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It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown Board Game
It's The Great Pumpkin
Charlie Brown
Custom  Deluxe Vampire Slayer Halloween Costume
This Vampire Hunter Deluxe Custom Costume is more on the angelic side than the goth side.  We put together some gold jewelry, and lighter colors including a super nice white cloak that will have you slaying vampires in no time and in precious style!

Vampire Slayer Deluxe Costume Top
Vampire or Vampire Huntress Halloween Costume
Vampire or Vampire Hunter Halloween Costume Top
A great Halloween costume accessory or just wear a bad ass looking pair of blue jeans with to go as the vampire slayer!  Build your own vampiress or vampire huntress Halloween costume around your favorite piece!  Maybe this is your new favorite piece!

Deluxe Vampire Slayer Bracelet
  Spiked Gold Bracelet Vampire Hunter Halloween Costume Accessory  
Spiked Cuff Bracelet Vampire Halloween Accessory
For many people the Halloween costume sets or kits are fine enough.  Not for you though.  You are passionaite about Halloween, and certainly not a quiter.  Take your vampire or vampire hunter Halloween costume idea, and kick it up a few notches to exceptional with items like this spiked fighting cuff.  If this one doesn't do it for you we've got several to choose from!  Gold, Brass or Silver color!
Vampire Hunter Spiked Ring
Vampire Slayer Spiked Ring Halloween Costume Accessory Idea
Vampire Hunter Spiked Gold Ring
Training every day to slay all night long will only get you so far young slayer.  You must also have tools, and the occasional tricks to get yourself out of a tight.  This spiked gold ring will help get the 'point' across the next time you run into an evil vampire.  I like to dip mine in a garlic and holy water solution just to be sure.
Studded Cross Vampire Slayer Ring
Vampire Hunter Stud Covered Cross Dual Finger Ring Accessory
Vampire Hunter Womens Halloween Costume
Planning on having to punch a vampire?  Well this is your ticket (okay really not for punching, 1. punching bad 2. this isn't that strong).  However for our purposes of 'looking' a part on Halloween night, this will go a long way to helping you look the vampire slayer part!  Everyone knows that vampires hate crosses.  This double ring cross with spiked studs looks like something any serious vampire hunter should wear!

Deluxe Vampire Hunter Cloak Costume
Deluxe Off White Velvet Cloak Werewolf Halloween Costume Accessory
Ivory White Vampire Hunter Costume Velvet Cloak Lined
 Go the extra mile and check out our super nice deluxe cloaks.  My idea with these cloaks, and they are on my wish list, is to wear a cloak over my Halloween costume.  The ones we carry are super full length and the hood covers up plenty.  Pulling the cloak closed hides your costume; looking down hides your face.  Go to the door all spooky, looking at the ground and cloak closed.  If they let you into the party like that, then you can do your big reveal opening your cloak and showing off your kick-ass costume after they have already been wowed by your kick-ass cloak!

Candy Shot Glass!
Halloween Candy Gummy Shot Glasses for sale
Gummy Shot Glasses
Werewolf Hunter Trick Knife Prop!
Werewolf Hunter Knife with Disappearing Blade Prop Idea
Trick Costume Knife with Disappearing Blade
A great costume accessory for many Halloween costumes, with many different themes makes this an economic purchase.  Look at you being responsible.  Also, a great pairing to the werewolf Halloween costume.  Amaze your friends with the cool trick blade...just make sure no one switched your knife out, right -ahh that'd be horrible.
Vampire Hunter Slayer Kit!
Deluxe Vampire Hunting Kit Stake, Holy Water, Cross and Malat
Complete Vampire Slayer Kit Deluxe
Complete your vampire hunter Halloween costume look with this deluxe vampire slaying kit!  They got the idea right with not only a steak and hammer but a cross and bottle for holy water.  Not only do all other kits not come with all that, but this hammer and spike look super realistic and dated.  This is a win.  Our idea would be to simply tuck these items in your belt when not holding in your hands.  You never know when a vampire is going to attack!
  Vampire Slayer Axe
Vampire Slayer Axe Halloween Costume Accessory Vampire Hunter
Vampire Slayers Axe Costume Accessory Idea
Vampire slayers take note and one swing with this battle axe to remove any evil vampire.  Vampire hunters will appreciate its ergonomic design that will keep those long nights of swinging from catching up with you the next day!  Over 2 feet long this faux axe is the most realistic looking one we could find.  We are very happy with this find, and after you tuck it into your belt, you will be too.
Spiked Vampire Hunter Boot
Spiked Vampire Hunter Boots Halloween Accessory For Sale
Spiked Vampire Platform Black Knee Boot
These may be one of the tougher full length boots that we carry.  Black with buckles and of course the large tough rubber spikes protruding throughout the boot upper and lower go a really long way to selling that evil vampire look or super serious tough vampire slayer aura.  Either way, this is a win, and they've got good reviews too!

  Deluxe Vampire Huntress Shoes
Victorian Vampiress Shoe Deluxe Halloween Costume Idea
Vampire Bat Platform Costume Accessory
A unique shoe for the ladies that I couldn't pass up including.  I think this says more vampiress - like I lived through the Victorian era and remember those I ate on the Mayflower.  Pairs well with the Vampire Halloween Costume to the right!
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