Party Ideas For A Pirate Halloween

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It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown Board Game
It's The Great Pumpkin
Charlie Brown
Even More Pirates
It might seem funny to spend real money to buy fake pirate money...just don't over think it.  Your guests will be blown away with the games, awards, prizes and pirate buried treasure scavenger hunts you can create with your own ideas from the several styles of inexpensive plastic pirate coins, to our great buys on metal pirate Doubloon coin replicas in gold, silver or bronze!  Don't forget the pirate coin pouches and small wood treasure chests to really nail that pirate themed Halloween party atmosphere!  Oh, almost forgot; do not miss even just looking at our Davy Jones' Deluxe Halloween Mask and thee Davy Jone's Pirates of the Caribbean Replica Wood Pirate Treasure Chest - seriously cool!
Custom Deluxe Lady's Pirate Halloween Costume
Custom Deluxe Lady's Pirate Halloween Costume Idea
- Midnight Pirate Store!
- Pirate Castaway Island
- Walk The Plank
- Pirates vs. East India Trading Co.
- Pirates of the Caribbean
- Pirate Scavenger Hunt
- buried Pirate Treasure Hunt
- A Pirates Sea Feast
- Tropical Pirate Vacation
Deluxe Pirate Hook Costume Accessory
Deluxe Pirate Hook Halloween Costume Accessory
Adult Deluxe Pirate Costume Hook
Kick up any pirate costume you decide to wear up a few notches of original with this custom deluxe pirate hook costume accessory!  Besides you can totally wear this next year in a ton of other costume ideas.
Deluxe Black Pirate Hat with FeathersDeluxe Black Feather Pirate Hat For Sale
Deluxe Velvet Pirate Hat Costume Accessory Idea
Not happy with the pirate hat that came in your costume bag?  This deluxe pirate hat complete with lace and feather will help your customized pirate costume really stand out!
Plastic Pirate Coins Party Prop
Plastic Pirate Coins in Bulk for Halloween Party Decoration
Pirate Treasure Coins Skull Party Favors
144 Coins!  This bulk package of Pirate Treasure Coins with cool skull imprints on one side make a great Party Favor.  Mix these with the other plastic gold style Doubloon Pirate coins to fill your pirate treasure chest.  Be sure to check out the wide variety of real wood pirate treasure chests we carry on our three pirate pages!  Don't forget the jewels either!
Jack Sparrow Pirate Costume
Pirate Costume Deluxe Jack Sparrow Halloween Costume
Capt Jack Sparrow Prestige Premium Costume
This is the next level of Captain Jack Sparrow's pirate costume.  It adds the coat and pirate hat to the kit.  You might still want to look at piecing this together from the deluxe style items we carry by themselves if you are a perfectionist or just like to customize your costume.
Pirate Halloween Party Decoration Fish Netting Kits
Pirate Party Decorating Kit Idea For Sale  Pirate Fish Net, Star Fish, Floats Halloween Decoration
Pirate Fishing Net Halloween Party Kit
This 6' x 9' approximate section of fishing net will help your fellow pirates feel right at home during your Halloween party!  This kit comes with a section of fishing net floats, starfish, lobster and seashells to complete the entire pirate themed atmosphere.  Works great hanging over the main entry to your Pirate Halloween Party, to set the mood immediately.  Another one under or over the food table and another one under the drinks would round out our pirate display ideas for your Halloween party.  Whatever ideas you come up with, you'll probably want more than one!
Get Your Ghost on at Halloween Express
Beware of Pirates Door Cover
Party Ideas for Halloween Pirate Door Cover Decoration
Beware Of Pirates Door Cover Halloween Party Accessory
"Beware of Pirates" door cover helps create that pirate atmosphere for Halloween night.  Covers most average doors.
Fabric Inlayed Women's Pirate Boot
Swashbuckling Women's Deluxe Pirate Boot Idea
Women's Daring Knee High Pirate Boot
A great pair of high boots with a gypsy and pirate design inspiration.  This pair of lady's pirate boots match the pirate Halloween costume to the right.  Turn heads this Halloween!  These deluxe women's pirate boots will add enough to your costume that other Halloween party guests will think you walked off a movie set!
Swashbuckling Pirate Costume
Buccaneer Pirate Woman's Halloween Costume For Sale
Women's South Seas Siren Pirate Costume
I really like this women's pirate costume.  Don't forget the idea of adding a sash so you can buy a couple of our replica pirate pistols to tuck in!  The lady pirate coin purse would work well with this costume too!  If your Octobers are cold, a pirate overcoat would still pair really well with this entire ensemble.  Well what a coincident, the next item is just that!

