Party Ideas For Halloween Pirate Theme

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Arrrrrrrrrr....ya throwing a Halloween party (sorry I couldn't resist)?  You've come to the right place to build the best Pirate themed Halloween costume, or pirate theme Halloween party!  Take our ideas and piece together a deluxe and original costume complete with fine ossuary pirate skull goblet, brass telescope, and realistic replica pirate pistols or grab one of our complete and easy ghost pirate Halloween costumes out of one bag!
Custom Deluxe Lady's Pirate Halloween Costume -
Custom Deluxe Lady's Pirate Halloween Costume Idea
- Midnight Pirate Store!
- Pirate Castaway Island
- Walk The Plank
- Pirates vs. East India Trading Co.
- Pirates of the Caribbean
- Pirate Scavenger Hunt
- Buried Pirate Treasure Hunt
- A Pirates Sea Feast
- Tropical Pirate Vacation
Huge 7' Tall Air Blown Pirate Ship!
7 Foot Tall Airblown Inflatable Pirate Ship Halloween Yard Display
7 Foot Halloween Inflatable Skeletons Ghosts on Pirate Ship Party Decoration
This air blown pirate ship is run by a skeleton pirate crew of 3 and makes a perfect greeting for your guests as they near your pirate party!  I like the idea of including a fog machine with a fog chiller and our fog chiller fog juice so the fog literally flows around the ground and is just like water or eerie fog out of a movie.  Go further with your idea and add a strobe light on the ground to simulate cannon blasts.  You're no quitter so you'll also rig a safe speaker or portable cd player complete with cannon blasts and pirate swords clashing, maybe sea gulls and waves crashing!  Yup, you're going to need two of these fighting each other!
Woman's Pirate Costume
Victorian Lady Pirate Halloween Costume For Sale
Women's Earthtone Victorian Pirate Costume
Want to embrace your woman-hood but also the power of a sword wielding swashbuckler?  Done, look no further!  Don't forget to check out our deluxe lady pirate shoes, deluxe pirate pistol replicas and lady pirate coin purse!
Lady's Brown & Gold Pirate Boot
Deluxe Lady's Pirate Boot Accessory Idea Octopus Medalian
Women's Octopus Knee-High Pirate Boot
A great pirate boot complete with an octopus emblem on the front top.  Doesn't get more pirate than that!  Brown and gold tie this lady's pirate boot together nicely and if you pair this with the woman's pirate Halloween costume to the left you will be turning heads for sure.
Brass Pirate Telescope
Deluxe Pirate Telescope and Wooden Display Box
6" Handheld Brass Telescope with Wooden Box - Pirate Navigation
This deluxe and functioning hand held nautical pirate telescope has replica brass finish and a faux leather wrap.  It comes complete with a wood box and I can almost promise you that it is half the price of what you think! (not a sales tactic, but we don't list prices because they change often, and we have to many to keep updated...but seriously, super cheap).
Beware of Pirates Yard Sign
Pirate Halloween Sign Beware Of Pirates
Beware Of Pirates 3-D Art-Form Yard Sign Party Accessory
Feel like warning those approaching what to expect?  This yard sign that reads "Beware of Pirates" is perfect for our Pirate Themed Halloween Parties.  Might even cut down on your Trick or Treaters; hey more candy for you!
Pirate Treasure Map Table Cover
Party Decoration Ideas Pirate Map Table Cover
Treasure Map Plastic Tablecover
This is a fun little addition to your food or drink table.  A pirate map table cover will set the mood and keep your table from getting worn.  Besides no one likes a host that runs around with coasters...that's just sad.
Pirate Shirt Costume Accessory
Party Ideas for Pirate Halloween Parties Pirate Shirt
Deluxe Satin Pirate Shirt Costume Accessory
Building your own pirate Halloween costume this year?  Very good.  This is one of those extras that will clearly set you apart from everyone else who just pulled the trigger on a bag pirate Halloween costume that has the boots, shirt, pants and everything stitched together uncomfortably as one.  Plus it makes me think of that Seinfeld episode...ha!
Pirate Paper Party Plates
Pirate Party Plates for Sale
Pirate Plates Party Accessory
Don't let the mood stop just because people are eating!  These skull plates with pirate eye patch and pirate cutlass swords are perfect for your pirate party.  Pirate paper plates are an easy and cost effective addition to Halloween this year!
Realistic Pirate Sword
Plastic Pirate Sword Deluxe For Halloween Costumes
Halloween Pirate Cutlass Sword for Halloween Costume
Deluxe plastic pirate cutlass sword.  This makes a great accessory complement to your pirate Halloween costume.  The faux metal blade looks real but is plastic!

