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Halloween Tricks, Party Pranks & General 'Cheeky n Fun' Shenanigans

You can get into a whole lot of trouble with these ideas listed here.  With great power comes great responsibility; use them wisely!  There are a few things that scream Halloween.  For many people trick or treating comes to mind.  As we grow least candy stays in the cycle for adults.  Tricks however it seems in my personal experience may have all but disappeared. While we don't think it is wise to go all out delinquent with eggs and such, but a few tricks and harmless pranks might be just what your Halloween party could use.  Just think of things that get people on the startle factor alone. Remind them that it is okay to taste that adrenaline pulsing through their veins once and awhile, especially on thee night of all nights...unless they have heart condition; honestly we're not getting any younger.  Check back often, and buy much ;-)  Remember only prank those you know very-very well.

Toilet Seat Cover Halloween Clings
Spider toilet seat cling for sale Halloween practical jokesHalloween toilet seat cover cling hand practical joke idea
Spider Toilet Topper Cling Prank
This is such a simple and inexpensive touch to your Halloween atmosphere.  Besides that, the toilet topper cling really look pretty realistic, especially if you put some black lights or red light bulbs in the bathroom.  These clings (removable and re-usable) stick right to the top of the toilet seat cover and make it look like the lid is actually up and there is a hand or spiders coming up from the toilet!  Click through the link to see a bunch of other styles and ideas for toilet seat clings
Prank Toilet Seat Bang Trick
Bang toilet seat prank for sale Halloween party tricks
Bang Toilet Seat Exploding Caps
This is as straight forward as anything.  Insert a small cap (just like a cap gun you maybe had when you were younger).  The piece of metal is stuck between the toilet seat or the toilet cover in an open position.  When the unsuspecting victim goes to use the toilet they lift the lid and the small spring on the hidden trick slaps shut causing the cap to go off with a noticeable and very surprising BANG!  The perfect prank to play on your Halloween party guests over and over especially those that show up late and haven't heard the snap yet!
Joke Toilet Monster Pop-Up
Halloween party prank ideas toilet seat popper jump up scare
Halloween Toilet Monster Trick
This is super great, unless you are the victim of the Halloween prank and really have to go, quickly lifting the lid, only to find a monster jumping up at you!  A great Halloween trick and if you layer it with all of these other bathroom prank and trick ideas then your guests will never forget your Halloween party.  Inventory is changing frequently on these so if you see them in stock be sure to stock up!  Available in red and green.
Talking Toilet Paper Roll Trick
Toilet paper roll speaker recorder Halloween prank idea
Talking Toilet Paper Spindle Joke
Record any message you want to say onto this toilet paper roll dispenser and replace it with the one that you normally use to put the toilet paper on in your bathroom.  Each time someone goes to use the toilet paper the spinning of the roll activates this great Halloween prank and plays your prerecorded message!  There is no limit to the ideas that you can do to trick your guests once again.  They won't see this one coming!  Here are a few just to get your own ideas cooking; "Ha, jokes on you the toilet's broken" or maybe "This toilet paper will self-destruct in 5 seconds" and perhaps "This is the joke toilet paper that won't tear or flush, the real toilet paper is under the sink in front of you; Happy Halloween!" (trick toilet paper is the next item to the right >>>)
Practical Joke No-Tear Toilet Paper
Halloween revenge toilet paper party prank
No-Tear Toilet Paper Prank
No tear toilet paper Halloween trick!  Yes this looks real enough until someone is done with their business and goes to finish up.  The sudden shock and horror of not being able to get the toilet paper to work with you is a great Halloween prank.  Try as they might (unless they carry scissors) this trick toilet paper won't tear.  Just be sure to leave a real roll of toilet paper hidden somewhere near by like under the sink for them to find after they realize they've been tricked.
Fake Poop Practical Joke
Halloween party prank idea fake poop on toilet seat for sale
Fake Turd Halloween Party Prank
A gross and slightly childish Halloween prank that still has its place at any good Halloween party.  Just leave this behind after you use the restroom at someone else's Halloween party for a prank on the host or use this to mix up your own Halloween part tricks.  Keep in mind that after awhile everyone is going to be onto the trick toilet paper or toilet snapper so you might want to have more Halloween pranks to mix it up after a few hours!  Besides by then more people will probably have a few more drinks in them and be more prone to find potty humor funny!