Deluxe Women's Corset Pirate Top with Removable Sleeves!
Lady's Deluxe Pirate Halloween Costume Top with Sleaves   Halloween Costume Ideas Deluxe Lady Pirate Costume Corset with Removable Sleaves
Pirate Velvet Corset with Detachable Sleeves
  Convertible tops are like getting two for the price of one.  Look like a pirate princess this Halloween.  This dynamic pirate top will add great detail to your pirate Halloween costume this year.  This is great for folks who don't know if they are going to have warm or cold weather until the day of Halloween too!  This corset is tough sexy, but if you're looking for more traditional sexy or something a little more to add to under your Pirate Halloween Costume then visit our sponsor below:
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Full Size Deluxe Davey Jones' Chest!
Pirates of the Carribean Davy Jones' Treasure Chest Best Replica
Davy Jones' Dead Man's Full-Size Treasure Chest Replica
This is not just one of our best Halloween Pirate party prop ideas, it is a real chest that can and should be used year round!  Modeled after The Pirates of the Caribbean Davey Jones Treasure Chest this replica will have your fellow pirate party attendees in awe.  This is one of those party decoration items that makes people earn the title of "ohh, they throw the best parties!".

Black Pirate Dress Coat Costume
Black Pirate Halloween Costume For Sale
Colonial Pirate Captain Halloween Costume Jacket
This black pirate over coat is a great accessory to many pirate costumes for men or women.  Cold front accents, and cool folded back cuffs create some depth and help hide the fact that it is a costume and not a custom made coat.
Life Sized Pirate Skeleton Prop
Life Size Standing Pirate Skeleton Halloween Prop
Standing Pirate Halloween Party Prop
Life sized skeleton pirate is still ready to run someone through with its sword.  Cool 'peg-leg' and nice detail throughout let you place this excellent pirate party prop anywhere to add to that Halloween feel!
Deluxe Davey Jones Pirate Mask
Pirates of the Carribean Davy Jones' Halloween Mask
Deluxe Davey Jones Halloween Pirate Mask
If you are a fan of the 3rd Pirates of the Caribbean movie then this might just be on your radar.  The deluxe Davey Jones Halloween Mask is very detailed, and if you are handy with makeup and spirit gum, then the eye area shouldn't be a problem.  If you don't know what I'm talking about, practice before Halloween and you'll get the hang of it!
Candy Shot Glass!
Halloween Candy Gummy Shot Glasses for sale
Gummy Shot Glasses
 Pirates Only Party Sign
Pirates Only Halloween Decoration Sign
Pirates Only No Trespassing All Others Will Walk the Plank
Want to make sure that the East India Trading Co. doesn't interrupt your party?  Then post the rules right out front, "Pirates Only No Trespassing all other will Walk The Plank" really gets the point across.  Great to put in the yard or hang on the front door!
Men's Deluxe Pirate Boot
Men's Pirate Boot Halloween Costume Deluxe Accessory
Men's Halloween Pirate Captain Boots
Building your own Pirate costume?  Great work, and these deluxe pirate costume boots will add some great realism to your outfit.  A side zip might distract for some, but does make them easy to use.  Plain design likely matches historically.
Pirate Necklace & Earrings
Beautiful Womans Pirate Necklace and Earrings Accessory
Pirate Cameo Necklace and Earring Set Costume Accessory
These are a must for any serious lady pirate.  Show the rest of the crew that you can still look the lady but carry a big sword!  Skull and crossbones earrings match the center necklace pendant.  Adds a fine detail to any pirate costume.

