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Halloween Tricks, Party Pranks & General 'Cheeky n Fun' Shenanigans
There are a few things that scream Halloween.  For many people trick or treating comes to mind.  As we grow least candy stays in the cycle for adults.  Tricks however it seems in my personal experience may have all but disappeared. While of course we don't think it is wise to go all out delinquent with eggs and such, but a few tricks and harmless pranks might be just what your Halloween party could use.  Just think of things that get people on the startle factor alone. Remind them that it is okay to taste that adrenaline pulsing through their veins once and awhile, especially on thee night of all nights...unless they have heart condition; honestly we're not getting any younger.  Seriously though, perhaps good advice is to only even consider pulling a prank on someone that you know, very-very well.  You don't want to use these shock lighters-flashlights-cameras-gum or anything of the like, one someone with a pacemaker or other health conditions.  Pulled off correctly, on the right person these pranks can make your Halloween party and Halloween costume the stuff of legends!
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Halloween Cookie Roach Prank
Cockroach Cookie Gag Halloween Prank Idea
Cookie Roach Party Prank
This is great!  You don't even need to be hosting the Halloween party to try to pull off this prank.  Most parties have a food table or area with snacks especially Halloween with candy and deserts!  Just slip this into the mix and listen for the screams to ensue.  Do you pack a lunch for anyone special?  This might be a great opportunity to give them a little fright along with their lunch to go!
Bloody Hand Towel Practical Joke
Bloody Hand Towel Halloween Practical Joke Idea
Bloody Hand Towel Halloween Prank
Halloween trick bloody hand towel works at your own Halloween party or any Halloween party that you go to that hopefully has similar towels!  You can swap this one out the next time you're in the bathroom and just wait for the next person to walk out confused and maybe questioning everyone if they are okay or if they nicked an artery in the bathroom.  
Remote Controlled Snake Trick
Halloween Scare Idea Remote Controlled Snake
Radio Controlled Snake Prank
Lots of people are not just scared of snakes but have an irrational fear or full on phobia of the slithering creature.  We as passionate Halloween folks can capitalize on this remotely with this RC snake.  This works great as a Halloween Trick Or Treat prank idea.  From the hidden safety of inside your house you can control this snake along your front porch or sidewalk to great the trick-or-treaters!  Maybe a small pile of dried leaves can hide the snake to the unsuspecting guests!
Deluxe Shock Lighter Joke
Shocking Lighter Prank Halloween Practical Jokes Shock Lighter
Electric Shocking Lighter Trick
This is a shockingly good Halloween prank idea!  Works great because most Halloween party's have spooky candles that need lighting (or re-lighting because you blew them out and then offered the host your trick shock lighter).  Don't forget the smokers of the group too, a great opportunity to pull a practical joke on several people for just a couple bucks!
Fake Chewed Gum Practical Joke
Fake Chewing Gum Prank Chewed Gum Trick Idea
Fake Chewed Gum Halloween Prank
This fake chewed gum gag prop works best on those Halloween party hosts that are particularly anal-retentive.  That type of host or guest will immediately discover this novelty item placed on the coffee table, counter top, or on the food table.  Better yet, single that person out with observing and place this fake chewed gum on the side of their plate!  Good laughs for their reaction.
Mustard & Ketchup Squirt Prank
Halloween costume prank accessory squirt ketchup and mustard
Ketchup Mustard Squirt Gag Prank
Are you dressing up as a clown?  Are you having any food or snacks at your Halloween party that could use mustard or ketchup?  Take this novelty gag prank of fake squirting bottles and put them to good use to get surprised reactions.  Wait at the food table  and while filling your plate with food pull out one of these and act like it is plugged.  Then while shaking it, accidentally point towards someone else at the food table and squeeze.  Out pops a few inches of appropriate colored string!  They won't see this practical joke coming!

Blue Mouth Trick or Treat Candy
Turn Your Mouth Blue Candy Halloween Trick Pranks
Blue Mouth Candy Trick
Trick candy that looks and tastes like normal Halloween candy but turns your entire mouth blue!  Not just your tongue, but your teeth your lips a bit and!  Ha ha!  I bet you already know who you are going to give this to.  Put in your candy dish and let fate or karma pay back the unsuspecting victim...I mean guest.
Gag Parking Violation Practical Joke
Fake Parking Ticket Trick Halloween Practical Joke
Fake Parking Tickets Trick
This is a great way to extend your Halloween party beyond your four walls and past the time where you bid adieu to your guests.  Give them one more thing to talk about on the drive home, and at work the next day (who really works the day after Halloween honestly).  This fake parking ticket will get the victim(s) blood boiling until they read the fine print and realize they've been pranked again!  Works great for those with parking lot parking like apartments or street parking where it makes sense enough for a few moments that the person could have gotten a ticket!
Shock Gum Packs Halloween Trick
Shocking Gum Packs Halloween Trick or Treat Pranks
Shocking Gum Halloween Candy Trick
These packs of gum look super real and give a super surprising shock that will have your prank victim jumping back and then hopefully bursting out laughing!  As more guests arrive to your Halloween party prank them right away with an offering of gum to freshen their breaths.  Another fun option is to just leave this sitting out by or in the candy bowl and see who pranks themselves! 
Practical Jokes
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51 High-Tech Practical Jokes

