Party Ideas For Halloween Vampire Hunter Costume

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Custom Lady's Deluxe Vampire Slayer Halloween Costume
Vampires don't stand a chance against this powerful custom lady's deluxe Vampire Slayer Halloween Costume.  Mix and match your favorite pieces or purchase them all and trust that they make the most unique and best Halloween costume.

Custom Designed Vampire Hunter Halloween Costume
Custom Deluxe Vampire Slayer Halloween Costume

  Vampire Hunter Dagger Necklace
Vampire Slayer Cross Necklace Goth Halloween Costume Accessory
Dangling Daggers Gothic Collar Necklace
An elegant but bad ass necklace for the vampire slayer Halloween costume accessory idea.  The daggers for crosses which are a double whammy for any vampires that get to close!
  Deluxe Lined Cloak Accessory
Halloween Party Vampire Theme Ideas Deluxe Cloak For Sale
Lined Black-Red Cloak Vampire Costume Accessory
I really love this product.  I plan on adding this to my Halloween costumes as soon as possible.  This full length cloak (cape with hood) is in the classic Dracula/vampire black outside and red lined.  Crushed velvet and full lining make this one hell of an addition to any vampire Halloween costume.  Let's face it, you could use this on all of your future Halloween costumes, and Halloween decoration displays.  Better yet, they come in a ton of colors and designs!
Lady's Vampire Hunter Costume Top
Vampire Slayer Halloween Costume Deluxe Top
Gothic Victorian Vampy Corset Top Blouse
This is a great top for the ladies to wear out on the town Saturday night.  For our purposes this could work for a deluxe Halloween costume accessory for a vampire or vampire hunter!
Vampy Halloween Costume Top
Halloween Costume Party Ideas Deluxe Vampire Cotumes
Gothic Vampire Deluxe Halloween Costume Top
Hey the vampire slayer can show off her feminine side too.  This flowing floral patterned renaissance top is great for the vampire hunter or the vampiress herself.  Build your own costume and decide yourself!
  Vampire Slayer Weapons Belt
Historically Accurate Pirate Costume Belt Single Ring
Pirate Ring Belt Halloween Costume Accessory
This is a pretty nice pirate belt for adding to your costume.  Pirates desired to have several belts and sashes so that they could tuck several pirate pistols in.  This one will match any pirate costume.  Order two and go Han Solo can pull it off; we have faith.
Vampire Slayer Axe
Vampire Slayer Axe Halloween Costume Accessory Vampire Hunter
Vampire Slayers Axe Costume Accessory Idea
Vampire slayers take note and one swing with this battle axe to remove any evil vampire.  Vampire hunters will appreciate its ergonomic design that will keep those long nights of swinging from catching up with you the next day!  Over 2 feet long this faux axe is the most realistic looking one we could find.  We are very happy with this find, and after you tuck it into your belt, you will be too.
Buffy Vampire Stake TV Replica
Buffy The Vampire Slayer TV Show Vampire Stake Replica
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Replica Slayer's Stake
Are you dressing up this Halloween as a Vampire Slayer or Vampire Hunter?  Maybe you are just a fan of the hit TV show "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"?  Perhaps both!  Whether you want to tuck this vampire stake into your belt for Halloween or just display it on your desk you will discover all the other people in your life who watched Buffy.
Vampire Hunter Slayer Kit!
Deluxe Vampire Hunting Kit Stake, Holy Water, Cross and Malat
Complete Vampire Slayer Kit Deluxe
Complete your vampire hunter Halloween costume look with this deluxe vampire slaying kit!  They got the idea right with not only a steak and hammer but a cross and bottle for holy water.  Not only do all other kits not come with all that, but this hammer and spike look super realistic and dated.  This is a win.  Our idea would be to simply tuck these items in your belt when not holding in your hands.  You never know when a vampire is going to attack!
Deluxe Vampire Hunter Dual Ring
Vampire Slayer Ring Battle Axe Chain Dual Ring
Spike & Chain Skulls Crystal Axe Pewter Ring
Battle axe dual finger ring is like the popular finger cuff styled rings but with open space connected with a chain.  The battle axe is a perfect and discrete warning to the vampire you are about to slay!  Our idea would be to of course purchase a battle axe to take as your vampire slaying weapon of choice to keep the theme going!
Vampire Knuckle Ring - Hinges!
Knuckle Ring Vampire Halloween Costume Idea
Pewter Finger Armor Ring Vampire Accessory
A great vampire Halloween costume accessory idea!  These knuckle rings are elegant, and tough at the same time.  Very reminiscent of a medieval knights protection.  Heck, maybe as a vampire you used to live in the medieval times!  This is also a fashionable way for the vampire hunter to keep their digits protected whilst vanquishing vampires back to hell!  Ha...whilst.

Shot Glass!
Halloween Candy Gummy Shot Glasses for sale
Gummy Shot Glasses
Severed Vampire Head with LED Eyes
Severed Vampire Head Halloween Prop with LED Eyes
Light Up Severed Vampire Head Halloween Prop
The old vampire and Dracula movies they were always able to draw in their prey with an enchanting gaze.  Even though this vampire has been severed from it's body something remains.  Your Halloween party guests will feel the evil gaze as they pass by the illuminated eyes on this severed vampire head Halloween decoration idea!
Deluxe Vampire Slayer Boot Shoe
Vampire Slayer Boots Halloween Costume Accessory
Vampire Platform Pump Gothic Accessory
Tough goth styled vampire or vampire hunting shoe.  Black with red accent stitching and silver clasps and rivets help to make this one tough looking shoe for any night out or October 31st only!  Great for shorter ladies looking to alter their appearance even more on Halloween with the addition of a few extra inches of height!
Vampire Hunter Deluxe Boot
Deluxe Vampire or Vampire Hunter Women's Boots
Women's Vampire Slayer Boots
We're not saying you need to be any tougher to take on a vampire.  As a vampire slayer, I'm sure you've been training your whole life for this, however these boots with 'metal' accents really do kick up the bad ass aura of your costume a few notches - even just as you walk into a room.  These are designed for women, but men take heart click through the link as we've got a ton of men's versions too!
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Bottle Opener Ring
Bottle Opener Ring perfect for Halloween bottles!
Bottle Opener Ring