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More Vampire Ideas
Can't get enough Vampires?  You're in the right place.  Get all the supplies and ideas you could want for your vampire themed Halloween party.  We've got a ton of ideas and tips written into each description so be sure to not miss those.  Not just vampire Halloween masks, but unique vampire inspired accessories such as gothic vampire jewelry, Victorian renaissance lady's tops, and plenty of TV inspired products like vampire makeup kits, and Ouija boards!

Custom Designed Vampire Hunter Halloween Costume
Custom Deluxe Vampire Slayer Halloween Costume
- Sunset Feast
- Vampires vs Vampire Slayers
- Vampire Virus Apocalypse
- Vampire vs Werewolves
- Attack At Sunrise
- Victorian Vampire Dinner Party
- Midnight Vampire Meeting
- Vampire Scavenger Hunt
- Head Vampire Power Play
Demon Vampire Mask
Deluxe Vampire Demon Halloween Mask with Chest Piece
Red Demon Vampire Latex Horror Mask
Yeah, this is one kick but, evil looking vampire Halloween mask.  It fits my criteria for deluxe because of the clearly connected neck an chest piece.  This goes a long way to helping look like you stepped off a movie set.  No mask lines right under the chin or on the neck.  You can take our idea of wearing something on top that will help show off the top of the chest piece.
Huge 12' Tall Hanging Vampire
Huge Vampire Hanging Halloween Party Decoration Idea
12' Vampire Hanging Halloween Prop
This thing is huge!  At 12 feet long this hanging vampire with exposed hands will creep out all of your guests.  For the size alone this vampire prop is a must for any vampire themed Halloween party.  The huge size makes it work great outside hanging from a tree or take our idea and hang it out a 2nd story window (just do this before you've had a few celebratory Halloween drinks, we want to see you back here again next year).
Lady's Elegant Vampire Costume
Lady's Vampire Halloween Costume Idea
Gothic Purple Vampires Halloween Costume
I love the high collar and super wide sleeve cuffs on this vampiress Halloween costume.  The lacy look and dark colors will add an aura of vampire that will help you pull together a killer Halloween costume.  Check out our goth vampire boots, and super dark and unique jewelry that would take this costume from good to 1st place prize!
Modern Vampire Men's Costume
Modern Day Vampire Halloween Costume For Sale
Very Cool Vampire Costume
The cape with high collar, attached vest and ruffled shirt help to make this a simple and quick Halloween costume idea for any active guy on the go!
Vampire Wig Costume Accessory
Deluxe Vampire Wig Long Hair Victorian Old World Style
Old World Vampire Wig Halloween Accessory
Take this wig and add it to any of our mens or womens Halloween vampire costumes to add important details.  Adding a wig to any Halloween costume is a great idea and makes the person that everyone knows even more difficult to identify at the party...does that make it sound like you're going to commit a crime?  Yeah, don't do that.
Deluxe Vampire Slayer Bracelet
  Spiked Gold Bracelet Vampire Hunter Halloween Costume Accessory  
Spiked Cuff Bracelet Vampire Halloween Accessory
For many people the Halloween costume sets or kits are fine enough.  Not for you though.  You are passionate about Halloween, and certainly not a quitter.  Take your vampire or vampire hunter Halloween costume idea, and kick it up a few notches to exceptional with items like this spiked fighting cuff.  If this one doesn't do it for you we've got several to choose from!  Gold, Brass or Silver color!

Vampire Blood Drop Earring Wrap
Vampiress Earring Halloween Costume Blood Drop Ear Wrap
Vampire Gothic Blood Drop Earring
Ear wrap earrings are beautiful, elegant and unique.  Most people just don't feel comfortable trying to pull them off for just a random Friday night out.  Use Halloween this year as a practice run for showing off your artsy side, and hey look to the right - they area set!
Vampire Blood Drop Necklace
Victorian Gothic Vampiress Necklace Blood Drop Halloween Costume
Vampire Gothic Blood Drop Necklace
A cool blood drop necklace that can be worn all by itself or with any of the other pieces of the jewelry set.  The thorn ivy metal holds onto the blood drop jewels.  Works for any vampire or elegant vampire huntress!
Vampire Blood Drop Bracelet
Blood Drop Thorn Bracelet Lady Vampire Halloween Costume Accessory
Vampire Gothic Blood Drop Bracelet
If you're big on continuity then the set of all three blood drop jewelry pieces might be for you.  They work each alone too mind you.  This cool bracelet features thorned ivy with blood drop jewels.  Add a little detail to your vampiress Halloween costume idea!
Candy Shot Glass!
Halloween Candy Gummy Shot Glasses for sale
Gummy Shot Glasses
Animated Severed Head Life Sized Halloween Prop
Deluxe Vampire Halloween Party Decoration Idea Severed HeadHalloween Party Vampire Decoration Idea Animated Life Sized Severed Head
6 Foot Spinning Head Vampire Halloween Prop Costume
OH yes and it moves!  My idea for this Halloween party prop is to take an extra set of vampire fangs or vampire teeth and attach them to the prop.  This way it looks like a vampire hunter came through and did what they do!  Life sized and animated.  Add a strobe light and you could use this inside or out! (with all outdoor powered props please make sure all appropriate safety measures are taken...and if you don't know what they are then find out!)
Angel Vampire Makeup Kit
Angel TV Show Vampire Costume Makeup Kit
Buffy, Angel, Latex Prosthetic Vampire Makeup Kit
This is an excellent vampire Halloween costume.  If I ever go as a vampire for Halloween, I think I'm shooting more for an Angle or Buffy vampire.  This prosthetic brow or ridge goes a long way to selling that vampire look.  It does take practice getting everything on and looking good so try days or weeks before the big night!  Be sure to take our idea and at least check out our retractable vampire fangs and pointy ear Halloween costume accessories.