Shock Flashlight Halloween Trick
Shock flashlight for sale Halloween pranks
Shock Flashlight Halloween Trick
This flashlight looks like a normal flashlight until you try to turn it on then you get a shock!  There are so many reasons to need a flashlight on Halloween and you can trick many people at your Halloween party by just leaving this sitting around.
Jumping Trick Halloween Candy
Halloween Trick Jumping Candy for sale
Jumping Candy Halloween Prank
Yes it does seem a little less than safe, sort of a "you'll shoot your eye out" but I'm sure it's not that bad...besides then it's just fun you can't see.  Unwrapping this candy treat reveals a surprise that your Halloween party guests won't be expecting as the candy pops out of their hands!  A great Halloween trick that they will not see coming...hopefully they can see after though.
Remote Controlled Realistic Rat
Halloween party trick ideas deluxe life like rat for sale
Radio Control Rat Prank
Ah yes, take the old rubber rat trick to the next level with this remote controlled rat!  This really sells the Halloween prank and once you discreetly (just practice the controls first and you can do this behind your back or as you're reaching into a cupboard) and have this thing scoot out across your kitchen floor and see who freaks out!  Someone will and they will be labeled the rest of the night...until the next person gets their Halloween scare.
Candy Shot Glass!
Halloween Candy Gummy Shot Glasses for sale
Gummy Shot Glasses
Trick Cockroach Chewing Gum
Gage Cockroach Chewing Gum Halloween Joke Idea
Fake Cockroach Chewing Gum Prank
I'm not afraid of much but I could see this Halloween joke startling me before I realized it was a fake bug I just pulled out along with my piece of chewing gum.  After all it is Halloween and no-one will suspect you offering them a piece of candy.
Remote Controlled Lizard Joke
Remote Controlled Lizard Halloween Trick Idea
Lifelike Lizard Remote Controlled
Remote controlled lizard!  I like the idea of this being set outside on your front porch near the door and maybe half under some leaves or something.  As the trick or treaters are waiting for you to open the door, remotely control this to start moving and see if you can give anyone a Halloween startle!
Trick Dirty Face Soap Prank
Dirty face soap trick for sale
Dirty Face Soap Halloween Prank
Love this dirty face soap Halloween trick.  It looks like normal soap, feels like normal soap but washes dirty!  This is another great prank to add to the growing list of bathroom Halloween tricks.  After one or two trips to the bathroom your guests will be holding it until they get home!  It's good to keep people on their toes on Halloween.

Electronic Firecracker Popper Prank
Fire cracker bang machine for sale Halloween trick or treat prank ideas
Electronic Firecracker Prop Prank
I love the idea of this tool used properly for a fantastically startling Halloween trick.  The electronic firecracker popper plugs into a wall outlet and has a switch that you can press when the timing is just right for a loud and startling pop or bang!  This works as a perfect prank for when the timid trick or treater slowly is approaching the door or when your Halloween party guest is opening the closet door to hang their coat or the cupboard to grab a napkin or anyplace that you want a good Halloween prank...just maybe not at the top of the stairs.
Fake Dandruff Halloween Trick
Dandruff in a bag Halloween practical joke idea
Fake White Dandruff Joke Prank
As much a classic gag as a Halloween prank.  This works very funny if you're friend is trying to hit on that certain someone that has caught there eye at the Halloween party.  Just put a little of this in your hand, walk by and brush their shoulder with the same hand.  Plenty of uses, restricted only by your own mischievous mind!
Trick Exploding Matchbook Prank
Exploding match book for sale Halloween practical joke
Exploding Matches Book Prank
Exploding match book Halloween prank.  If you've got some candles that need lighting, hand this off to that big tough guy and see how high he jumps when the match book pops in his hands!  Great for helping to get smokers to associate more negatives with smoking too.

