Party Ideas For A Vampire Themed Halloween

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Even More Vampires
Halloween isn't just about the costume, especially if you're throwing a Halloween party!  Don't forget the background music, we've got a very highly rated Transylvania vampire ambient CD for that.  Want more than drinks and snacks for your fellow vampires?  Check out our wide line of vampire board games that we grouped for you.  Even if you don't dress up as a vampire, we've got a huge selection of vampire slayer Halloween costume accessories for you to build ten outfits!  If you're looking for some tips and ideas for this upcoming Halloween, be sure to read under each item as we've personally included our own insight into everything from hosting the Halloween party, to building the perfectly custom Halloween costume!

Custom Designed Vampire Hunter Halloween Costume
Custom Deluxe Vampire Slayer Halloween Costume
- Sunset Feast
- Vampires vs Vampire Slayers
- Vampire Virus Apocalypse
- Vampire vs Werewolves
- Attack At Sunrise
- Victorian Vampire Dinner Party
- Midnight Vampire Meeting
- Vampire Scavenger Hunt
- Head Vampire Power Play
Men's Vampire Halloween Costume
Deluxe Vampire Halloween Costume Complete Set
Gothic Vampire Ultimate Elite Collection Halloween Costume
This men's vampire Halloween costume allows for one stop shopping.  A nice vampire costume, and comes in a complete set.  As always take our idea and add a few extra costume accessories like unique rings, glasses or top everything off with our super nice lined crushed velvet cloaks!  Comes with everything pictured but the pants and shoes.
Vampire Party Music
Halloween Party Music Vampire Theme CD For Sale
Transylvania Vampire Halloween CD Party Music
All to often over looked the music or background score to your Halloween party.  Set the mood from the instant your guests get close enough to hear.  When the conversation lulls the vampire party music CD spinning will keep things vampy.  I've got a few of these "Nox Arcana" themed CDs and have always been impressed.
Vampire Board Game
Halloween Vampire Party Activity Idea Vampire Board Game
A Touch Of Evil Supernatural Vampire Game
Vampire board games!  Halloween parties are often missing the music as we just discussed, but also activities.  Not like you want to put your adult Halloween party guests on a schedule, but being able to offer activities for those party guests who enjoy them is a top shelf move!  This vampire board game "A Touch Of Evil" gets high reviews and comes from an established game creator "Flying Frog."
Severed Staked Vampire Head
Staked Vampire Severed Head Halloween Party Prop
Bloody Vampire Staked Head Prop
Bloody and gory!  This vampire has met its end.  Severed from its body and then staked to the ground in an old school attempt to keep the demon vampire from rising for revenge.  A great prop for any vampire party, and a nice idea to add as an accessory to your vampire hunting/slaying costume!  This can get messy, but get a fine mister, add some oil (mineral if you can, vegetable or olive if not) and lightly mist the bloody parts.  Really helps make it look like real blood and really fresh!  PLEASE check on a small section first to make sure it won't lift off the paint.
Full Vampire Costume Set
Deluxe Vampiress Halloween Costume For Sale
Female Victorian Vampire Costume - 7 Piece Set
This is a great lady's vampire costume.  Order this, and be done if you're in a hurry or on a budget.  Take it another step further with the idea of our deluxe vampy jewelry, retractable fangs, knee high boots and temporary tattoos!
Severed Vampire Head with LED Eyes
Severed Vampire Head Halloween Prop with LED Eyes
Light Up Severed Vampire Head Halloween Prop
The old vampire and Dracula movies they were always able to draw in their prey with an enchanting gaze.  Even though this vampire has been severed from it's body something remains.  Your Halloween party guests will feel the evil gaze as they pass by the illuminated eyes on this severed vampire head Halloween decoration idea!

