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It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown Board Game
It's The Great Pumpkin
Charlie Brown
Even More Zombie Ideas For Your Next Party!
Need more ideas for your next Halloween Party?  Well whether you are throwing a Zombie Themed Halloween Party, or just want to show up at this years Halloween party fully prepared with all the games, costumes and ideas to be the living-dead of the party - we've got your covered!
- Zombie Apocalypse Virus Outbreak
- Zombie Apocalypse Government Testing
- Zombie Apocalypse Halloween Majic
- Zombie Apocalypse "Who's Prepared"
- Zombie Murder Mystery
- Zombie Hunters
- Shaun of the Dead
- Night of the Living Dead
- The Walking Dead TV Show
Zombie Blood Candy IV Bag!
Zombie Blood IV Bag Candy For Halloween Party Food Ideas
Zombie Blood Energy IV Bag Halloween Candy
If you are throwing a Halloween Party, and any of it relates to Zombies in the least, then this is an ideal candy treat for your guests.  If you are into doing up little treat bags or guest gifts, then this would be something small that would make a big impression.  I've never tasted this but it is on my list.  Makes a great late night sugar kick to get you and your friends through the 4th straight Zombie flick too!  For a Halloween costume idea, check out the four medical zombie costumes that we carry for sale here.  Get yourself a wheeled IV stand off of Amazon, and hang this with some cheep tubing from your local hardware store taped to your zombie arm.  Everyone will want to be your friend when you take a swig from your IV bag and offer to share!
Sexy Zombie Nurse
Sexy and Naughty Nurse Zombie Halloween Costume
Women's Zombie Nurse Costume
Again, I'm not sure how I feel about calling zombies sexy.  As I wrestle with my new found conundrum, you can wrestle away the suitors when you wear this zombie nurse costume at this years Halloween party.  Comes in multiple sizes!
Zombie Flesh Makeup Kit
Party Ideas for Zombie Halloween Flesh and Blood Makeup Kit
Zombie Flesh Make-Up Kit
Looking for Halloween costume party ideas this year?  Make your own with this Flesh and Blood makeup kit.  My idea or advice on any of these kits, is to get a few.  You'll likely want to practice and as you are learning much, you'll likely waste much too.  That's just the way it is..
Hollywood FX Deluxe Zombie Kit
Deluxe Hollywood Zombie Mask For Sale
Autopsy Zombie Mask
Wow, if you can pull this off...or rather put this on convincingly it will be by far not only the best Zombie Costume at the party, but likely the best costume period.  The tricky part is connecting the mask around the eyes and mouth to get that seamless movable look.  That only comes with practice.  Obviously for ideas, you'll want to pair this with a top that covers the chest end of the mask.  Put some tears in your paints where you've attached some wounds, and bite marks (we sell those too).  If you're going all out, I always thought it would be a fun idea to get some recordings of a really hungry stomach and play on loop in a microplayer in your pocket.  So as you are mumbling for brains and your 'stomach' recorder/player will be adding to the act!
U.S. Zombie Hunting Permit Patch
Zombie Hunter Patch Halloween Costume Idea
The official USA Made Tactical Zombie Hunting Permit Velcro Morale Patch
You go out there every day and put your life on the line, hunting the zombies, making this crazy new world safer for everyone else.  Show your pride with this United States Zombie Hunting Permit.  I go for the idea that even if you are not dressing as a zombie hunter, how about a zombie hunter that has fallen in the apocalypse battle only to rise again as a flesh eating zombie.  Attach this to your best Army guy uniform (hey not only is it allowed to recycle costumes it is highly recommended) and show you died fighting for a better future!
Zombie Hunter Costume
Childrens Zombie Hunter Costume Idea for Halloween
Zombie Hunter Halloween Costume
Kids and Adult sizes available.  Whether you are a huge fan of The Walking Dead TV series or just want the chance to hunt zombies for a night this costume will get you there.  Ideas, pair it with our zombie hunting permit patch to the left, or Zombie Assault vehicle window cling!  If I go as this I am going to buy a couple of the severed fat heads that we also sell here.  Show off your bounty like a true hunter.

Umbrella Corporation Mint Candy
Resident Evil Party Ideas Umbrella Corporation Mints with tin
Resident Evil Candy & Tin Umbrella Corporation Outbreak Mints
Offer these mints to your fellow guests saying "oh, here do you want a mint, I got these at my last company meeting.  Yeah they were just giving them away, something about a bad batch?"  For those in the know, know this is the corporate logo of Umbrella Corporation...where the zombie apocalypse begins.