Zombie Head Decanter Bottle for sale!
Zombie Head Bottle

Surprise Pop Up Snake Mixed Nuts
Spring loaded can of mixed nuts Halloween party prank ideas
Snake in a Nut Can Prank
These are classic Halloween party trick ideas.  We've dug up three different types so your Halloween party guests won't know what's going to happen anytime they open anything all night long!
Jumping Snake Jelly Beans Can
Jelly beans snake in a can for sale Halloween trick
Jelly Bean Snake Can Gag
Leave this out by the Halloween candy dish bowl and eventually one of your Halloween party guests will get hungry for some jelly beans.  When they do, everyone will know thanks to their startled scream! 
Snake In Potato Chip Can Prank
Surprise spring filled potato chip can gag for sale Halloween party tricks
Snake Potato Chips Gag Trick
This was a tough one to find and holds huge springing snakes!  The potato chip Halloween spring snake gag is a great one.  Just leave these out by the chip bowl.  As the night carries on, the bowl will become low or empty and someone will eventually try to be helpful and add more.  Then the trick they just pulled was on themselves as the snake pops out as soon as the can is open.

Remote Controlled Snake Trick Idea
RC snake for sale Halloween practical joke ideas
RC Snake Halloween Trick
Many people just don't like snakes.  Use that fear to your advantage with this remote controlled RC snake.  This works for many Halloween pranks such as leaving it near the front door to scare trick or treaters.  You can also let slip to the party busy-body that you had a snake problem earlier in the week and hope that the exterminator got all of them.  You can swear to them that you thought you saw one last night but it was dark and so on.  Then as the rumor spreads through the Halloween party, you can steer this RC snake through the kitchen and watch everyone dive for cover!
Squirting Cigarette Halloween Prank
Halloween tricks squirting cigarette pack prank
Squirt Cigarette Pack Prank
Trying to get someone to stop smoking?  Try squirting them with your cigarettes.  Better yet, if you're at a Halloween party, there is always someone who is 'bumming' a cigarette for free off of someone.  Keep this pack handy for the inevitable question.  Then give them a wet Halloween prank!  Just when they think you've gotten them with your Halloween prank, you can apologize and offer them a real cigarette.  Then pull out your lighter (the one you purchased just to the right>>>>) and give them another squirt!  Ha, you'll either be punched or crowned Halloween prankster all year long!
Trick Squirt Lighter Joke
Squirting cigarette lighter trick Halloween prank ideas
Water Squirting Lighter Prank
I like the idea of paring this squirt lighter with the Halloween trick squirting cigarettes to the left (<<<<<).  You can get folks with a few pranks all in a matter of a few moments.  Another good one is when someone enters the same room as you at the Halloween party is to act like you are having trouble with your lighter (shake by ear and look down at it like the gas hole is plugged).  Ask them if they see anything as you hold it up to them.  Saying it was working a minute ago and then SQUIRT!  Your Halloween Trickster title is secured for another year.  Promptly purchase said victim a drink to fend off any blood feuds.
Ice Straw Mold
Functional Straws Made of Ice!
Ice Straw Mold

Fake Barf Halloween Party Prank
Fake barf for sale Halloween party prank
Fake Barf Halloween Party Prank
Fake barf.  What can I say.  I think this works better as a Halloween prank idea when it is used at someone else's Halloween party.  It is a bit on the small side, but if you are creative enough you can probably get a few people with this through the whole night.  Get imaginative and place it on someones coat just before they are leaving, maybe on the hood of their car or in their shoe (works best if host has pets that you can blame).
Trick Halloween Fish Candy
Joke fish candy for sale Halloween trick ideas
Fish Tasting Trick Candy
I love the idea of trick candy on Halloween.  While I wouldn't be bold enough to randomly hand this out to Trick or Treaters I do think placing this trick Halloween candy randomly in your Halloween candy bowl at your Halloween party is a superb idea.  People will randomly run into the trick candy and assuredly let everyone know when they do with a loud YUUUK!  Ya know, unless they are really into fish.
Spilled Fingernail Polish Prank
Silt finger nail polish practical joke idea
Spilled Nail Polish Prank
Halloween trick spilled nail polish.  Using this Halloween trick prop on someones new chair, new carpet, new...well anything will allow them to go from fun to freaked out super quick before they realize it is just a harmless Halloween prank!