Exploding Paper Clip Joke
Exploding Paper Clip Halloween Trick Idea
Exploding Paper Clip Prank Trick
Exploding paper clip Halloween prank idea is a good one.  The explosion as advertised is much more a loud pop according to most reviewers.  But still don't let the subtle  aspect of this practical joke turn you off, it is still completely unsuspected and a great way to put a little jump in the Halloween for adults.
Deluxe Whoopee Cushion Gag Joke
Deluxe Whoopee Cushion Halloween Prank Ideas
Self-Inflating Whoopee Cushion
The deluxe version of the the classic Whoopee Cushion prank that is still perfect for Halloween.  This Whoopee Cushion is different than the older versions you may remember from your youth because it is filled with a memory foam that re-inflates itself after each use!  That's right no more rubber tasting mouth for the next fart prank.  This Halloween trick idea reloads itself for the next victim as soon as the last one gets up off the sofa. This is a must for any pranksters and practical jokers tool kit.
Costume Accessory Squirt Pen
Squirt Pen Halloween Tricks and Practical Jokes
Squirt Pen Halloween Prank
I've been to several Halloween parties featuring fun and crazy scavenger hunts on thee night of nights.  I could see many opportunities for this squirting pen trick to have been used with much laughter had I had one.  This squirt pen prank is also a great Halloween costume accessory idea for clowns or any character that uses a pen.

Bug In Ice Cube Trick
Bug in ice cube Halloween party trick ideas
Bug in Ice Cube Prank
I like subtle practical jokes and pranks even on Halloween.  Add this fake ice cube that has a bug inside to your friends drinks as you make them or put the cube in your ice tray and let them stumble upon it themselves!.
Collapsible Knife Halloween Trick
Collapsible knife blade Halloween costume prank accessory
Trick Costume Knife with
Disappearing Blade
Alright so this is a movie classic, but please be careful.  On any professional movie set there is a strict chain of ownership on props that can be dangerous or confused with a real weapon.  Bearing that in mind we'll let your imagination take this Halloween costume accessory to the disturbing level or just playful fun pranks.
Spilled Paint Practical Joke
Fake paint spill Halloween party practical joke
Spilled Paint Brush Prank
I like these spilled item pranks.  They are harmless and cause the neurotic control types out there to self reflect upon how worked up they got over fake spilled milk as they say.  Though of course this Halloween prank idea is not milk but bright red spilled paint.  Place on the new kitchen counter or carpet of your Halloween party host and watch their faces turn red to match until they get close and realize they have been pranked!

Control Any TV like magic

Practical Joke Sucker Sampler!
Soap flavored joke sucker sampler pack for sale
Prank Candy Lollipop Assortment Set
Get a nice sampler pack of assorted prank suckers perfect for Halloween pranks.  Various trick flavors of candy such as fish tasting lollipop, super spicy hot lollipop, turn your mouth blue lollipop and more!  This is a great addition to any treat bowl as the night progresses people will be randomly pranked!  Don't let them get too comfortable, it is Halloween after all.
Squirting Invisible Ink Pen
Trick squirting pen with disappearing ink practical joke
Squirting Pen with Disappearing Ink
Take the old squirting pen gag to an entirely new level with this disappearing ink prank!  This works with many Halloween costumes or Halloween party planned activities.  I've never used this so you might not want to squirt someones brand new $200 Halloween cloak but a t-shirt, yeah that feels like fair game.
Animated Moving Rat In Trap!
Animated rat in a trap Halloween creepy prank idea
Rat in Trap Animated Prank
I love this Halloween decoration that pairs perfectly with pranks.  Animated and moving Halloween decorations and props are on the rise.  You've got more options every year, but the don't stay around for ever so get them while you can!  This animatronic rat caught in a rat trap moves.  Many people have fears of rats, capitalize on that with this great addition to your Halloween party.  We here think this would be a great addition under a pile of dried fall leaves sitting by your front door to scare your trick or treaters.