Plastic Pirate Drink Mug
Pirate Mug Halloween Party Ideas Drinking Cups
Plastic Pirate Beer Mug Party Cup Idea
Maybe not as fancy as the other pirate cups offered here, but this one costs less and might allow you to purchase enough for the rest of the party attendees.  A nice large pirate themed wood mug is almost close to what real pirates might of actually used!
Inflatable Pirate Swords Party Favors
Inflatable Pirate Swords Party Favor Ideas
24" Inflatable Pirate Sword Halloween Costume Accessory
Nice and long inflatable pirate cutlass sword.  By one or by the case of 12 for not much more so everyone at the party can participate in the sword fight (its fun until someone looses and eye...then it's just fun you can't see anymore).
Pirate Porthole Wall Decoration
Party Decorating Ideas for Pirate Halloween Themes Wall Portholes
Pirate Porthole Pirate Party Wall Decoration
I like these and would place several around your party area to keep the theme and mood all pirate.  These paired with the treasure chest kit and fish net kit would go a long way towards keeping the pirate idea alive at your party!
Candy Shot Glass!
Halloween Candy Gummy Shot Glasses for sale
Gummy Shot Glasses
Deluxe Pirate Wine Goblet Fine Ossuary Style
Party Ideas for Halloween Pirate Drink Cups Deluxe  Pirate Skull Wine Goblet For Sale  Pirate Halloween Party Deluxe Ossuary Styled Wine Goblet
Ossuary Style Pirate Skulls Hand Wine Goblet Bones
This is another fine Halloween drinking glass that is in a wine goblet style perfect for your Pirate theme.  A nice stainless steel vessel surrounded with detailed skull and bones decorative finish.  Better get several for the wine drinkers and just those with good taste for fine drink ware.

5' Tall Hanging Pirate Skeleton!
Over 5 Feet of Hanging Skeleton Pirate Halloween Decoration
63 Inches Hanging Pirate - Halloween Decoration
Huge hanging pirate skeleton could hide in your bathroom to scare your guests, or hover over the food table imposing people away from the snacks or even in the yard hiding in the tree for the observant passerby.
Realistic Pirate Replica Pistol
Pirate Pistol Deluxe Realistic Replica Costume Accessory
Pirate Treasure Map Party Game Activity
Super realistic pirate pistol with flanged barrel.  This flintlock nautical style pistol is historically accurate and guaranteed to make the other plastic pistol brining pirates super jealous!  If you've got the resources, pick up several different styles of pirate pistols that we offer for sale.  Tuck a couple in your belt and sash for that historically accurate pirate look!
Lady's Modern Pirate Boot!
Modern Pirate Boot for Ladies Halloween Costume Ideas
Women's Modern Pirate Ankle Boot
Lady's modern pirate boot Halloween costume accessory.  This won't win you any awards for historical accuracy however it will look tough as hell and add some modern flare to your old school women's pirate Halloween costume.  Besides this is something you can wear on the weekend in your goth outfit or use again next year as a completely different Halloween costume accessory!  Practical and functional!
Zombie Bottle
Zombie Head Decanter Bottle for sale!
Zombie Head Bottle
Arrrrrrrrrrrr Ya Ready - for some Halloween Candy that will shiver your timbers?
Fugu Fish Halloween Candy Poisonous Fugu Treat  Octopuss Mint Candy and Tin for Sale  Health Potion Energy Drink Halloween Treat  Cherry Bleeding Eyeball Gum for One Eyed Pirates on Halloween  Absinthe Gumballs for sale
Yeah, we went to our cheesy pirate place for that joke and we're not proud.
The Best Halloween Candy For Sale