Bottle Opener Ring
Bottle Opener Ring perfect for Halloween bottles!
Bottle Opener Ring
Classic Surprise Hand Buzzer Trick
Halloween costume accessory hand buzzer classic prank
Hand Buzzer Halloween Prank
I don't think that you can be taken seriously as a Halloween Trickster unless you have the classic hand buzzer.  Simply slip on the connected ring to your a ring, then find your unsuspecting victim to shake hands with.  When the two of your touch hands they get a surprising buzzing shock!  This is a great way to greet your Halloween party guests as they arrive.  You should set the mood early that they can relax, but not forget that anything could happen on Halloween.
Remote Controlled Fart Machine
Remote controll fart machine for sale Halloween pranks
Remote Controlled Fart Machine
While we included the deluxe version of the classic whoopee cushion gag, this remote controlled fart machine will take your Halloween pranks into the 22nd century!  With this Halloween trick you can take your time perfectly hiding the far machine speaker, then wait.  As easy as pushing a button all you have to do is wait for the perfect timing to release the fart on the unsuspecting victim.  I recommend you wait until they shift their weight in their chair or go to sit up from their seat.
Shock Digital Camera Trick
Shock digital camera Halloween practical joke ideas
Shocking Digital Camera Trick
Just another way to get someone with a surprisingly shocking Halloween prank.  The shocking digital camera can be left lying around the Halloween party.  Just let people know that the camera is here for them to use should they want to help you document the nights festivities.  Seems innocent enough until they pick it up and push the button.  With any of the 'shocking' Halloween pranks we sell try to set them up so the victim will be standing on soft ground like grass or carpet.  I've seen these shocking Halloween pranks work very well on many people in the past, but I've also seen the shocking item get instinctively thrown fairly hard, fast and far in the process.  Totally worth it by the way.  If you're worried, their not too expensive that you could probably pick up more than one or one of each!

Halloween Costume Squirting Flower
Deluxe Halloween costume accessory squirting flower joke idea
Squirt Flower Costume Prank
If you're dressed as a clown for Halloween then you absolutely need this.  The trick squirting flower Halloween prank works well with many costumes as much as your imagination can include it in.  The tube runs down the inside of your Halloween costume and has a small rubber bulb filled with water.  When your Halloween victim gets close enough to smell the roses, just squeeze and they will be squirted with water!
Remote Controlled Scary Spider
Remote controlled spider for sale Halloween trick or treat prank idea
Remote Controlled Spider Trick
So many people fear spiders that this is a very easy Halloween trick to pull.  Simply place this remote controlled spider in an out of the way spot like a corner of a dark room or under a table.  Then I like to place the remote control in a cupboard nearby and as I act like I'm getting something out of the cupboard I steer the spider out from its hiding spot and scare the Halloween out of whoever is nearby!
Shocking Sex Book Prank Idea
Shocking sex book Halloween prank idea shocks
Better Sex Life Shock Book Prank
Ha!  This Halloween prank just sitting out will get a good laugh from your friends and Halloween party guests by the title alone "Guide To A Better Sex Life."  They'll really get the idea of the book when they pick it up and open it - a shock of electricity!  This is also a good prank to just leave sitting around where you have other reading material on the coffee table or in the bathroom and randomly people all night will yelp when they peeked inside.  Then you can laugh at there surprise and for them being 'naughty' all together.

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