Deluxe Vampire Halloween Costume
Deluxe Ghoulish Vampire Halloween Costume Ideas
Deluxe Shadow Stalker Vampire Costume
A great mask with super huge and creepy hands round out this vampire Halloween costume.  Coat and neck piece included.  This vampire costume generally adds about 1 solid foot to your normal height!  To round out your Halloween costume idea try adding some of our women's or men's deluxe goth styled boots.  I like the idea of adding our deluxe cloak to this costume.  I can just see those huge hands slipping out of the closed cloak for the first time as you enter the door of the Halloween party!  1st prize awaits!
Extra Long Vampire Fingernails
Extra Long Black Fingernail Halloween Costume Accessories Vampire
Long Black Vampire Fingernail Kit
Of course you've got long pointy finger nails, you've lived for over a century.  The upkeep on the little things like that just go by the wayside after the first 100 years.  A nice detail idea for any vampire costume that still allows you to hold a drink in your hand unlike some other large clumsy Halloween costume gloves.  Where are your priorities?
Vampire Seductress Costume
Elegant Vampiress Halloween Costume Ideas
Women's Immortal Seductress Vampire Costume
A great black dress with a flowing end.  The back lace attaches to the arms creating an almost winged or spider web feeling that will help keep that vampire theme at the Halloween party!
Life Sized Vampire Prop
Life Size Vampire Hanging Halloween Decoration Idea
Life Size Vampire Hanging Prop
This hanging vampire prop is about 5 feet long and comes complete with creepy hands.  The angry vampire face and open mouth help to give some scary motion.  Just add a strobe light and maybe hang on the inside of the bathroom door.  People won't expect it and will get a quick startle as they shut the door behind them!
Deluxe Lined Cloak Accessory
Halloween Party Vampire Theme Ideas Deluxe Cloak For Sale
Lined Black-Red Cloak Vampire Costume Accessory
I really love this product.  I plan on adding this to my Halloween costumes as soon as possible.  This full length cloak (cape with hood) is in the classic Dracula/vampire black outside and red lined.  Crushed velvet and full lining make this one hell of an addition to any vampire Halloween costume.  Let's face it, you could use this on all of your future Halloween costumes, and Halloween decoration displays.  Better yet, they come in a ton of colors and designs!
Vampire Huntress Deluxe Boot
Deluxe Vampire or Vampire Hunter Women's Boots
Women's Vampire Slayer Boots
We're not saying you need to be any tougher to take on a vampire.  As a vampire slayer, I'm sure you've been training your whole life for this, however these boots with 'metal' accents really do kick up the bad ass aura of your costume a few notches - even just as you walk into a room.  These are designed for women, but men take heart click through the link as we've got a ton of men's versions too!

Vampiress Halloween Costume
Women's Vampire Halloween Costume
Women's Blood Thirsty Vampire Costume
This vampiress Halloween has gotten a couple reviews so far, and all of them good!  The sizing might run a bit on the small size but unlike other big box stores, we offer several size options on our bag Halloween costume kits!  Like the look?  Click through the link above to get more details and purchase!
Vampire Hunter Spiked Ring
Vampire Slayer Spiked Ring Halloween Costume Accessory Idea
Vampire Hunter Spiked Gold Ring
Training every day to slay all night long will only get you so far young slayer.  You must also have tools, and the occasional tricks to get yourself out of a tight.  This spiked gold ring will help get the 'point' across the next time you run into an evil vampire.  I like to dip mine in a garlic and holy water solution just to be sure.
Deluxe Leather Vampire Accessory Vest
Vampire Slayer Leather Vest Halloween Costume Accessory Idea
Vampire Hunter Halloween Costume Victorian Vest
I'm not going to lie to you, I'm not sure I could pull this off, but I like this vest so much that if I had the extra coin I would try to incorporate it into my daily wear.  Not to the grocery store or anything, but on a haunted woods investigation or something.  What do you think?  To much?  Anyway, this is the most excellent addition to any vampire slayer or vampire hunter Halloween costume.  I would think this would work well enough for men or women.
Zombie Bottle
Zombie Head Decanter Bottle for sale!
Zombie Head Bottle