Deluxe Zombie Mask with Hair
Deluxe Zombie Mask with Hair for sale
Zombie Halloween Mask
All in one Zombie mask for your Halloween Party Costume.  Done.  Get this and pair with some old cloths and your best limp.  Cheap and easy!
Zombies!!! 3.5 Not Dead Yet Game
Zombies!!! 3.5 Not Dead Yet Board Game Party Activity
Zombies!!! 3.5 Not Dead Yet Halloween Card Game
More Zombie Board Game Ideas for your next Halloween Party.  You can't have to many of these, and no-one says you can't play them all year!
Candy Shot Glass!
Halloween Candy Gummy Shot Glasses for sale
Gummy Shot Glasses
1950s Housewife Zombie Costume
House Wife Zombie Costume Idea for Halloween
Woman's Zombie Housewife Costume
Want to look polite and proper this Halloween and still pull off that flirty dress as a zombie?  Well don't you have a lot of wants!  Well we can deliver, seriously, we don't have a brick and mortar we have to deliver.  What was I saying now?
Moving Face Peeling Zombie Prop
Face Ripper Animatronic Zombie Prop For Halloween Party
Face Ripper Animatronic Halloween Zombie Prop
How cool is this idea?  Yeah, all the way cool.  An animatronic moving Halloween prop by itself is cool, but how about one that pulls its own face off!  Yup, this is going on my own wish list.  If I were you, I would take the idea and set this up at one of the chairs around the room or food table.  Your guests will be all like "What's that?  Pass the chips.  Oh sure, here ya go...OH MY GOD THAT LADY IS PULLING OFF HER FACE!!"  Yeah, it's going to be choice.  Maybe set it up in a dark room, and tell some sympathetic person that some lady is crying in the other room, would you mine checking on her I have to run out quickly.  Sympathetic stranger walks in to the dimly lit room and bam...yup, she pulls her face off.
Zombie Warning Tape Decoration
Zombie Warning Tape Halloween Party Decorations
Zombie Warning Tape Decoration
If you feel like warning those around that there are zombies, then this if for you.  Set the mood and boundaries with this zombie warning tape at your party.

Bleeding Target Dummy Zombie
Bleeding Zombie Target For Halloween Party Guests Activities
Tactical Bleeding Zombie Target Halloween Activity
Ahhh yes, loaded guns and Halloween.  A perfectly safe combination.  I can't see anything wrong with this plan.  Well to be honest, at more than one Halloween party I have actually shot guns, though that is for another place and time entirely.  This does make a super cool Halloween prop.  How ever you want to make it bleed is probably best left for me to not say my lawyers.  Seriously be safe.  Dead people can't shop at my sites...I mean they could, I'm not like apposed to it, I just don't know how to interface I guess?
Men's Formal Wear Zombie
Men's Formal Wear Zombie Halloween Costume Tux
Men's Zombie Formal Costume
A real lady killer...figuratively and literally in this Zombie Tux Costume.  Looking to meet the ladies this Halloween?  Don't want to seem to obvious in your actual tux?  Problem solved, pick up this Zombie Tux Costume and ask for all your drinks "shaken no stirred"
Life Size Gummy Brain Candy!
Life Sized Gummy Brain For Zombie Halloween Party Food Ideas
Giant Gummi Brain Zombie Food
This is a must!  Okay, so I know I've said that like 20 times, but seriously a life sized edible brain...and you're looking for party Ideas for a Zombie Halloween Party?  Come On!
Zombie Bottle
Zombie Head Decanter Bottle for sale!
Zombie Head Bottle

Men's Zombie Costume
Men's Zombie Costume Idea for Halloween Parties
Zombie Man Halloween Costume
A classic slightly dressed up zombie Halloween costume.  You'll be dressed for the graveyard or smashing in barricaded windows searching for brains!
Baby Zombie Puppet Prop
Zombie Zack Halloween Puppet Costume Ideas
Zombie Latex Puppet Halloween Costume Prop
Wow, this is a must for your zombie themed Halloween party.  Besides, you can wear your normal clothes, and the zombie baby puppet Halloween prop IS your costume!  It gets people creeped out on several different levels and that's ideal for Halloween!
Zombie Window Cling Decoration
Halloween Party Decoration Ideas Zombie Window Clings
Zombie Attack Halloween Party Wall Decoration
You can attach these to the wall, or try to hang them over existing windows at your Halloween party location.  The idea or tips we've had success with is to use the creepy Halloween cloth, Halloween spider webs or real curtains to hide the edges of this Halloween display.  It does really help with the realism.

