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Zombie, Zombie, Zombie, Zombie Ideas For Your Next Party!
Yup, we seriously can't stop!  There are just too many great Zombie decorations, props, costumes and party supplies available.  We felt we had to tell you about all your options, so you could really 'flesh' out all of your 'hungry' party ideas for this years Halloween zombie themed party!  We've got 4 pages of zombie!  Make sure you click to the next page at the end of each or you'll miss out!!
- Zombie Apocalypse Virus Outbreak
- Zombie Apocalypse Government Testing
- Zombie Apocalypse Halloween Majic
- Zombie Apocalypse "Who's Prepared"
- Zombie Murder Mystery
- Zombie Hunters
- Shaun of the Dead
- Night of the Living Dead
- The Walking Dead TV Show
Fruit Filled Gummy Brains
Gummy Brain Fruit Filled Halloween Candy For Sale
Gummy Zombie Brains Halloween Candy
Keep your little zombies distracted this Halloween with these delicious little gummi brains that are juicy fruit filled for the perfect Halloween treat!
Dismember Me Zombie Doll
Dismember Me Zombie Doll For Sale
Dismember Me 12" Plush Zombie
A fun zombie plush doll.  Pull apart and put back together any way you get the idea with the Velcro attachments!  Great for decoration, or for the kids.  Can you tell I don't have kids?
Zombie Split Jaw Costume
Split Jaw Zombie Halloween Costume Idea
The Walking Dead Split Jaw Zombie Kit
How skilled are you?  If you have the patients to attack this Hollywood FX advanced face piece makeup kit then you will be super happy with the response that absolutely everyone gives you in this excellent zombie costume!
Last Night On Earth Party Game
Last Night On Earth Board Game Party Activity Ideas
Last Night On Earth - The Zombie Game
The "Last Night On Earth Party Game" zombie board game has great graphics, fun interactive cards and characters.  If you end up not loving this one, there are over a dozen different zombie board games to choose from.  We carry several of the higher rated ones here on
Zombie Party Prop
Creepy Crawling Zombie Prop for Halloween Decorations
Creeping Zombie Halloween Prop
A great zombie decoration to get your guests in the "on-edge" zombie apocalypse mood.  He's coming right at you!  Thankfully without legs, so you've probably got awhile, still watch those ankles!
Zombie Themed Party Music CD
Zombie Themed Halloween Music Ideas for Parties
Going Gaga For The Lady Zombie - Scary Sounds & Music for Your Zombie Halloween Party
Do not miss out on the chance to make your Halloween zombie party the most memorable party that your guests have ever been lucky enough to be at.  Conversations have quiet moments, and a zombie themed soundtrack will only give you another way to assault your guests with the Halloween spirit.

Zombie Pop-Up Animated Prop
Animated Pop Up Zombie Halloween Prop
Animated Animatronic Jumping Halloween Zombie Prop
Put this on your car and you'll have to take everyone out from the party to show just how serious you are.  Besides, the world needs more people preparing as a "Zombie Outbreak Response Team"

Shaun of the Dead DVD Movie
Shawn Of The Dead DVD Movie For Sale
Shaun of the Dead DVD Zomie Halloween Activity
"You got red on ya" HA!  I love this movie, funny, but also true enough to Zombie film that it can be appreciated by a wide audience.  If you have yet to see "Shaun of the Dead" you owe it to yourself to pick up for the party.  Our idea would be if you don't like it send it home with someone who had a great costume!
Glowing Zombie Repellent Shirt
Zombie Repellent Shotgun Glow In Dark T-Shirt For Sale
Resident Evil Zombie Repellent Shotgun T-shirt
"Zombie Repellent" and then it shows a picture of a sawed off shotgun.  That's pretty cool, and the fact that it glows in the dark too is excellent.  Whether you are a big Resident Evil fan (and who isn't of the 1st one anyway), or just want to not wear a costume, this is a good alternative.
Spooktacular Personalized Banners Remote Control Zombie Game
Remote Control Zombie Party Game Idea for Halloween
Remote Control Zombie Halloween Party Game
A remote controlled zombie!  How super cool is that!  Alright and the remote is shaped like a little brain.  Wow great attention to detail.  Our idea is to have this sitting around so your Halloween  party guests can have an activity to help keep the energy up!  You can even make a game out of this; maybe an obstacle course, or who can get the zombie to walk the furthest without falling!  To be fair the reviews on this have not been great regarding the stability of the remote control zombie.  Just don't bring this out until your guests have had a drink or two, and then blame the booze!
Zombie Mask With Bandages
Zombie Mask For Sale
Scary Zombie Halloween Costume Mask
An inexpensive zombie, rotting corpse Halloween mask.  A pretty straight forward mask with not to many frills.  If you are looking to make a zombie corpse prop or a quick zombie Halloween costume then this is the idea for you!
Zombie Ground Breaker
Glowing Eyed Ground Breaker Zombie Decoration
Animated Groundbreaker Zombie w/ Lights & Sound
Ground breakers are great, and if you take the extra steps and ideas of putting a little potting soil around the edges it really adds to the realism.  In addition this zombies eyes light up!