Vampire Casket Ring - Opens!
Vampire Casket Ring Halloween Costume Accessory
Gothic Casket Vampire Ring
This ring would be super recommended for any vampire or vampire hunter Halloween costume.  But wait there's more...ha yeah, I just said actually opens!  Not sure what you could actually fit, but beyond that it is super cool.  Great conversational piece too.  Just ask everyone at the party what they think you should keep inside.  Take our idea, and maybe put some can tell people "it is from my home land, where I once rested in piece" in your best Dracula ascent!
Vampire Communication Board
Vampire Communication Board Halloween Party Activity Game
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Conversations with Dead People Board
Alright, so I'll be honest.  I don't remember what this has to do with vampires or more specifically as it is marketed currently with Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  I'm guessing that it was featured in one of the episodes that I either missed or forget.  Pretty cool and a little different take on the Ouija Board.  I like the idea of having this around as a Halloween party activity for those brave enough.
Vampiress Deluxe Costume Top
Vampire or Vampire Huntress Halloween Costume
Vampire or Vampire Hunter Halloween Costume Top
A great Halloween costume accessory or just wear a bad ass looking pair of blue jeans with to go as the vampire slayer!  Build your own vampiress or vampire huntress Halloween costume around your favorite piece!  Maybe this is your new favorite piece!
Zombie Bottle
Zombie Head Decanter Bottle for sale!
Zombie Head Bottle

Deluxe Vampire Shoes
Victorian Vampiress Shoe Deluxe Halloween Costume Idea
Vampire Bat Platform Costume Accessory
A unique shoe for the ladies that I couldn't pass up including.  I think this says more vampiress - like I lived through the Victorian era and remember those I ate on the Mayflower.  Pairs well with the Vampire Halloween Costume to the right!
Steam Punk Vampire Hunter Coat
Halloween Costume Accessory Idea Vampire Hunter Coat
Vampire Hunter Coat Halloween Costume
Yup, I hope we are not going to the same costume party, because this just went on my list.  An actual coat, with caplets and a steampunk inspired design!  Add a cool ring, leather wrist wrap, battle axe and stake for the perfect idea of a vampire hunter!  Hint, there is a great wrist wrap below that matches this outfit!  Oh and there is a super cool real vest on the next 'Vampire' page that would really help pull this slayer costume together!
Vampire Claw Nails Bracelet Idea
Deluxe Vampire Halloween Costume Accessory Idea Claw Rings and Bracelet
Bat Hand Vampire Jewelry
Talk about unique ideas for vampire Halloween costume accessories!  Everyone at the Halloween party is going to want to try it one, or at least get a closer look.  The chains connecting the bracelet and the bat to the finger nail claws are very fine, so please take care while wearing it!  

Coffin Death Mints
Halloween Time Coffin Death Mints and Tin
Coffin Death Mints
Bloody Hungry Vampire
Vampire Halloween Mask Bloody Monster
Bloody Vampyre Halloween Mask
Wow, got blood?  This cat did.  A nice and scary, bloody and angry looking vampire Halloween mask.  Throw it on and you can be done.  Take our ideas and go a step or two further with a little black makeup around the eye, and our black or red full length deluxe cloak.  Now you're standing out at the Halloween party.
Men's Vampire Costume
Vampire Halloween Costume For Sale
Victorian Vampire Halloween Party Costume
A dapper vampire with the half length cape, vest and attached shirt.  The small chains in the front are a nice touch and will let you throw this on (with some pants, unless it's that kind of party) and be ready to go.  Adding our retractable vampire teeth might be a good idea to really sell the vampire!
Vampire Knuckle Ring - Hinges!
Knuckle Ring Vampire Halloween Costume Idea
Pewter Finger Armor Ring Vampire Accessory
A great vampire Halloween costume accessory idea!  These knuckle rings are elegant, and tough at the same time.  Very reminiscent of a mid evil knights protection.  Heck, maybe as a vampire you used to live in the mid evil times!  This is also a fashionable way for the vampire hunter to keep their digits protected whilst vanquishing vampires back to hell!  Ha...whilst.