Real Wood Small Pirate Treasure Chest with Metal Accents!
Real Wooden Pirate Treasure Chest Small  Small Wood Pirate Treasure Chest Halloween Decoration
Wood Pirate Treasure Chest Box with Metal Accents
These hand-made real wood and real metal accents combine to make this one hell of a pirate treasure chest.  The size of 11" x 8" makes it large enough to stand out and be noticeable, but small enough to be approachable cost wise!  Fill with our replica coins and jewels or use as a center piece filled with popcorn or candy!  You could even go all out with our scavenger hunt or buried treasure Halloween pirate party activities and bury it somewhere.  Comes weathered and has a latch that works with a small padlock!
Metal Pirate Lock & Skeleton Key!
Antique Replica Pirate Pad Lock and Skeleton Key Prop
Pirate Lock Padlock with Keys
This padlock is just a bit large for the small pirate chest to the left but will work with the larger pirate treasure chests we offer for sale.  This real working, metal construction padlock comes with a pair of skeleton keys and fits right in with our Pirate Halloween Party Theme!
Zombie Bottle
Zombie Head Decanter Bottle for sale!
Zombie Head Bottle

Gray Pirate Ghost Costume
Pirate Ghost Halloween Costume For Sale
Barnacle Bill Ghost Pirate Halloween Costume
This is a great idea for a pirate costume.  Nice and raggedy, a little grey makeup on the face and you are a walking pirate ghost!
Pirate Ship Pinata Party Idea
Pirate Themed Halloween Party Pinata Activity Game
Pirate Ship Shaped Pinata Party Activity
Halloween party activities and games can be difficult to come up with.  This becomes increasingly difficult when hosting an adult Halloween party.  hearken back to everyone's childhood and likely stress at the day job.  Pair that thought with the idea of smashing an effigy of your enemy pirates ship to pieces!  Better get a couple!  Take the idea of making it more of an interactive game by putting a clue inside for your scavenger hunt or buried treasure game.  Even fill with extra Doubloons and watch the mad dash for faux cash!
Red Dressed Pirate Costume
The Kings Navey Captain Red Coat Halloween Costume
Pirate Costume Medieval Renaissance High Seas Pirate Costume
Nice and different pirate costume.  Red like a uniform or a flashy French pirate.  Either way the sword and hook hand really got the extra mile adding detail to your pirate costume this Halloween!

Coffin Death Mints
Halloween Time Coffin Death Mints and Tin
Coffin Death Mints
Lady Pirate Coin Purse
Lady's Pirate Purse Halloween Costume Accessory Idea For Sale
Red Satin Ruched Halloween Pirate Purse
Lady's are you not feeling the skull and crossbones, black coin bag 'look'?  Then look no further with this perfectly detailed coin purse perfect for the pirate on the go!  Load it up with our replica metal Doubloons and when you get your first compliment on it, open it up and return the nice gesture with a nice pirate coin!  Who said pirates are all bad?
Metal Pirate Dooubloons Replicas!
Metal Pirate Doubloon Coins Gold, Silver, Bronze Realistic Prop
Pirate Treasure Coins Gold and Silver Doubloon Replicas
Can be purchased in lots of 30 or lots of 100 Doubloon Coins depending on how big your party is going to be!  Coins are modeled after a hand-struck Spanish 2 Escudo Doubloons minted between 1651 to 1773.  Be sure to check out Page 2 of our Pirate themed Halloween party ideas page for some great party ideas and activities that use these Doubloon replicas!  (It's under the picture with all the gold Doubloons).
Pirate Party Game Activity Idea
Halloween Party Pirate Game Activity Idea
Pirate Treasure Map Party Game Activity
Halloween party game ideas; pin the tale on the donkey...sort of.  So if you are looking for an activity to offer during your Pirate party, then take this reboot of the favorite kids game.  Pin the flag on the X that marks buried treasure!  Now, this obviously is not going to be an ideal cornerstone in the evenings festivities.  Take our idea of at least just picking this up to offer as something fun to do as the night gets late, and the drinks have been flowing.  Go further with this by incorporating this into the buried pirate treasure hunt or pirate treasure scavenger hunt.  For example, our idea would be to just get everyone to play, then after you've got a winner, ask them to break into teams.  The team the 'winner' is on, gets the first clue on the scavenger hunt or buried pirate treasure hunt two minutes before the other teams...and there off!

