Party Ideas For A Swashbuckling Halloween

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Bottle Opener Ring
Bottle Opener Ring perfect for Halloween bottles!
Bottle Opener Ring
Custom Deluxe Lady's Pirate Halloween Costume
This is one of our favorite Lady's Pirate Halloween Deluxe Costume kit recommendations.  This will give you a good production value; a  theatrical stage presence over any other bag Halloween costume.  The big box stores can't compete with this Halloween costume.  We really like this pirate outfit recommendation probably because we've always had a soft spot for the Bavarian-Gypsy look with a dash of light-hippie or at least a strong Earthiness appeal.  With this deluxe pirate Halloween costume you'll border on Steampunk, and there's nothing wrong with that!  You get all that and the bad ass, strong artsy feel in this Deluxe Lady's Halloween Costume.  Mix and match your own style in to create an even more unique Halloween costume.  As always when using a bag Halloween Costume as your starting point, don't be afraid to make alterations, maybe a steamer-iron-starch tweaking time long before the big night will take your bag Halloween Costume from embarrassing to impressive.

Lady's Deluxe Pirate Captain Hat
Captain Jack Sparrow Pirate Hat for Sale
Jack Sparrow Deluxe Pirate Hat Halloween Accessory
Deluxe pirate hat, just like Captain Jack Sparrow wore in The Pirates of the Caribbean films.  The hats that come with most kits are just not as fine as they could be.  The pirate costume kits, or any costume kit for that matter are ideal for those with limited expectations, money and time.  You will almost always get a better costume if you purchase the high end items separately and put them together yourself.  Often times using real items!
Swashbuckling Women's Pirate Halloween Costume
Buccaneer Pirate Woman's Halloween Costume For Sale
Women's South Seas Siren Pirate Costume
I really like this women's pirate costume.  Don't forget the idea of adding a sash so you can buy a couple of our replica pirate pistols to tuck in!  The lady pirate coin purse would work well with this costume too!  If your Octobers are cold, a pirate overcoat would still pair really well with this entire ensemble.  Well what a coincident, the next item is just that!
SpiritHalloween>com Historically Accurate Pirate Belt - For Him or Her!
Historically Accurate Pirate Costume Belt Single Ring
Pirate Ring Belt Halloween Costume Accessory
This is a great pirate belt for adding a ton of personality to your costume, using a historically accurate re-creation.  Pirates desired to have several belts and sashes so that they could tuck several pirate pistols in.  This one will match any pirate costume.  Order two and go Han Solo can pull it off; we have faith.  Besides you'll want two, one for your sword and a gun tucked in, and another slung loose over the other hip to stash your coin purse off of and another pirate pistol or two!  1st Place Best Halloween Costume here you come!
Deluxe Pirate Hook Costume Accessory
Deluxe Pirate Hook Halloween Costume Accessory
Adult Deluxe Pirate Costume Hook
Kick up any pirate costume you decide to wear up a few notches of original with this custom deluxe pirate hook costume accessory!  Besides you can totally wear this next year in a ton of other costume ideas.

Real Pirate Sword Frog Belt Hanger
Pirate Frog Hilt Belt Attachment For Pirate Halloween Costumes
Leather Sword Demon Frog Belt Hanger
Yup, they call these "frogs" but are basically a belt holder for swords.  They work with different swords, but not all so do your research when you are pairing this with a sword!  These do add a ton of detail and customization to your Pirate Halloween costume.  These are also, real.  Like really made for real swords, not costumes.  That doesn't mean our idea of using it for Halloween that it won't work.  It just means it will be the coolest costume accessory at the party!

Realistic Faux Pirate Sword
Plastic Pirate Sword Deluxe For Halloween Costumes
Halloween Pirate Cutlass Sword for Halloween Costume
Deluxe plastic pirate cutlass sword.  This makes a great accessory complement to your pirate Halloween costume.  The faux metal blade looks real but is plastic!

Coffin Death Mints
Halloween Time Coffin Death Mints and Tin
Coffin Death Mints
Realistic Pirate Replica Pistol
Pirate Pistol Deluxe Realistic Replica Costume Accessory
Pirate Treasure Map Party Game Activity
Super realistic pirate pistol with flanged barrel.  This flintlock nautical style pistol is historically accurate and guaranteed to make the other plastic pistol brining pirates super jealous!  If you've got the resources, pick up several different styles of pirate pistols that we offer for sale.  Tuck a couple in your belt and sash for that historically accurate pirate look!
Lady Pirate Coin Purse
Lady's Pirate Purse Halloween Costume Accessory Idea For Sale
Red Satin Ruched Halloween Pirate Purse
Lady's are you not feeling the skull and crossbones, black coin bag 'look'?  Then look no further with this perfectly detailed coin purse perfect for the pirate on the go!  Load it up with our replica metal Doubloons and when you get your first compliment on it, open it up and return the nice gesture with a nice pirate coin!  Who said pirates are all bad?
Realistic Pirate Pistol Replica
Pirate Pistol Replica for Pirate Halloween Costume Accessories
Gentlemans Pocket Flintlock Pistol - Replica of Classic Pirate Gun with Iron Grey Finish
These aren't toys and these aren't real guns.  They are however really great replicas and all the gun lovers will be begging to check out your pistol all night.  Now I'm not just trying to make more sales here, but if you want to be historically accurate most pirates would ideally carry 4, 6 or even 8 pistols on them.  So if you want to stick a few in your belt and a few more in your sash, and maybe tie one off your shoulder you'd be looking Hollywood!  Besides we've got a great selection of pistols and it can be hard to choose, so choose them all!

Treasure Chest Ideas Pirate Jewels!
Burried Pirate Treasure Jewels Halloween Party Props
Assorted Pirate Mini Gems For Treasure Chest Decorations
All by themselves these mini faux jewels make a great pirate treasure decoration.  Toss a few around the food table and drink area for that 'found' treasure look.  If you are able to pick up any one of our super nice real pirate treasure chests then this makes the perfect item to fill them with.  Pair these with the metal replica Doubloons we carry in three different metal styles to make the most looking pirate treasure ever!

Fabric Inlaid Women's Pirate Boot Halloween Costume Accessory!
Swashbuckling Women's Deluxe Pirate Boot Idea
Women's Daring Knee High Pirate Boot
A great pair of high boots with a gypsy and pirate design inspiration.  These match the lady's pirate Halloween costume starter kit that we recommend at the top of this page. This pair of lady's pirate boots match the pirate Halloween costume to the right.  Turn heads this Halloween!  These deluxe women's pirate boots will add enough to your costume that other Halloween party guests will think you walked off a movie set!

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A true pirate is never far from a bottle opener!
Bottle Opener Ring
Bottle Opener Ring perfect for Halloween bottles!
Bottle Opener Ring