Coffin Death Mints
Halloween Time Coffin Death Mints and Tin
Coffin Death Mints
Broken Jaw Zombie Mask
Broken Jaw Zombie Mask Idea
Zombie Latex Broken Jaw Mask
If you are not one to spend a ton of time learning Hollywood FX makeup, or just want to focus your attention on hosting your Zombie party, then this slip over Zombie Halloween mask is the perfect idea for you!
I Love Zombie Party Plates
I Love Zombies Dinner Plates Halloween Party Supplies
Zombie Dinner Plates
Not my style, but plenty of other peoples.  If you want the zombie theme to continue for your Halloween guests while they eat, then let them know how you really feel about zombies.  I Love Zombies paper dinner party plates.
Zombie Teeth Costume
Halloween Zombie Party Costume Ideas Zombie Teeth
Zombie Rotted Teeth
These are a quick, inexpensive costume additional accessory to any zombie costume.  The devil's in the details, and with these your murmuring "braaaiiiinnnssss..." will take on a whole new level of realism.

Zombie Bar Soap
Zombie Soap Idea for your Halloween Party
Zombie Coffin Bathroom Soap
If you're throwing a party, especially a themed Halloween party, then don't fall into the so often overlooked area to decorate and incorporate into your ideas - the bathroom!  This cool custom zombie soap on a black coffin is ideal for the zombie theme!  Plus stopping the spread of the zombie virus starts with good hygiene!
Zombie Hunter Patch
Zombie Hunter Patch Idea for your Halloween Costume
Zombie Hunter Patch Costume Accessory
The "Zombie Hunter" patch is a great idea to add to any zombie hunting Halloween costume.  If you've ever dressed as an army person for Halloween or have some old camouflage hunting clothes, you can re-use that Halloween costume with the simple addition of this patch to make it official!  Now that's savings.
Glowing Zombie Figures
Zombie Toy Figures old Army Men
Bag O' Zombies
These are actually for a zombie board game, but there were just to unique to not include here.  I would take the idea and decorate the food and around the drink table with these miniature zombies.  Add these to your Halloween party gift bags too!
Ice Straw Mold
Functional Straws Made of Ice!
Ice Straw Mold

Zombie Party Themed Napkins
Zombie Party Napkin Supplies for your Halloween Party
Zombie Party Napkins
Cool zombie party napkins!  These zombie paper napkins are perfect for your Zombie themed Halloween party.
Bloody Scars and Zombie Bites
Zombie Party Costume Ideas Latex Bloody Scars
Zombie Scars Halloween Costume Accessories
If you are one of those people who like to learn new skills, and take the time to practice then this is a great addition to your Zombie Halloween Costume.  Fake bite marks, and zombie fighting wounds will have the other party guests wondering if you are about to turn!
Zombie Apocalypse Playing Cards
Zombie Playing Cards for Halloween Game Ideas
Zombie Survival Playing Cards Halloween Party Activity
Most parties where people are comfortable, there seems to be a card game that breaks out at some point...especially in the Midwest.  These playing cards are cool enough to lay around as decoration and educational enough that they might just help you survive the zombie apocalypse!

Bottle Opener Ring
Bottle Opener Ring perfect for Halloween bottles!
Bottle Opener Ring
Zombie Hospital Patient Costume
Zombie Hospital Patient Costume Ideas
Zombie Doctor Costume
That's how it happens.  You go in for a routine tonsillitis, and bam you leave a zombie.  Just my luck.  This hospital patient zombie just goes to prove that we still have room to learn in our medical really doesn't prove anything, but I've written a lot of these descriptions and am getting a little punchy.
Warning Zombies Ahead Sign
Warning Zombies Ahead Halloween Party Sign Decor
Warning: Zombies Ahead Tin Sign 11 X 8
Ha, I love these zombie signs.  Your guests will too as they draw nearer your zombie themed Halloween party.  I would take the idea and place several of the different types of zombie signs we sell here and place them between where they might park, and your front door!  They'll appreciate the attention to detail, and you setting the mood!
Ur Heart Belongs To Me Tank Top
Ur Heart Belongs To Me Zombie Tank Top Costume Shirt
Zombie Heart Tank Top
Funny and true for zombies...and werewolves but that's another story.  If you are not big on Halloween costumes, or just want to embrace the zombie love year round, then this tank is for you!

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