Vampire Skeleton Skull Mask
Vampire Skull Halloween Mask
Vampire Skull Halloween Mask
A great twist on the classic victorian or goth styled vampire.  This vampire skull Halloween mask will show all the other vampires just how hard core you don't even need flesh or skin.  Latex based.
Vampy Halloween Costume Top
Halloween Costume Party Ideas Deluxe Vampire Cotumes
Gothic Vampire Deluxe Halloween Costume Top
Hey the vampire slayer can show off her feminine side too.  This flowing floral patterned renaissance top is great for the vampire hunter or the vampiress herself.  Build your own costume and decide yourself!
Vampire Severed Head Decoration
Gypsy Vampire Severed Head Halloween Prop Idea
Severed Vampire Head Halloween Prop
I know what you're thinking, yet another severed vampire head.  Take our crazy and theatrical idea.  Alright, so buy a bunch of these different vampire heads we sell and keep them out in your car or hide them in the party locals yard.  Go into the party maybe with one head's hair tucked into your belt.  Later on (whenever you feel it) look out the window suddenly with great haste yell "out of my way dam it!" and blast out the door and into the dark.  Grab another severed vamp head from your stash and strut back into the Halloween party pronouncing "...this one almost got away...almost" and hold your prize high.  Continue all night until your out of heads.  Take the idea further if you can hide one in the attic and basement too!  Also helps if you have an axe, sword or knife with your costume.

Coffin Death Mints
Halloween Time Coffin Death Mints and Tin
Coffin Death Mints
Swinging Vampire Party Prop
Rocking Vampire Halloween Prop
Very cool rocking animated vampire hangs upside down to creep out your party guests.  I like this vampire Halloween party prop just about anywhere.  One of our ideas would be to put in a doorway where people would have to move around it to pass through (could get broke so come to terms with that before hand), or hang over the food or drink area!
Animated Vampire Mask!
Animated Vampire Halloween Mask Mouth Moves!
Vampire Night Stalker Ani-Motion Mask
The outside of this vampire Halloween mask actually moves with your face!  Unfortunately I have yet to use any masks featuring this technology.  I have however researched it and the quality reviews seem overall positive.  There are small pads, often adjustable that your own face presses against as you move.  The results are lifelike movements on the outside of the mask!  Super cool!  We proudly carry several different versions of the ani-motion or moving Halloween mask.  Be sure to check out our other pages listing the different Halloween Party Theme ideas including Zombies and Werewolves to find more of these top shelf Halloween masks!
Vampiress Halloween Costume Dress
Halloween Vampiress Costume Lady Vampire
Gothic Vampira Ultimate Elite Collection Halloween Costume
Just because you are a blood sucking vampire demon doesn't mean you can't look good!  This vampiress dress is a great start and finish if you're in a hurry.  If not spend some time looking at our accessories like the kick ass kicks below for that dressed vampire look, or any of our gothic necklaces and rings on the following vampire pages.  Don't forget your vampire teeth and maybe TV land brow ridge line vampire makeup kit.  

Be prepared when the Vampires show up this Halloween!
~Halloween Candy For Sale~

Cherry Flavored Blood Filled Eyeball Gum Halloween Candy  Blood Candy IV Bag Halloween Treat for Sale  Garlic Vampire Repelling Mints for Sale   Red Health Energy Potion Halloween Drink Holy Bible Tin and Cross Shaped Mints for sale  Tru Blood Vampire Drink HBOs True Blood Synthetic Blood Drink
Vampire Halloween Candy & Treats