Pirate Halloween Costume
Mens Pirate Halloween Costume Idea
Cutthroat Pirate Halloween Costume
A simple and classic pirate costume.  You can reuse pieces of this Halloween costume for future mid evil costumes peasant or knight!  Of course you can always use this as a starting point for your pirate costume.  Taking our usual idea of purchasing different deluxe items like swords and Doubloon coin purses!
Metal Replicas of Pirate Doubloons!
Deluxe Metal Pirate Doubloon Coins Halloween Decorations
Shiny Gold Pirate Doubloons Coin
This is a replica of an actual Spanish Escudo Doubloon.  This style was original minted between 1651 and 1773.  These make great party decorations around the food and drink table.  Take our idea for a Pirate Halloween Party Activity and Game.  Give each guest a certain number of Doubloons, upon arrival.  Offer up three novelty items that will be for purchase from the Pirate Booty Store at midnight.  Give away more Doubloons throughout the night for good deeds, best costume, most pirate talk, and allow the guests trade things for the pirate doubloons.  Those three with the most at the end of the night get to 'purchase' with their Doubloons one of the three 'prizes'!
Pirate Gummy Halloween Candy!
Halloween Candy Pirate Theme Gummy Treat Party Snack Idea
Pirate Gummy Halloween Candies
Pirate Halloween Candy is the perfect addition to your pirate themed party.  You're guests will keep in the pirate frame of mind even when snacking on this sweet, sugary, gummy pirate treasure map candy complete with pirate skull!  

Coffin Death Mints
Halloween Time Coffin Death Mints and Tin
Coffin Death Mints
Lights and Sound Door Cover!
Spooky Ghost Pirate Door Cover Halloween Decoration
Scary Pirate Lights & Sounds Halloween Door Panel
Door covers are a really good way to keep the theme of any Halloween party alive.  This one takes on a life of its own with LED light up eyes and audio recordings!  Use our idea and put this on your front door to help make the first impression for your pirate guests!
Deluxe 5' Tall Hanging Pirate Skeleton Prop Decoration
Deluxe Party Prop Idea for Pirate Themed Halloween Parties  Deluxe Shackled Hanging Pirate Skeleton Prop
Scary Hanging Dead Pirate Halloween Prop
Great detail and at an approachable price.  This hanging pirate skeleton torso has long since paid for its crime.  The shackles still remain and the great detail front and back of this pirate party prop make it ideal to use in any situation and any location.  I like the idea of using above your drink station.  Take it a step further and place a small fan out of the way so it slightly swings and moves in the breeze.  Also makes a great addition to any tree outside, or on the ground in any other theme for future Halloween parties.  Want to really sell the One Eyed Willy look add a patch.

Lady's Gold Pirate Costume
Lady Pirate Halloween Costume For Sale
Golden Lady Pirate Halloween Costume
A fancy looking lady's pirate costume.  Gold and frilly!  Don't forget the accessories that we carry here either.  Maybe the tattoo sleeve just sticking out under your sleeve paired with a glove to hide the tattoo end line.  A great idea to toughen up this fairly feminine pirate costume!
Lady's Deluxe Pirate Boot
Lady's Buccaneer Pirate Boot Black with Gold Trim
Women's Gypsy Style Pirate Boot
If you like jewelry or to be a little more flashy on Halloween then this gold topped lady's pirate boot is for you.  Gold medallions and chain adorn the top along with gold accents lower on the high heeled pirate boot.  This just so happens to match wonderfully with the black and gold women's pirate Halloween costume to the left.
Pirate Teeth Costume Accessory
Pirate Halloween Costume Accessory Idea Pirate Teeth
Pirate Teeth Halloween Party Pirates Costume Accessory
Not a pretty pirate!  This might be a more historically accurate addition to your pirate Halloween costume.  These ugly, worn, and gold capped teeth kits offer you several different looks depending on your pirate mood!  Also you can use these for years to come with countless different Halloween costumes...just wash them before you put them away for the year.
Ice Straw Mold
Functional Straws Made of Ice!
Ice Straw Mold

