes of 'looking' a part on Halloween night, this will go a long way to helping you look the vampire slayer part!  Everyone knows that vampires hate crosses.  This double ring cross with spiked studs looks like something any serious vampire hunter should wear!

Bottle Opener Ring
Bottle Opener Ring perfect for Halloween bottles!
Bottle Opener Ring
Vampire Monster Mask
Vampire Monster Halloween Mask Idea
Rotting Vampire Halloween Mask
This is one old looking vampire monster.  Nearly skeletal, or at least super dry and cracked skin with huge fangy teeth will help to create that evil vampire look that will be sure to scare the little kids Trick or Treating, and maybe a few guests at the Vampire Halloween Party!
Vampyr Book Secret Compartment
Vampyr Book Replica from TV's Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Vampyr Book Replica
Vampyr.  This is a seriously cool vampire Halloween party decoration.  Plus after the party, you can put it on your book shelf and have a cool and secret hiding place for all your valuables.  Inside the book is a hidden compartment!  Fans of TVs Buffy the Vampire Slayer will appreciate this as it appeared in several episodes!  Take our idea and put something like the bottle opener inside so everyone  (well most everyone) has to handle and open the book - they won't be able to help but get in the spirit.
Vampire Earring Wrap
Vampire Earring Wrap Costume Accessory
Gothic Rennaisance Vampire Earring
A great earring full ear wrap that has a gothic yet victorian feel of inspiration. This is one of those fine details that can really help to finish an otherwise so-so Vampire or Vampire Hunter Halloween costume.

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