Super Creepy Vampire Mask
Creepy Vampire Halloween Mask For Sale
Vampire Overhead Latex Halloween Mask
In a word...creepy.  This sort of looks like a fluke worm or something, but does have the classic vampire fangs.  The eye covering is a great addition and really takes the realism up a few notches from the normal cut out holes that ruin most auras a mask is trying to create.  I like the idea of pairing our deluxe cloak with this, maybe white gloves, and the traditional Dracula wardrobe.  Then, pull off your hood and bam!  Everyone is surprised!
Hinged Vampire Jeweled Ring
Vampire Halloween Costume Accessory Casket Ring For Sale
Poison Casket Ring Gothic Pewter Ring
This screams Dracula.  This is totally something he/it would wear.  Great for men or women, the blood red jewel lifts to a functional but small storage space!  This would even work for the vampire slayer if that's how you roll.
Vampire Halloween Costume Gloves
Vampire Hands Halloween Costume Accessory Idea
Nosferatu Vampire Hands Costume Accessory
Vampire hands costume accessory.  Works with any vampire or Dracula costume that you'd rather avoid the classic white dress gloves.  The color seems to be close enough to match the mask to the far left if it is dark at the Halloween party.
Ice Straw Mold
Functional Straws Made of Ice!
Ice Straw Mold

Vampiress Ghost Costume
Vampire Ghost Lady's Vampiress Halloween Costume Idea
Lady Gruesome Female Vampire Costume
I like this.  A bit different than the straight goth vampire Halloween costume.  It almost looks like you'd be a vampire that has fallen on hard times.  Just sick of the 9-5 grind after a few hundred years you've given up on new, cloths or even washing and mending the old ones.  Can't blame ya, workin for the man will wear anyone down eventually.
Vampire Hunting Gun
Vampire Slayer Stake Gun Halloween Costume Accessory Idea
Vampire Hunting Arrow Gun
Love these steam punk inspired, country dark goth weaponry.  We carry a ton of different styles and models.  This one has six barrels that are large enough for a small wooden stake (doesn't actually shoot or come with wooden stakes...this is just our free idea to you for a decorative mod).  The creator does sell several holsters so if you want to strap this baby to your hip this Halloween to really sell that vampire slayer Halloween costume, I think that 1st place prize is well within your reach chosen one.
Life Size Vampire Statue - Eyes Follow!
Life Sized Count Dracula Statue With Moving Eyes
Count Dracula Deluxe Vampire Statue
This life sized free standing (with included base) Dracula vampire statue will have all your Halloween party guests questioning if there is more to it than meets the eye.  The eyes follow you as you pass and glow with LED light.  The back is flat so that it could be more easily used up against a wall, however the cape design does help obscure this to keep with the realism when not used against a wall.  Our idea for this would be of course to have it greet your Halloween party guests at the door either inside or out depending on the climate of course!

Bottle Opener Ring
Bottle Opener Ring perfect for Halloween bottles!
Bottle Opener Ring
Vampire Halloween Mask
Old Vampire Halloween Mask For Sale
Old Vampire Latex Mask - Nosferatu
Intense.  The look on this vampire Halloween mask is an intense stare from an old vampire.  I do really like when latex styled Halloween masks use 'real' hair instead of paint.  The mask fits fairly well into our deluxe criteria since it does go down the neck to keep from having that fake mask line.  Just wear a high collar or something with a half way tight neck and you'll perfectly hide the real you underneath!
Life Size Coffin Casket
Halloween Party Decoration Ideas Life Sized Coffin Prop
Vampire Coffin Halloween Decoration
Okay, still not crazy that they chose a kid to model with this life sized coffin
.  At any rate, I do like the two stage door that they built into this coffin.  A cardboard casket for all your vampire Halloween party decorating.  Set this up on the front porch and stuff a vampire prop inside, or yourself to scare your party guests (at your own risk).  Lean in a corner with it closed and everyone walking by will be waiting for someone to jump out at them every time they pass!
Vampire Bride Severed Head
Vampire Bride Severed Head Halloween Party Prop
Bloody Gory Severed Vampire Bride Head Halloween Prop
Can you really have enough severed vampire heads?  If you are going as a vampire hunter for Halloween the answer is no.  Makes a great idea for your vampire themed Halloween party.  Toss one of these on the food table to really push some of your guests to the gross out level...after all it is Halloween!

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