Skeleton Ghost Pirate Costume
Pirate Skeleton Ghost Halloween Costume For Sale
Ghost Pirate Halloween Costume
Skeleton pirate ghosts have been increasing in popularity since the first Pirates of the Caribbean film.  Even if you're not a fan, this costume blends perfectly the fun of being a pirate, and the ghostly Halloween season.
Metal Pirate Anchor Prop!
Pirate Ship Anchor For Sale Party Prop Idea
Pirate Anchor Halloween Party Deluxe Prop
Do you like Halloween decorations that you can actually use throughout the year?  If so, this might be for you...if you need an anchor.  Solid metal construction, and not too expensive for a pirate party prop.  This make a great center piece idea for the food table at your pirate themed Halloween party or pair this with the airblown inflatable pirate ship scene in your yard!
Pirate Skull Party Decoration
Pirate Skull Halloween Decoration Idea
Scary Foam Pirate Skull Halloween Prop
This is a great Halloween decoration idea that of course helps continue our pirate theme anywhere in the house!  Set on a table, or hang from a string.  Make your own bloody pirate scene or add this to your costume.
Ice Straw Mold
Functional Straws Made of Ice!
Ice Straw Mold

Pirate Bird Costume Accessory
Pirate Parrot Feathered Bird for your shoulder Halloween Costume Accessory
Pirate Halloween Costume Feathered Parrot
Of course at least one pirate at your Halloween party should have a parrot on their shoulder.  To bad it doesn't talk though.  I'm sure you'll have fun putting words in your new friends mouth though.  Pirate Parrot shoulder mounted costume accessory.
Pirate Paddle Ball Activity
Pirate Paddle Ball Party Favors Halloween Activities
Pirate Paddle Ball Party Supplies
These are great, not because I love paddle ball, but because any good host knows party decorations that are interactive and can be picked up and used or played with really add to the depth of any party goers experience.  These are fun novelties that you could even send home with your guests at the end of the night, especially those with kids.  Now that's a top shelf idea!
Inflatable Pirate Chest Cooler Idea
Inflatable Party Coolers Pirate Halloween Theme Treasure Chest
Inflatable Pirate Treasure Chest Cooler Themed Party Prop Idea
Another great idea for Halloween parties; the inflatable cooler.  This one as the other two are that we carry are an inflatable pirate treasure chest.  I like this one because it appears to come with a closure mechanism of some sort.  This may become important where October is warm and sunny.  In my area, the cooler often keeps things from freezing too quickly outside.  The manufacturers say this one holds approximately 2 cases of beer...I mean 48 cans of whatever you want to drink.

Bottle Opener Ring
Bottle Opener Ring perfect for Halloween bottles!
Bottle Opener Ring
Pirate Cocktail Party Napkins
Pirate Cocktail Napkins for Halloween Party Theme Ideas
Pirate Beverage Napkins Party Accessory
Just because your guests are pirates doesn't mean they can't use a might mean they won't; but if they do they'll remember what the theme is.  Seriously though this is pretty fitting and something I would get for my party and it matches the plates we sell also!
Plastic Gold Pirate Coins
Halloween Theme Party Ideas Plastic Pirate Coins For Sale
144 Gold Coins Plastic Pirate Party Prop
If you're on a budget and can't afford the 50 cents a piece for the metal Doubloon replica pirate coins, then these plastic ones at about half that will work just fine!  You could even mix in a few metal Doubloons along with the plastic coins and faux jewels you will have a beautiful treasure chest that any pirate would be happy to steal!
Pirate Coin Bag
Pirate Skull Coin Pouch Halloween Costume Accessory
Pirates Coin Pouch Halloween Costume Accessory
A very fine coin pouch that would look perfectly fitting hanging off of the belt or sash of any respectable pirate.  These make a great gift idea for your guests too.  Can use a few of these hidden around the house, yard or town to really go top shelf on your clues for the scavenger hunt or buried treasure dig!

SpiritHalloween>com Super Deluxe Lady's Colonial Pirate Costume
Deluxe Colonial Pirate Costume
This is a great Halloween pirate costume for the lady's that comes complete with one part sexy and two parts bad-ass!  Of course our deluxe Halloween costumes that we list here must come in multiple sizes as we're not all the same inside or out!  Just click the picture above for more info, sizes and to purchase.  Happy Halloween!

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