Coffin Death Mints
Halloween Time Coffin Death Mints and Tin
Coffin Death Mints
Halloween Prank Fake Poop
Fake poop for sale Halloween practical joke idea
Fake Poop Halloween Prank
If you are throwing a Halloween party this year and you have a dog, this makes a great addition.  Put it in the middle of your sidewalk or by your front door so that people have to walk around it.  It is Halloween and as much as you can put people on their heels and push them into a momentary uncomfortable place just for a moment all the better!  If you're going to a Halloween party, maybe take this along and place it in the middle of the kitchen floor like a ninja and see if anyone freaks out when they find it!
Squirt Ring Costume Accessory Prank
Halloween costume accessory practical joke squirting ring
Deluxe Squirting Ring Prank
As classic as the squirting flower but far more unsuspected!  Add this Halloween prank idea to your Halloween costume as an interactive and funny accessory.  This is a good one to prank little kids and adults alike as it is basically harmless.  What's a little water in the face between friends and what a good way to make new ones?  We don't have any friends.
Halloween Prank Idea Belch Powder
Belch powder for sale Halloween trick ideas
Belch Power Practical Joke
Not sure about this one but I had to add it.  Send us your reviews so we can write better descriptions here.  Make sure you don't use  this on kids...not sure that needs saying, but there it is.  If it works this could be a very funny prank between friends and add to your Halloween night!

Black Relighting Trick Candles
Spooky re-lighting candles black for Halloween Party Pranks
Black Re-Lighting Prank Candles
I love these!  The victim blows out the candles and poof like magic they re-light themselves.  Again the candles are blown out and bam, again they spring back to life!  These are a perfect addition to your Halloween prank arsenal as they are black and tricky.  If no-one is celebrating a birthday around Halloween, just stick these in the cupcakes or something else you are offering on your snack table.  For a double bonus leave our trick shock lighter out by them so people go to light the candle and get shocked!  Everyone has a laugh and you can offer them a real lighter.  Then everyone has another laugh when they can't blow out the candle they just lit!
Halloween Prank Phantom Keystorker
Phantom Keystroker Halloween time prank idea
Phantom Keystroker Prank Idea
This is a Halloween prank for the modern prankster.  You don't have to be too tech savvy to pull this off either.  Plug this into the back of someone's computer at home or at work and watch them get more and more confused as they try to figure out why THEY CAN"T TURN OFF THEIR CAP LOCK?!?!  As a crowd gathers and more and more people in the office or at the party CAN"T FIGURE IT OUT and you can no longer contain your laughter you can spill the beans on the Halloween trick!  This actually allows you to do a few other pranks too so you can get someone else later!
Trick Flying Butterfly Idea
Flying bug jumps up and flys for your Halloween scares
Spooky Flying Bug Prank
This trick has been around forever but is still just not known by many people.  Not to much too it, just a rubber band and some material that make it look like a butterfly or a bug.  Please this anywhere that gets sandwiched tight closed and won't be opened pointing down.  Then watch as it springs to life and shoots up in the air up to 20 feet!  This is a great and very unsuspected Halloween prank perfect to make your guests jump with a quick and harmless fright...unless they have a heart condition.

Bottle Opener Ring
Bottle Opener Ring perfect for Halloween bottles!
Bottle Opener Ring
Remote Controlled Cockroach
Halloween Tricks Remote Controlled Cockroach for sale
Radio Control Roach Prank
Love it!  Alright so even if you're not afraid of bugs, seeing one shoot across the floor when you are not expecting it is enough to make you jump back a little.  Don't let your guests regain their composure as you are in the other room steering the remote cockroach towards them!  This makes a great Halloween party prank idea.  Works on smoother floors of course, but give it a try scaring trick or treater's as they near your door, have this scoot out from under some dried leaves or fake spider webs!
Scary Drink Glass - Poisoned!
You have just been poisoned drink glass for sale Halloween trick
You Have Just Been Poisoned Glass
Find out what your Halloween party guests really think of you.  If they get to the bottom of their Halloween drink, see this personal message "You have just been poisoned" and laugh then you know they trust you and that its just a joke.  If they look nervous, they aren't sure how far you'll go on Halloween!  This works great on April 1st too as an April Fool's Day Joke!  This is one of my favorite Halloween prank ideas as it tricks and scares your Halloween guests with words.  All you have to do is hand them a full beverage to enjoy and wait until they reach the end so you can enjoy their reaction!
Prank Exhaust Whistle Joke
For Sale trick exhaust whistle Halloween practical joke idea
Trick Exhaust Whistle Prank
I love the idea of a Halloween practical joke idea that extends the Halloween night.  This does just that when you slip away from the Halloween party and place this in the tail pipe of your unsuspecting victim's car exhaust pipe.  Then you must wait patiently until they call it a night and head out.  If you haven't heard from them in five or ten minutes of them heading down the road give them a call with some made up reason then ask what that whistling is in the background.  Also make sure this doesn't block too much of their exhaust pipe or that you will be with them in the car during the prank or this could go tragically wrong.


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