Deluxe Vampiress Costume Idea
Vampire Bite Mark Tattoo Halloween Costume Accessory Idea
Vampire Bite Temporary Tattoo Pack
Vampire bite mark tattoos!  Show off your getting turned into a vampire with pride.  We carry several versions from straight hole bite marks to blood dripping bite marks.  All in removable temporary tattoos!
Vampire Hunter Dagger Necklace
Vampire Slayer Cross Necklace Goth Halloween Costume Accessory
Dangling Daggers Gothic Collar Necklace
An elegant but bad ass necklace for the vampire slayer Halloween costume accessory idea.  The daggers for crosses which are a double whammy for any vampires that get to close!
Vampire Hunter Slayer Kit!
Deluxe Vampire Hunting Kit Stake, Holy Water, Cross and Malat
Complete Vampire Slayer Kit Deluxe
Complete your vampire hunter Halloween costume look with this deluxe vampire slaying kit!  They got the idea right with not only a steak and hammer but a cross and bottle for holy water.  Not only do all other kits not come with all that, but this hammer and spike look super realistic and dated.  This is a win.  Our idea would be to simply tuck these items in your belt when not holding in your hands.  You never know when a vampire is going to attack!
Ice Straw Mold
Functional Straws Made of Ice!
Ice Straw Mold

Huge 8 Foot Hanging Vampire
Large Vampire Halloween Party Decoration Idea Vampire with Wings
8' Vampire Prop with Wings
Freaky and cool!  At a huge 8 feet tall you could hang this from the ceiling and have it touching the floor in most homes.  Set it up on your front door to greet your Halloween party guests to get them in the vampire mood right away.  Maybe try the idea of hanging it in a tree  or outside on the house!  Add a smoke machine and a strobe light to really sell the creepy factor!
Vampiress Sun Umbrella
Vampire Costume Accessory Lace Sun Umbrella
Black Elegant Lace Parasol Accessory Idea
Any self respecting vampiress wouldn't be caught alive out in public without their victorian era sun shade umbrella.  This will add a super unique dimension to your vampiress Halloween costume that no-one else at the Halloween party will have...unless they shop here too.
60" Animated Vampire Spider
Animated Spider Vampire Halloween Party Decoration Idea
60 Inch Animated Spider Vampire
Huge.  It's a vampire, it's a spider, it's a is very cool.  Comes complete with the spider web which helps when hanging this thing between trees in your yard or on the garage door opening.  Our idea for your Halloween party would be to stretch this over the front door up high and make people uncomfortably duck down underneath to get inside.  We sell automated drop down spiders too, that would be a great addition to this.  Your Halloween party guests would be ducking underneath, stepping inside, and just when they thought they were in the clear - bam, that's when you're drop down spider lunges from the high up hiding place to let them know that it is Halloween, and no-one is safe.

Bottle Opener Ring
Bottle Opener Ring perfect for Halloween bottles!
Bottle Opener Ring
Blade 3 Hungry Vampire Mask
Blade 3 Vampire Movie Mask for Halloween Parties
FX Vampire Reaper Theatrical Makeup Costume Mask
Like the Blade films?  I like Jessica Biel...Beil...well she'd probably change her last name anyway...what was I saying?  Oh yeah, the Blade vampires, well one species anyway looked very much like this when they were hungry and ready to eat!  A unique and frightful Halloween vampire mask.
Vampire Hunter Costume Accessory
Vampire Hunter Leather Wrist Wrap Cuff Costume Accessory
Leather Cuff Wrap Gothic Wristband Bracelet With Buckle Fastening
Super cool and super tough.  Comes in black or brown.  I want.  The perfect addition to any vampire hunter or vampire slayer Halloween costume.
Branded Vampire Monster Mask
Vampire Monster Mask with Cross Brand Halloween Costume
Vampire Demon Halloween Mask
This vampire Halloween mask gives the idea that you scrapped with a vampire slayer and won.  The cross brand on the forehead is a constant reminder...good thing mirrors don't work for you.


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