Men's Leather Pirate Boot
Halloween Costume Accessory Idea Leather Pirate Boot
Men's Halloween Maverick Pirate Boot
Don't settle for those slip over paper or plastic pirate boot impersonators that come with most men's pirate Halloween costumes.  This year go for 1st place and take our idea with real leather pirate boots.  We hand picked this model because if there is a zipper it is difficult to see and where most other deluxe pirate boots don't have a workable flap, these do!  That's right the fold over actually folds up and has a strap and buckle underneath just like the real thing!
Pirate Sleeve Tattoos
Pirate Tattoo Sleaves For Halloween Costumes
Tattoo Sleeve Pirate Party Halloween Costume Accessory
Tribal pirate tattoo sleeve!  This makes a fantastic detail idea for any pirate costume we carry.  You will likely be the only one with such a unique addition and we've got a ton of sleeve tattoos for any specific pirate look!
Ghost Pirate Halloween Costume
Ghost Pirate Costume for Halloween Parties
Pirate Ghost Halloween Costume
A great one costume kit all included ghost pirate!  A little face makeup or skeleton mask would be a good idea to take this a step closer to deluxe!  Of course just because you're a ghost pirate doesn't mean you can't still want for Doubloons or extra pirate pistols!  

Inflatable Pirate Chest Cooler
Pirate Treasure Chest Cooler Inflatable Decoration
Inflatable Pirate Treasure Chest Cooler
These inflatable Pirate treasure chest coolers are just cool.  What better way and more unique way can you use to keep your pirate guests feeling like a real pirate?  As they grab their own pirate drinkable treasure from this cooler each time they'll feel like their in a movie.  The only issue we've followed with some of these is that they don't hold up great.  Our idea is to look at them as a one time, single use item, and if they last, then it is a bonus.  Totally worth it at these prices to pick up one of each of the three different styles we carry!
Inflatable Flying Pirate Parrot
Inflatable Flying Pirate Parrot For Sale
Inflatable Flying Parrot 23 Inches!
A great way to keep that tropical island pirate treasure hunt feeling going for your pirate guests.  This 'flying' inflatable pirate parrot...say that three times a nice small addition to your pirate party decoration!
Deluxe Pirate Eye Patch
Deluxe Pirate Patch with Decorative Edge Stiching Accessory
Pirate Deluxe Eye Patch Halloween Accessory
When not just any pirate eye patch will do, the deluxe pirate eye patch is for you.  Complete with gold edging stitched on it will help you and your pirate Halloween costume stand out from all of the other plain old eye patched pirates at the party.

Bottle Opener Ring
Bottle Opener Ring perfect for Halloween bottles!
Bottle Opener Ring
Old Timer Deluxe Pirate Mask
Professional Pirate Mask Old Timer with Chest and Beard
Pirate Mask Ghostly White Hair Tattered Bandana & Pirate Hat Professional
One of thee best pirate masks we carry.  I think the idea of a picture saying a thousand words will suffice.
Treasure Chest Ideas Pirate Jewels!
Burried Pirate Treasure Jewels Halloween Party Props
Assorted Pirate Mini Gems For Treasure Chest Decorations
All by themselves these mini faux jewels make a great pirate treasure decoration.  Toss a few around the food table and drink area for that 'found' treasure look.  If you are able to pick up any one of our super nice real pirate treasure chests then this makes the perfect item to fill them with.  Pair these with the metal replica Doubloons we carry in three different metal styles to make the most looking pirate treasure ever!
Inflatable Pirate Pool
Pirate Ship Swimming Pool Halloween Party Activity Idea
Pirate Ship Pool Pirate Themed Party Activity
So October growing up in the upper Midwest was rain, sleet, wind and sometimes snow.  If however your Octobers are different, then this will work excellent for your Pirate themed Halloween party.  Even if you don't have kids attending, our idea would be to place some lounge style lower chairs around the edge of the inflatable pirate ship so that your pirate guests can soak their feet and stay cool in your areas October heat!

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  Women's Deluxe Pirate's of the Caribbean Costume
Womens Authentic Caribbean Pirate Costume
This is a fantastic costume that certainly is deserving of its 'deluxe' label.  You will be turning all sorts of heads all Halloween night long with this costume, just one purchase and you're done!  As always, we list deluxe Halloween costumes that offer multiple sizes as no-one is built exactly the same...or are they?