Resident Evil Trilogy DVD Set
Resident Evil DVD For Sale Halloween Activity Idea
Resident Evil Trilogy 1-3 DVD
The first Resident Evil, is undoubtedly an industry boomer.  It 'revived' if you will the Zombie film to an entire new generation.  Thank You Resident Evil...Thank You.
Zombie Chocolate Candy Bars!
Zombie Chocolate Bar For Halloween Party Food Ideas
Zombie Chocolate Bars Halloween Candy
Zombie chocolate candy bar!  These are great.  I have had these, and they are a white chocolate based candy bar, with cool different zombie writings on them and of course are died green because...all zombies are green.  Comes in a cool paper Zombie Bar wrapper with a gold tin foil wrap underneath.
Zombie Makeup Starter Kit
Zombie Makeup Kit For Sale
Zombie Halloween Costume Deluxe Make Up Kit
 A simple and straight forward zombie make up kit.  If you are just looking for a simple kit to paint a little around the eyes for under a zombie mask then this might be your ticket.
Zombie Bottle
Zombie Head Decanter Bottle for sale!
Zombie Head Bottle
Coffin Death Mints
Halloween Time Coffin Death Mints and Tin
Coffin Death Mints
Zombie Fingernail Costume Accessory
Halloween Costume Accessory Idea Zombie Fingernails
Zombie Nails Costume Accessory
Attention to details.  These zombie fingernails are not just for women's Halloween Zombie costumes but for anyone who wants that extra detail to go for the gold...or 1st prize Halloween costume anyway. 
Zombie Door Stop
Zombie Door Stop Idea for Halloween Party Themes
Zombie Door Stop Halloween Party Idea
Need a door held open during your party?  The zombie doorstop is one of those details that your party guests will be blown away you thought of!  Also, all by its self, even without a door, it just looks like a creepy miniature zombie monster dragging itself across the floor, or table, or counter or from under the shower curtain.  So many ideas, only 1 Halloween a year.

Zombie Dreadlock Wig
Zombie Dreadlock Wig For Party Costumes
Zombie Wig Halloween Costume Accessory
Excellent wig.  This zombie wig works great for Halloween costumes and for Halloween zombie props.  Take our idea of those inexpensive zombie masks that you might be using stuffed with newspaper and half hide the bad parts with a good wig!

Quarantine Sign
Zombie Quarantine Aluminum Halloween Party Sign Decoration
Aluminum Quarantine Zombie Sign
Love these zombie signs.  You can put them outside to great your zombie Halloween party guests or maybe take the idea and put on on the bathroom door!
Bloody Body Parts Decorations
Bloody Body Parts Zombie Party Decoration Idea
Body Parts Small Assorted Halloween Props
For a zombie Halloween party, you just can't have enough spare body parts.  These are great to use around the food table to see how many zombie party guests you can gross out...besides more food for you!  Come to think of it, maybe you should put some by the beer too.
Zombie Toilet Seat Prop
Halloween Party Trick Idea Zombie Toilet Seat Prop
Halloween Toilet Seat Grabber - Zombie
Well it wouldn't  be Halloween without at least one little trick.  This toilet seat cling easily sticks right to the lid, so the toilet is still usable without issue!
Ice Straw Mold
Functional Straws Made of Ice!
Ice Straw Mold

Zombie Survival The Board Game
Zombies Survival The Board Game For Sale
Zombie Survival The Board Game
Another highly rated zombie board game!  These are perfect to have around the party for when the quitters leave, and the hardcore Halloween folks are left.  Pop in one of our Zombie movies, open another round of drinks, and start a "Zombie Survival" the board game!  Come to think of it, where's my invite?
Zombie Hunters Only Sign
Warning Zombie Hunters Beyond This Point Poster Sign
Warning Zombie Hunters Only Beyond This Point Sign Art Poster Print - 11x17
Wait, what more zombie signs?  Told you I like these.  Some are nice tin, metal signs that if taken care of will last a lifetime.  I typically avoid the paper ones that are more one time use and look way less cool.
The Walking Dead Zombie Member
The Walking Dead Zombie Little Girl Costume
Walking Dead TV Show Little Girl Zombie Costume
If you are a fan of "The Walking Dead" well, at least the first season like me; then you know who this zombie is and wow how she graphically meets her end.  Children and adult sizes available.  Click through for more info!

Bottle Opener Ring
Bottle Opener Ring perfect for Halloween bottles!
Bottle Opener Ring
Classic Zombie Costume
Classic Zombie Costume For Halloween Parties
Zombie Halloween Costume
If you need a starting point for your zombie Halloween costume this year here ya go!  Works all by itself, or add some of the extra ideas on our zombie pages like our zombie teeth or zombie scars.
Bloody Bath Mat Party Prop
Bloody Bath Mat Zombie Decoration for Halloween Parties
Halloween Bloody Bath Mat Prop
Bloody foot bathmat.  This is one of those decorations or Halloween props that your party guests are just going to have no idea existed.  They will love it once they see it and wonder who or what the hell is in the shower!?  The only question is are you going to put the feet facing in, like someone's in the shower or like someone has left the shower bloody?  I say facing in, and set up a gory zombie display in the tub, with the curtain shut...your guests will have to peek!
Zombie Dice Party Games
Zombie Dice for Halloween Party Game Ideas
Zombie Dice Halloween Activity Game
Are the kids still playing dice games?  Probably at least dice drinking games I suppose.  Well keep the theme and atmosphere going during your Halloween party with this "Zombie Dice" Steve Jackson game!

Dismember-Me Plush Zombie

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